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Judicial CP - February 1957

The Herald, Melbourne, 1 February 1957

Adelaide youth birched

presscuttingADELAIDE, Today. -- A birch rod was used this afternoon to whip a 15-year-old youth who attempted to interfere with a 3-year-old girl at Outer Harbor, an Adelaide suburb, last month.

It was the first private whipping of a juvenile carried out for many years.

A birch rod is similar to a cane. Fifteen strokes were inflicted across the buttocks at Adelaide Gaol by a prison official.

It was carried out in front of a prison medical officer and other prison officials.

The whipping and seven days' imprisonment were ordered in Port Adelaide Juvenile Court on Wednesday by Mr Johnston, SM, who said the boy was fortunate that passers-by had followed after he had enticed the girl from her home on January 2.

"Otherwise," the magistrate said, "you might have found yourself facing a more serious charge."

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