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School CP - July 1962

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Daily Express, London, 5 July 1962, p.7

Kathleen is ready for a caning

Express Staff Reporter

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FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD runaway Kathleen Marsh will go back to school today prepared to take a caning.

She ran away from Wroughton secondary modern school, Wiltshire, during Monday's lunch hour because, she said, she had been told she would be caned for writing a date on her hand.

She disappeared for 36 hours. Then police found her in Swindon.

Back home in Redhills, Broad Town, Wiltshire, she flung her arms around her mother and said: "Oh, Mummy, I'm sorry I worried you."

Her mother, 43-year-old Mrs. Gladys Marsh, said last night: "I shall send her to school with a note explaining that she ran away because she was frightened."

Kathleen said: "I've had the cane once before. It made big red marks come up on my hand. I just couldn't face it again."

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Daily Mail, London, 18 July 1962, p.9

50 boys caned at quiz kings' school

By Daily Mail Reporter

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FIFTY boys at a school which has twice won the B.B.C. quiz contest Top of the Form have been caned following a clash with prefects.

Since then slips and panties have been strung from chimneys.

The school flagpole has been painted red and white.

And "derogatory remarks" about the headmaster have been daubed on outside walls.

The trouble at Grove Park Grammar School, Wrexham, North Wales, started when 200 boys tried to shelter in the science block, as it was raining during break.

Ten prefects tried to stop them.

Line drawn

Fourth Former John Evans, 14, said yesterday "There was a bit of a struggle.

"Two masters came along and drew a line among us. All the boys behind it had their names taken by prefects.

"We stood for about ten minutes with our hands on our heads in the rain. Then we were told to bend over and given one real hard stroke each."

Alan Pritchard, 16, said that some troublemakers had formed up and charged him and other prefects.

The headmaster, Mr. E. Haddon Roberts, said: "This is not a thing I want to talk about.

"I attributed the daubing to end-of-term high spirits. Some people think it is funny to do these things."

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Daily Express, London, 28 July 1962, p.1

Friar Tuck is called in to be caned after Mr. Grundy stops revue at school

By Rita Marshall

FRIAR TUCK, star of "Pilkington's Progress," school revue that progressed too fast and too far for the head master's liking, was ordered to present himself to Mr. Grundy for a caning yesterday.

But the freckled-faced friar -- 18-year-old Andrew Dundas -- refused to submit to six of the best.

"Not for myself," he explained last night. "I've been caned before. But I thought it would be letting the school dramatic society down."

So Andrew, son of an R.A.F. officer, was "asked to leave" 367-year-old Emanuel School on Wandsworth Common. He did -- "It was my last day anyway."

Full stop

Cause of the trouble was the ad-libbing -- and its effect on the schoolboy audience in Thursday's end-of-term revue.

Head master Mr. John Grundy whipped out his blue pencil and "Pilkington's Progress" came to a full stop when it was half-way through.

Andrew explained that one sketch featured the Sheriff of Nottingham and his serjeant-at-arms.

"The serjeant called the sheriff 'Sir Jack,'" went on Andrew. "This brought a lot of hissing and hoots of laughter. You see, the whole school refers to Mr. Grundy as 'Jack.'"

"Mr. Grundy came backstage and said that after this sketch the revue must end. For the second part of the programme an operetta was performed.


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"Two of us were in trouble earlier, when we staged a sort of trailer of the revue. The producer, Roger Saunders, was called in for a caning on Thursday. I didn't get called until next morning."

Yesterday Mr. Grundy called the prefects together and told them why he stopped the show.

Ian Town, its 18-year-old author, said: "Like everybody else, I was bitterly disappointed that this happened. But when Mr. Grundy explained, I understood."

Grey-haired Mr. Grundy himself had nothing to say.

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