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Cape Argus, Cape Town, 26 March 1997

Child beatings banned by new law

By Clive Sawyer

Justice Minister Dullah Omar today tabled legislation in Parliament to abolish corporal punishment.

The legislation follows a 1995 decision by the Constitutional Court that corporal punishment of juveniles was unconstitutional because it violated guarantees of respect for human dignity.

Corporal punishment also breached the constitutional provision that no one should be subjected to torture, whether physical, mental or emotional, or be subject to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Although the ruling concerned only juveniles, the bill tabled today abolishes all provisions for corporal punishment.

It amends the 1927 Black Administration Act, the 1944 Magistrates Court Act, the 1957 Witchcraft Suppression Act, the 1959 Stock Theft Act, the 1962 Animals Protection Act, the 1968 Dangerous Weapons Act, the 1976 National Parks Act and the 1977 Criminal Procedure Act.

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