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Judicial CP - August 1995

CANA News agency, 11 August 1995

Flogging investigated

NASSAU, Bahamas - Prison authorities are investigating allegations that a convicted rapist was illegally flogged in Nassau's prison. Leavon Williamson, sentenced in the Supreme Court on July 18 to be flogged for rape, was given six strokes of the rod on July 21, according to human rights lawyer Fred Smith.

Williamson, 34, is serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Smith said the Court of Appeals Act allows 21 days for a person sentenced to corporal punishment to appeal the sentence. Williamson, he said, is entitled to institute criminal and civil prosecutions against those who violated his rights.

"I think that Williamson will claim at least 1 million dollars in damages for such inhuman and degrading beating under the law," Smith said.

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