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C. (Colin) Farrell has been researching into corporal punishment for some fifty years. He attended an all-boys secondary school in England where the headmaster routinely administered private canings for significant misbehaviour. He became fascinated by the social dynamics of this process, and its place in the prevailing culture, as well as its wider implications in terms of deterrence, retribution, authority, rebellion and conformity. Later his interest extended to other cultures and other forms of CP, especially judicial. He was inspired to start this website partly by a growing sense that long-standing historical realities were being lost sight of in a new and different era.

He is not to be confused with the (much younger!) Irish screen actor of the same nameEXTERNAL LINK: opens in new window. Although he had the name first, he cannot hope to compete with Hollywood celebrity and now refers to himself as C. Farrell in order to minimise any confusion on the internet.

This website began in 1996. C. Farrell is at pains to point out that it is not intended as part of a "campaign" for or against anything. It is a historical record of things that have happened, with the odd opinion (clearly identified as such) thrown in along the way.

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