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ZIMBABWE (at the time: Southern Rhodesia)
Illicit CP - November 1952

Corpun file 22175

Lethbridge Herald, Alberta, Canada, 18 November 1952

Airline Hostess Caned by Boss, Who Gets Fired

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SALISBURY, Southern Rhodesia (Reuters) -- Airline operator Robert G. McCoy was convicted of assault Saturday because he punished a hostess with six strokes of a cane, even though she agreed to it. He was fined 50 or 50 days in prison.

Hostess Silvia Banfield testified that McCoy caned her because she remained on her feet during a landing instead of fastening her safety belt.

Despite her consent, police went ahead with the prosecution when they heard what happened.

Testimony showed Miss Banfield took off her girdle and received the caning on panties and slip, her dress tucked up to her waist out of the way.

Afterwards McCoy gave her a cigaret and took her home.

McCoy said the incident was "only a silly piece of fooling with no harm meant to anyone. I used no force at all."

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