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Judicial CP - September 2005

Corpun file 16562

Iran Focus, 6 September 2005

Iran to speed up flogging of women for "bad" veil

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 06 – Women who violate Iran’s strict Islamic dress code will be flogged immediately, prosecutor’s offices in provincial centres announced on Tuesday.

In the central Iranian city of Shahin-Shahr, the prosecutor’s office posted huge notices on billboards and shop windows warning women that dress code violators will appear before an Islamic judge immediately after arrest to receive a sentence, usually 100 lashes in public. The prosecutor will be demanding maximum penalties, the notice warned.

“Individuals whose state of attire and make-up is against religious laws in public will be prosecuted without having to first wait in a queue and will be sentenced to flogging and fines”, the statement said.

“Scarves which do not cover the hair and neck”, “tight overcoats or coats that which finish above the knees and whose sleeves cover to a point higher than the wrist”, “tight trousers which do not cover the calf of the leg”, and “women’s make-up” are all forbidden, according to the statement, which added that failure to adhere to the dress code would be dealt with accordingly.

Women whose scarves do not properly cover up their hair will face between 10 days to 10 months in prison, the statement added.

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Corpun file 16563

Iran Focus, 6 September 2005

Iran sentences woman to flogging and jail, man to execution

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 06 – A court in Iran sentenced a woman to 100 lashes and 15 years jail time and an Afghan man to execution on charges of murder, Persian-language websites reported on Tuesday.

The woman, identified by her first name Soqra, was accused of aiding the Afghan man in the murder of her husband, also from Afghanistan. Soqra maintained her innocence throughout the trial, according to the report.

Soqra had said that her parents had forced her to marry an Afghan man against her will. The pair had two children and Soqra said that her husband beat her repeatedly.

The Afghan man, identified as Alireza, was found guilty of stabbing to death Soqra’s husband. The two ran away from Tehran to the central city of Isfahan after the murder, but were arrested a few days later.

A Tehran court sentenced Alireza to death for the murder and to 100 lashes for adultery, while Soqra will be flogged 100 times and will have to spend 15 years behind bars.

Corpun file 16760

LA Weekly, Los Angeles, 30 September 2005

"Next Time, You'll Be Executed"

A gay Iranian torture victim's ordeal

By Doug Ireland


Amir: “I passed out before the 100 lashes were over.”
Amir is a 22-year-old gay Iranian who was arrested by Iran’s morality police in a massive Internet entrapment campaign targeting gays. He was beaten and tortured while in custody, threatened with death, and lashed 100 times. He escaped from Iran in August, and is now in Turkey, where he awaits the granting of asylum by a more gay-friendly country. In a two-hour telephone interview from Turkey, Amir — through a translator — provided a terrifying, firsthand account of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s intense and extensive anti-gay crackdown.

Amir is from Shiraz, a city of more than a million people in the country’s southwestern region that the Shah tried to fashion into “the Paris of Iran” in the 1960s and ’70s. The Shah’s efforts attracted a not-insignificant gay population, making Shiraz a favorite vacation spot for Iranian gays. After the 1979 revolution, led by Ayatollah Khomeini, Shiraz was targeted as a symbol of taaghoot (decadence).


“We were eventually all taken to court and cross-examined. The judge sentenced four of us, including me, to public flogging. The news was printed all over the newspapers that a group of homosexuals had been arrested, with our names. I got 100 lashes — I passed out before the 100 lashes were over. When I woke up, my arms and legs were so numb that I fell over when they picked me up from the platform on which I’d been lashed. They had told me that, if I screamed, they will beat me even harder — so I was biting my arms so hard, to keep from screaming, that I left deep teeth wounds in my own arms.”

After this entrapment and public flogging, Amir’s life became unbearable — he was rousted regularly at his home by the basiji and by agents of the Office for Promotion of Virtue and Prohibition of Vice (which represses “moral deviance” — things like boys and girls walking around holding hands, women not wearing proper Islamic dress or wearing makeup, same-sex relations and prostitution).


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