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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW background for school CP, WHITE background for other kinds of CP (domestic, prison, military, reformatory)

Archive - 2010

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - May 2010
Child Brides Escape Marriage, but Not Lashes (with video clip)
Teen girls flogged for escaping forced marriages

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Domestic - March 2010
Australia to defy the ban
Govt rejects UN pressure to outlaw spanking at home

Australia/Schools - April 2010
Give 'em a smack
Northern Territory hasn't outlawed school CP, but officials say it's not used

Bangladesh flag BANGLADESH

Bangladesh/Judicial - July 2010
Landmark ruling outlaws fatwas
High Court holds that extrajudicial religious floggings are illegal

Two caned, fined for teasing girl
Community meeting agrees punishment for youths aged 20 and 21

Bangladesh/Schools - August 2010
Bangladesh bans corporal punishment in all schools
Government move follows High Court order to stop caning

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - January 2010
Police Commissioner to hand two flogging dockets to DPP
Attorney-General lays down the law on JCP

Botswana/Judicial - February 2010
Bailiffs to administer corporal punishment
Courts are recruiting applicants to deliver canings

Botswana/Judicial - March 2010
"Give me back my trousers"
27-year-old gets three strokes for attacking his cousin in domestic dispute

The wages of theft
"Three strokes on the bare buttocks" for thief, 24

Botswana/Judicial - May 2010
Males decry corporal punishment
Four men, caned by court, complain that women are not subject to JCP

Botswana/Judicial - August 2010
Shaped with a whip (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, "moans and groans" as he gets five lashes in court

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Domestic - January 2010
A good spanking
Columnist considers research into spanking and cultural differences

Spanking bans: bad for kids and society
Don't diminish parental rights, warns writer

Fiji flag FIJI

Fiji/Judicial - May 2010
Village headmen discuss flogging
Proposed guidelines would allow village meetings to order JCP

Fiji/Judicial - August 2010
Drug farmers face the cane
Youths who cultivate marihuana will be spanked under new village law

Fiji/Judicial - December 2010
Bua chief enforces spanking
District elders will spank any villagers found guilty of crime

Guyana flag GUYANA

Guyana/Judicial - October 2010
Whipping expunged from juvenile laws
Judicial CP abolished

India flag INDIA

India/Schools - November 2010
Govt plans to enact law to stop corporal punishment
West Bengal state government considers outlawing it

flag IRAN

Iran/Judicial - December 2010
Iranian whipped in public for drinking alcohol
80 lashes in a public square in Ramshir

Israeo flag ISRAEL

Israel/Judicial - August 2010
'Sinner' singer given 39 lashes by rabbis
"Rabinnic court" in battle against musical performances

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Schools - January 2010
Maintain strict discipline to achieve excellence, principals told
Caning is "an influential factor in all successful schools"

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2010
3 women caned for having illicit sex
First-ever religious CP of women is carried out

Caning 'has done us a world of good'
Women say they are grateful for punishment

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2010
Cook gets one year, whipping for consuming liquor (illustrated)
24-year-old, pictured, gets rare Shariah caning sentence for alcohol

Man who splashed acid on wife gets six years' jail (illustrated)
And two strokes of rotan for husband, 47, pictured

Man gets jail, rotan for cheating company staff (illustrated)
39-year-old, pictured, ordered to receive 7 strokes of the cane

Youth gets five years, two strokes for statutory rape (illustrated)
19-year-old, pictured, had sex with underage girl

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2010
Cake seller gets jail and cane for robbing student (illustrated)
Three strokes of the rotan for 21-year-old, pictured

Indonesian cab driver gets eight years' jail and 10 strokes (illustrated)
Possessor of drugs, 35, is pictured

Whipping added to habitual thief's sentence (illustrated)
35-year-old recidivist, pictured, gets three strokes of the cane on appeal

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2010
Jobless men get 12 years' jail, whipping for drug possession (illustrated)
Twentysomethings, pictured, each to receive 10 strokes of the rotan

Rape and kidnap: Man gets 16 years' jail, whipping (illustrated)
A three-stroke caning for 29-year-old, pictured

Teenager gets jail, cane for robbing boy
Three years in prison and three strokes

Man sentenced to 10 years' jail, 10 strokes for drug possession (illustrated)
35-year-old cannabis offender is pictured

Duo get jail, cane for hurting colleague (illustrated)
Pair in their twenties, pictured, must receive three strokes each

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2010
Former prisoner returns for whipping sentence
36-year-old drug abuser had been released but gets another 1 month so that 10 strokes of the rotan can be applied

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2010
Man gets five years' jail and five strokes for causing hurt (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, attacked colleague with machete

Jailed -- drunk labourer who raped woman (illustrated)
10 years' jail and 7 strokes of the rotan for "sex fiend", 32, pictured

Man and sons jailed for rape (illustrated)
Man who raped daughter is spared the rotan but his two twentysomething sons, pictured, are ordered to receive 24 strokes each

69 years for rape of siblings (illustrated)
12 strokes of the rotan for bogus traditional healer, 63, pictured

Malaysia/Schools - August 2010
"Expedite guideline on discipline in schools"
Teachers' union calls on govt to restore caning powers to individual teachers

"Certain teachers are authorised to cane"
But only those with written approval from principal or headmaster

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2010
Local man jailed, whipped for gang robbery (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, is ordered to receive two strokes of the rotan

Filipino jailed four months and whipped three times for illegal entry into Sabah (illustrated)
Illegal immigrant is pictured after sentence

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2010
Cook gets jail, rotan for drug possession (illustrated)
Ten strokes for 35-year-old, pictured

Lorry driver gets six years' jail, whipping for drug possession (illustrated)
Man, 33, pictured, must undergo 13 strokes of the rotan

Gang robbery accused gets five years plus canning [sic] (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, gets one stroke of the cane

Man gets five years and whipping for acid attack (illustrated)
Offender, 26, pictured, ordered to receive two strokes of the rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2010
Local's rape sentence enhanced to 15 years, 6 strokes (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, gets increased punishment for gang rape

18 years, cane for raping disabled girl (illustrated)
Nine strokes of the rotan for 22-year-old, pictured

Jailed for raping pupil (illustrated)
Former teacher, 31, pictured, is also ordered to receive four strokes

Raping, confining woman: 2 jailed (illustrated)
Offenders, 20 and 21, pictured, also sentenced to caning

Malaysia/Judicial - December 2010
Jail sentence, whipping enhanced (illustrated)
41-year-old wifebeater, pictured, sees his 8-year sentence increased to 12 and four cane strokes to six

Jail sentence on waiter for raping girl affirmed (illustrated)
Three strokes of the cane for rapist, 19, pictured

Malaysia urged to stop caning 'epidemic'
Amnesty International claims thousands of immigrants caned per year

Three-year jail, whipping for cheating
Man, age not stated, gets 9 strokes of the cane

Myanmar flag MYANMAR (Burma)

Myanmar/Illicit - March 2010
Burma bus company told to 'stop caning drivers'
On-the-spot corporal punishment for drivers and conductors who let too many passengers on buses


New Zealand/Schools - May 2010
Bring the cane back in schools -- survey
Half the population wants school CP restored

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - March 2010
Student caned for stealing goat
Court order of 12 strokes for 21-year-old is carried out in public

Nigeria/Judicial - June 2010
Car theft suspect granted bail, another gets strokes of cane
23-year-old is flogged in front of the shop where he stole money

Student flogged in open court for theft
Offender, 17, receives 12 strokes of the cane there and then

Nigeria/Judicial - August 2010
ATM Fraud: 2 Get 6-Month Jail Term Each Or N2,000 Fine
Court also sentences 22-year-olds to 10 strokes of the cane each

Minor flogged for hawking in Abuja
Mobile court gives boy seven strokes of the cane

Nigeria/Judicial - October 2010
Minors flogged for hawking in Abuja
Six youngsters get seven strokes of the cane each

Minors flogged for hawking in Abuja
Another nine juveniles get seven strokes each

Nigeria/Judicial - November 2010
Minors flogged for hawking in Abuja
25 boys and girls get six strokes of the cane each

15 flogged for hawking
Another 15 youths sentenced to seven strokes each

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Judicial - February 2010
New video shows Taliban flogging men, boy (with video clip)
Offenders are filmed receiving public unofficial JCP


Papua New Guinea/Judicial - November 2010
Corporal punishment
Youth Council instigates caning for truant students in Madang


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - December 2010
Two maids jailed, to be lashed for sorcery
Indonesian housemaids aged 25 and 33 ordered to receive 700 lashes each

Son of Saudi Islamic police chief to be lashed
50 lashes for fighting

Mobile phone thief gets five years, 500 lashes
Heavy sentence for twentysomething who robbed at knifepoint

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - March 2010
25 years' jail, 24 strokes for rapist
Court orders maximum penalty for 27-year-old who bound and gagged his victim

Geylang knife attack: Jail, caning for gang of 7 (illustrated)
Seven young gangsters, pictured, receive heavy caning sentences after knife fight leads to death

Singapore/Judicial - April 2010
Duo get jail, cane for loan shark activities (illustrated)
Twentysomethings, pictured, sentenced to receive 8 and 10 strokes

Singapore/Judicial - May 2010
Sex predator of underage girls gets 13 years' jail, six strokes (illustrated)
Caning sentence for 27-year-old, pictured

7 years' jail, 6 strokes of the cane for killing flat-mate (illustrated)
Sentenced 33-year-old is pictured

30 months' jail and 6 strokes of the cane for slashing his mother (illustrated)
Offender, 23, pictured, described as "anti-social personality"

Singapore/Judicial - June 2010
Man molested girl on date, slashed woman (illustrated)
Four years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane for 22-year-old, pictured

Jail, caning for molesting three women (illustrated)
Army conscript, 20, pictured, gets 12 months and 9 strokes

Man with pistol gets 12½ years, 17 strokes (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, had a firearm and ammunition, also contraband cigarettes

Swiss vandal gets 5 months, 3 strokes (with video clips)
Nation scandalised by graffiti attack on trains; videos show offender outside court, how the crime was carried out, brief remarks by his lawyer

Jail, cane and fine for crimes (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, is awarded six strokes of the cane for a string of offences

Singapore/Judicial - July 2010
Transvestite killer gets 7 years' jail, 8 strokes (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, is first to be caned for manslaughter

Where Singapore, Switzerland differ
Swiss President, visiting Singapore, declines to intercede in Oliver Fricker caning case

24 strokes, jail for repeat offender who threatened cops (illustrated)
Maximum sentence for youth, 19, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - August 2010
Five youths convicted of aggravated outrage of modesty
17-to-21-year-olds who attacked girl are given jail sentences and canings

Singapore/Judicial - September 2010
His youngest victim is only 10 (illustrated)
Molester, 23, pictured, is given 12 strokes of the cane and 8 years' jail

Robber in goldsmith heist jailed 7 years (illustrated)
Plus 12 strokes of the cane for 35-year-old, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - October 2010
Fatal mobile phone heist: Duo get 15 yrs and 15 strokes (illustrated)
Severe canings ordered for two 27-year-olds, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - November 2010
Rapist who 'helped' victim gets 16 years and 6 months in jail, 20 strokes (illustrated)
Heavy caning for 32-year-old, pictured

He killed toddler over cigarettes (illustrated)
Father, 28, pictured, has his sentence increased to 10 years and 10 strokes of the cane

Jail, caning for man who robbed pregnant woman (illustrated)
Robber, 24, pictured, is awarded a 12-stroke caning

Swiss vandal released from prison (illustrated)
Oliver Fricker, 32, pictured, flies home after 5 months in jail and 3 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - December 2010
He smashes a glass on victim's head
Four years' jail and six strokes of cane for 50-year-old after vicious parang attack

Man gets jail and caning for molesting stepdaughter
12 strokes of the cane for man, 42

Jail, caning for molesting 3 women at knifepoint (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, is ordered to receive 18 strokes of the cane

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Illicit - September 2010
Youngsters allege abuse by police (illustrated)
Two teen boys, pictured, say they were whipped on the backside in police station

South Africa/Illicit - October 2010
Policemen allegedly beat boy on back and buttocks (illustrated)
16-year-old, pictured, says he was assaulted at police station

S. Korea flag SOUTH KOREA

South Korea/Schools - August 2010
Corporal punishment ban to begin
Caning in schools is outlawed in the province surrounding the capital

South Korea/Schools - September 2010
Corporal punishment: 'sudden end'
School CP to be banned in Seoul itself

Top educator in Busan backs corporal punishment
She does not agree with her Seoul colleagues

South Korea/Schools - October 2010
Resisting Students' Rights
High school student deplores abolition of CP

Most Seoul schools set new rules to ban corporal punishment
Teachers express concern about unruly students

South Korea/Schools - December 2010
Schools buckle under corporal punishment ban
Abolition of CP in Seoul and Gyeonggi produces classroom chaos

Sudan flag SUDAN

Sudan/Judicial - August 2010
Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women's clothes
30 lashes and a fine each for "breaking moral codes"

Sudan/Judicial - December 2010
Flogged 53 times ... 'for wearing trousers' (with video clip)
Woman's whipping in the street is caught on film


Swaziland/Schools - April 2010
Only 4 strokes please - Education Ministry
Article sets out official rules for school canings

Swaziland/Schools - May 2010
30 primary school pupils whipped for relationships
Students aged 11 to 16 punished in hour-long caning ceremony

Switzerland flag SWITZERLAND

Switzerland/Illicit - August 2010
Whipping for recruits: Shock video from Biere barracks (with video clip)
Corporal punishment scandal in the Swiss Army

Thailand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Schools - August 2010
Thai Catholic School Teacher Caught Caning Students (with video clip)
Boys seen being disciplined at boarding school

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Judicial - June 2010
No reprieve for jailed Kasusura
Appeal court confirms sentence 35 years' jail and 12 strokes of the cane for armed robber

Tonga flag TONGA

Tonga/Judicial - February 2010
Tongan teens appeal flogging
Two boys sentenced to be whipped

Tonga/Judicial - July 2010
Tonga overturns flogging sentence
Two 17-year-olds also have prison terms reduced by appeal court

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad/Judicial - July 2010
Subhas: Strokes on table for gunmen
Govt to make JCP mandatory for gun-related crime


UK/Domestic - January 2010
Smacking 'makes your child more successful'
Claims made for not spanking are not consistent with the data, finds study

UK/Illicit - February 2010
Registrar offered fake degrees for spanking
Suspended sentence for man who filmed himself caning women


US/Domestic - January 2010
Study: Spanking may not be all bad for children
Spanked kids had highest rate of academic achievement

Spare the Spanking, Spoil the Report Card?
Study "undermines rationale for banning spanking", says writer

US/Schools - February 2010
School Board asks: To spank or not to spank?
Paddling at issue in a Florida district

Paddling students still common in New Mexico (with video clip)
Mother claims boy's punishment was excessive

Some Ky. schools still use paddling as disciplinary measure for students (with video clip)
Suspensions "have not been effective"

La Vega principal's arrest puts spotlight on corporal punishment policies
650 Texas school districts allow paddling

Teacher suspended without pay for spanking student
Alabama district permits it, but parent had asked for exemption

US/Reformatory - March 2010
Hess: No criminal case at reform school (illustrated)
No proof that long-ago Florida spankings were abusive, says state; 1974 photo shows paddle and strap

US/Schools - March 2010
Fed suit seeks state paddling ban
Paddled schoolboy, 16, wants Mississippi to outlaw school CP

Teachers in Fountain Lake want corporal punishment (with video clip)
40 Arkansas teachers say "bring back spanking"

To spank or not: Gaston one of few school districts still using the paddle (with video clip)
Map shows incidence of school CP in different N. Carolina counties

Columbus County Schools: Spanking and the drop-out rate (with video clip)
A district in North Carolina that uses the paddle has fewer school drop-outs

US/Domestic - April 2010
When does discipline become a crime? (illustrated)
Father, 37, pictured, spanked boy, 12, for fifteen minutes

US/Schools - April 2010
Senior Suspended For Skimpy Prom Dress (with video clip)
17 students paddled in AL for inappropriate attire

School Board's ban on paddling draws mixed reviews
A Florida school board abandons CP

Bill to limit school paddlings shelved
Louisiana House rejects limitations on school CP

Houston Man Paddles New York Congresswoman (with video clip)
But only metaphorically. Federal bill seeks to outlaw school CP

Paddling still used as punishment in schools (with video clip)
Report on CP in Texas

Texas city takes a swat at student misbehavior with an old custom (with video clip)
Restoration of CP in Temple, TX is a success

High school paddling: 'It Works' teachers say (with video clip)
Students interviewed in Temple, TX

Corporal Punishment legal in Texas, lawmaker in D.C. wants to ban it
Texas school districts' paddling policies vary

Paddling not controversial at local schools
Only with parental permission in many Texas districts

Parent: Written policy on spanking needed
CP policy challenged in a N. Carolina district

US/Schools - May 2010
Three strikes and you're ... sore: A look at corporal punishment in area schools
An Alabama paper gives local paddling details

Substitute teacher takes a swing at reviving corporal punishment in Dallas ISD (with video clip)
Attempt to reintroduce CP after 5 years of abolition

East Texans split over corporal punishment (with video clip)
Several local areas still use the paddle

Paddling crusader loses sub job
Teacher campaigning for restoration of CP in Dallas is sacked

Saltillo student paddled, school apologizes (with video clip)
Elementary boy in MS was on the "Do not paddle" list

Parents given final say in disciplinary action in Florence schools (with video clip)
Parents may now opt out of spanking in an AL district

No grade below 55 among school policy changes
Parents now to be notified before CP in a N. Carolina district

US/Reformatory - June 2010
Former student sheds light on Heritage Boys Academy
Youth who at 16 was sent to Florida institution describes paddlings, says his time there did him good

US/Schools - June 2010
La Vega Elementary School principal not indicted in student's paddling
Punishment was lawful, court holds

Spanking proposal stirs up feelings (with video clips)
Memphis school board member urges reintroduction of CP

Legislation to Ban Corporal Punishment in Schools Hits Congress
New York politician seeks nationwide abolition

US/Schools - July 2010
Georgia still won't spare the rod
Dozens of GA school districts still have paddling on the books

Court refuses to stop paddlings in Mississippi
Spanked 16-year-old's application is rejected

School board says no to paddling
Push to restore CP in Memphis fails

[TPS staffer fired for chronic absenteeism]
Paddling abolished in an OK school district

US/Schools - August 2010
Private school creates foundation with the building blocks of success
Texas Christian school employs spankings

To paddle or not to paddle students
Background to federal-level anti-CP push in Congress

School board reviews corporal punishment
A North Carolina district keeps the paddle but changes the rules

Should U.S. ban paddling school kids?
A view from Louisiana, where 56 of 70 school systems permit CP

US/Schools - September 2010
Board gets first look at new budget
A district in N. Carolina decides to stop paddling

Thomasville officials mull spanking policy (with video clip)
Another North Carolina district discusses paddling

Schools average in paddling
CP situation in various Mississippi districts

Paddling as Punishment, How Schools Stack Up (with video clip)
Views differ in Arkansas, where some school administrators still support CP

Small but innovative
A rural school district in Texas favors paddling over in-school suspension

US/Schools - October 2010
Thomasville Approves Changes to Spanking Policy (with video clip)
A district in N. Carolina offers parents paddling opt-out

School Board officially does away with corporal punishment
No more paddling in Tangipahoa, Louisiana

In other Lafourche School Board action
Another Louisiana school district also abolishes CP

School systems review corporal punishment policy
More changes in North Carolina

Roanoke school board talks technology, discipline stats
Principals in this Alabama district give their paddling figures

US/Schools - November 2010
Coach admits paddling students
Murrah coach's return sought amid whipping claims
Mississippi basketball coach punished players with a belt

Attorney: Video Shows Murrah Coach Whipping Players (with video clips)
Basketball spankings in Jackson, MS, are caught on video

Paddling: Parent Claims Teacher Went To The Extreme
Spanking of 12-year-old Alabama boy causes controversy

Corporal punishment called routine in embattled coach's past
Background to the Mississippi belting dispute

School dress, punishment addressed (with video clip)
A Louisiana district offers parental choice over paddling

Corporal Punishment Complaint
Arkansas girl, 12, chose three paddle swats over detention

US/Domestic - December 2010
Police arrest Mishawaka man after spanking
Indiana man, 30, accused of battery after spanking son, 6

US/Schools - December 2010
Corporal Punishment Still Exists in Some Schools
New anti-paddle campaign in Texas

Corporal punishment reinstated in Drew
A Mississippi district agrees new spanking policy, but only up to 6th grade

Moms angry over swats
Two TX girls, 17, paddled for going to lavatory

City View Paddling Raising Questions About Discipline (with video clip)
More on the above case

Coach suspended for whipping players returns (with video clip)
Row over basketball spankings in Jackson, MS, subsides


US Virgin Islands/Schools - April 2010
Teachers protest superintendent's policies
Local authority trying to stop paddling, but teachers object

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - October 2010
15-year-old gets four lashes for fondling minor
Boy ordered to be caned in the prison

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