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School CP - October 1955

Truth, Sydney, 2 October 1955

Letters to the Editor

Schoolgirls "spanked"

cuttingApropos the recent discussion on school discipline in your paper and the statements regarding corporal punishment in State schools by the Minister of Education (Mr. Heffron), I would like to know if his rules in regard to same apply to private schools.

In many of these schools children are severely caned, including girls.

My daughter attends a private school near Sydney and some time ago several girls (aged 12-14) were punished for disobedience by being made to bend over a desk with their tunics turned up and were each given four hard whacks on the seat with a flat ruler.

Both the punishment and the manner in which it was given I consider disgraceful and I think the Department should promulgate regulations in regard to this matter applicable to private schools.

Mrs A. Windsor

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