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School CP - March 2004

Corpun file 13836

New Vision, Kampala, 8 March 2004

Caning helped Ikyimaana pass

HAPPY: Farida Ikyimaana scored 4ABAA in Arts

IKYIMAANA Farida, 18, the best Arts student in Mbarara was made by the school's policy of beating thoroughly a student who fails to gets marks below she had got the previous test.

"I can admit my performance was modelled by the school's policy of beating the backsliders. I feared caning and tightened up, the headmistress is a no joke lady, she even beat me towards the finals but I praise her for her efforts," Ikyimaana said as she narrated her ordeal.

Aisha Girls' headmistress Farida Namutebi said Ikyimaana was dull at first but she accepted to change. Nevertheless she was a highly disciplined student.

The seventh born in a family of eight and an orphan, Ikyimaana scored 4ABAA to scoop the best position in Mbarara district. She took History, Economics, Islamic Studies and Arabic.

"Much more push came from my mother. She normally encourages us to forget about our dead father and work hard to brighten our future," she said.

Ikyimaana hopes to read Law at Makerere University. No doubt she will excel there too.

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Corpun file 13033

New Vision, Kampala, 20 March 2004

Student Calls Teacher Nickname, Suspended

By Thomas Pere

A student of a city secondary school was suspended for three weeks for referring to his teacher by a nickname.

Frank was sent to collect a list of the names of sportsmen from the games master in the staff room.

When he got there, he addressed the games master as "Mr. Manyanga," a name coined by students.

The teachers in the staff room were angered by the name and immediately concluded that Frank was one of the stubborn students who ‘baptise' teachers with names of their choice.

Frank pleaded with the games master that as a new student, he had heard everyone referring to him by that name.

They told him he did not pay attention on the day the teachers were introduced to students when the term started.

Frank was whipped five strokes of the cane and suspended for three weeks due to misbehaviour.

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