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Domestic CP - May 1956

Truth, Sydney, 27 May 1956


The cane's the thing

(He copped two lots)

I think it's a good idea for judges and magistrates to order a caning for boys who do not behave themselves.

It was done in Adelaide this week and recently, in Queensland, Judge Mansfield advocated similar discipline.

I am 17-years-old and when I support caning as a disciplinary measure I write from experience.

Like a lot of the young "lairs" around the town I had been getting into trouble.

Dad warned me and told me he was getting a cane.

I wasn't worried and carried on.

A few days before my 17th birthday a few mates and I illegally used a car.

The owner took no action, but Dad found out and he did.

Bending over an armchair, I copped 24 cuts with the cane across the bare behind.

I had started to yell after the fifth.

A week afterwards the treatment was repeated.

That was eight months ago and I have not been in trouble since.

I am as tough as the average boy of 17, but I don't want to feel the sting of the cane on my behind again.

Most boys would feel the same.

Merewether Beach.

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