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GUYANA (formerly British Guiana)

Judicial CP - October 1946

Daily Argosy, Georgetown, British Guiana, 25 October 1946

Robbery with violence

Two Male Accused Found Guilty


Each Sentenced to Seven Years and Flogging

Declaring that he could not take judicial notice of what appeared in the Press yet he would be lacking in his duty as a Judge if he failed to take cognizance of what he read almost every day of robberies in the city, His Honour Chief Justice Luckhoo (acting) yesterday sentenced Carlton Crawford (32) and Jack Christian (35) to seven years' penal servitude each and a whipping of 12 strokes.

Crawford, who admitted 33 previous convictions and Christian 17 convictions were found guilty of robbery with violence by a Jury in the First Court of the Assizes.

Crawford, Christian and Muriel MacDonald were indicted with having on March 30 last robbed Harry Persaud, a Padi dealer of Lusignan E.C., Demerara, of $31, and at the time of or immediately after used personal violence on him.

Mr S.I. Cyrus prosecuted on behalf of the Crown.

After evidence for the prosecution and defence was led the Jury without retiring returned a verdict of guilty against Crawford and Christian, and not guilty in favour of MacDonald who was discharged.


Addressing the accused His Honour said, "Carlton Crawford and Jack Christian, the Jury have found you guilty of robbery with violence. The law views this offence as a very serious one. It provides penal servitude for life, whipping or a flogging. Although I cannot take judicial notice of what appears in the Press, yet I would be lacking in my duty as a Judge, if I were to fail to take cognizance of what I read almost every day of robberies which occur in this city, and when a case has been proved, as in this instance, beyond any doubt that the accused have been the perpetrators of a robbery accompanied with violence, severe punishment should be meted out to the offenders.

"Women and girls have in recent times been the subject of attacks during the early hours of the evening from this ruffianism which has been spreading its tentacles to all parts of Georgetown.

"I agree with the Press that policemen performing night duty should be made more mobile and be provided with electric torches or lamps. I would add that they should be also armed in order to drive fear into those nightly desperadoes.

"I can do my part where a case has been clearly established, to inflict such punishment that would act as a deterrent to this type of wrong-doer and to assist the community by keeping people who resort to vagabondage off the city streets at least for some time.


"In this case I sentence you Carlton Crawford to seven years' penal servitude and to receive a whipping of 12 strokes with an approved instrument. Jack Christian, for the offence you jointly committed you must also undergo seven years' penal servitude and receive 12 strokes."

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