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Judicial CP - May 1997

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Amnesty International Urgent Action Bulletin, 28 May 1997



On 27 May 1997, the Court of First Instance in Sana'a reportedly sentenced two Yemeni journalists to 80 lashes each on charges of libel.

Abdul Jabbar Saad and his brother Abdullah Saad, the editor of the weekly opposition newspaper al-Shura, were convicted of having written and published a series of critical articles over two years against Sheikh Abdul Majid Zendani, a leading politician in the al-Islah political party.

Abdul Jabbar Saad and Abdullah Saad were also banned from journalism for one year and al-Shura was ordered to cease publication for six months.

The two have 60 days in which to appeal against the sentence.

The punishment of flogging, previously limited to the former Yemen Arab Republic (YAR), became applicable to the whole of unified Yemen following the enactment of a new Penal Code in 1994. The punishment is prescribed for offences of a sexual nature, offences related to the consumption of alcohol, and slander.

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