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Judicial CP - January 1956

Cyprus Mail, Nicosia, 4 January 1956

Mothers weep at caning sentences

Famagusta, Tuesday.

Mothers of young students broke into tears in court this afternoon when Special Judge Mr James Trainor sentenced to caning and prison terms nine schoolboys and three girls for taking part in unlawful assembly on November 15. Three other civilians were also sentenced on the same count to prison terms.

The sentences were as follows:

Panayotis N Counnas and Iacovos Chrysostomou, three strokes of the cane.

Marios G. Evangelou, Panayotis Iacovou and Andreas Kyriacou, five strokes.

Stavros G. Stavrou, seven strokes.


Adamos L. Tsolakis, eight months imprisonment.

Kyriacos Lambrou and Adamos P. Kaoullas, bound over in the sum of 25 pounds for two years.

The girls, Ellada Chr. Constantinou and Koula Paschalides, were fined 5 pounds each and Ioanna A. Chilimindris fined 10 pounds.

The three men sentenced were Stavros Hadjiyannis and Yannis Demetri, sent to prison for six months, and Paraskevas Photiou, sent to prison for twelve months.

Sharp Remarks

Special Judge Mr Trainor, passing sentences, made also some sharp remarks to each of the accused. He told them that, though he disliked to deal with serious cases in which juveniles were involved, yet law and peace must be maintained as this is not the first case when schoolboys mixed with "criminals and other men of bad conduct".

Cyprus Mail, Nicosia, 5 January 1956

Pupils protest to Governor

Famagusta, Wednesday.

The teachers and boys and girls of the Greek Gymnasium of Famagusta today protested to the government against the detention of their physical training master Mr Antonakis Papadopoulos under the Detention of Persons Law.

The teachers also protested against the caning sentences and sent a message of sympathy to the headmaster of the Limassol Gymnasium for the closing of his school by the Governor.

Cyprus Mail, Nicosia, 10 January 1956

To be caned on Friday

Famagusta, Monday.

The three [sic] boys sentenced by the Special Court here last Tuesday to be caned for taking part in an unlawful assembly will be caned on Friday, it is learned.

Ed. Note: This will be the first case of caning since the emergency regulations came into effect. Previous sentences by the Paphos Court were quashed by the Supreme Court.

Cyprus Mail, Nicosia, 16 January 1956

First canings

"Medical Advice" Helps Boys

Famagusta, Friday.

The first canings under the emergency regulations were carried out at the Caraolos military camp here today. The accused, six boys, had been sentenced to be caned for taking part in an unlawful procession.

The boys were taken by their parents to the police station this morning in accordance with the conditions of their bail.

At 9.30 the six boys were taken to the Caraolos camp. The caning was done in the presence of a Cyprus police officer and District Medical Officer Dr Ioardanis Christodoulides.

The boys did not take off their clothes. They were made to bend over a chair while the strokes were delivered to them by a man wearing dark glasses to prevent identification.

Some boys said that the strokes were delivered by a British soldier but police authorities denied this and stated that the strokes were delivered by a Cypriot policeman.

Medical Advice

The six boys are: Stavros Stavrou of the Famagusta Gymnasium (15) was to receive seven strokes but he was given only three on medical advice.

Marios Evangelou (17), Panayotis Iacovou (17), both of the Gymnasium, and Andreas Kyriou of the English School (18), each sentenced to five strokes, received either three or four strokes.

Panayotis Kounnas of the Gymnasium (15) and Iacovos Chrysostomou of the English School (15) received their three strokes.

More Protests

Boys and girls of the Famagusta Gymnasium and the English School left their classes in protest against the canings.

The Gymnasium boys were also protesting against the seven years imprisonment by the special court in Nicosia of George Toumazou Kouis for carrying a bomb.

Boys of the Gymnasium sent telegrams of sympathy to the parents of George Toumazou and a message of protest to the Governor against the seven year sentence on Kouis and the caning.

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