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Sunday Star, Kuala Lumpur, 15 May 2005

Tengku Azuan: The can-do principal

By Zech Pharamond

There are times when a school principal needs to play the part of mother, disciplinarian, visionary and friend. With 29 years of experience behind her, Tengku Azuan Tengku Mohamed knows when to come to her students as a comforter or as the voice of authority.

Earlier this year, Tengku Azuan received the good news that she was one of five principals to be given the super principal title which comes with a Special Grade C (Jusa C) salary grade. All the recipients are women.

Tengku Azuan
TENGKU AZUAN: 'Teachers need to be able to handle the emotions of their students.'


[...] She is currently the principal of SMK Aminuddin Baki (SAB), and has spent three weeks in her new role.


Tengku Azuan herself admits that her perfectionist attitude towards work makes her difficult to deal with. Shalwati says however that the principal was always ready to lend an ear.

She recounts an incident that happened a week ago. A discipline master brought in a boy who had broken three window panes. He had been playing football with seven others in class. While the others quietly received their punishment, this particular boy refused to be caned.

After speaking to the boy, Tengku Azuan found out that he was afraid that his father would get wind of his misdemeanour and that he would be transferred to another school.

"I made him a deal. I said I will cane you and no one will tell your father. That way, both parties win.

"That's how you win them over. Not by yelling but by listening and explaining to them that every action has a consequence," says this super principal with a gift for leadership.

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Bernama Malaysian National News Agency, 25 May 2005

Cane Indisciplined Students, Says Tokoh Guru Recipient

KUALA LUMPUR, May 25 (Bernama) -- Students with disciplinary problems should be caned, a Tokoh Guru recipient said Wednesday.

P. Kaliannan, 63, former headmistress SRJK (T) Jalan San Peng, said that this would teach the students not to break the school rules.

Speaking to reporters here, she regretted that some parents resort to bringing disciplinary cases to court.

Kaliannan was one of four people who received the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Tokoh Guru award from Director-General of Education Dr Ahamad Sipon Wednesday in conjunction with the state-level Teachers Day celebration.

The other recipients are Jamaludin Othman, 59, Phua Seng Tiong, 60, and Mohamad Nor Sairon, 65.

Jamaludin, former headmaster of SMK Dato' Undang Abdul Manaf, Johol, Negeri Sembilan, said teachers must always strive to improve their knowledge to become efficient teachers.

They should be willing to become students themselves, he said.

Phua is credited with helping SMK Jinjang win the national promising school award when he was its headmaster in 1999.

Although he has retired for five years, he is still actively involved in the teaching profession, giving talks on teaching and knowledge.

"For me, a school is a building with walls with the future in it," he said.

Mohamad Nor, the former headmaster of SMK Sri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur, praised the government for giving free textbooks to students. -- BERNAMA

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