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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP

Archive - 1997

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - April 1997
Afghan charity workers receive lashing, set free
Taliban flog five men for being with unveiled women

Taliban beat male shavers
Men flogged for shaving; women flogged for not being fully covered

Afghanistan/Judicial - November 1997
Unicef worker caned
Afghan gets 10 lashes in front of crowd of onlookers

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - February 1997
Christians call for parents to do the caning
NSW private school gets round caning ban

Sparing the Rod
Cane and strap, abolished in public schools in Victoria in 1983, persists in some Christian schools

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - April 1997
St George students pass the grade
But principal still has to "use the rod"

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - January 1997
Brunei man extorts hostel boys
21-year-old is ordered 7 strokes of rotan and 2 years in jail

Taxi driver jailed for rape
Six strokes and ten years for 20-year-old

Brunei/Judicial - May 1997
Witnesses call bluff of robber -- jailed and caned
27-year-old given 12 strokes, 9 years

Brunei/Judicial - June 1997
Bruneian jailed and caned for assault, drugs
Offender, 25, gets 7 strokes, five years

Brunei/Judicial - July 1997
Youth jailed 11 years, caned for brutal knife robbery
25-year-old breaks down at jail and 12-stroke caning sentence

Brunei/Judicial - October 1997
Teacher jailed and caned for statutory rape
Eight years, 12 strokes for religious teacher, 24

Brunei/Judicial - November 1997
Cops get jail and cane for rape
Two policemen given 12 strokes for kidnap and rape of waitress

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Schools - March 1997
Spare the rod, spoil the child?
Saskatchewan poised to be 7th province to ban school strap

India flag INDIA

India/Schools - December 1997
"Don't spare the rod on errant teachers"
Three teachers under investigation for beating students

Indonesia flag INDONESIA

Indonesia/Schools - January 1997
Bringing peace to the classrooms
Headmaster puts end to student brawls by introducing caning

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Schools - January 1997
Corporal punishment
Errant schoolboys unlikely to be unhinged by a sore behind, says columnist

Jamaica/Schools - February 1997
Teachers demand legal costs when sued in line of duty
Attempts to discipline students are being challenged in court

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Judicial - February 1997
Man jailed and caned for rape
Magistrate sentences him to five years and five strokes

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 1997
Jobless jailed for drug offence
22-year-old gets 10 strokes, five years

Jail, rotan for man who raped daughter
20 years and 8 strokes for 43-year-old

Malaysia/Judicial - February 1997
Standard of proof saves accused
Death sentence commuted to 15 years in jail and 10 strokes of rotan

Labourer gets jail and cane for raping stepsister
Rapist, 28, given 15 years and six strokes

Malaysia/Schools - February 1997
Don't spare the rod, headmasters told
State premier presents symbolic cane, urges schools to use it

Bring back the cane, say Sarawak teachers
Psychology and counselling has not worked -- Unions

Malaysia/Judicial - March 1997
Police hunt down black sheep in force
Former cop gets life imprisonment and 10 strokes of cane for armed robbery

Indon loses appeal against life sentence
6-stroke rotan sentence also upheld; plus two traffickers have death sentence commuted to life and 10 strokes

Malaysia/Schools - March 1997
110 Negri students expelled
And 4,835 boys caned in 11 months

Principals given cane of authority
Another cane presentation ceremony

Social ills can be overcome
Police chief supports caning in schools

Malaysia/Judicial - April 1997
Man asks for longer jail term
24-year-old tells court he does not want to be whipped

Driver gets 48 years for raping three schoolgirls (illustrated)
Plus 24 strokes of cane for 49-year-old, pictured

Lecturer: revive public punishment
Public hanging and caning would be effective deterrent, says academic

Malaysia/Schools - April 1997
Caning for student gangsters
Govt spokesman warns gangsterism in school is a caning offence

Malaysia/Judicial - May 1997
11 years and four strokes for rapist (illustrated)
Video shopowner, 49, pictured, raped 15-year-old twice

Visitors head straight for Final Room
Video caning demonstration at Pudu Prison exhibition

Indon gets 20 years for raping minor
Plus 20 strokes for 19-year-old

Malaysia/Schools - May 1997
The cane for young smokers
Education Ministry announces compulsory caning for schoolchildren who puff

Malaysia/Judicial - June 1997
Department to cane sex offenders
Muslims in Johor State will be liable to whipping for prostitution, adultery

Association: Whip dirty old men who rape
Don't let them off caning just because they're elderly, urges Family Planning Association

Malaysia/Schools - June 1997
Caning for students caught smoking from 1 July
And if caught three times they will be caned again and then expelled

Malaysia/Judicial - July 1997
Whipping and jail for three robbers
One aged 19 receives 20 strokes, the other two 12 strokes each

Malaysia/Judicial - August 1997
Jail, cane for businessman in share scam (illustrated)
47-year-old, pictured, given 18 months and 7 strokes

Bomoh jailed 12 years, caned for rape
Indonesian spirit guide, 28, ordered to have 6 strokes of cane

More jail blues for businessman
Another four strokes on top of 7 already ordered

Malaysia/Schools - August 1997
Action against 9,348 students for smoking in school
In just five weeks

Discipline students or face action, teachers told
It's part of your job, says Education Minister

Malaysia/Judicial - October 1997
Man jailed 25 years for having firearms
Plus 12 rotan strokes for 33-year-old

Horror of the lash
Aaron Cohen gives description of his caning 6 years earlier

Youth gets jail and whipping for ganga possession
Eight years, 10 strokes for offender aged 20

Malaysia/Judicial - November 1997
Change bylaws on vandalism, says Lee
Politician urges caning for habitual vandals

Cannabis: Man gets 5 years and cane
29-year-old sent to jail and given 10 strokes

Malaysia/Judicial - December 1997
Man ordered to cane son in court over stolen bike
Dad gives 15-year-old four strokes in magistrate's chambers

Indon gets 14 years, rotan for raping girl twice
Jail and six strokes for 21-year-old after oil palm estate rape

Pudu Jail museum is a family crowd-puller (illustrated)
Whipping demonstration, pictured, for visitors to former prison


New Zealand/Schools - April 1997
Reintroduce cane: school trustees head
But chance of politicians reinstating CP is "probably zero"

Advocate of corporal punishment caned
Fellow school trustees say they are appalled by call to bring back caning

New Zealand/Schools - August 1997
School punishing illegally: ERO
School replies to ERO
Private Christian school allegedly still using CP as last resort

Stop hitting children
Editorialist pronounces: School is wrong and needs to be put right

New Zealand/Schools - October 1997
Memories of caning
History of corporal punishment at Nelson boys' college

New Zealand/Schools - December 1997
Poll: Let teachers whack kids
Opinion poll shows 56% want caning brought back

Police minister favours cane as an option in our schools
Should be choice for schools and parents to make, says politician

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Judicial - January 1997
Asian News Briefs
Shop owner likely to be publicly flogged for selling poisoned booze

Pakistan/Judicial - April 1997
National Assembly okays death for gang rape culprits
Current law provides for jail and whipping

Pakistan/Judicial - May 1997
Man, boy flogged in Pakistan
Public lashing for pair accused of sodomy in semi-autonomous tribal area

Pakistan/Judicial - June 1997
One levelling baseless Zina charges cannot be witness
Court upholds sentence of 80 lashes for incriminating innocent person

Pakistan/Prisons - August 1997
Prisoners allowed right of appeal: PLC
Law Commission recommends abolition of prison whippings


St Vincent/Prisons - August 1997
Call for probe into prison
Opposition wants inquiry after prisoner receives 10 strokes of cat for breaking prison rules

Sierra Leone flag SIERRA LEONE

Sierra Leone/Schools - May 1997
US influences blamed for delinquency in Sierra Leone
Counsel disobedient schoolboys? No, we just flog them, says high school principal

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 1997
Nice guy ... then monster (illustrated)
Spurned lover, 32, pictured, gets jail and six strokes of cane after attack

Chinese national confined, robbed lounge hostess
22 strokes and 8½ years for 20-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - February 1997
Out of taxi into car to molest (illustrated)
'Crazy' Chinese gets jail and six strokes

Undressed by boss, molested, paid to shut up (illustrated)
Hotel manager, 46, pictured, given 6 months and 3 strokes for attack on waitress

4 China gang members get jail and cane for kidnap, robbery
24 strokes each for young gangsters

Jail for 3 who spiked friends' drinks and stole from them
Youths to receive 10 strokes of cane each for thefts and drugs

Singapore/Schools - March 1997
Clinton to US schools: Catch up with Singapore
School principal extols cane to US hack, who notes 'unthinkable' level of discipline

Singapore/Judicial - March 1997
'I can even walk to Changi Prison with my eyes shut' (illustrated)
Seven years in jail and 8 strokes of cane for recidivist burglar, 44, pictured

Ecstasy dealers aged 17 get jail, cane
Two youngsters to have five strokes each

Wife pleads for rapist
Ten years and 24 strokes for 41-year-old

This man escapes the law - for 7 years (illustrated)
Man now 30, pictured, gets jail and cane for attack in 1990

Singapore/Judicial - April 1997
Beach brawl -- all because of a harmless bump
20-year-old, caned 3 years earlier, given another 6 strokes for causing grievous hurt to boy

He kicked woman who protected victim (illustrated)
Five strokes for rioter, 18, pictured

Victim asks court to spare man who helped rob him (illustrated)
Jail and 12 strokes each for three, pictured

Rioters to be caned if they cause serious injury
Judge orders jail and cane for 11 teenage boys

Drug addict gets 30 years, 15 strokes instead of gallows
29-year-old narrowly escapes death sentence

Singapore/Judicial - May 1997
Jail and cane for man who tried to sell Ecstasy pills to drugs officer
Six years and five strokes of cane for 21-year-old

Bungling robbers set off victim's car alarm -- jail and cane
12 strokes each for four unsuccessful criminals

Jail, cane for labourer in armed robbery bid
Odd-job man, 26, given 3 years and 12 strokes

Robbery, housebreaking trio get jail and cane
24 strokes each for two 20-year-olds; accomplice, 25, gets five strokes

Sex offences against maids 'of concern' -- youth jailed and caned
Malaysian, 18, sentenced to 8 years, 6 strokes for rape

Secret society member gets jail, cane for rioting
He's fit to be caned, says doc, so boy is given 12 strokes

Saved by 0.01 gram (illustrated)
Heroin trafficker, 29, pictured, escapes death penalty, gets 25 years, 15 strokes

Boys: Don't send us home -- Judge: It's jail for you
Canings and jail for eight teens following riot

Singapore/Judicial - June 1997
Thief accuses wife of affair, confronts "other man" and hammers him (illustrated)
6 months, 3 strokes for 39-year-old, pictured

They threw man into sea
24 strokes each for three Indonesian armed robbers

Please don't hit me, please (illustrated)
Malaysian father, 30, pictured, gets jail for cruelty to kids and 6 strokes for overstaying

Jailed: Illegal immigrant who stole, robbed
Five years and 12 strokes for Indian, 27

Man gets jail, caning for drug offences
22-year-old gets 7 strokes of cane for selling Ecstasy pills

In court the same day -- Again and again (illustrated)
Three years and 8 strokes for knife-wielding 33-year-old, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - July 1997
Wrong rites (illustrated)
Fortune teller, pictured, given two years and 9 strokes for molest

Jail and caning for robbers who hit victim's head with bat
Two ordered to receive 24 cane strokes each

Chinese national gets jail and cane for rape and kidnap
25-year-old goes to jail for 10 years, caned 24 strokes

Exposed (illustrated)
Father of two, pictured, has appeal thrown out, given two years and 6 strokes for molest

Singapore/Judicial - August 1997
We give up on black sheep brother(illustrated)
Seven years' jail, 15 cane strokes for burglar, 30, pictured

Youth, 16, gets 15 years' jail and 24 strokes
Maximum cane sentence for boy who trafficked in cannabis

CJ stresses need to get tough on rioting
18-year-old loses his appeal against jail and cane

He gave little girls lust bites (illustrated)
Molester waited at void decks for schoolgirls
"Vampire", 22, pictured, gets 8 years, 6 strokes

Student gets jail, cane for stabbing rival gang member
17-year-old ordered to receive 16 strokes

Robbery gang member sentenced to 7½ years' jail
And 24 strokes of cane for Indonesian, 24

Singapore/Prison - September 1997
Dirty pyjamas used to smuggle cannabis into jail
Five Changi prisoners are caned

Singapore/Judicial - September 1997
Here are the culprits, and these were their weapons (illustrated)
Canings, jail for three Indonesian robbers, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - October 1997
Man wanted for cheating 'tenants' robbed jeweller
24 strokes and 7 years for first offender, 27

Illegal immigrants get jail and caning
Heavy cane sentences for speedboat Indonesians

He steals 'auntie's' cameras. She wants to let him off but mum says: Report him (illustrated)
19-year-old housebreaker, pictured, given six strokes of cane

Repeat offender, 16, gets deterrent sentence
School drop-out given six strokes for assault

First he says: I'm innocent, then in court he says: I'm guilty
Seven cane strokes for National Serviceman, 21, after attack

Singapore/Judicial - November 1997
Snatch! Snatch! Snatch! Then he met his match
Six years, 24 strokes for robber, 25

Caning ruling concerns NZ officials
New Zealand citizen, 31, is ordered 3 cuts of rattan for overstaying

Kiwi will not appeal caning
NZ ex-serviceman decides to take his punishment

Singapore/Judicial - December 1997
Eight get jail, rotan for injuring NSman in staring case
12 strokes each after fracas in karaoke lounge

New Zealand Man Caned in Singapore
Kiwi ex-soldier, 31, gets his three whacks

Caning bearable
Caned New Zealander "in good spirits", was sitting down for interview with diplomats

Singapore/Schools - December 1997
Survey finds discipline in schools not a big problem
80% of teachers favour use of cane

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Judicial - March 1997
Child beatings banned by new law
Govt tables Bill to abolish all judicial caning

South Africa/Schools - March 1997
Schoolboy suicidal after caning
18-year-old says he was given over 60 strokes

South Africa/Schools - April 1997
City schools turning into battlefields
Headmasters blame TV, drugs, abolition of cane; call for return of 'good whack or two on the behind'

South Africa/Schools - June 1997
Sparing the cane is spoiling the child
Caning is the most effective discipline, say township communities

South Africa/Judicial - June 1997
Cuts to be outlawed as sentence
National Assembly approves Abolition of Corporal Punishment Bill

Letters: what has happened to everybody?
Reader bemoans lack of caning for juvenile criminals

South Africa/Reformatory - July 1997
Shelter kids "prey on staff"
Kids uncontrollable without cane, say staff

South Africa/Judicial - December 1997
South African Farmers Call for State of Emergency
Farmers want juvenile offenders to be caned

Sri Lanka flag SRI LANKA

Sri Lanka/Judicial - July 1997
Culprits caned
Courtroom tannings for two schoolboys who stole

Sudan flag SUDAN

Sudan/Judicial - September 1997
15 female students at Al-Ahfad university flogged by Sudanese police
Parents of flogged female students issue statement
Young women get 15 lashes each for wearing trousers

Taiwan flag TAIWAN

Taiwan/Judicial - July 1997
Flogging mulled to deter crime
Justice minister may consider introducing judicial CP

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Judicial - August 1997
Amnesty pities caned child molesters
Paper scorns criticism of 12-stroke caning sentence

Tanzania/Schools - September 1997
Spare the rod and save a child's education
Public canings for low exam grades

Tanzania/Schools - November 1997
NGO fights corporal punishment
Ministry guidelines for caning are being ignored, claims kids' rights group

Tanzania/Schools - December 1997
No More Corporal Punishment for Pupils
Report of workshop on caning in primary schools

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - February 1997
Caribbean: Islands try flogging to deter crime
Revived in Trinidad in 1993 but rights campaigners oppose it

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - May 1997
Rapist still depending on 'mammie'
15 years and 15 strokes for 25-year-old

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - June 1997
Lawyer escapes jail term
His client, 23, gets 7 years, 5 strokes

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - November 1997
Judge almost pukes at evidence
Court upholds 10-stroke birch sentence on four gang-rapists

Ten years, 8 strokes for assaulting infant
Birching ordered for child molester, 24

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Judicial - January 1997
Man fined for raping wife
And six strokes of the cane for 53-year-old

Child-battering dad beaten
Man given 20 strokes of cane in public

Uganda/Judicial - February 1997
Boy attempts to rape mother
Court orders 18-stroke whipping

Elders whip youth for neglecting free education
Two boys thrashed for cutting school

Uganda/Judicial - March 1997
Court fines and canes liar
10 strokes of the cane for spreading false propaganda

Uganda/Prison - May 1997
Authorities mistreat inmates
Prisoners all get 4 strokes of cane per day, claims delegation

Uganda/Schools - June 1997
Uganda Bans Caning On African Children's Day
Education Minister issues ban on school cane

Uganda/Judicial - July 1997
Owners of 'sick' animals to be whipped
Immunise your animals or be caned, says Minister

Uganda/Schools - August 1997
Angry students storm DEO's office
School latecomers being given 'up to 100 strokes on posterior'


UAE/Judicial - April 1997
Flogging for the fast lane
Traffic rule violators face 50 lashes in public

UAE/Judicial - May 1997
Lash rules in the Gulf
Flogging effective deterrent for beggars, says official

UAE/Judicial - July 1997
Mass flogging in southern Gulf
80 lashes each in courtroom for five drunk-driving Arabs

UAE/Judicial - August 1997
Reckless drivers flogged
Fewer accidents following public floggings

UAE to lash four Indians
Public flogging for possessing pornographic films

UAE/Judicial - December 1997
Cane for rapist
Abu Dhabi businessman given 80 lashes for raping secretary


UK/Schools - January 1997
90 Tory MPs defy government line in school caning vote
Commons thrashing for the caning brigade
Parliament debates proposal to restore school CP

UK/Schools - March 1997
Judge blames caning ban for juvenile crime
Punishment has been replaced by 'verbiage', he laments after expelled schoolboys set fire to house

Way of the World: Punishment corner
Young Anglo-Saxon males unique in requiring to be whipped, suggests humorist

UK/Domestic - October 1997
Outcry over 'safe smacking' video (illustrated)
Shows parents how to punish their children with nine-inch red strap

UK/Schools - October 1997
Trent: A school for our times
School magazine recalls "long supple cane across bare buttocks"

UK/Domestic - November 1997
Euro ruling may curb parents' legal right to punish
Human rights body sides with boy caned by stepfather

UK/Schools - November 1997
A teacher's touch
School discipline has broken down, and CP might have saved it, avers editorialist

Couple send their son to Ghana for 'proper British education'
13-year-old 'hooligan' tamed by strict canings in Africa


US/Schools - January 1997
Parent questions paddling policy
Pennsylvania father wonders why district still allows CP

Don't Spare the Rod in Disciplining Children
Spanking can still be useful, claims Atlanta paper

Bill takes sting out of school's corporal punishment law
Utah move to ban paddling altogether

Utah: Hands Off Those Students
Salt Lake City leader-writer wants even private schools to renounce the paddle

Kansas school board bans spanking of students
School board votes 5-2 to prohibit CP

Montana corporal punishment sponsor is accused
Former students say he beat them

US/Judicial - January 1997
Lawmaker backs public paddling for young vandals
Bill in Montana calls for spanking on bare buttocks

Douglas judge orders mother to spank child
Nevada court sees 12-year-old tearaway put over his mother's knee

US/Judicial - February 1997
Legislators take aim at juvenile crime
Montana senator wants public spanking for vandals over 12

Bring back flogging
It's quick, cheap, and more effective than prison, asserts Boston columnist

State Anti-Graffiti Bill Won't Spare The Paddle
Two New York legislators renew call for teens to be given up to 10 whacks on the butt

US/Schools - February 1997
Blanket immunity faces opposition
Mississippi proposal to protect paddling teachers from lawsuits

My Special Education: Spare the Rod and Discard the Student
Author's verdict after four weeks of substitute teaching: bring back paddle

Lawsuit Filed Over Paddling In Drumright
OK girl bruised after swats with paddle

Use of Corporal Punishment in Schools
Readers argue over columnist's call for paddling

Investigations fail to bring abuse charge against principal
12-year-old Texas boy "had bruised posterior" after paddling

Paddling investigations to be investigated
Another paddled student complains of Texas principal

State legislature proposing new laws that will affect teens
Montana school magazine gets mixed reaction to paddle reintroduction proposal

Paddling Remains Legal Yet Forbidden in Utah
Move to outlaw paddle fails, but schools forbid it anyway

Jury calls paddling by superintendent reasonable
Arkansas 14-year-old got 20 swats for swearing

US/Schools - March 1997
School official spared abuse charge
Paddled Texas boy's parents angry at failure to prosecute former footballer

US/Judicial - March 1997
Floggings proposed
Whipping drunken drivers into shape
Minnesota politician urges public lashings for drunk drivers

US/Schools - April 1997
Parents of teen file suit against private school
Texas paddling imbroglio intensifies

Lawmakers seek budget harmony
Nevada charter schools will be exempt from restrictions on CP

Increased violence has schools looking for new solutions
Echo of paddle was better than phone call from lawyer, opines columnist

US/Domestic - May 1997
Parents shouldn't strike while the ire is hot
13-year-old gets bare-bottom belting in public carpark

US/Schools - May 1997
Paddling discussed at Guy-Perkins
Schoolgirl, 15, "could hardly sit down" after Arkansas school spanking

Erie School Board says 'no' to sports program and corporal punishment
No more paddling in Erie, PA

Street-smart kids discover wisdom at rural academy (illustrated)
Historically black boarding school where paddle rules

US/Schools - June 1997
More educators sparing the rod
Paddlings were 15% down in 1994

Legislature ends session, millions in funding added
Wyoming bill protects paddling teachers

No maltreatment in Guy paddlings, DHS finds
Punishment of two 15-year-olds was in line with policy

US/Illicit (Hazing) - June 1997
Pledging a Brother, Not Intaking a "Paper Brother"
Account of paddling rituals in Maryland black college

US/Schools - July 1997
The rod can spoil the child
S. Carolina editorial recycles anti-spanking "research"

US/Reformatory - July 1997
Boys Ranch prepares to lose last links to Farley
No more paddling at legendary Texas outpost for wayward boys

Chief: Future looks good for juvenile center
Oklahoma institution for adolescent American Indians denies spanking charges

US/Domestic - August 1997
Dad could go to jail for 'whupping' -- Pleads guilty in bare-bottom spanking case
Teen girls' pants-down spankings with belt "posed risk to their mental health", claim prosecutors

US/Reformatory - August 1997
Cadet testifies about nudity, secret rituals with teacher
Virginia military academy teacher accused of paddling games

US/Schools - August 1997
Spare the child (illustrated)
Alabama governor calls for more 'butt whippings'; OTK spanking is pictured

US/Schools - September 1997
That horrible discipline of spanking
Texas columnist comes to the defence of school and domestic CP

Spankings at school are legal -- unless pupil gets injured
Fuss over spanking at Florida religious school

US/Schools - October 1997
Plan would mean Irvine school no longer without a paddle
More and more Kentucky schools turning to CP

Waco schools vote on corporal punishment
Paddling retained in Texas district

Sevierville principal charged in paddling
Hearing scheduled over punishment of Tennessee 12-year-old

US/Schools - November 1997
St Johns stops tracking spanking
Only 10 boys paddled all year at Florida middle school

Bibb permits spankings, but often students don't take rap
But new principal has already paddled four students at Georgia elementary school this term

Duval schools gradually giving up paddling
Only 3000 spankings in Florida district last year

US/Schools - December 1997
School spanking not OK by parents
Texas parents' wishes not always respected

Paddling not pursued as criminal act
Charges possible against principal

Principal won't face charges
Row over paddling of N. Carolina middle-school student

Yemen flag YEMEN

Yemen/Judicial - May 1997
Two journalists given 80 lashes each for libel

Zambia flag ZAMBIA

Zambia/Judicial - December 1997
Tanzanian Gets Three Year Sentence For Defilement
Six strokes of the cane for 52-year-old

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - March 1997
Crusade Against Sexual Perverts Launched
Sex offenders must be whipped 100 times in public, declares politician


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