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Judicial CP - May 2004

Corpun file 13832

New Vision, Kampala, 1 May 2004

Mukono locals bury man with condoms

MUKONO —A gang of 10 people buried a man with a packet of condoms and half a kilogramme of mukene (small dried fish) in the district on Tuesday, reports Joel Ogwang.

Joseph Kasambula, 26, of Kitale in Kasawo sub-county, was suffering from lung cancer when he died on Monday.

Under grief over the death of Kasambula, who was the leader, the group, led by Ananiya Nduwayo and Hassan Sebukulu, went to the deceased's home and wrapped the body.

Before putting it in the coffin, one of the men said: “Kasambula, you have always used condoms for safer sex. So when you reach Heaven, use them to protect yourself. You had money but was conservative and ate only mukene. Take this mukene and eat when you wake up.”

They then carried the coffin with Kasambula's body and lowered it into the grave.

As they were covering it with soil, brothers of the deceased, led by their father Sebastian Kiwanuka, asked the gang to exhume the body.

A brawl ensued between the gang and Kasambula's family members, with the gang was overpowered and fled the graveyard.

The relatives then exhumed the body and transferred it to their home in Kitale for a decent burial.

An LC court sat on Wednesday morning and resolved that Allan Senyonga, the secretary for defence, arrests the gang and cane them 50 strokes each.

Kadunyindo and Mubiru were held and caned while the others are still on the run. The Police in the district are also hunting for the members of the gang.

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Corpun file 13831

New Vision, Kampala, 8 May 2004

Thief forced to eat raw chicken

GULU — A man identified as Ogwang, a resident of Pece village, was forced to eat up a hen he had stolen while still raw, reports Olwoch Komakech.

Ogwang had for a long time been suspected of petty theft in the neighborhood, but he had never been caught.

However, on the fateful day, his luck ran out when he was spotted pushing a stolen hen into a kaveera in a nearby bush.

The case was reported to the LC, who mobilised a group of energetic men to arrest Ogwang.

When the group stormed his home, he was nabbed plucking off feathers from the chicken.

He was sentenced to 10 strokes of the cane, forced to eat the raw hen and given two days to buy a replacement for the owner.

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Corpun file 13830

New Vision, Kampala, 29 May 2004

Kitintale avocado thief gets 20 strokes

By Vision Reporter

A woman in Kitintale suburb, Kampala, was recently given 20 strokes of the cane when found up an avocado tree picking the fruits without permission.

The owner of the tree returned home early on the fateful day only to find a woman picking avocados from his tree.

She was ordered down and with help from neighbours, she was caned for her behaviour and given a warning.

However, they let her to go with the avocados she had picked since she said it was for her children.

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