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Judicial CP - June 2004

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Mmegi, Gaborone, 14 June 2004

Man Receives Strokes For Stealing From Score

By Thato Chwaane
Staff Writer

The Old Naledi Customary Court last Friday gave a man five strokes for stealing from Score Supermarket.

Johannes Kegobilwe is said to have walked into the store on June 10, taken peanuts, one quarter of brown bread, Kick Off magazine and Eet Sum Mor biscuits and walked out without paying for them. The accused was found with the items in his pockets, and was accordingly charged with theft.

Kgosi Tuelo Kwape found the accused guilty and told him the charge could land him in prison for three years. In mitigation, Kegobilwe said he takes on 'piece jobs' and that he was renting a place for which he needed to pay for. Kwape said that since Kegobilwe had no previous convictions, he would receive five strokes and be finger printed. He was also ordered to pay Score for the stolen goods within 24 hours or have his property auctioned to raise compensation.


Mmegi, 2002

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