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Judicial CP - September 1930

Guernsey Weekly Press, St Peter Port, 27 September 1930


Thefts from and damage to motor-cars.

Wednesday [24 September] -- Before H.J. Casey, Esq., Magistrate.

Bernel Bouwmeester, an errand boy aged 18, of Oakleigh, Guelle-Road, Clifford George Lambotte, a greenhouse hand, 16, of 5, Dorey's Cottages, Nocq-road, and William Roberts, 19, also a greenhouse hand, of Upper Canichers, appeared to answer a series of charges concerning motor-cars.

Bouwmeester and Lambotte with being concerned together in stealing from a motor car owned by Mr James Henry Wallbridge, on Sept. 10, one gallon of petrol, value 1s.6d and causing damage to the car amounting to �2; Bouwmeester, Lambotte and Roberts with stealing three gallons of petrol, value 4s.6d, from a motor car owned by Mr Albert Clouty, and causing damage to the car to the extent of �21, on Sept. 14; Bouwmeester and Lambotte with stealing one gallon of petrol, value 1s.6d, from a motor car owned by Mr Arthur Thomas Mahy on Sept. 13; Bouwmeester, Lambotte and Roberts with stealing a gallon of petrol, value 1s.6d, from the same car on Sept. 20; Bouwmeester and Lambotte with causing wilful damage to the same car, amounting to �9, on the same day; and Bouwmeester and Lambotte with driving motor cars on various roads of the island on Sept. 10, 13, 14 and 20, without licences authorising them to do so.

The three youths pleaded guilty to all the charges, except the one concerning alleged wilful damage to Mr Mahy's car.

Inspector Green detailed the facts of the charges, describing how the cars were stolen and driven to various parts of the island. In the case of Mr Mahy's car, Bouwmeester lived in the same house as the owner. A stick with a heavy knob which was left in one of the cars was produced. Roberts had not driven any of the cars.

The accused had nothing to say on being questioned by the Magistrate. Lambotte said they "did it for sport". There were previous convictions of Bouwmeester and Roberts.

The Magistrate sentenced Bouwmeester and Roberts to two months' imprisonment with hard labour, and Lambotte to be detained in prison until 6 o'clock this evening and to receive ten strokes of the birch.

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