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Judicial CP - March 1925


The New York Times, 25 March 1925

'Woodshed Walloping' Given To Four Boy Delinquents

Press cuttingPHILADELPHIA, March 24. -- An old-fashioned "woodshed walloping" was the remedy meted out today to two 14-year-old Philadelphia boys for taking liberties with a motor car which was not their own.

The duplicate sentences were executed by the respective fathers today with the aid of a razor strop and a leather belt. The Juvenile Court Probation Officer, who inspected the execution of the Court's sentence, declared it to be a "very neat job, and an effective one, I must admit."


KANSAS CITY, Kan., March 24. -- An old-fashioned spanking was the penalty imposed in Juvenile Court here today on two boys who had "played hookey." Judge Henry Meade himself used the "rod", which was a Congressional Record wrapped tightly in a paper covering.

"That's the first real use I ever found for a Congressional Record," the Judge commented.

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