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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

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Archive - 2011

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - June 2011
Afghan judge whips man for drinking alcohol (illustrated)
Flogging turns out to be legal after all; courtroom punishment is pictured

Antigua flag ANTIGUA & BARBUDA

Antigua/Judicial - October 2011
AG wants Corporal Punishment Act removed
Official proposal to abolish flogging

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - June 2011
Schools don't spare rod
Out-of-state politician surprised to find CP still in use in Queensland private Christian schools

Australia/Schools - July 2011
School defends their [sic] use of the cane
Christian schools in Western Australia still using CP

Australia/Domestic - October 2011
ACT smack ban plan given big slap down
Majority of Canberrans oppose making spanking illegal

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - May 2011
'Chaos' to remove corporal punishment
It helps deter bad behaviour in school, says national crime official

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - November 2011
Female court bailiffs can flog male convicts - Tshireletso
But in practice they are usually male, says minister

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Domestic - January 2011
Spanking new law
Fresh push in the Senate to make even parental CP illegal

France flag FRANCE

France/Schools - October 2011
Spanking causes outrage at school
4-year-old claims teacher smacked his bare bottom

Ghana flag GHANA

Ghana/Schools - August 2011
94 per cent of Ghanaian parents endorse corporal punishment -- Survey
So do 92% of students and 64% of teachers

Ghana/Schools - September 2011
Boys prefer corporal punishment in schools -- Survey
Seven out of eight male students think caning is necessary, but girls resent it

Iran flag IRAN

Iran/Judicial - November 2011
Lashings threatened for 2 Iranian soccer stars (illustrated)
Players, pictured, face public punishment on football pitch

Ireland flag IRELAND

Ireland/Judicial - May 2011
Call for 'stripping and whipping' after Laois raid
Bring back judicial CP for thugs, says local politician

Ivory Coast flag IVORY COAST

Ivory Coast/Schools - December 2011
Ivorian students take a beating from their headmaster - with the help of soldiers (with video clip)
Video shows two secondary students being whipped in school courtyard

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Schools - August 2011
Resume corporal punishment, Muslim leaders say
Banning school caning has led to increased cases of indiscipline, they claim

Maldives flag MALDIVES

Maldives/Judicial - January 2011
Two years and 25 lashes for sexual assault of Japanese music teacher
Court orders flogging for local man

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 2011
Man jailed seven years for statutory rape (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, is also ordered to receive five strokes of the rotan

5 years, 8 strokes for robbing man of RM1 (illustrated)
Caning for robber, pictured, 23, who stabbed victim with screwdriver

Malaysia/Judicial - March 2011
Unemployed man gets four years, cane for robbing woman (illustrated)
Just one stroke for 23-year-old, pictured

Snatch thief gets five years' jail, three strokes (illustrated)
Caning for robber, 28, pictured, who punched 17-year-old girl in the mouth

Malaysia reveals 30,000 foreigners caned
Over a five-year-period, for immigration offences

Rapist uncle gets 51 years' jail, whipping (illustrated)
21 strokes of the rotan for 34-year-old, pictured, who pleaded guilty to incest

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2011
Pirate taxi driver gets 15 years for another rape offence (illustrated)
Plus four strokes of the cane for 27-year-old, pictured

Rocker jailed for drugs (illustrated)
Pop group lead vocalist, 42, pictured, also to receive 10 strokes of the rotan

Jailed for rape, robbery (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, gets 30 years plus 16 rotan strokes

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2011
Medicine man gets 42 years and whipping for rape (illustrated)
37-year-old, pictured, ordered to be given 10 strokes of the rotan

Drug possession: Gardener gets 10-year-jail and 10 strokes (illustrated)
Rotan for offender, 25, pictured

Postman gets life, rotan for cannabis offence (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, to receive 12 strokes for planting cannabis trees

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2011
Jail and rotan for child rapist (illustrated)
27-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 15 strokes of the rotan

Court reduces jail-rotan sentence of rapist uncle (illustrated)
Offender, pictured, to get 13 strokes instead of 21

Rape: Filipino gets 10 years, four strokes (illustrated)
Caning ordered for 19-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2011
Man gets 12 years' jail, six strokes for gang robbery (illustrated)
25-year-old is pictured after sentencing

Youth jailed 3 years for injuring friend (illustrated)
Plus three strokes of the rotan for 19-year-old, pictured

Jail, rotan for habitual offender with six convictions (illustrated)
Armed robber, 29, pictured, is to spend 8 years in prison and receive three strokes of the rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2011
Consented sex with girl lands man in jail (illustrated)
Five years in jail and three strokes of the cane for man, 34, pictured

'They forced us into piracy' (illustrated)
Four strokes and 10 years each for two Indonesians, pictured, who robbed ships at sea

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2011
15 years' jail, 10 strokes for having cannabis (illustrated)
Culprit, 30, is pictured after sentencing

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2011
Six Indonesian pirates jailed for 10 years (illustrated)
Plus four strokes of the rotan each for group, pictured

First Sabah Syariah caning
Five lashes for adultery

Bornfree gets jail, cane for rape of 12-year-old (illustrated)
12 years and 10 strokes of the rotan for 26-year-old, pictured

A stroke of searing pain
Illegal immigrant describes caning

Caning: Deterrent or abuse? (illustrated)
Facts are disputed over caning procedure

Malaysia/Judicial - December 2011
Three teenagers get jail, cane for gang robbery (illustrated)
Youths, pictured, get 6 years and one stroke of the cane each

Gold necklace snatcher gets seven years (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, is also ordered to receive a three-stroke caning


New Zealand/Schools - April 2011
Schools fall to anarchy without tough discipline
Retired school principal describes a boy's strapping that had the desired effect

New Zealand/Judicial - August 2011
Cheap, easy and better than jail school
Replace jail with flogging for non-violent offenders and cut prison overcrowding, suggests writer

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - January 2011
Minors flogged for hawking
Court sentences seven teenagers to receive 8 strokes of the cane each

Fornication: Man Bags One Year, 100 Strokes Of Cane
Sharia court orders 28-year-old to receive first 20 strokes immediately, remainder later in jail

Nigeria/Schools - February 2011
Corporal punishment in schools (illustrated)
Flogging is "fast declining"; girl and boy are pictured being publicly whipped

Nigeria/Judicial - May 2011
Teenager sentenced to 20 strokes of the cane for stealing
Boy, 16, had stolen a bag from a mosque

Nigeria/Judicial - August 2011
Court orders that undergraduate be flogged for theft
Six strokes of the cane for stealing a mobile phone

Ex-convict Bags 3-year Jail Term For Stealing
18-year-old is also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the cane at the scene of the crime

Nigeria/Judicial - October 2011
Court Orders 12 Strokes Of Cane On Convict
18-year-old was convicted of trespass and theft

Nigeria/Judicial - December 2011
2 Brothers Receive 26 Strokes Of Cane For Theft
Boys, 14 and 16, caned within court premises and then freed


PNG/Schools - September 2011
PNG minister considers corporal punishment in schools
There has been a breakdown in discipline, he says


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - May 2011
Saudi girls flogged for attack on orphanage head
Six teens get 10 lashes each in a women's prison

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2011
Another Taiwanese loansharking offender ordered to be jailed, caned (illustrated)
Man, pictured, sentenced to six strokes of the cane for harassing borrowers

Six years' jail for 2 'Kallang slashers' (illustrated)
26-year-old robber, pictured, also gets 12 strokes of the cane after "violent rampage"

Singapore/Judicial - February 2011
Fatal attack: Man gets jail, caning for rioting (illustrated)
Six strokes and 40 months for 25-year-old, pictured

No reprieve for final member involved in Geylang gang fight (illustrated)
Gangster, 31, pictured, gets 10 strokes of the cane and 12 years in prison

Singapore's rules liberate, they don't oppress
Australian journalist residing in Singapore says the local system works

Fatal Teck Whye attack: Second man gets jail, caning (illustrated)
Three strokes for 23-year-old rioter, pictured, who was originally charged with murder

Singapore/Judicial - March 2011
Jail, caning for cheat who broke glass panel (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, is awarded three strokes

Man in illegal moneylending franchise: It's jail, fine and caning (illustrated)
Four years and 21 strokes for 34-year-old, pictured, who charged 20% interest and harassed debtors

Jail and cane for robbing prostitute (illustrated)
Offender, 31, pictured, who also stole nephew's laptop and sold it, is sent to prison for four years and given 12 strokes of the cane

Family friend jailed 16 years for killing boy (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive eight strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - April 2011
'Heartbeat Molester' gets 10 years' jail, 21 strokes (illustrated)
Heavy penalty for serial molester, 48, pictured

S. Korean jailed for housebreaking, theft (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, also gets three strokes of the cane

Cabby broke relative's arm over dog 'abuse' (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, gets 18 months' jail and three strokes of the cane

Youth sentenced to jail, caning for raping step-sister
10 years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane for 18-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - May 2011
4 years' jail and caning for rioter (illustrated)
27-year-old gangster, pictured, gets 12 strokes

Singapore/Schools - May 2011
Caned for their Facebook spat
Two St Andrew's boys bend over for punishment in Discipline Master's office

Singapore/Judicial - June 2011
Burglar gets 7 years' jail and 24 strokes (illustrated)
29-year-old violent robber, pictured, had attacked homes and jewellery shops

The caning of Michael Fay (illustrated)
Memoirs of former foreign minister reveal 1994 behind-the-scenes drama

Serial burglar stole $1m in 2-year spree (illustrated)
Previous repeat offender, 48, pictured, now gets 13 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - July 2011
Jail, cane for Burger King worker in armed robbery (illustrated)
Filipino, 32, pictured, gets the maximum 24 strokes

Poly student, ex-commando, rapist
15 strokes of the cane and 13 years' jail for 24-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - August 2011
Dishwasher molested teenager in lift (illustrated)
Four years' prison and six strokes of the cane for aggressor, 20, pictured

15 years, 12 strokes for stabbing death (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, is convicted of culpable homicide that judge says was "completely unnecessary"

Singapore/Judicial - September 2011
Gambling debts land sales assistant in jail (illustrated)
41-year-old, pictured, gets 15 strokes of the cane for stealing and harassment

Jail and caning for molesting teenager in lift (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane for molester, 26, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - October 2011
Jail, cane for man who molested 14 years ago (illustrated)
Six strokes for 46-year-old, pictured

Malaysian jailed for plot to rob friend of $216,000 (illustrated)
Perpetrator, 26, pictured, also ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - November 2011
Man rammed police car, punched officer (illustrated)
15 strokes of the cane for recidivist 31-year-old, pictured

21 years for 'cobbler' heroin trafficker (illustrated)
Nepalese, 24, pictured, will also undergo a 24-stroke caning

Singapore/Judicial - December 2011
Jail and caning for suicidal slasher (illustrated)
41-year-old, pictured, sentenced to six strokes of the cane

Jail and cane for bashing wife (illustrated)
Father, 27, pictured, gets 15 months and six strokes

24 strokes for man who robbed cabbies (illustrated)
Plus six years in prison for 43-year-old, pictured

Loan shark runner returns to crime day after his ankle tag is removed (illustrated)
Five years' jail and 20 strokes of the cane for repeated offender, 23, pictured

South Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - March 2011
Stressed teacher beats boy, 13 (illustrated)
Caning leaves marks on buttocks, pictured

South Africa/Illicit - September 2011
Sjambok rule at Home Affairs
People queueing for visas are struck on buttocks and legs by officials

South Africa/Schools - September 2011
Pupils want the rod back
"Overwhelming" support for the cane from high school students

South Africa/Schools - December 2011
Teachers quit over lack of discipline
Violence escalating since abolition of CP, says teachers' union

Thailaand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Schools - January 2011
Many Thais favour use of cane for unruly youths: poll
54% agree with Student Council's call for return of school CP

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Schools - July 2011
Report says 81% of kids caned at school
CP prevalent despite theoretical ban

Uganda/Judicial - September 2011
Nebbi LC chairman held over stealing goat
He is given 12 strokes of the cane and relieved of his duties


UK/Schools - September 2011
Survey reveals support for caning unruly pupils
Half of parents think CP should be brought back


US/Schools - January 2011
Spartanburg Sheriff Wright says teachers should be free to use corporal punishment
Support for paddling in South Carolina

US/Domestic - February 2011
Man Faces Child Abuse Charges For Spanking Son
"Unwarranted accusations" after school staff saw 9-year-old's red bottom

US/Schools - February 2011
Mom of North Forest ISD student: Assistant principal took paddling too far
Texas boy, 11, "had trouble sitting down" after punishment at school

Corporal punishment ban approved in Rockingham County
No more paddling in a North Carolina district

Sparing the Rod: Spanking in Schools
Debate over CP in Memphis rages on

Putnam delegate wants paddling back in schools
Call for the return of CP in West Virginia

I-SS axes corporal punishment policy
Another N. Carolina district abandons the paddle

School Spankings Under Attack: Should They Continue?
New anti-CP push in Texas

St. Augustine High School alumni support paddling students (with video clip)
Outrage at New Orleans Catholic boys' school over order to ban CP

US/Domestic - March 2011
Texas law allows parents to paddle kids, as long as the punishment is not abusive
But it's forbidden for foster parents

Pastor accused of using rod to spank children
Fundamentalists face charges of child abuse in Wisconsin

US/Schools - March 2011
CPS to investigate spanking: City View student, 16, missed D-Hall (illustrated)
Texas mother complains about red marks on his buttocks, pictured, though she had approved of paddling

'Spank me': Catholic schoolboys rally in SUPPORT of paddling as corporal punishment is debated (with 3 video clips)
Escalating dispute over archbishop's anti-CP diktat in New Orleans

St. Augustine High School corporal punishment debate is about more than the paddle
More on the above: it's also about the school's cultural autonomy, they say

Thousands of students still take their licks in Texas schools
School CP situation in North Texas is surveyed; State legislator wants to ban it

School board repeals paddle policy
CP comes to an end in one N. Carolina district

Billboard Aims To Ban Corporal Punishment In Arkansas Schools (with 2 video clips)
Nationwide anti-CP advertising campaign by Ecko

Paddled teen to testify in Austin: House bill would ban spankings
The 16-year-old from City View and the pictures of his red bottom reach the Texas legislature

Paddling is cheap, effective way to correct student behavior
A Texas writer comes to the defense of school CP: it works, he says, from personal experience

Anti-paddling advocates rally at State Capitol (with video clip)
Spanked Texas youth speaks to the TV cameras

Proposal would ban Abilene ISD, area schools from using corporal punishment
Local implications if Texas no-paddling Bill is passed

Hundreds march on archdiocese office to support St. Augustine paddling policy (with 2 video clips)
The row in New Orleans rages on

Parent reports school paddling
Georgia complaint has been resolved satisfactorily after elementary school punishment

Holmes County teacher accused of paddling an excessive number of students (with video clip)
Investigation at a middle school in Florida

Schools Under Pressure to Spare the Rod Forever (illustrated)
The New York Times pulls together the ongoing Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico CP stories for a national overview

New Orleans archbishop should stop meddling at St. Augustine High School (illustrated)
Letter to the Editor from a former student; "bring back paddling" rally is pictured

US/Judicial - April 2011
Whipping of prisoners was family affair
Potted history of JCP in Delaware, last used in 1952

In Defense of Flogging
Author of provocative new book explains why he is advocating JCP

A revival of flogging?
Comments on new pro-CP book

US/Schools - April 2011
Lufkin ISD reacts to paddling incident at Brookhollow Elementary
Mother complains, but Texas school district has no plan to change CP policy

Governor signs bill to ban corporal punishment
No more paddling in New Mexico

Principals must file a checklist when using corporal punishment
A Louisiana school district says paddling is here to stay

Spanking in School: How much is too much? (with video clip)
'Line every Tuesday and Thursday at the office for swats' at a Missouri school

US/Judicial - May 2011
Flogging Could Answer America's Prison Problem (Seriously): Books Review
Another review of the Moskos book advocating JCP

California Prisons Overcrowded: Is Flogging the Answer?
JCP book considered in light of court ruling to release thousands of prisoners

US/Schools - May 2011
House Bill Addresses Spanking in Schools (with video clip)
Legislative manoeuvring in Texas

Senate OKs bill to limit corporal punishment in public schools
In North Carolina, parents may now withhold permission for paddling if new law is confirmed

Gaston schools still wield the paddle
School CP situation in a N. Carolina district

BMS principal faces accusations of abuse
Dispute over a middle-school paddling in Kentucky

A tender subject: School spankings
Texas House approves bill giving urban parents right to refuse CP

Bill gives parents more power to say no to corporal punishment (with video clip)
More on new Texas legislation

Corporal punishment in schools: Muscogee County to renew its policy
A Georgia school district retains paddling

Advocates call for end to paddling in 45 Kentucky school districts
Includes CP statistics for certain areas

Baldwin County school board OKs changes, start of progressive reforms
Corporal punishment abolished in an Alabama school district

School spanking case shows divide in state
A Texas principal has his life ruined by parental allegations despite doing what they had asked

At St. Augustine, Some Want the Paddle Back a Year After Ban
Dispute over New Orleans Catholic school rumbles on

Birthday spankings at eastern Iowa school spark complaints, probe
"Pat on the backside" tradition at elementary school, viewed by most as harmless fun, is stopped by one complaint

US/Judicial - June 2011
Imprisonment and the Lash (illustrated)
Article by Peter Moskos, author of book advocating JCP; pic shows Indonesian caning

Book review: Lash and release
More on the Moskos book

On flogging, chain gangs, and minimum prison sentences (illustrated)
Canadian magazine interviews Peter Moskos; vintage pic shows US prison flogging

Five Years, or Five Lashes?
Further comments on Moskos book

Should Flogging Be an Alternative to Prison?
A view from Time Magazine

US/Schools - June 2011
St. Aug alumni sue consultant in paddling controversy (with video clip)
Latest twist in New Orleans Catholic school's CP dispute

Corporal Punishment Option Upheld in Randolph Co. Schools
A North Carolina district decides to keep CP on its books

Gaston County Schools puts down the paddle
CP comes to an end in another NC district

Josephites' new leader disavows interview, says paddling must end at St. Augustine High School
More from New Orleans on a saga that just runs and runs

US/Judicial - July 2011
The War On Drugs Has Overpopulated Our Prisons. What if We Gave Prisoners the Option of Being Flogged Instead of Jailed? (with video clip)
More discussion of Peter Moskos JCP proposals, plus a 6-minute TV interview with him

US/Schools - July 2011
Paddling on the decline, but still alive in WNC schools
38 school districts in North Carolina still allow CP

CISD board bans corporal punishment
No more paddling in a Texas school district

Huntington ISD votes to retain 'retire/rehire' employees
Another Texas district makes CP more readily available

US/Judicial - August 2011
Judge Tony Aloi suggests teen deserves a spanking
NY 18-year-old robbed his own parents

US/Schools - August 2011
To spank or not to spank? That is question area school districts face
Debate goes on in Missouri as some parents support CP

Paddling is Still Allowed in Montgomery Schools and Across Alabama
But parents may opt out by sending a letter each year

Policy will ban spanking
A North Carolina district abandons the paddle

New school rules cover sex offenders, student behavior, attire, more
Another N. Carolina district reaffirms the use of CP

US/Schools - September 2011
Texas School Paddlings Must Have Parental Consent
New law comes into effect

Darlington County School District responds to paddling 'award' (with video clip)
CP statistics for a South Carolina district

Corporal punishment policy reviewed in Ozark
Paddling returns to an Alabama district that had abandoned it

Ban sought on corporal punishment in Ky. schools
1,573 paddlings in latest year

Calhoun County schools move to eliminate corporal punishment
No more paddling in one S. Carolina district

Saying 'No' to the 'Board of Applied Psychology' (illustrated)
13 out of 85 S. Carolina districts still use CP; historic paddle is pictured

Proposed federal ban would end paddling in schools
Move by congresswoman from New York and its implications for Alabama

Make spanking decision locally
Louisiana columnist opposes federal-level interference

Corporal Punishment in Castleford? Not for Much Longer
Idaho one of the only non-Southern states still allowing paddling

US/Schools - October 2011
Parents sign letter banning corporal punishment in Burke Co. schools (with video clip)
New rules in force in a N. Carolina district

Corporal punishment policy could be reviewed
Various NC districts react in light of new legislation

Board of education votes to ban corporal punishment
End of paddling in another part of North Carolina

US/Schools - November 2011
School Notes: Spanking in schools, supply grants, All-Stars
Some districts in Florida still using the paddle

L.S.U. Star Toughened at New Orleans School (illustrated)
Footballer Tyrann Mathieu, pictured, proud of his heavy-paddling Catholic school

Ozark school board approves corporal punishment
Reintroduction of paddling in an Alabama district

School Paddling Update
CP policies in certain Louisiana districts summarized

US/Schools - December 2011
Middle school teacher accused of spanking students released from jail
Accused of spanking 12-year-old male students in a S. Carolina district that does not permit CP

WFISD not yanking spanking rule
A Texas district decides to keep the paddle, but it must now be administered by an official of the same sex as the offender

Use of corporal punishment in Miss. schools declines
Statistics show sharp fall in paddlings in some districts, increases in others

Does spanking belong in MFISD schools?
President of a Texas school board gives permission for his own offspring to be paddled

Ennis ISD eyes policy change
A Texas school district decides to abandon same-sex rule at elementary level but keep it for grades 7 through 12

Former Mount Vernon principal faces disciplinary charges
Ongoing fuss about birthday spankings in Iowa

St. Aug board struggle is settled; paddling is banned
End of a long and proud CP tradition at New Orleans Catholic boys' school

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - January 2011
4-year-old testifies against rapist in court
Boy, 14, is sentenced to four strokes of the cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - February 2011
Anal sex is okay -- juvenile tells court
Four strokes with the rattan are ordered for a 15-year-old

Three strokes for toy gun robbery
Prison caning for boy, 16, who drove off with stolen taxi

Zimbabwe/Judicial - March 2011
Boy (16) to be caned
Five strokes with a light rattan after he pleads guilty to raping child

Boy (9) rapes five schoolgirls
He is sentenced to two strokes of the cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - April 2011
Boy stuns court
15-year-old schoolboy sentenced to four strokes of the cane for sodomy

Zimbabwe/Judicial - May 2011
Binga boy gets two cane strokes for sex with minor
Court orders corporal punishment for 17-year-old, to be administered at local prison

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