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United Kingdom - birching and flogging as prison discipline

1951: Memorandum to prisons re:
Birches and Cats-o'-nine tails

Source: PRO: HO 323/13 (memoranda and circulars to prisons)

Prison Commission
Horseferry House
Dean Ryle Street
London SW1

20 July 1951

Memorandum to all male establishments


Governors are requested to note that any stocks of cats-o'-nine-tails and birches should be returned immediately to Wandsworth Prison: no stocks of these items should be held at any time at any establishment other than Wandsworth.

In future, when a recommendation for corporal punishment is forwarded to the Commissioners, a demand should be placed on Wandsworth for the supply of three cats or birches, as the case may be. There should thus be no delay in the execution of the punishment if confirmed.

Each cat-o'-nine tails must be thoroughly tested before use. Unused cats and birches should be returned immediately to Wandsworth; used ones should be destroyed in accordance with Standing Orders (Appendix 8).

F.S. Collins

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