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Judicial CP - April 1963


San Francisco Chronicle, 12 April 1963

"Belt Him," Said the Judge

MUNCIE, IND. -- A teen-aged defendant was strapped by his father in the privacy of City Judge Walter G. Tanner's chambers yesterday after the judge learned the youth had mistreated his mother.

Phillip Lee Carson, 19, pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery against a policeman, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

When Judge Tanner asked the youth about beating his mother, an incident that had led to his encounter with the officer, Carson replied, "She wised off."

The judge then asked the defendant's father, Ralph Carson, if he could control the boy and if he could whip him.

When Carson said he could, the judge ordered the bailiff to get a razor strop. The bailiff returned with a policeman's belt.

As he sent the father, boy and bailiff to his chambers, Tanner, said, "I want to hear it out here."

"Pants down?" asked the father. "Pants down," replied the judge.

Three short-spaced whoops were heard from behind the chamber's door. The judge then directed, "seven more."

"This is what he needed a long time ago," said the judge, adding: "I don't know whether that was legal, but I couldn't think of anything else to do."

-- Associated Press

Corpun file 25349 at

Reading Eagle, Pennsylvania, 27 April 1963, p.3

3 Teen-Age Boys Spanked in Court

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Atlantic City, N.J., April 27 (AP) --Three teen-age boys were given a public spanking by their fathers in juvenile court here yesterday.

Judge George T. Naame ordered the spankings after two of the boys admitted to larceny and the third admitted receiving stolen goods.

The unusual punishment was prescribed not to inflict pain but to hold the youths up to public shame, Judge Naame said.

One by one each boy bent over a desk. Each father moved up behind his son and the smack of open hand against rump resounded through the courtroom.

The three boys were obviously embarrassed by the spankings, said reporters in the courtroom. The boys then were sent home on probation for two years.

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