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Judicial CP - July 1951

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, 7 July 1951

Woman's struggle with thief

In an attempt to snatch a handbag from Wan Chi-fun in Cumberland Road on July 3, Yip Lam, 27, struggled with the woman, brought her to the ground and caused minor scratches on her arms. The woman's dress was torn in her successful. effort to prevent her handbag from being stolen. Eventually, on the approach of some pedestrians, Yip Lam gave up his attempt and ran away, but was caught by two Police officers.

Yip Lam came before Mr Winter at Kowloon yesterday charged with attempted larceny from the person. Inspector Dewar produced a medical chit saying that Wan Chi-fun was suffering from shock as a result of the struggle with the defendant, adding "The lady was badly shaken up".

Mr Winter sentenced the defendant to six months with eight strokes of the cane and recommended banishment.

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, 19 July 1951

Seven years for robber - Lost shoes in attempt to escape

A robber who was described by Crown Counsel as "like Cinderella" was yesterday sentenced by Mr Justice Gould at the Criminal Sessions to seven years' hard labour and 12 strokes of the cane for robbery with aggravation.

Accused, Lai Wah, 30, pleaded guilty to robbing Yeung Kan of a wrist watch on May 21.

Mr D.E. Greenfield, acting Crown Counsel, said the robbery occurred at night and involved a taxi driver in Kowloon City. Two men took part in the robbery, and one was armed with a knife. The taxi driver, on being held up, put up a fight, and seized the knife, which was digging into his ribs. One of the two men tore off the driver's wrist-watch but dropped it when running away. The knife was also discarded.

Accused, like Cinderella, left his shoes behind in his flight, said Mr Greenfield. He lost the first one in the taxi, probably during the struggle, and shed the other one as he ran. He was pursued and caught by Police. The other man escaped.

The driver was slightly cut by the knife, an ordinary kitchen one.

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