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School CP - November 1966

Truth, Melbourne, 12 November 1966

Teacher mustn't use a cane

cuttingA mother complains to Truth that her child has been caned in a Melbourne State school. She asks: "Is this permissible?

"I rang the principal of the school but he would not speak to me because I would not divulge my name," she said.

No teacher in a State primary or secondary school is allowed to strike a child with a cane. Regulation 16, clause 5, says: Corporal punishment can be given to a pupil guilty of grave misconduct;

The pupil must be male;

The punishment must be administered by the headmaster or a teacher authorised by the headmaster;

A STRAP must be used to administer the punishment;

The pupil being punished must be strapped on the palm of either hand.

The regulations lay down no limit to the number of time a pupil may be hit.

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