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Judicial CP - June 2006

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The Peninsula, Doha, 30 June 2006

Court orders 100 lashes to Filipina maid

DOHA -- A criminal court yesterday sentenced a 32-year-old Filipina maid accused of giving birth to a child to 100 lashes and ordered she be deported.

The convict has a three-month-old male baby and both of them are in the prison. The sponsor of the maid had reported the matter to the police in April this year having come to know of the child's existence one month after its birth.

The maid had initially denied having given birth to the child and said that a compatriot friend had given it for care since she was going home. However, later she admitted that she was the child's mother. The chief judge of the court, Salah Sharif, read out the verdict.


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