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Caning, judicial penalty, Australia

- Youth is ordered two 15-stroke canings in addition to imprisonment, 1889

- Magistrate orders parents to cane teenage sons under police supervision, 1956

Caning, judicial penalty, Botswana

- new legislation extends range of offences for which it may be ordered, press report, 2005

- typical court sentence, illustrated press report, 2004

Caning, judicial penalty, Brunei

- foreigners caned for illegal entry to country, 2004

- history, legislation, modus operandi, pictures: detailed feature article

Caning, judicial penalty, Hong Kong

- British sailors caned, press report, 1954

- description of procedure

- eyewitness account

- covering legislation, 1981

- rules for infliction, 1954

- typical court sentences, press reports, 1951

Caning, judicial penalty, Indonesia

- first official use as Islamic punishment in Aceh province, 2005

Caning, judicial penalty, Kenya

- corporal punishment to be abolished, 2000

- still being ordered by courts despite theoretical abolition, 2002

- schoolboys ordered to be caned, 1960

- typical court sentences, press reports, 1999

Caning, judicial penalty, Malaysia

- Penalty to be extended to men over 50 in cases of rape, 2003

- Aaron Cohen illustrated story: New Zealander aged 24 caned in 1991

- extension of caning of Muslims for religious offences, 2000

- first-person account, 1982, including official photograph of prisoner prepared for caning

- history, legislation, modus operandi, pictures, first-person accounts: detailed feature article

- introduced for illegal immigrants, 2002

- photographs of equipment used

- photograph of bleeding buttocks immediately after caning (allegedly)

- proposal to carry it out in public for certain offences, 2002 (note: this was never enacted)

- statistics: almost 80,000 canings from 2005 to 2011 -- news report

- typical court sentences, press reports, 1956

- typical court sentences, press reports, 1998

- will henceforth also be a penalty for illegal moneylenders, 2003

Caning, judicial penalty, Pakistan

- general overview (with video clips)

- eyewitness account

- another eyewitness account (illustrated), 1979

- photo sequence showing a public caning in c.1978

- mass flogging in jail, description, 1983

- more photographs of public canings

Caning, judicial penalty, Singapore

- Caning of Michael Fay, The, book review

- history, legislation, modus operandi, pictures, first-person accounts: detailed feature article

- official diagram showing procedure

- Michael Fay affair, 1994, overview

- Michael Fay affair, 1994, large selection of press coverage

- Michael Fay affair, 1994, political and diplomatic backdrop, repercussions on US-Singapore relations, book review

- typical court sentences, press reports, 1956

- typical court sentences, press reports, 2000

Caning, judicial penalty, South Africa

- comprehensive historical survey, article in 12 parts

- abolished in 1996

- alleged eyewitness description, 1956

- caning sentence (adult), illustrated press report, 1980

- caning sentences (juvenile), press reports, 1976

- caning sentence on four men, press report, 1964

- 1959 controversy over noise made by culprits being caned

- 1977 legislation providing for "whipping", in practice always inflicted with a cane

Caning, judicial penalty, South Korea

- old photographs from c.1900

Caning, judicial penalty, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)

- juvenile caning sentence, typical court case, 1978

Caning, judicial penalty, Sudan

- juvenile tribal court punishment in British colonial era (pre-1955)

Caning, judicial penalty, Tanzania

- typical court sentence, 1964

- typical court sentence, 2003

Caning, judicial penalty, Uganda

- typical court sentence, 2004

Caning, judicial penalty, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia)

- Caning sentence on 16-year-old boy, court report, 2002

- Talk for magistrates on the use of judicial cuts, 1964

Caning of junior seamen, UK Royal Navy

- Abolished, 1967

- Eye-witness description, 1903

- overview of its use in 20th century

Caning, reformatories, Hong Kong

- rules for infliction, 1959

Caning, reformatories, UK

- overview of CP in Approved Schools and other youth institutions, with external links and extracts from official reports

- caning of absconders, deterrent value assessed, statistical study, 1960s

- Court Lees affair, 1967: feature article with links to large selection of press coverage

- Northern Ireland borstal, legislation introduced to allow caning of inmates, 1930

- Northern Ireland borstal, canings still being given in 1970s, details of procedure

- at least 15 local authorities still allowing caning in community homes in 1981, including of girls in one area

Caning, schools, Australia

- South Australia, headmasters outline their policies, 1962

- Victoria, rules forbid caning in State schools, only strap may be used, 1966

Caning, schools, England and Wales

- illustrated overview, with links to relevant documents

- became more prevalent than birching in late 19th century, discussion of reasons

- boy shows bruised buttocks after private school caning, court clears headmaster of assault, 1987

- Bunter, Billy, quintessential fictional private schoolboy, humorous article and cartoon

- Bunter, Billy, books updated, caning descriptions toned down, 1982

- cane factory plans to discontinue production, picture of product being tested, 1994

- controversy over caning powers in state schools in London, 1886

- court clears caning teacher of assault, 1969

- Eton canings by senior boys recalled, continued until 1960s

- Eton caning of 16-year-old aristocrat by house captain, 1965

- girls caned in front of whole school, 1948

- mass caning after meals sit-in, 1978

- on the hands or on the bottom? state school practice discussed

- parents call for return of the cane, 2000

- police raid cane retailer's premises, 1953

- Purley High School for Boys, heavy-caning state school near London, feature article

- schoolboy awarded court damages for 1982 caning

- sociological study of caning in private schools, 1964

- statistics: Tyneside schools, 1983

- teacher canes entire class of boys, 1954

Caning, schools, Germany

- legislation regulating use in elementary schools, 1903

- school students caned in Posen, Prussia (now Poznan, Poland), 1901

- ended in Bavaria by 1970, cane consigned to museum

- upheld by courts, but local authorities trying to stop it, 1968 magazine article

- not fully abolished until 1983, brief historical overview

Caning, schools, Ghana

- 42 final-year secondary students caned after going on rampage, 2003

- said to be used frequently, rules quoted, 2005

Caning, schools, Ireland

- regulations changed to allow posterial as well as hand caning, 1966

- abolished in 1982, became a criminal act in 1996

- politician calls for its restoration, 2002

Caning, schools, Kenya

- arguments against abolition, 2000

- excessive caning of students alleged, 1999

- corporal punishment to be abolished, 2000

- abolition takes effect, 2001; chaos ensues

- still being used in defiance of government ban, 2002

Caning, schools, Malaysia

- boy caned in front of whole school, 1999

- compulsory caning for students who smoke, 1997

- effective element of strict discipline in Chinese-medium schools, 1996

- eight secondary boys caned for breaking windows while playing football, 2005

- only school principals may cane, 1996

- overview, including more new rules, 2007

- proposals for increased use, 2000

- rules changed to allow all teachers to cane, 2003

- school sets up special disciplinary court at which parents will be invited to administer canings, 2005

- still in use for serious offences, illustrated, 2003

- statistics: 4,835 students caned in Negri Sembilan in 1996

- statistics: 1,881 students caned in Johor in first 9 months of 2003

- statistics: 9,348 students caned for smoking in two months, 1997

Caning, schools, New Zealand

- overview, 1956 press article

- of boys at Nelson College from 1856 to 1983 (including by prefects until 1969), long 1997 press article including anecdotes, history, reminiscences

- abolished in 1990 but Christian school still using the cane in 1998

- boys' canings videotaped in experiment by headmaster, 1981

- Caning: Education Ritual, by Joseph Mercurio, 1969 research study, book review

- caning of boys in a mixed-sex city state secondary school, 1960s, anecdotal account

- high school fails in attempt to abolish caning by prefects, 1942

- majority opinion wants caning restored, 1997

- political party delegates want it brought back but leadership rules it out, 2004

Caning, schools, St Kitts & Nevis

- government announces it will not be abolished, 2005

Caning, schools, Singapore

- present-day caning of secondary boys, illustrated overview

- 16 boys caned for taking upskirt photos of their female teachers, 2016

- 41 boys caned for failing to turn up for test, 2001

- boys caned for smoking, 1999

- caning permitted for boys only, 1957 regulations

- five boys get public caning for stealing other students' mobile phones, 2004

- overview of current situation and video clips of public caning

- seven Junior College students caned for theft, 1987

- six boys caned in front of school assembly for assault, 1999

- US reporter finds 'unthinkable' level of discipline, backed by cane in principal's office, 1997

- 70% of public approve of CP, 2004

- 80% of teachers approve of using cane, 1997

Caning, schools, Scotland

- state schools used tawse on hands but many private schools used cane, feature article

Caning, schools, South Africa

- 37 students get trousers-down caning, in defiance of legal ban on CP, for failing biology test, 2004

- abolished 1996

- abolition challenged by Christian schools as unconstitutional, 1998; legal case fails

- calls for reintroduction, 1999

- further calls for reintroduction, 2000

- chaos and violence in schools following abolition, press report, 1997

- mass caning over haircuts, press report, 1981

- photograph of classroom caning in progress, 1990s

- rules for infliction, 1981

- rural schools still caning in defiance of ban, press report, 2000

- 15-year-old boy shows bruised backside after 'six of the best', 1989

Caning, schools, South Korea

- details of present-day practice

- of girls, video clips of real-life punishment

- banned in 1998, partly restored in 1999

- fully reintroduced in 2002

- detailed rules introduced, 2002

- statistics: 7,536 out of 10,381 schools allow it, 2003

Caning, schools, Uganda

- secondary schoolboy gets five strokes for calling teacher by nickname, 2004

Cat o' nine [or six] tails

- judicial corporal punishment in Britain: illustrated article

- court sentences in Australia, 1884

- court sentence in Australia, 1957

- government circular to UK prisons re ordering and disposal, 1951

- inflicted in Trinidad as court sentence, 2001

- on the upper back, as judicial punishment for adult men, UK, pre-1948, eyewitness account

- on the upper back, as judicial punishment for adult men, UK, pre-1948, eyewitness description of after-effects

- only known picture of UK judicial flogging with, c.1910, and discussion of cat's demise in 20th century

- over the bare breech, UK Royal Navy boy sailors, 19th century, illustrated feature article

- politicians and media call for its restoration as punishment for rape, The Bahamas, 2002

- statistics for judicial flogging with, UK, 1898/99

Columnists, see Opinion columns

Court cases involving sentences of judicial CP (sample)

- Afghanistan, lashing with whip, 1997

- Australia, birching, 1930

- Australia, juvenile birching, 1957

- Australia, caning, 1956

- Australia, cat-o'-nine-tails, 1957

- Bahamas, flogging, instrument not specified, 1995

- Botswana, caning, 2004

- Brunei, caning, 1996

- Canada, leather strap, 1950

- Canada, leather strap, 1965

- Cyprus, caning, 1956

- Fiji, caning, 1998

- Guernsey, birching, 1930

- Guernsey, birching, 1968

- Guyana, whipping, instrument not specified, 1946

- Hong Kong, caning, 1954

- Indonesia, flogging with whip, 1999

- Iran, flogging with whip, 1956

- Iran, flogging, instrument not specified, 1997

- Ireland, birching, 1943

- Isle of Man, birching, 1948

- Isle of Man, birching, 1966

- Isle of Man, caning, 1962

- Jamaica, tamarind switch, 1994

- Jersey, birching, 1936

- Jersey, birching, 1954

- Kenya, caning, 1960

- Kenya, caning, 1999

- Malaysia, caning, 1978

- Malaysia, caning, 2000

- New Zealand, birching, 1902

- Nigeria, caning, 1998

- Nigeria, flogging, instrument not specified, 2000

- Papua New Guinea, caning, 1966

- Saudi Arabia, flogging, instrument not specified, 1999

- Singapore, caning, 1974

- Singapore, caning, 1996

- Somalia, public floggings, 2006

- South Africa, caning, 1964

- South Africa, caning, 1981

- Sri Lanka, caning, 1956

- Sri Lanka, caning, 1997

- Sudan, flogging, instrument not specified, 1999

- Swaziland, caning, 1999

- Tanzania, caning, 1965

- Trinidad & Tobago, birching, 1997

- Uganda, caning, 1996

- United Arab Emirates, flogging, 1977

- United Arab Emirates, caning, 1995

- UK (England), cat o' nine tails, 1867

- UK (England), adult birching, 1931

- UK (England), juvenile birching, 1937

- UK (Scotland), juvenile birching, 1920

- USA, spanking with shoe, 1921

- USA, leather belt, 1925

- USA, lashing with willow wands, 1931

- USA, hand spanking, 1962

- USA, leather belt, 1963

- USA, leather belt, 1968

- USA, leather belt, 1995

- USA, hand spanking, 1997

- USA, paddle, 2001

- USA, paddle, 2002

- Yemen, flogging, instrument not specified, 1997

- Zambia, caning, 1960

- Zambia, caning, 1996

- Zimbabwe, caning, 1960

- Zimbabwe, caning, 1971

Domestic corporal punishment, see Spanking/smacking

Eton College, see Birching/schools/England and Caning/schools/England

Eyewitness accounts (judicial/prison CP) (see also First-person accounts)

- Australia, caning of youths on order of court, 1956

- Bangladesh, public flogging by village court, 1987

- Canada, prison strapping, 1950s

- Hong Kong, judicial canings, 1980s

- Indonesia, public whipping in Aceh province after introduction of Islamic courts, 1999

- Iran, on-the-spot lashing, 1956

- Iran, public judicial floggings, 2001

- Jersey (Channel Islands), birching of teenage boy, 1950s

- Nigeria, public floggings, 2002

- Pakistan, judicial canings, c. 1980

- (Papua) New Guinea, canings of German civilians by Australian troops, 1914

- Singapore, judicial canings, 1970s

- South Africa, illegal flogging of Chinese coolies, 1905

- South Africa, adult judicial canings, detailed accounts, 1950s-1980s

- South Africa, juvenile judicial canings, detailed account, 1950s

- Sudan, juvenile judicial caning, British colonial era

- United Kingdom, caning of boy sailors as internal navy punishment, 1903

- United Kingdom, judicial flogging with cat-o'-nine-tails, 1867

- United States, teen boys spanked in open court, 1962

- United States, paddling in Colorado prison, 1951

Eyewitness accounts (military CP)

- United Kingdom, regimental strappings in British Army, 1830s

Eyewitness accounts (school CP) (see also First-person accounts)

- United Kingdom, boys tawsed on bare posterior, Scotland, 1940s

- United Kingdom, four bullies given six strokes of the cane each on stage, boarding school, 1976

- United States, teen boys paddled in Texas principal's office, 1991

- United States, seventh-grader's paddling described by teacher witness, probably c.1960s

Female recipients of corporal punishment

- 15 Kentucky high-school girls given choice of paddling or expulsion, USA, 1971

- 17 senior girls paddled for inappropriate attire at school prom, Alabama, USA, 2010 (with video clip)

- 17 young women whipped for adultery in Sudan, 2002

- 107 prostitutes caned in Nigeria, 2001

- 21-year-old (pictured) has gone back to school and must accept caning just like her classmates, Uganda, 2005

- African student nurses allegedly caned at hospital, South Africa, 1961

- airline hostess caned for not fastening her seatbelt, S. Rhodesia, 1952

- boarding school girls allegedly caned in Ireland, 1937

- Botswana school headmaster canes five girls on buttocks for wearing wrong uniform, 2009

- boys paddled in school more often than girls, Florida, press report, 1981

- caning of 13 girls caught on camera, South Africa, 2013 (with video clip)

- caning of girls prohibited in Queensland, Australia, 1934

- caning of girls not allowed since 1952 in Malaysia, but some Chinese-medium primary schools do not follow this rule, according to columnist, 2003

- caning of girls not illegal in New Zealand, though some deem it "unacceptable", 1981

- cheerleader Amber Page, aged 17, paddled at Texas school, press report and picture, 1999

- Christian school in UK punishes boys with ruler but girls with strap, press report, 1999

- Christian school in Pennsylvania: three paddled girls pictured, 2000

- Christian woman whipped under Islamic law, Sudan, 2004

- classroom paddling of senior girls (jocular), USA, 2012 (video clip)

- corporal punishment of girls in Liverpool schools must be administered by a woman teacher, 1981

- court orders caning for girl, 14, Tanzania, 2008

- doctor spanks teenage employee, Australia, 2004

- expatriate girl, 15, sentenced to 90 lashes for adultery, United Arab Emirates, 2003

- father spanks daughter in front of her high school class, USA, 2004

- father pleads guilty to spanking his teenage daughters with their pants down, USA, 1997

- female dissident gets "stripes with a rod" in Austria, 1852

- female army recruits caned during training, Sri Lanka, video clip, 2013

- female gamblers caned in Indonesia, 2005

- female inmate of institution, 17, allegedly whipped with belt, USA, 2003

- female jailer gets 300 lashes for running brothel, Saudi Arabia, 2002

- female prisoner flogged in New York, 1878

- female prisoners strapped in reformatory, Canada, 1948

- female student, 19, complains of bruised and swollen buttocks after caning for school truancy, Thailand, 2004

- female students spanked over college tutor's knee in UK, c.2000

- Filipina maid sentenced to caning in UAE, 1995

- Filipina maid sentenced to 100 lashes, Qatar, 2006

- First-ever caning of women in Malaysia, 2010

- five girls caned in front of whole school, UK, 1948

- four schoolgirls caned by senior mistress after staging "sit-in", UK, 1978

- girl (pictured), 16, whipped by mother, takes her to court, USA, 1928

- girl, 16, flogged for allegedly having an affair, Afghanistan, 2012

- girl, 16, faces lashing for pre-marital sex, Maldives, 2012

- girl, 11, claims to have been spanked at school four times in one month, Dallas, USA, 1971

- girl, 11, allegedly bruised by school paddling, Georgia, USA, 2013 (with video clip)

- girl student shown in TV documentary opting to receive a paddling in the principal's office in lieu of Saturday detention, USA, 2008 (video clip)

- girl students apparently as likely to be caned as boys in South Korean schools, unlike most countries, present-day overview of S. Korea

- girl pupils must not be given corporal punishment, Singapore regulations, 1957

- girls are just as bad as boys and should be caned, letter to newspaper, Malaysia, 2004

- girls may be caned only on buttocks at Leicestershire reformatories, UK, 1981

- girls caned regularly at London school, 1978

- girls exempted by law from caning in Malaysian schools, press report, 1996

- girls may be paddled in Oklahoma schools, press report, 1982

- girls at Ohio high school demand the option of being paddled, 1988

- girls not to be physically punished, Berne, Switzerland, 1900

- girls punished less because they are less violent than boys, newspaper column, 1996

- girls of 13 allegedly slippered by scripture teacher, UK, 1977

- girls sentenced to judicial canings, Transkei (South Africa), 1980

- girl thief sentenced to be whipped in UK, 1822, despite abolition of JCP for females by that date

- girl whipped by court order, USA, 1878

- girl, 15, gets 20 lashes in court, USA, 1901

- girl, 19, spanked by bus conductor, UK, 1955

- girl, 19, caned by mother for wearing slacks, UK, 1939

- girls no longer to be flogged for staying out late or growing their hair too long, Fiji, 2015

- guidance to head teachers on caning of girls, UK, 1976

- hazel rod applied to women's buttocks under Saxon Code 1855 (Germany), abolished 1870

- headmaster (pictured) smacked girls' bare bottoms in 1970s, UK press report

- headmistress (pictured) cleared of assault after caning girl of 14 (pictured) over her knickers, UK, 1976

- headmistress fined for assault after caning girl, UK, 1919

- High Court rules spanking wife legal, Iowa, USA, 1959

- high-school girls caned over skirt, South Africa, 2016 (video clip)

- homecoming queen paddled at Ohio school, 2000

- housemaids sentenced to jail and flogging for running away, Saudi Arabia, 2007

- housewife given 30 lashes for arson, Nigeria, 2003

- independent school in UK (Rodney, Nottinghamshire) still caning girls in 1994

- Indian schoolgirls caned on the hands, video clips

- Iran to speed up flogging of women, 2005

- Korean schoolgirls caned or paddled in class, several video clips

- Lady Lewisham says she was spanked by her mother, Barbara Cartland, UK, 1963

- lashings for teen lesbians, Nigeria, 2005

- lawsuit over paddling of 7-year-old girl in class, USA, 1930

- lawsuit threatened over teen girl's school paddling, USA, 1997

- lawsuit over 18-year-old's school paddling raises question whether legally she is an adult woman, USA, 2005

- lawyer who spanked his female clients, USA, 1990s

- lesbians caned in Nigeria, 2008

- less than 10% of Indiana school paddlings are of girls, press report, 1979

- maid, aged 17, allegedly caned by employer, UK, 1954

- majority of teachers favour CP for girls as well as boys, Australia, 1982

- Malaysian schoolgirls could face caning, 2007

- mass caning of teenage schoolgirls, Vietnam, c.2010, video clip

- mass caning of girls in Vietnam, another video clip

- mass spanking of girls and boys in Vietnam, video clip

- Melbourne, Australia, girls spanked by U.S. police, 1942

- members of girls' high school basketball team paddled by coach, USA, 2003

- mother of three caned by unofficial village court, India, 2006

- middle school girl paddled in sorority hazing, USA, 1996

- Moslem "kangaroo" court in Bangladesh sentences young woman to 101 lashes, 1995

- nursing home boss spanked female staff, press report, 1992

- on-the-spot flogging of woman in street secretly filmed, Afghanistan, 2001

- parents complain about principal paddling 15-year-old girls, USA, 1952 (with cartoon)

- police lash female teacher in front of her students after she hit girl with shoe, Saudi Arabia, 2004

- pregnant teenage girl to be caned in Nigeria, 2000

- President of Liberia is pictured caning his own daughter in front of class, 2001

- principal arrested after paddling 17-year-old girl student in Oklahoma, 1985

- principal mistakes lady teacher for a student and canes her, Malaysia, 2007

- public flogging for girls in Sudan, 1999

- public spanking sentence for young girl Communist, USA, 1930

- rape victim, 15, ordered to be flogged, Maldives, 2013

- reformatory girls get the tawse with their skirts lifted up, UK, 1923

- reformatory girls punished with slap in face and made to wear gingham, N. Dakota, c.1940

- reformatory girls spanked and caned by Sisters of Mercy, Ireland, 1980

- Saudi girls flogged for attack on orphanage head, 2011

- school beauty queen paddled for kissing, Oklahoma, 1981

- schoolgirl, 14, ready to be caned on return from school after running away, UK, 1962

- schoolgirl, 17, says she cannot sit down after 19 strokes of the cane, Swaziland, 2013

- schoolgirl receives 13 strokes of the cane in solemn ceremony, Thailand, 2008 (video clip)

- schoolgirl and schoolboy pictured being whipped in school grounds, Nigeria, 2011

- schoolgirl's paddling allegedly left welts, USA, 2008

- schoolgirl Jada Watt, 16, paddled by Texas high school vice-principal despite rule that CP was to be administered by person of the same sex, 2012, pictures, video clips and press reports

- schoolgirl Jessica Serafin, paddled at Texas school at age 18, raising legal issue whether parents' consent still valid, 2005, press report

- schoolgirl Karen McAdoo, caned while held over desk aged 15 in 1976, UK, press report

- schoolgirl Karen McAdoo (see above), description of her caning

- schoolgirl Lynne Simmons, caned over knickers in headmistress's office aged 15 in 1976, UK, illustrated press reports

- schoolgirl (presumably Lynne Simmons, see above) awarded £1,200 compensation for caning on buttocks, UK, 1982

- schoolgirl Shelly Gaspersohn, paddled in N. Carolina aged 17 in 1981, picture and press report

- schoolgirl Sue Olds, caned on several occasions at Bacon's school in London, 1978, picture and press report

- schoolgirl Tamara May Torbert, spanked with belt by own mother at age 15 in Texas school principal's office, 1977, pictures and press reports

- schoolgirl Taylor Santos, paddled by Texas high school vice-principal despite rule that CP was to be administered by person of the same sex, 2012, pictures, video clips and press reports

- schoolgirls choose paddling option in Oklahoma, then complain about it, 1999

- schoolgirls may not be strapped in Victoria, Australia, but some think they ought to be, 1959

- schoolgirls protest at being made liable to CP, UK, 1976

- schoolgirls allegedly spanked with ruler at private school, Australia, 1955

- schoolgirls to be caned on thighs under new rules, South Korea, 2002

- schoolgirls spanked in front of assembled school, United Arab Emirates, 2003

- schoolgirl Winnie Acan, 12, dislocated elbow when she put her hand behind while being caned, 2004, picture and press report

- schoolgirls and schoolboys caned and paddled in class, video clips, Vietnam, 2000s

- school mistress spanked by school manager, UK, 1962

- senior girls spanked at Tennessee school, still approve of spanking, press report, 1999

- senior schoolgirl attributes exam success to canings, Uganda, 2004

- senior schoolgirls Gillian Wells and Mary Hale punished with clothes brush across bare buttocks by headmaster, UK, 1964

- another account of the above case

- senior schoolgirls spanked by assistant principal for using bathroom, Texas, 2010 (with video clip)

- six girls aged 14 and 15 caned in front of 600 other pupils, UK, 1961

- six 13-year-old girls caned at Rodney School, UK, press report, 1994

- Spanked wife says "I deserved it", UK, 1950

- State Home for Girls upholds use of leather strap on inmates aged up to 21, USA, 1910

- storm over caning of girl at UK reformatory, press report, 1980

- Sudanese schoolgirls caned on hands, video clip, 2014

- Swazi princess (pictured), 17, whipped by palace official, 2005

- tabloid columnist opposes introduction of school CP for girls in the name of sexual equality, UK, 1976

- teacher attacked for caning girls, New Zealand, 1890

- teacher was right to cane girl, 14, says judge, UK, 1961

- teachers' union objects to ban on caning girls, Singapore, 2004

- teenage girl receives 100 lashes in public, Afghanistan, 1998

- teenage girl frequently whipped by step-parents, memoir of colonial life in Kenya c. 1940s, book review

- teenage girls flogged in Afghanistan for trying to escape forced marriages, 2010 (with video clip)

- Texas school district changes rules so that male administrators may now paddle girls, 2012, news items, pictures and video clip

- two housemaids sentenced to floggings for sorcery, Saudi Arabia, 2010

- typist, 16, pictured, given choice of spanking by boss or the sack, chose the spanking, UK, 1961

- university women allege sorority paddlings, Florida, 1999

- video clips show canings of schoolgirls in class, Thailand, 2000s

- video clip shows schoolgirl being publicly caned by headmaster, Sierra Leone, c.2007

- village chiefs urged to carry on caning women, Botswana, 2005

- waitress ordered by religious court to be caned for drinking, Malaysia, 2009

- wife ordered by court to be spanked by husband for drunkenness, Canada, 1945

- woman and man caned on the seat by Zimbabwe police for adultery, video clip, 2014

- woman and man publicly caned by village court in Uganda, 2012, video clip

- woman and man publicly flogged by local court in Afghanistan, 2016, news item with video clip

- woman, 18, nude from the waist down, allegedly spanked by police officer in Texas, USA, 2007

- woman, 20, sent to foster house for girls and sentenced to 60 lashes for running away from home, Saudi Arabia, 2007

- woman, 24, pictured, caned illegally by Botswana court, 2013

- woman, pictured, 29, gets divorce on cruelty grounds after being spanked by husband, Kenya, 1948

- woman publicly caned for adultery, Kenya, 2015, video clip

- woman sentenced to caning in Indonesia for adultery, 2014

- woman, 53, wins $1.7 million in compensation for workplace spanking, USA, 2006

- woman student, 42, tells of spanking by professor, 82, USA, 2006

- woman's unofficial public flogging by Taliban captured on video, Pakistan, 2009

- woman caned for stealing avocado fruits from tree, Uganda, 2004

- woman gets 53 lashes for wearing trousers (also video clip), Sudan, 2010

- woman police trainee describes alleged spanking by inspector, UK, 1981

- woman sentenced to 200 lashes for torturing maid, Saudi Arabia, 2001

- woman sentenced to flogging by village headman for insulting her mother, Botswana, 2007

- women partygoers flogged in Iran, 2001 (illustrated)

- women stripped and flogged under German colonial rule, Cameroon, 1894

- women whipped with nettles by villagers, Ecuador, 2003

- women no longer to be flogged, Sudan, 1998

- women caned by village court, Uganda, 1999

- women factory workers flogged, Indonesia, 2000

- women flogged for wearing trousers, Sudan, 2009

- women offenders fined because they cannot be caned, Singapore, 1998

- women stripped and spanked for breaking strike at garment factories, Texas, 1935

- young woman flogged through the streets of Scottish city, UK, 1817

- young women allege boss spanked them for errors, USA, 2004

- young women sailing passengers flogged by ship's surgeon, Australia, 1849

- Zambia Penal Code prohibits judicial caning of females

First-person accounts (domestic CP)

- Australia, youth of 17 describes being caned by father, 1956

- USA, boys describe being spanked with belt by pastor, 2003

First-person accounts (illicit CP)

- USA, boy describes his paddling as high school initiation ritual, 2003

- USA, boys describe high school hazing paddlings, 2004

First-person accounts (judicial CP) (see also Eyewitness accounts)

- Canada, strappings in prison, 1940s and 1950s

- Guernsey (Channel Islands), juvenile judicial birching, 1968

- Isle of Man, judicial birching, 1968

- Jersey (Channel Islands), juvenile judicial birching, 1964

- Malaysia, Aaron Cohen describes his judicial caning, 1981

- Malaysia, judicial caning, 1982

- Malaysia, judicial caning, 2002

- Qatar, judicial flogging, 1993

- Saudi Arabia, judicial public flogging, 1978

- Saudi Arabia, judicial public flogging, 2003

- Singapore, Ex-con describes one of several judicial/prison canings, 1950s and 1960s

- Singapore, Michael Fay describes his judicial caning, 1994

- South Africa, recipient describes two separate juvenile judicial canings, 1940s

First-person accounts (reformatory CP)

- Canada, trousers-down strapping at boys' institution, 1960

- United Kingdom, various recipients describe being caned or slippered at community home, 1980s

- United Kingdom, public flogging at boys' reformatory, 1940s

First-person accounts (school CP) (see also Eyewitness accounts)

- Ireland, birch and strap for senior schoolgirls, 1930s

- Malaysia, caning in headmaster's study, 1949

- New Zealand, high school caning, 1960s

- New Zealand, at Nelson College for Boys, various descriptions spanning several decades

- Singapore, mass caning in classroom, 1927

- United Kingdom, slipperings at a boys' grammar school, 1960s

- United Kingdom, canings at London-area boys' state school, 1970s

- United Kingdom, canings at Midlands boys' state school, 1960s

- United Kingdom, deputy headmaster's canings at Catholic grammar school, 1960s

- United Kingdom, headmaster's caning at boarding school, c. 1970s

- United Kingdom, headmaster's slippering at prep school, c. 1970s

- United Kingdom, prefects' caning, Fettes College, Edinburgh, 1966

- United Kingdom, masters' tawse and prefects' "clachan", Edinburgh Academy, 1950s

- United Kingdom, 15-year-old schoolgirl describes her caning, 1976

- United States, testimony of boy paddled in Florida school, 1970

- United States, account of paddling in Virginia classroom, early 1960s

- United States, account of paddling in Tennessee principal's office, 1950s

- United States, account of paddling at a Texas high school, date unknown

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