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JERSEY (Channel Islands)

Judicial CP - May 1954


Evening Post, St Helier, Jersey, 10 May 1954

Fined for Disturbance and Refusal to Obey Police

"Edwardian" Louts Before Police Court

Youth Who Incited Them to Attack P.c. Ordered 12 Strokes of Birch

Five "Edwardian" youths who appeared in Court to-day charged with creating a disturbance and obstructing the police, were fined and barred from Wests Cinema and ballroom for one year.

Another youth, separately charged with inciting the other five youths to strike a police constable, was sentenced to 12 strokes of the birch. This case was taken first.


Sentence Deferred Until Next Case Heard

Venables Albert John du Feu (18), St. Martin,

was charged by Centenier G.R. Thomas, of St. Helier, with having, on the 8th inst., at approximately 9.15 p.m., at Wests Cinema, whilst under the influence of drink, caused a disturbance by forcing his way into the cinema.

He was also charged with having, a short while afterwards, outside the same cinema, incited five en who were then causing a disturbance to attack Police-constable Graham Henry Strudwick.

Centenier Thomas said that the accused had been brought to the Station following a complaint by the manager of Wests Cinema. "The accused incited five youths to strike a policeman. These five youths will also be charged this morning, Sir."

P.c. G.H. Strudwick said he had gone into the cinema in response to a complaint that the accused had gone in without a ticket. "I put him outside, but a few minutes later there was more trouble. The accused then interfered when I was having trouble with some other youths. He called out to them: 'Hit the policeman.' Eventually he was taken to the Station. He was not all that drunk."

The accused said he had paid for his ticket at the cinema, but had lost it.

Mr. T.G. Churchill, a commissionaire at the cinema, said the accused had been refused a ticket for the cinema as it was thought he was not in a fit state to enter.

Mr. C.G. Mitchell, manager, said that when it was reported to him that a man had broken into the cinema without a ticket he sent for the police. "As he was leaving the premises I heard there was trouble near the ballroom, youths trying to force their way in. The accused was loitering there, and as the policeman dealt with the youths the accused called out: "Hit the copper!"

The case was then adjourned until after the next case, in which five youths, some of them in "Edwardian" clothes and hair styles, were charged .....



12 strokes of Birch

The accused in the first case, V.A.J. du Feu, was then brought back and sentenced to 12 strokes of the birch.

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