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Judicial CP - August 1976

Corpun file 14127

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, 3 August 1976

Alexandra rioting -- five sentenced

Staff Reporter

FOUR Africans who took part in the Alexandra riots on June 18 were yesterday found guilty of public violence.

cuttingThey were Isaac Masala, 21, Simon Mothalana, 28, David Mangea, 26, Lewis Matleivana, 24, who were each jailed for three years. A 15-year-old youth who appeared with them was sentenced to five cuts with a light cane.

They appeared before Mr P.J. Kotze in the Johannesburg Regional Court and had pleaded not guilty.

Sergeant P.J. Smit said he was in a police convoy in Alexandra on June 18. In 12th Avenue about 100 African men, women and children had gathered. Among them were the five accused.

Sergeant Smit said they were armed with sticks and kieries and threw stones at the police.

When the crowd refused to disperse he fired gas. The five accused were then arrested. One of them shouted: "Kill the police!" said Sergeant Smit.

When Mr Kotze sentenced the youth he said he had taken into consideration that the boy still had a school career before him.

Corpun file 14128

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, 4 August 1976

8 cuts for man who assaulted policeman

Staff Reporter

cuttingA YOUNG White man who assaulted an out-of-uniform African constable was found guilty of common assault in the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court yesterday and sentenced to eight cuts.

Charles D.A. Senekal, 19, who was sentenced to 15 months jail in the Krugersdorp Regional Court on July 21 on 15 counts of theft, appeared before Mr Chris Eksteen and pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault.

Evidence was given that Senekal and a friend encountered Constable Hendrik Mashimbe near the police station in Krugersdorp on February 12.

Constable Mashimbe said both men appeared to be drunk. He said to them: "You are both equal."

The accused then rushed up, grabbed him by the throat and hit him in the face.

Senekal, in mitigation of sentence, said he was drunk at the time and remembered nothing of what occurred.

Mr Eksteen said that only because the accused was young and had not badly injured Constable Mashimbe did he give him so light a punishment.

Corpun file 14129

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, 5 August 1976

Fraud youth to get cuts

Staff Reporter

cuttingA YOUTH who altered the date of a special car registration permit and failed to take out a third party insurance policy was sentenced in Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court yesterday to eight cuts.

Johannes Honeyball, 18, of Krugersdorp pleaded guilty before Mr Chris Eksteen to charges of fraud and having no third party insurance.

Honeyball obtained the permit on June 2. It was valid until June 5 to enable him to have the car tested for a roadworthy certificate.

He altered the date to read June 15 by writing 1 in front of the 5.

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