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Illicit CP - August 1962

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Daily Express, London, 2 August 1962

School mistress spanked by school manager

By Express Staff Reporter

Press cutting

PRETTY school-teacher Joyce Andrews spoke feelingly last night of the time she found herself on the stinging end of a spanking.

Four of the best landed resoundingly across her be-trousered bottom.

"It was terrible," confessed 23-year-old Joyce.

"Just what could be worse than being spanked in the village street by one of your school managers?"

Wielding the heavy hand was 48-year-old Mrs. Kathleen Way, parish councillor and a manager of Ashingdon School, Essex, where Joyce teaches a class of six- and seven-year-olds.

"She hit me hard," said Joyce. "Her slaps hurt even through my riding jodhpurs."

In public

A witness to the spanking was Mrs. Way's husband Leonard.

"He called out 'Leave the little girl alone,'" went on Joyce.

"But Mrs. Way shouted back 'I'm enjoying myself. I said I'd slap her bottom in public and that's what I'm doing.'"

They were expensive slaps. Southend magistrates yesterday fined Mrs. Way £5 with £5 5s. costs for assault and bound her over to keep the peace.

Joyce, her hurt soothed by victory, left the court smiling. Then her face clouded as a thought suddenly struck her.

"What on earth," she said, "are my class going to say? Oh, it is so embarrassing. I don't believe in spanking myself."

The trouble arose because Mrs. Way disputed Joyce's right to ride her horse Mandy in Cavendish-road, Hockley, where the Ways live.

Mrs May mugshot

As Joyce rode past, Mrs. Way ran from her bungalow, pulled Joyce off the horse, grabbed her riding whip, and broke it in half (that cost her another 8s. restitution).

"Mrs. Way then hit me three or four times on the buttocks with her hand," Joyce said in court.

"She said I was ill-bred because my father is a farm labourer and that I was a product of secondary modern school education."

Mrs. Way, who pleaded not guilty, claimed that when she grabbed the horse's reins Joyce raised the whip.

"I thought she was going to strike me," said Mrs. Way.

"I grabbed the whip and while we struggled it broke."

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