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Judicial CP - February 1930

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The Milwaukee Sentinel, Wisconsin, 15 February 1930, p.2

Public Spanking Sentence For Young Girl Communist

Judge Orders Man to Whip Daughter in Court for Distributing Circular Advertising 'Red' Demonstration.

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NEWARK, N.J., Feb. 14. -- (AP) -- Spanking has become a serious menace to the young folk of the communistic movement locally.

"I am going to hold you until tomorrow morning and have your father administer the cure by spanking you here publicly," Judge Simandl Friday told Miss Marie Staff, 20, of Newark, in Police court. Miss Staff was arrested while distributing circulars on downtown streets advertising a demonstration.

George Staff, the young woman's father, arrived later with an expression of unwillingness to execute sentence. Staff is a frail man, suffering from an illness which had kept him out of work for months, and he told the court it would be impossible for him to spank his daughter. She was ordered held over night for further action.

Miss Staff pleaded with Judge Simandl not to bring her father into the matter.

"He wouldn't spank me anyway," she said, "I've outgrown that."

"You have, physically," said the judge, "but not mentally."

Another young communist woman, Sylvia Ostrow, 18, was held under $1,000 bail Thursday. She was also told by Police Judge Albano that a spanking was "just what you need most."

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