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Houston Chronicle, Texas, 7 December 2014


Paddle experience

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Regarding "Texas holds tight to tradition on school spankings" (Page A1, Nov. 23), I am 100 percent in favor of paddling, if done in moderation. My first paddling experience was in the 4th grade.

The paddling continued on through junior high and into high school. I wasn't a bad boy; I just had a hard time following the rules. My worst experience came in high school. I was caught in a shoving match in the hallway with another boy.

We were taken down to the coaches office to get our punishment. I bent over, wham! He told me I needed to tuck my shirt tail in. No belt, bend over, wham! He looked down at my feet and asked why I wasn't wearing socks, bend over, wham! After which we sat down and talked sports before being sent back to class.

Robert Morgan, El Lago

Copyright 2014: Houston Chronicle

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