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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP (Prison, Military, Domestic, Reformatory)

Archive - 1976 to 1995

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Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - December 1976
Student beaten, bruised, say parents (illustrated)
Boy, 12, pictured, whacked by teacher with beach bat, shows marks on bottom

Australia/Schools - May 1982
The cane mutiny
New South Wales schools urged to contemplate abolition

Australia/Schools - January 1986
Second state abolishes use of the cane
After a decade of controversy, NSW follows Victoria's lead

Australia/Schools - May 1986
The strap has its virtues, says a head
Principal of Sydney boys' school speaks up for CP

Bahamas flag BAHAMAS

Bahamas/Judicial - August 1995
Flogging investigated
Convicted rapist 'received his six strokes before time for appealing elapsed'

Bangladesh flag BANGLADESH

Bangladesh/Judicial - June 1987
The popular justice of a Bangladesh village court
Youth and girl get public caning for adultery

Bangladesh/Judicial - October 1995
101 lashes for woman who refused to wed
Islamic "kangaroo court" orders public flogging

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Schools - 1979
De La Salle College, Toronto
'Board of education' still in use at Christian Brothers boys' school

Canada/Schools - December 1979
Principal admits 'public' strapping deliberate action
Principal 'begs forgiveness' for strappings
Punishment was broadcast over school's PA system

Canada/Reformatory - April 1984
Black and blue welts for a birthday (illustrated)
Writer describes reformatory paddlings in 1960

Canada/Schools - March 1985
Ban corporal punishment in schools, not homes: commission
Law reform body urges ban on school strap

Canada/Schools - May 1987
Strap to be officially banned Nov. 1
End of school CP in Regina, Saskatchewan

Canada/Judicial - April 1995
The experts may flog Mr Evans about the lash, but the public supports him
Columnist hails politician's call for judicial CP

China flag CHINA

China/Judicial - March 1991
"Justice" ... in communist China
Authorities cane fathers to make their wives have abortions

Germany flag GERMANY

Germany/Illicit - February 1985
Youths caned by court prosecutor
Official whacked boys instead of prosecuting them

Germany/Schools - July 1987
It's 40 years since corporal punishment got a general boot
But caning didn't disappear in all areas until 1983


Hong Kong/Judicial - January 1989
A Victorian Relic, Flogging, Arouses New Distaste
Judicial caning procedure described; campaign against it grows

Hong Kong/Judicial - June 1989
A relic of British colonialism, caning lives on in parts of Asia
Judicial CP in the spotlight

Hong Kong/Judicial - April 1994 (1)
Patten may appeal for clemency on sentence
As HK boy is sentenced to cane in Singapore, press recalls judicial CP in HK itself

Hong Kong/Judicial - April 1994 (2) [in "Regulations..." section]
Officers hated caning offenders
Prison officer provides eyewitness account of caning system which lasted until 1990

Iran flag IRAN

Iran/Judicial - May 1994
U.S. Woman Flogged in Tehran, Paper Says
35-year-old gets public whipping for drunken behaviour

Iran/Judicial - November 1995
Supreme Court confirms verdicts of Bank Saderat embezzlers
Prison and lashes for several former bank employees

Manx flag ISLE OF MAN

Isle of Man/Judicial - April 1978
Birching on the buttocks ruled 'degrading' practice
Island loses case at European Court of Human Rights

Isle of Man/Judicial - October 1981
Youth flies to Isle of Man for birching appeal
'Birch me' youth to be sentenced today
'Birch' youth held for third hearing (illustrated)
Boy, 16, pictured, sentenced to birch but appeals, then decides he wants the birching after all, but appeal court won't allow it

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Judicial - August 1994
The Tamarind Switch Is Back
First judicial flogging ordered for 25 years

Jamaica/Judicial - November 1994
Flogging debate heats up in Jamaica
Prison authorities prepare for 6-stroke tamarind sentence on 23-year-old

Japan flag JAPAN

Japan/Schools - June 1977
While Americans debate classroom discipline, there's not much debate in Japan (illustrated)
Pictures of whackings in after-hours boys' cram school

Japan/Schools - March 1981
Japan's school discipline crumbles
Educator questions 1947 CP ban as school violence soars

Japan/Schools - November 1987
Many Japanese Teachers Favor Corporal Punishment
Forbidden by law, but 60% still think it necessary

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - February 1978
Rubber to bite on but they still scream
Australian sentenced to six strokes of cane for drugs

Malaysia/Judicial - January 1979
A man under the threat of a caning (illustrated)
Robert Symes, pictured, interviewed in jail as he waits to be flogged

Malaysia/Schools - July 1986
Arguments for public caning
It is an effective deterrent, says secondary school prefect

Malaysia/Judicial - May 1987
Islam, whipping up its political power
21-year-old is first to be caned under new religious powers in northern state

Malaysia/Judicial - September 1987
Death for mum, son gets life (illustrated)
Aaron Cohen gets charge reduced to possession, is sentenced to six strokes of the cane and 20 years in jail

Mrs Cohen Sentenced To Hang: Life for Son
Lawyer pleads for medical exemption from caning, says he will appeal

Aaron: I'll Probably Suicide
Had said when arrested he would probably kill himself

Cohens 'Never Stood Chance' (illustrated)
He's an immature waif of a boy, says friend

'Most Kiwis aware of law'
They know it's death for drugs in Malaysia, notes NZ diplomat

Precedent set: Karpal
Lawyer claims a first in getting Cohen off trafficking charge

Malaysia/Judicial - March 1989
Second judgment won't be in appeal (illustrated)
Preparations for Aaron Cohen's appeal hearing

Malaysia/Judicial - August 1989
Kiwi housewife escapes the gallows
Mum won't hang but Aaron's appeal is dismissed

Cohens cheat hangman but both jailed for life
Tearful and dishevelled Aaron is 'shattered'

Cohen spotlight focuses on rotan lashing
'Frail boy' only just coping, claims psychiatrist

Malaysia/Judicial - February 1990
Bid to get whipping set aside challenged (illustrated)
Setback in Aaron's attempt to avoid the caning

Malaysia/Judicial - December 1991
Cohen given whipping
Lawyer only hears by chance that the caning has been administered

NZ addict caned despite appeals
Petition for clemency to King was ignored; NZ govt expresses regret

Malaysia/Judicial - April 1994
Proposal to cane illegal-abortion doctors
More deterrent penalties needed for errant doctors, says govt

Ban flogging, says hangman
Says he supervised caning of 1,000 prisoners

Mozambique flag MOZAMBIQUE

Mozambique/Judicial - June 1984
Public flogging increased
Not enough people being whipped, complains President

Namibia flag NAMIBIA (formerly SOUTH WEST AFRICA)

Namibia/Judicial - April 1976
Judge-President warns soldiers
Two young SA national servicemen sentenced to 'cuts' with heavy cane


New Zealand/Schools - October 1981
Touch-toes college boys videotaped
Video-caning head lashed, defended
684 Rongotai boys sign petition supporting head
Standing by their principal (illustrated)
Does sparing the rod spoil the child?
There goes Smithers ... (cartoon)
Parent praises petition wipers
'Civil war' at college as sequel to video caning
Forbidden badges (illustrated)
Video caning explanation appals: parent goes to board
Letters: Flutter
Take 27 (cartoon)
Most schools use cane on an infrequent basis
Letters: Cane flutter phenomenon
Outrage turns to hilarity as head films canings in "aerodynamics" experiment

New Zealand/Schools - November 1981
Caned boys interviewed?
Letters: Flutter; The cane in flight
Letters: Flutter flutter
Caning head Mackay cleared, and will stay on
Headmaster backed, but school board orders video destroyed

New Zealand/Schools - January 1995
School defends use of paddle for discipline
Christian schools defy government ban on CP

New Zealand/Domestic - May 1995
Cane used with too much force
Jury finds man guilty after he caned two boys

New Zealand/Schools - June 1995
School invites parents to carry out punishment
Another Christian school gets round 1990 anti-CP law

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Judicial - March 1978
Rough Justice for an Abductor (illustrated)
100,000 watch as child rapist gets 15 lashes (illustrated)
Two officials take turns to administer public flogging, pictured

Pakistan/Judicial - April 1978
Flogging in Pakistan for attempted rape (illustrated)
40-year-old gets public flogging, pictured

Pakistan/Judicial - November 1979
Whips of God (illustrated)
Eyewitness account of public flogging, pictured

Pakistan/Judicial - April 1983
Muslims flogged en masse
Scene described as 84 people get 10 to 15 lashes following sectarian clashes

Pakistan/Judicial - February 1987
The unkindest cut (illustrated)
22-year-old gets 20 lashes for raping child; a flogging, though possibly not this one, is pictured

Pakistan/Judicial - January 1992
Flogged in front of a crowd of thousands (illustrated)
Six get strapping, pictured, from religious authorities

Qatar flag QATAR

Qatar/Judicial - May 1994
'Flogging' MP had two freebie trips to Middle East emirate
Secret lashing for expat Brit accused of selling alcohol


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - October 1977
Supplement on Saudi Arabia (illustrated)
Rare photograph of public caning under way in Riyadh's main square

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - June 1978
Arabs flog two Britons (illustrated)
Our ordeal by flogging (illustrated)
70 strokes of cane each in public for two culprits, pictured, for brewing alcohol; file picture of Saudi marketplace flogging

Dr Owen says Britain cannot intervene over Saudi Arabian floggings
People must observe the laws of the country in which they live, says UK Foreign Secretary

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - July 1977
Jail and cane for pusher
Five years and five strokes for conscript soldier, 19

Singapore/Judicial - September 1980
Jail, cane for Aussie oil driller who pushed drugs
Three years, three strokes for 33-year-old caught with cannabis

Singapore/Judicial - March 1981
Jail and cane for robber
20-year-old is sentenced to 18 months and six strokes

Singapore/Judicial - June 1981
Six strokes
39-year-old gets jail and cane for carrying a knife

Singapore/Judicial - November 1981
Jail and cane for cannabis soldiers
Three strokes each for two New Zealand lads

Singapore/Judicial - December 1981
Ganja sale gets NZ rifleman jail and cane
Another New Zealand soldier is awarded three strokes

Singapore/Judicial - April 1982
NZ soldiers fail in appeal for clemency
Three New Zealand twentysomethings have their caning sentences confirmed

Singapore/Schools - February 1987
Junior college boys caned for audio equipment theft
Seven students undergo delayed punishment at prestigious senior school

Singapore/Judicial - October 1992
Woman picks out rapist from a line-up of masked men
14 years and 15 strokes for previously caned attacker, 32

Man escapes death after murder charge is reduced
26-year-old escapes the gallows, gets 3 years and six strokes of cane instead

High-tech method cracks decade-old burglary case (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, has already had 18 strokes, now gets three more

Singapore/Judicial - March 1994
Singapore sentences American to caning
Ohio Youth to Be Flogged in Singapore
Singapore Blasts Back at Clinton in Caning Case
Americans in Singapore condemn caning for teen
Whipping penalty judged too harsh -- by some
A Flogging Sentence Brings a Cry of Pain in U.S.
Travel Advisory -- When in Rome ...
US citizen Michael Fay, 18, sentenced to 4 months, 6 strokes for vandalism

Readers get 'behind' flogging of vandal
99% of columnist's letters have no sympathy for Fay

Singapore/Judicial - April 1994
Fay loses appeal
His acts were relentless and wilful, says Chief Justice

Govt says: Envoy's statement regrettable
US diplomat "should respect Singapore's judicial system"

US senators ask President Ong to grant clemency to Fay
Fay not singled out for special treatment, leaders claim

'Joe Public' backs caning of American
US public unexpectedly supports Michael Fay's caning

Six Lashes
Singapore government spokesman writes Fay's offences were more serious than reported

Singaporean Explains Caning as Means of Punishment
Interview with city-state's former Solicitor-General

"Even worse, down there they cut your hair at the airport!" (cartoon)
New York Post comment on the Fay affair

Whip it: Flogging does not merit U.S. intervention
Fay's caning "negligible" in world human rights context, avers columnist

Docs to Singapore: Spare the rod
International physicians plead for Fay's caning to be commuted

Fay to file appeal for clemency by April 20
Michael Fay makes final appeal

What US columnists say about Fay's caning
It's all invectives and not cold logic (with cartoon)
How Singapore press reported American media reaction

CJ: Judge did right in ordering jail, cane for Fay
Chief Justice gives his reasons for turning down Michael Fay's appeal

Cane Fay? It depends on how much you value law and order
Singaporean columnist lambasts US commentators on Fay affair

Overlooked Question in Singapore Caning Debate: Is the Teen-Ager Guilty?
Examination of claims that Fay was coerced into confession

"That's the last time I go there for spring break!" (cartoon)
By Britt of the News Tribune, reproduced in Newsweek

Singapore denies police abused American teen (illustrated)
Govt says it already had enough evidence to convict Fay; includes pic of Andy Shiu

Flogging for vandal (with video clip)
Hong Kong boy Andy Shiu is ordered twice as many cane strokes as his co-accused Fay; TV news film shows him speaking to reporters

Always caning in Singapore
Strokes of cane on the bare buttocks are nothing new, writes Brit colonial, once Changi prison superintendent

Singapore/Judicial - May 1994 (Part I)
'No advance notice' for caning
Not true that prisoner is warned three days ahead of caning, clarifies government

Singapore Reduces American's Sentence (illustrated)
Parents of teen, pictured, are still angry at 4-lash edict

Thrashed with a bamboo rod (illustrated)
British hack's imaginative account of the proceedings

Westchester has little sympathy for Fay
Many US residents think teen deserved lashing for vandalism

Singapore says Fay recovers nicely
Government denies father's claims about boy's condition after caning

Graduate Student's Experience of Singapore
Criticism of Singapore "is hogwash", asserts Indian resident

Singapore/Judicial - May 1994 (Part II)
Rough Justice (illustrated)
ASIAWEEK feature article gives comprehensive rundown of the entire Fay affair, including what is claimed to be a photo of bloody buttocks after (Malaysian) caning

Singapore/Judicial - June 1994
The Road from Singapore (illustrated)
Michael Fay pictured on release from prison

Fay describes caning, seeing resulting scars
"Few streaks of blood" but let's not exaggerate, he says

Larry King Live: Michael Fay Interview
Full text of Fay's TV appearance after his return home

Singapore/Judicial - November 1994
The Other Caning
Why no similar fuss about HK boy's punishment, wonders Asian writer

Singapore/Judicial - June 1995
'When the cane hit, I went soft' (illustrated)
Teens seen watching dummy caning demonstration on visit to drug rehab centre

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Judicial - March 1976
Spare the rod and SAVE the child
Report on juvenile caning calls for reform

South Africa/Judicial - August 1976
Alexandra rioting -- five sentenced
15-year-old youth gets five cuts with light cane

8 cuts for man who assaulted policeman
Caning as "light punishment" for white teenager

Fraud youth to get cuts
Eight-stroke caning for 18-year-old who forged document

South Africa/Judicial - April 1980
5 cuts for bomb scare joker
Student, 20, given caning instead of jail

South Africa/Judicial - June 1980
Cape man jailed for inciting violence
Four coloured youths aged 15 to 17 sentenced to seven cuts each

'Rapist caught sleeping in my bed'
Jail and cuts for the rapist who dozed off (illustrated)
Bricklayer, 26, pictured outside court with wife, ordered to receive six strokes of the cane

South Africa/Schools - September 1981
400 boys caned over haircuts
"Discipline gone daft" complains senior pupil as 88% of school's students queue up to bend over

South Africa/Judicial - October 1981
Theft: Youths get cuts
Stealing of money from workshop brings canings for two aged 19 and 20

South Africa/Schools - November 1989
Bottom line for Johnny (illustrated)
Father fumes as rueful schoolboy flasher, 15, gets six of the best; result is pictured

South Africa/Schools - December 1989
Carry on caning -- parents (illustrated)
Schoolboy, 17, sends picture of his wealed bottom

South Africa/Judicial - December 1990
Boys sentenced to strokes for satanic symbols
Two youths, age 16 and 14, ordered canings for spray-painting church doors

S. Korea flag SOUTH KOREA

South Korea/Schools - August 1994
Sparing the Rod in South Korea
School CP widespread but some signs of change

Sri Lanka flag SRI LANKA

Sri Lanka/Judicial - May 1978
The rod is the deterrent
Teenager caught riding train without ticket gets five strokes of the cane

Sweden flag SWEDEN

Sweden/Illicit - April 1983
Spanked by a policeman ... (with cartoon)
Boy gets bare-bottom spanking from fake cop

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad/Judicial - May 1993
Amnesty condemns corporal punishment of 11-year-old boy
20-stroke sentence was carried out immediately

Trinidad/Schools - August 1994
Armed police protect teachers from students
Secondary school teachers want to see CP used more


UAE/Judicial - September 1977
Lebanese rapist given 100 lashes in public
First public flogging after religious courts take over

UAE/Judicial - October 1995
Filipina maid sentenced to caning, prison in Emirates
Filipina maid's lashes depend on pain threshold
Lash for teenager who killed rape boss (illustrated)
100 lashes ordered for 16-year-old girl, pictured

UAE/Judicial - November 1995
UAE turns to flogging, fear to cut soaring traffic death rate
Caning plan for reckless drivers


UK/Schools - January 1976
Schoolgirls get equal chance -- to be caned!
Schoolgirls go on the rampage (illustrated)
All quiet at City trouble school
Tyneside riots after secondary head says both sexes equally liable to corporal punishment

Hands off those girls, teacher
As Belsky see it ... (cartoon)
Tabloid columnist disapproves of CP for girls, plus topical cartoon

Parents back girl caning, says head
Girls, 15, caned for black-eye attack
Heads to get guidance about caning of girls
At another Tyneside school, two girls are caned

Only one side
The right idea
Waste of time
Letter-writers support "strap for girls" school

Teachers cane their critics
Teachers' union accuses public of "appalling double standards", says sex discrimination issue is irrelevant to CP

Canings head backs new code
Head teachers' union advice is that girls be caned on the hand by a female teacher

Ban-the-cane bid fails by 61 votes
Socialist move in Parliament is defeated

UK/Schools - March 1976
Caned girl: I didn't deserve it
Head holds teen student down while women teachers cane her buttocks

Head tells why girl was caned
Disciplined on backside because she refused caning on the hands

UK/Illicit - April 1976
Spanker who preys on the village boys
Man thrashes dozens of boys with plimsoll or leather strap

UK/Judicial - August 1976
John Junor: Current Events
Columnist calls for "the swish of the birch" for violent youths

UK/Schools - August 1976
'Super strap' for heads after schoolgirl riot
'Super strap' has a sting
Tyneside schools provided with new heavier strap

UK/Judicial - September 1976
'Birch the vandals' call
Birch brigade attacked
Hooligans need the birch
Calls in Kent for the return of JCP following football fan violence

UK/Schools - September 1976
Tough head in 'cane the thugs' storm
Off with the kid gloves for school thugs
Yorkshire secondary headmaster brings back the cane; readers applaud

Don't they give a damn for the victims of the bullies?
Abolishing the school cane leaves the weak defenceless, says columnist

UK/Schools - October 1976
Mother protests at school caning (illustrated)
Midlands schoolboy, 11, pictured, says his bottom is still hurting

UK/Schools - November 1976
The classroom terror (illustrated)
Teacher rules OK! (illustrated)
Head who caned girl pupil is cleared
Court case over headmistress, pictured, who caned girl, 14, pictured

Responsibility of headship
Newspaper editorial comments on caning case, says head teachers must be left to get on with the job

UK/Schools - February 1977
Fettes boys 'dropped in for a beer'
A 'naughty lad' caned for drinking
17-year-old caned at top Scottish school as well as being fined in court

UK/Schools - March 1977
Boys give school wine a caning
'Salutary effect on discipline' after six of the best for four

UK/Schools - July 1977
If we want teachers to do their job, we must let them keep the cane
Head of teachers' union explains why CP should be retained

UK/Schools - August 1977
Protest over gym shoe punishment
Scripture teacher's alleged whacking of girls cited by anti-CP campaign

UK/Schools - October 1977
To beat or not to beat
Half of young readers support the use of CP

Teacher refuses to use strap
Scottish teacher defied instructions from senior staff to administer CP

School canes sold through newsagent
GLC bans sex-ad shop canes
Education authority's cane supplier proves embarrassing

UK/Reformatory - November 1977
Caning on the behind favoured
CP for boys and girls reintroduced in Midlands community homes

14 dormitory barricade boys caned
"Disciplined in the usual way" for second disturbance in a month at Merseyside institution

UK/Schools - November 1977
Cane still needed as 'sharp lesson'
High-school canings in Walthamstow increase to 339

UK/Schools - January 1978
Now then you 'orrible kids! (illustrated)
"Hard but fair" proctor at Kent secondary boys' school is pictured with cane and boys

UK/Schools - March 1978
Mr Callaghan takes teachers to task
Pupils face retribution after a brief revolt
Scores of students caned across the country

Pupils caned over meals sit-in
Mass whacking for 24 boys and girls

Police to probe strapping (illustrated)
Four strokes each for 20 Tyneside girls and boys; one 12-year-old recipient pictured

UK/Schools - April 1978
Cane Mutiny: Pupil power kids who defied the head are banned (illustrated)
Seven caned, three (pictured) refuse and are suspended; "should have taken his caning like a man", says one father

UK/Schools - May 1978
Caning for "slap happy" school (illustrated)
Parents back me all the way, says London boys' head; slippered 16-year-old is pictured

UK/Schools - July 1978
Canings at road row school
Two high school boys caned for defying headmaster

UK/Schools - October 1978
Ton-up schools top of the form in caning
London schools in CP "league table"

Gymslip caning shocker
London school canes girls every day

Top London caning school is named
Newspaper reveals identity of school where girls and boys get caned every day

Girl who's afraid of going to school (illustrated)
Student, 14, pictured, already caned "six or seven times" at Bacon's

UK/Schools - February 1979
What a wait for a fair whack!
16-year-old describes his caning in headmaster's study

UK/Reformatory - March 1979
Caning stays at county school
Committee rejects recommendation that boys' institution should whack only under-16s

UK/Schools - September 1979
Three sharp lessons, at a stroke
Schoolboy, 15, recounts his caning for smoking, says it was good for him

UK/Reformatory - November 1980
Storm over caning of girl aged 15
Caned on bottom for running away from institution

UK/Schools - January 1981
Staffroom mole leaks secret of his school's beatings book (illustrated) (with video clip)
Row over Merseyside school that slippered 1,800 boys last year; two beneficiaries pictured; BBC camera team visits

The last day of the cane -- beaten at last (illustrated)
Inner London ban on CP comes into effect; schoolboy is pictured trying to break cane

UK/Schools - February 1981
The Cane Mutiny
Writer not convinced by arguments for abolishing school CP

UK/Schools - March 1981
To beat or not to beat -- that's the question
75% of headmasters want to keep the cane

Rota rebels force return of the cane
Teachers refused to operate detention rota, so CP is back at northern high school

UK/Schools - April 1981
Mr Whacko gets a caning (illustrated)
Teachers in storm over the cane king
Striking story from Bognor
STOPP complains about cane ads in teachers' magazine; cane vendor is pictured with his products

A cane that stops classroom mutiny
Lady letterwriter recalls "eight of the best" for smoking

UK/Reformatory - May 1981
Caning of girls 'worse than in last century'
Controversy over reformatory punishments

UK/Schools - May 1981
No action on teacher in cane row
12-year-old's mother says his buttocks badly bruised after caning for "trivial offence"

UK/Schools - June 1981
Bring back cane is the call
Parents back head who canes boys but not girls

UK/Illicit - September 1981
Inspector 'hit a police girl on her bare bottom'
Inspector cleared of spanking WPC
Court rejects 19-year-old's claim that she was corporally punished

UK/Schools - February 1982
Parents win right to forbid school caning (with video clip)
Human Rights Court upholds parental consent requirement

Caned schoolgirl awarded £1,200
Aftermath of 1976 case in which she was punished by headmistress

UK/Schools - August 1982
Heads will take legal action on caning ban
Head teachers in Manchester claim they were not properly consulted about ending CP

UK/Schools - September 1982
Caned schoolgirl takes her case to Europe
16-year-old student punished for smoking complains to Commission of Human Rights

UK/Schools - November 1982
Caning check at private school
Government probes claims of excessive corporal punishment at boarding school

UK/Schools - December 1982
Crikey chaps! What's happened to dear old Bunter?
Traditionalist outrage as Billy Bunter books updated

Ban sales of caning game, say teachers
STOPP publicity stunt over jokey board game for kids

UK/Schools - March 1983
Minister rejects action on spanking school despite inspectors' report
40 slipperings in 10 weeks at boys' boarding school

UK/Schools - June 1983
Complaints over tawse set record
Walsall woman whose son and daughter were strapped lodges European claim

UK/Schools - July 1983
Schools high in beating league
Punishment book statistics are revealed for a Tyneside education authority

UK/Schools - November 1984
To cane or not? (illustrated)
STOPP provokes controversy; five canees, pictured, give their views

UK/Schools - February 1986
"Please rescue me from school"
Ten-year-old "got six whallops, pants down"

UK/Schools - May 1986
Anger over 60 canings at Kinnock's old school
One in six boys whacked at South Wales comprehensive

UK/Schools - July 1987
Caning storm head is cleared (illustrated)
13-year-old shows alleged bruises on bottom, pictured, after 5-stroke caning

UK/Schools - August 1987
Cripes! - They're swiping caning for six (illustrated)
Arthur Marshall "remembers when beatings were good for you", recalls era of Billy Bunter, pictured

UK/Schools - November 1987
Don't kill off my school pleads pop star Ben (illustrated)
Singer, pictured, wants to keep open the boarding school at which he was slippered

UK/Judicial - December 1987
Resign call as Anderton urges flogging
Police chief calls for judicial CP

UK/Illicit - September 1992
Boss spanked "naughty" girls
Nursing home boss put teenage staff members over his knee

UK/Schools - November 1992
Public schoolboy awarded £8,000 for caning ordeal (illustrated)
Youth now 25, pictured, describes 4-stroke whacking at age 15

UK/Judicial - January 1993
Birch these thugs who prey on our old folk
Tabloid paper mounts campaign to bring back judicial CP

UK/Judicial - February 1993
I quit Bench because the law's gone soft
Magistrate resigns, recalls effectiveness of birch

UK/Judicial - March 1993
The law must never be a laughing matter
Crime policy has failed, so bring back the birch, says retired senior judge

UK/Schools - April 1994
Scars of Weal Life
Columnist, bemused by 'popular enthusiasm for flogging', recalls his school whackings

Welcome to the Birch Society
"Well-Caned Brit" describes his schooldays, offers "timely tips for Michael Fay"

UK/Schools - May 1994
Cane-makers see bottom fall out of their market (illustrated)
Cane factory will make them no more; employee is pictured with typical product

Where to send your child to school if you want them beaten (illustrated)
Map of few remaining caning schools; Chenevix-Trench saga regurgitated

UK/Schools - June 1994
Parents praise head who admitted caning girl pupils
They brought her chocolates and flowers after she caned them

UK/Judicial - December 1994
Judge stands by his call for caning
Bring back judicial CP for young offenders, he says

UK/Schools - January 1995
UN raps British knuckles for treatment of debtors, canings
Committee on the Rights of the Child criticises UK for not abolishing school CP

UK/Illicit - July 1995
Spank girl couldn't sit for 2 days
Lecturer jailed after spanking and paddling student, 30


US/Schools - December 1976
Autographed paddles part of Mr. K's justice (illustrated)
Junior-high teacher in Florida is pictured with collection of paddles

Father decries paddle, wants Westview official fired (illustrated)
12-year-old punished Florida boy is pictured with his complaining parents

US/Schools - April 1977
Corporal Punishment in Schools Up to Local Boards
Supreme Court in Ingraham v. Wright decides by 5 votes to 4 that school spanking is not unconstitutional

Most NY Schools Ban Punishment
School CP situation in New York State

The Paddle Battle
Pittsburgh newspaper comments on US Supreme Court decision

Ruling Carries Clout To Kids (illustrated)
After Ingraham v. Wright, Florida elementary students, pictured, relate their paddlings

Beat him when he sneezes (with cartoon)
Magazine comment on Supreme Court judgment

US/Schools - May 1977
The Court: Don't Spare the Rod
Follow-up to Supreme Court ruling

US/Schools - September 1977
School Lets Mom Spank Daughter
Mom of Paddled Girl Plans Petition Fight
The girl who took a spanking (illustrated)
Student Gets Her Spanking (illustrated)
Mother, pictured with strap used, whacks daughter, 15, pictured, in principal's office, after dispute over paddling

US/Schools - November 1977
Student Puts Spanking to Test (illustrated)
Cheerleader, 16, pictured, must let OK principal spank her for tardiness

Suit settled out of court
Girl allowed back to school without being spanked

US/Schools - September 1978
Principal Reprimanded for Paddling
14 Louisiana boys paddled in each others' presence

Florida Principal Who Spanked 71 Boys Loses Position
Every sixth-grade boy in the school got three whacks

US/Schools - February 1979
Student Hits Idabel Principal
Oklahoma 13-year-old retaliates after paddling

Police Probe Paddling Of Tampa 7th Grader
Punishment was not excessive, say Florida school dean and secretary

Spare the rod? Not in Indiana
Paddle swats for 10,962 students in 1976, survey finds

US/Schools - October 1979
Spanking Termed a Little Mistake
Two licks for Georgia 7th-grader when teacher misreads consent form

US/Illicit - November 1979
Spanking Banker Paddles Way to Jail
Bank manager paddled more than 50 customers; effective way of getting tardy loan payments, he says

US/Schools - November 1979
Guidelines on school spankings (illustrated)
Paddling returns to Los Angeles; school board member is pictured pretending to be paddled

Parents Suing Alex Principal
NC sixth-grader's school spanking alleged too severe

US/Judicial - January 1980
Teen spanked in court
North Carolina judge gives 16-year-old option of jail or paddling

US/Schools - January 1980
Purely Personal
OH editor calls for "a good butt beating" for spoiled brats

US/Schools - February 1980
Heads may deliver caning [sic] only with pupils' consent
Los Angeles reintroduces corporal punishment in schools

US/Schools - April 1980
Swearing kids get swats
Montana junior-high school adopts new CP policy: 3 paddle swats for profanity

US/Schools - March 1981
Mechanicville school board to drop corporal punishment
Paddling abolished by a NY district

US/Schools - May 1981
Principal defends discipline
Fuss after GA elementary school allows father to spank fourth-grade boy in front of several classes

US/Schools - September 1981
Basketball Coach Quits Amid Spanking Charges
Row over swats for players at CA high school

US/Schools - October 1981
School Beauty Queen is Paddled for Kissing
OK homecoming queen and her escort broke no-kiss rule at ceremony

US/Schools - November 1981
Corporal Punishment Eliminated (illustrated)
St Louis MO gets rid of its rattan, pictured

Finding Of 'Cheat Sheets' Nets 35 Paddlings At Viper School
Mass punishment of eighth-graders in KY

Paddling Increases In Miami Schools
CP cases up by 27% on year; local paddling rules quoted

US/Schools - February 1982
Paddlings Defended
8,600 paddlings in one Florida district

Principal right in paddling teen, jury says
Fighting boys chose whacks instead of call to parents

US/Reformatory - March 1982
Home's Ex-Inmates Tell of Beatings
Girls say they were paddled at Christian institution

US/Reformatory - July 1982
Judge bans whipping at Pryor state home
No more spanking or paddling at OH institution

US/Schools - August 1982
Spankings Almost Outlawed
Parents in Virginia district may now exempt kids from paddle

US/Schools - September 1982
Look out, bad girls! Licks legal
OK school district does U-turn: high school girls may now be spanked

Is "First reading" new phrase?
OK newspaper scathing about school board's U-turn over paddling girls

Principal paddles football players
'Most of the team whipped' in Alabama junior high school

US/Schools - October 1982
States News Roundup
New York State moves towards banning corporal punishment in public schools

US/Schools - November 1982
Swett district bans spanking
A school board in CA abolishes CP by 4 votes to 3

Educator Cites Need for School Paddling
PA school district official agrees, and says his schools use it

Northwest parent seeks corporal punishment ban
OK mother starts anti-paddling group

US/Schools - December 1982
Spanking probe meeting slated
OK student, 12, claims bruises from two-swat paddling

Teachers Union Head Urges Restoration of Spankings
One year after St Louis bans rattan there are "unbelievable discipline problems", she claims

Teacher administers 'board of education' (illustrated)
Wisconsin middle-school teacher, pictured with paddle, applies it at student's choice

To Spank or Not to Spank, That Is the Question
Campaign opens to ban paddling in OK schools

US/Schools - March 1983
Piedmont schools change discipline policy
Piedmont's schools revise spanking policy
Schools need right to punish
Student must sign form accepting paddling in OK district; local paper not impressed

US/Schools - April 1983
Parents demand hand in permitting school spanking
Florida parents express concern

US/Schools - May 1983
Half don't give permission to paddle
67% "yes" among parents who replied in Illinois district

Lax-discipline plaints heard
Schools too frightened of lawsuits to maintain order, say OK teachers

US/Schools - October 1983
High-School Football: Playing for Keeps
'Six hard whacks on buttocks' is the norm from Texas coach

US/Schools - December 1983
School paddling brings law suit
Start of the Shelley Gaspersohn saga in North Carolina: 17-year-old paddled

US/Schools - January 1984
Paddling furiously
Overview of US school CP situation from British perspective

US/Reformatory - February 1984
Spanking Probe Clears Children's Home
1 Youth to Return to Home; Fate of 7 Others Unknown
Boys at OK home are spanked, but authorities reject complaint

US/Schools - March 1984
Paddling down in Dade schools
CP statistics quoted for schools in Miami, FL, area

US/Schools - April 1984
Seattle schools ban spanking
No more paddling in Seattle WA

US/Schools - September 1984
30 children paddled at school for failing to bring watercolors
Some parents upset at Texas elementary school's mass whacking

US/Schools - October 1984
Paddled Student's Tale of Pain (illustrated)
Coverage of Shelly Gaspersohn's Senate testimony; picture of Shelly and her mother

L.A. school board puts end to swat teams
CP bites the dust in Los Angeles

Paddle Ban Revives Trauma of Youth
Texas humorist recalls paddle-happy principal

The Debate: Spanking in Schools
USA Today debates the issue with columns for and against

US/Schools - November 1984
Schools' Discipline To Retain Spanking
Oklahoma boy's bottom bruised but paddle stays

US/Schools - January 1985
Principal Arrested in Paddling Case
17-year-old girl student bruised after school spanking for smoking

US/Schools - April 1985
Paddling Common In Lake Schools, Called 'Effective'
CP statistics for some Florida schools

Manvel group opposes paddling
TX coach paddles boy, mother complains his bottom bruised

US/Schools - May 1985
AISD backs accused teacher
TX district says boy's paddling was in line with policy

Story Incorrectly Reported No Paddlings At North Marion
127 spankings at a Florida high school

US/Schools - September 1985
Many Principals Not Ready To Relinquish 'Board'
Debate in Florida over schools' use of CP

School settles Estes Park spanking suit
Legal sequel to paddling for two CO boys in 1981

Texas tradition of paddling may deserve another look
Local paper suggests school CP could be abandoned

US/Schools - October 1985
Anti-Swats Group Forms
NM father upset after 17-year-old daughter paddled

Teacher convicted in paddling incident
Illinois teacher in trouble after giving boy 24 paddle licks

US/Schools - November 1985
Principal broadcasts paddling to schools
Officials to investigate after WV 12-year-old's punishment transmitted over intercom

Spare the Rod and Spoil the School?
Corporal punishment outlawed in New York, but no nationwide trend

US/Schools - February 1986
Schools inconsistent on paddling policies
"Thousands of paddlings" at some schools in Houston TX

US/Schools - March 1986
Cullen school paddling common
Paddlings spur warnings to teachers
'Better to get a pop'
Most wanted paddlings, teacher says
Paddling "a way of life" at TX middle school

US/Schools - April 1986
An Unequal Education (illustrated)
Account of the work of a Georgia assistant principal, pictured with his paddle

Corporal punishment: is it discipline or violence?
Christian Science Monitor takes soundings pro and con

US/Schools - June 1986
100 Vero Pupils Pick Paddling Over Suspension
Mass whacking at Florida junior high school for skipping detention

US/Schools - August 1986
School Board votes to end policy allowing corporal punishment
Minneapolis principals may no longer spank

US/Domestic - September 1986
Bring Back the Hickory Stick
Columnist bemoans serious decline in kids' public behaviour, calls for revival of school and home whippings

US/Schools - September 1986
Bill prohibits teacher from hitting students
Final demise of school paddling in California

Schools Tell Rules Of Paddling
2,356 paddlings in one Florida district

US/Schools - November 1986
Knox students paddled for minor infractions
Daily occurrence in Tennessee schools; 'less serious than detention'

US/Schools - December 1986
Spare the rod or not?
Educators line up on both sides of debate; Pennsylvania schools' policies quoted

US/Schools - February 1987
Pupil paddling ban urged (illustrated)
Maryland legislators debate; witness brandishes paddle, pictured

Policy makes paddling easier
Tennessee administrators want educators to spank more often

Raymond: Public seems to favor paddling
Houston schools retain CP after 'overwhelming' parental support

Corporal punishment not used much locally (illustrated)
Untested claim by Ohio district officials

House Education Bill Eases Paddling Rules
West Virginia schools would no longer have to give 12-hour cooling-off period

Parents, teachers favor corporal punishment
Public consultation on school paddling in Houston TX

US/Schools - March 1987
Panel Won't Let Schools Ban Paddling
Florida House committee narrowly defeats bit to let school boards abolish CP

US/Schools - April 1987
School offers option on paddling, running
Texas junior high students choose between "pops" and "bear crawls"

US/Schools - May 1987
Bill would ban school punishment
Move to abolish paddling in MI

School officials asked for explanation in wake of paddling complaint
Woodlands junior high changes 'pops' policy
Texas school in trouble over "pops or bear crawl" choice

Lawsuit claims paddling of boy was too severe (illustrated)
Georgia boy, 12, pictured with family, had bruised backside after discipline from sports coach

US/Schools - July 1987
A Teacher Ever Punish You Physically? (illustrated)
Adults (pictured), questioned in California street, recall school paddlings

Paddlers heading for rough waters
Teachers using CP are increasingly being taken to court

US/Schools - September 1987
Ga. groups want school paddling law repealed
Opponents attempt to whip up campaign against corporal punishment

US/Schools - November 1987
Spare the rod, save your hide
Columnist contemplates school paddling issue

US/Schools - December 1987
All paddles created equal
A Texas district decides on the dimensions of its paddles

No consistency on paddling
KY editorialist takes state to task

US/Schools - January 1988
Should corporal punishment be banned from the schools?
Vox pop in Alabama

US/Prisons - March 1988
Why is it that we can paddle pupils but not prisoners?
Inmates need spanking too, argues TX columnist

US/Schools - March 1988
Should we keep paddling students? Yes: For some, nothing else works
TX writer feels CP is an important tool for schools

US/Schools - April 1988
Littleton schools make spanking ban official
No spankings in CO district for previous 15 years anyway

Principals, Paddles and Power
Humorist sits in on conference of 8,000 school principals

Girls want blow struck for equality
They want the right to choose a paddling at an Ohio high school

US/Schools - October 1988
Choctaw Bans Spankings in Schools
School board in OK ignores wishes of teachers and principals

Parents, Principal Agree To Paddling Rules
Anger after 12 students spanked in hallway at a Florida middle school

US/Schools - December 1988
Black Students Spanked, Suspended More, Report Says
16% of students receive 31% of paddlings

US/Schools - January 1989
Undercover officer paddled in school tardiness crackdown
25-year-old Dallas drug cop, posing as schoolboy, takes his licks

HRS Told To Take Principals Off Hit List
Proper school paddling is not child abuse, FL judge rules

US/Schools - February 1989
Senate panel urged to curtail spanking in Texas schools
Panel OKs bill regulating paddlings
Discussion of bill to require parental consent

US/Schools - March 1989
High court lets stand state law allowing paddling in schools
Failure of lawsuit on behalf of paddled TX girls

US/Schools - July 1989
Norman Schools to Try Corporal Punishment Ban
Experimental year-long moratorium on paddling in an OK district

US/Schools - August 1989
Paddling Ban on School Board Agenda
Child Abuse Office Funds CP Conference
Jefferson Students Keep Paddle Busy
Oklahoma City debates future of school CP; one school gave 510 paddlings in the year

Corporal punishment should not be banned
Former teacher argues case for keeping the paddle

US/Schools - September 1989
Bellmon Declines to Take Stand on Corporal Punishment
OK Governor sits on fence

Schoolteacher contests abuse charge after spanking pupil
Texas principal under fire after giving 13-year-old a whacking

US/Schools - November 1989
Student told to take 'swats' before returning to school
TX school at odds with parents over spanking for 11-year-old

US/Schools - December 1989
School Board Bans Corporal Punishment
Oklahoma City first district in OK to retire the paddle for good

Permission to paddle: How do you feel about corporal punishment?
Bill in Georgia proposes CP ban for up to 8th grade; range of opinions canvassed

US/Schools - February 1990
Action on Spanking Called Inadequate
Oklahoma City teacher disciplined for breaking new no-paddling rule

US/Schools - March 1990
Georgia educators struck by success of schools that no longer spank
State-sponsored workshop on alternatives to corporal punishment

US/Schools - April 1990
Pearl school superintendent finds no violation in paddling
MS junior high teacher cleared of using excessive force after paddled boy's mother complains

US/Schools - December 1990
Paddling Dropped 60 Percent In County This Year
Spankings under fire in a Florida district; local statistics provided

US/Schools - January 1991
State debate to ban spanking rages on
Proposal to end corporal punishment in Washington State schools

US/Schools - February 1991
Bill to Abolish Spanking in Schools Faces Opposition in Legislature
Panel Sends OK No-Spanking Measure Home for Session

US/Prisons - March 1991
Corporal punishment bill gets cool response
Texas legislator wants flogging for prison inmates

US/Schools - March 1991
Measure against corporal punishment takes a licking
TX bill to ban school paddling dies in committee

Junior High Teacher Faces Assault Count
Parent complains 16-year-old was paddled excessively; conflicting evidence over state of his rear end

US/Schools - April 1991
Let Teachers Spank, Dixon Urges (illustrated)
District's Mayor Taken to Task on Student Spanking
No Corporal Punishment
Mayor of Washington DC, pictured, calls for restoration of school CP

School Spanking: It Hurts
Columnist uneasy about DC mayor's paddling call

Mayor Dixon and the Spanking Issue
Letter-writers divided over school CP

US/Schools - July 1991
Spanking Ban Voted Down
Oklahoma school board votes to keep paddling

US/Schools - October 1991
Two students choose the paddle over parent conference (illustrated)
Journalist gets to watch boys' punishment; principal is pictured with paddle

US/Reformatory - May 1992
Attorney blasts church camp 'raid' (illustrated)
Idaho sheriff accused of hounding reformatory; paddle, pictured, found on premises

US/Schools - June 1992
Paddling Issue Needs Closer Look
Plan to use CP more frequently in a Florida district

Board Delays Change in Policy
New rules in southwest OK district would subject paddling to parental veto

Small Town Will Advertise for Students
Remote NM paddling school invites out-of-state applicants

US/Schools - August 1992
Utah Rules Out Spanking in Public Schools
State Board of Education steps in with ban after legislature backed away

The Bottom Line on Spanking Kids
University professor backs thwacking to induce respect

US/Schools - September 1992
Putnam City Swats Ban
Oklahoma's fourth largest school district will carry on whacking

US/Schools - October 1992
Most Districts Not Spanking
Detailed survey of OK districts' CP policies

US/Schools - January 1993
Only 151 in 568 State Schools Use Spanking
Survey in OK finds corporal punishment declining

Educators Debate Tools of Discipline
Debate over banning CP in Oklahoma; statistics quoted

US/Schools - March 1993
Schools Should Wield the Paddling Option
State should leave well alone, let local districts decide, says FL writer

US/Schools - June 1993
Walton County Spares Neither Rod Nor Child
Highest paddling rate in Florida

Schools Taking the Paddle Out of Discipline
But some principals still view corporal punishment as more effective than any lecture

US/Schools - July 1993
Katy ISD ends paddling as acceptable discipline
A Texas school district bans CP

US/Schools - September 1993
Illinois Part Of Trend Against Spanking Pupils
No more paddling in IL public schools

US/Schools - November 1993
Fewer Swats Wins State Recognition
Oklahoma praised for reduction in number of school paddlings

US/Schools - December 1993
School Paddlings Going Out of Style
... in central Oklahoma, at least, says local paper

US/Schools - February 1994
Florida committee refuses paddling ban
Carry on whacking, Senate committee tells schools

School Officials Stall Ban On Punishment
Failure of attempts to stop school paddling in Missouri

Proposed law takes aim at paddling
Florida contemplates abolition

US/Judicial - March 1994
Some swift corporal punishment for criminals
Rabbi says let's consider flogging

US/Schools - March 1994
Little paddling won't hurt
Let parents decide, urges writer

US/Judicial - April 1994
Sore Subject: Does Caning Hurt Juvenile or Society More?
Singapore case raises idea of introducing caning in USA

Punishing offenders: Perhaps US can learn from Singapore
Father Monty supports Singapore in wake of Fay affair

Our View: Don't copy Singapore
Opposing View: Bring back the birch
USA Today debates crime and punishment

Six Lashes In Singapore
Controversy isn't about Singapore at all, it's about America -- columnist

Sun line flooded by calls in support of flogging
The Caning
Readers' views on the idea of JCP in USA

Bring back caning in US
Ed Koch, former NY mayor, supports judicial CP in USA

When whippings were in style
1930s Maryland floggings recalled

US/Reformatory - April 1994
Floggings in State recalled
Infliction of the "jack" at Wisconsin School for Boys in 1940s is described

US/Schools - April 1994
Granite Father Files Suit In Son's School Paddling
OK fifth-grader had to take painkillers for bruised posterior, claims father

US/Judicial - May 1994
Bring back the switch
Reintroduce JCP to help communities under siege from criminals, pleads writer

State Assembly Candidate Wants to Whip Criminals' Butts, Then Castrate Them
Tough punishment has a role in society, says Calif. Chinese-American

Vegan tries to whip up a cane business (illustrated)
Entrepreneur, pictured with consignment of Singapore canes, sells them in USA

A call for justice, Singapore-style
Sacramento, Calif. councilman musters support for paddling vandals in public

US/Schools - May 1994
Students paddled twice as often
1,326 paddlings for 750 students in one Ohio district

US/Illicit - June 1994
Swat Leads to Discrimination Complaint Against Professor
CSUF Bars Paddling Professor From Classes
Black Student Sues White Prof He Says Spanked Him
California State University student, 23, paddled by elderly professor

US/Judicial - June 1994
Bamboo canes on sale
Philadelphia company selling Singapore replicas for 4 dollars each

Conroy Wants Paddle Opinion Reconsidered
Panel OKs Paddling for Graffiti Vandalism
Graffiti-Spanking Bill Clears Committee
California move to introduce judicial corporal punishment

Paddling teens for graffiti urged
JCP proposal by councilman in San Antonio, TX

US/Judicial - July 1994
The Pros, Cons of Paddling for Graffiti Taggers
CA courtroom spanking idea is hotly debated

US/Schools - July 1994
Spankings benefit students
Commentator berates anti-paddle brigade

US/Illicit - August 1994
State Rejects Student's Claim in CSUF Spanking Incident
Student agreed to drop his pants for professorial rulering

US/Judicial - August 1994
Bill to Paddle Graffiti Vandals Dies in Tie Vote
Lawmakers Reject Paddling Bill
Caning Proposal Touched a Raw Nerve
CA judicial corporal punishment effort narrowly fails

US/Schools - November 1994
Afro-American perspective on school CP
Nashville, Tenn. middle school paddles 208 students

US/Schools- January 1995
Conroy Files Bill To Allow The Paddling Of Students
Proposal is designed to undo a 1986 ban on school CP in California

US/Illicit - February 1995
Cal State Fullerton Graduate Files Suit Over Spanking
Spanked black student claims racism

US/Judicial - February 1995
Caning for Tennessee Criminals Is Proposed
Up to 15 lashes on the courthouse steps for vandals and burglars

Justice With an Iron Fist (illustrated)
Tennessee judge, pictured, orders paddling for 18-year-old defendant

Miss. House OKs Beating Criminals
Bill for MS judicial flogging goes forward

Americans Think Prisoners Need a Good Caning
Six states are considering judicial CP

Tennessee legislator considers caning
Bill would allow public whackings for vandalism

US/Schools - February 1995
Spanking Ban for Schools
Missouri politicians contemplate outlawing CP

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah board extends use of paddling
Texas school district reinstates corporal punishment

Readin', Writin', Hittin'
Illegal "corporal punishment" on the increase in New York State

US/Judicial - March 1995
US moves to regain whip hand on crime
Moves to restore corporal punishment in CA, NY, TN, MS.....

Movement for caning in U.S. beginning to be taken seriously
Growing pressure for JCP across the land

Is Caning A Maryland Option?
Another judicial CP proposal

US/Illicit - May 1995
Bronx Scoutmaster Accused of Paddling Boys in His Club
Whackings were for initiation into private club

US/Judicial - June 1995
Guards at Mall Escape Flogging Indictment
Nation of Islam black-on-black caning for thieves in TX welcomed by shopkeepers and residents

US/Schools - June 1995
Corporal punishment's revival reflects nation's conservative shift
Southern schools rethink sparing the rod

US/Judicial - July 1995
Paddling Is Constitutional, Lungren Says
Too Cruel for Cons but Not for Kids?
CA law boss decides judicial paddling would not be 'cruel and unusual'

US/Schools - July 1995
Student Spankings OK'd
AL Governor to sign bill backing teachers who paddle

US/Schools - August 1995
Teachers told not to spare the rod
Alabama passes law encouraging schools to dust off their paddles

Don't Spare the Rod
Letter-writer astonished at suggestion that Alabama should emulate New York

No pay for spanking
Tennessee teacher in trouble after irregular punishment of 13-year-old

US/Judicial - September 1995
Judge Whipping
18-year-old receives bare-buttock strapping in South Carolina courtroom

US/Schools - December 1995
Is paddling on its way back?
Rules and practice in several states compared

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - December 1987
Court rules against Zimbabwe flogging
The adult judicial cane is degrading and unconstitutional, Supreme Court says


World/Schools - February 1980
Spanking around the world
Overview of school CP situation in various countries


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