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School CP - June 1934

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Western Argus, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, 26 June 1934, p.23

Use of cane in school

Queensland State schools

Limit in new regulations

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Brisbane, June 21.

Only the head teacher or specially deputed assistant teachers will be allowed to use the cane in Queensland State schools. The regulations limit corporal punishment to a case where boys are the offenders and where it is warranted by the nature of the offence.

The regulations, which have been brought up to date for the first time since 1914, provide that corporal punishment must not be inflicted for trivial breaches of school discipline, for minor offences or failure or inability to learn. A note added to the regulations states that corporal punishment must not be regarded as an aid to teaching and should be rendered unnecessary by the teacher's method of government and instruction.

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