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Judicial CP - August 2003

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Gulf News, Dubai, 5 August 2003

Two get prison terms, lashes for committing adultery

By A Staff Reporter
In Ras Al Khaimah

Two people were yesterday sentenced to two-year jail terms each, ordered to be lashed 80 times and are to be deported after serving their term for committing adultery at a massage parlour.

The Public Prosecution interrogated the Arab client and his Chinese partner, and both admitted to the charges. However, they retracted their statement later.

An undercover agent grew suspicious after observing the man's behaviour in the parlour. Police raided the premises and arrested the two. They also detained the staff and two UAE national clients.

The parlour was shut till the court passed a verdict. The two nationals and staff were later released.

The court learnt that the Chinese woman was on a tourist visa and had renewed it six times. She would travel to Kish and return.

The court said the parlour should be permanently closed and the staff deported immediately. It also ordered the Public Prosecution to relay the order to the municipality which will cancel the parlour's commercial licence. The official said these massage parlours are spreading and will be monitored closely.

Al Nisr Publishing LLC - Gulf News Online

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Gulf News, Dubai, 17 August 2003

Teenage girl to get 90 lashes, to be deported

By Shireena Al Nowais
Staff Reporter

A 15-year-old expatriate girl living in Abu Dhabi will be flogged 90 times before being deported from the UAE for committing adultery.

The sentence was handed down by the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court and supported by the Supreme Federal Court. The girl was charged by the criminal court with committing adultery at the age of 15.

The Prosecution claimed the girl was involved in an illicit relationship with a man and said she should be punished according to the Shariah Law. The court also sentenced the man involved with her.

The girl went to the Appeal Court which reconfirmed her sentence. She also appealed before the Supreme Federal Court on the grounds it was against the law to convict her since she is a teenager.

She said she was well below the legal permissible age of 18 when she committed the crime, implying the court should consider her case as a juvenile.

Her appeal was turned down by the federal court which supported the sentence and said the Shariah courts are solely responsible for applying Shariah laws for punitive crimes, blood money, drugs, juvenile delinquencies and others.

The court said according to the Shariah law, in contrast to the Civil Law, the girl has already reached adulthood by reaching puberty as confirmed by a medical doctor at Corniche Hospital.

Therefore she should be punished for adultery under the Shariah law which views that the girl deserves the punishment and should not be regarded a juvenile.

Al Nisr Publishing LLC - Gulf News Online

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