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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

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CP Archive - 2014

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Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - May 2014
Is this the Young Liberal vision for Canberra?
Political group wants to restore caning in private schools

Australia/Schools - July 2014
Government expert Kevin Donnelly backs corporal punishment in schools (with video clip)
If done properly and if the community supports its use, he says

Pyne passes caning question to states
Not a matter for federal government, but nobody is rushing to bring it back in practice

Glare on cane-using schools
Two private schools in Perth still deploy CP

Retired school principal says cane was effective punishment and should be brought back
The system worked extremely well, he says

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - December 2014
Place for the strap, says doc
Psychologist says the idea that CP teaches students to be violent is "utter and complete nonsense"

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - March 2014
Sex in prison toilet lands man in hospital (illustrated)
Prisoner, 30, pictured, given five strokes of the cane by customary court


British Virgin Islands/Schools - June 2014
Removing CP from schools a bad idea -- Bishop John I. Cline
Islands government is proposing to outlaw corporal punishment

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - February 2014
Minister briefed on punishments under Syariah Penal Code (illustrated)
Officials visit Saudi Arabia, are shown cane, pictured

Brunei/Judicial - March 2014
Seven armed robbers get jail, whipping
Six of them are ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane each

Indonesia flag INDONESIA

Indonesia/Judicial - May 2014
When rape victim faces whipping
Case of woman sentenced to public caning for adultery

Langsa stands out for its public caning sentences (illustrated)
Interesting facts about JCP in Indonesia; platform used is pictured

Indonesia/Judicial - September 2014
Caning for extra-marital sex in Aceh
New law extends Islamic JCP to cover sexual offences

Indonesia/Schools - December 2014
East Java: Three students caught drunk caned at (moderate) Muslim school
Fuss over public flogging filmed three years earlier

Iran flag IRAN

Iran/Judicial - January 2014
Passion for tattoos leads to lashings in Iran
Story of tattoo artist given jail and 100 lashes

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Judicial - May 2014
Village where 20 strokes of cane are used to fight illicit beer menace (illustrated)
Local elders impose public flogging; pic shows drunk being rounded up by police

Lebanon flag LEBANON

Lebanon/Schools - March 2014
Lebanon principal sacked for caning students (illustrated)
Student is pictured being illegally punished on soles of feet

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 2014
Jail, rotan for unlawful possession of firearms (illustrated)
30-year-old, pictured, gets six strokes of the cane and two years

Malaysia/Domestic - February 2014
Speaking out
Youngsters discuss their experiences of being spanked or caned at home

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2014
Vegetable seller gets 6 years and 3 strokes for snatching (illustrated)
Offender, 22, is pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2014
Youth gets 31 years, 30 strokes of cane for burglaries
Offender, 24, is shown being escorted through court precincts

Youth gets 10 years, 10 strokes for causing woman grievous hurt (illustrated)
21-year-old culprit is pictured

Malaysia/Domestic - April 2014
Malaysia's love for the cane is questioned (illustrated)
Malaysian parents arrested in Sweden for caning their children; family is pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2014
College student whipped in court for two counts of rape (illustrated)
College student caned in open court for raping girlfriend
Pelajar kolej disebat dalam mahkamah
19-year-old, pictured, receives 8 strokes of the juvenile cane in front of judge, parents and reporters; diagram of courtroom shows how it was done

Three years' jail, two strokes for cheating (illustrated)
Culprit, 23, is pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2014
Youth gets seven strokes of the cane for rape of girlfriend (illustrated)
Offender, 19, is pictured entering courtroom for his caning

10 years and whipping for raping girl, 12 (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, sentenced to four strokes of the rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2014
Two armed robbers get jail, whipping (illustrated)
Offenders, 31 and 21, pictured, are ordered to receive three strokes of the rotan each

Mandatory caning sentence for agents of illegal foreign workers proposed
8,481 prisoners were sentenced to caning last year, most of them foreigners

Youths whipped in Court as part of sentence
Gang robbers, 19 and 20, cried out in pain as they were held bent over courtroom table for 7 and 8 strokes

Prison counsellor cautions against haphazard caning
Shocked by public caning of gang robbers but lawyers are in favour

Accused's lawyer defends public caning
She applied for it as part of plea bargain; "whipping of youthful offenders in court is quite common"

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - January 2014
Nigeria gays: 20 lashes for 'homosexual offences'
Description of whipping in packed Bauchi courtroom

Homosexual In OAU! Student Caught Inserting Penis In Colleague's Anus, Caned 10 Times
Punished by fellow students in Osun State

Nigeria/Judicial - February 2014
Wielding Whip and a Hard New Law, Nigeria Tries to 'Sanitize' Itself of Gays (illustrated)
Long New York Times piece; re-enactment of lashes is pictured

Nigeria/Judicial - March 2014
Public Whipping for Four Gay Nigerian Men
Aged from 20 to 22, they each received 15 strokes and were also fined

4 vagrants get strokes of cane for criminal trespass
Twentysomethings sentenced to five strokes each, received punishment immediately at court

Nigeria/Judicial - May 2014
Trader, 26 Bags 12 Strokes For Stealing Shoes At Abuja Mosque
Caning was administered straight away

Boy, 16, receives 30 strokes of cane for stealing phones
Punishment carried out at village square by local youths

Nigeria/Judicial - July 2014
2 men sentenced to 7 lashes each for public nuisance
Offenders aged 18 and 23 could not explain why they were frequenting criminal black spot

Nigeria/Judicial - November 2014
Court flogs driver for stealing TV, iPad
Six strokes of the cane for 26-year-old thief

Nigeria/Judicial - December 2014
Court flogs applicant for attempting suicide at Dawaki
Man of 26 gets 10 strokes of the cane

Security guard flogged for stealing generator
Court orders a 15-stroke caning for thief, 35

Russia flag RUSSIA

Russia/Military - October 2014
Militant commanders punish Cossack fighters (with video clips)
CP introduced for Russian-backed irregulars in Eastern Ukraine; video shows whippings in progress


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - January 2014
Saudi Twitter user is jailed for three months and sentenced to 80 lashes for falsely accusing a Kuwaiti pop star of adultery
Defamation accused was fan of rival pop star

Jail, lashes for 7 Saudi men caught at mixed party with alcohol
All ordered to be whipped 99 times in front of a girls' college

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - February 2014
Teacher sacked, gets jail, lashing over delinquent
90 lashes for 47-year-old

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2014
Rapist back to old ways just months after leaving jail (illustrated)
24 strokes of the cane for 43-year-old, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - February 2014
Pimp gets 7 years of corrective training (illustrated)
Plus seven strokes of the cane for 'recalcitrant' offender, 33, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - March 2014
Life term, 24 strokes for killing girlfriend (illustrated)
Severe corporal punishment ordered for prison officer, 48, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - April 2014
Singapore's caning punishment
A view of JCP from nearby Thailand

Singapore/Reformatory - April 2014
Tough regimen in Boys' Home includes caning on the spot
Fighting is a major reason for CP in the boys' reformatory

Singapore/Judicial - May 2014
2½ years' jail and caning for Little India rioter (illustrated) (with video clip)
33-year-old, pictured, joined in mob attacking police, gets three strokes

Molester gets four years' jail and caning (illustrated)
Bangladeshi national, 29, pictured, ordered to be given nine strokes

Singapore/Judicial - July 2014
NSF who molested woman sentenced to 30 months jail and three strokes of the cane (illustrated)
Convicted serviceman, 22, is pictured

Singapore/Judicial - August 2014
Ex-firefighter gets jail, caning for vandalism (illustrated)
Graffiti vandal, 23, pictured, is ordered 3 strokes of the cane and two months in prison

Thug wanted to break woman's legs for $6,000 (illustrated)
Six years, six strokes, a fine and a driving ban for 35-year-old, pictured

Drug courier's lawyer challenges caning sentence
He quotes 1872 legislative debates in attempt to show that JCP is unconstitutional

'Anti-govt' graffiti: Second man jailed
Three strokes of the cane for 21-year-old in further aftermath of vandalism case

Singapore/Judicial - November 2014
Anti-human-trafficking laws passed in Parliament
From now on, caning is part of the penalty for human trafficking

He robs man of $85 after losing $3,000 gambling (illustrated)
33-year-old, pictured, gets 42 months' jail and 12 strokes of the cane

South Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - February 2014
Pupils still caned! (illustrated)
Secondary school students receive CP, pictured, for late arrival


United Kingdom/Domestic - May 2014
Don't let children destroy our society
Columnist attacks "lunatic championing of children's rights", calls for respect for parents' right to discipline their offspring


US/Domestic - January 2014
CA court upholds mother's right to spank daughter
She was wrongly put on child-abuse database after punishing girl, 12, with wooden spoon

US/Schools - January 2014
Wilkinson sheriff investigating student's paddling (with video clip)
13-year-old boy spanked at a middle school in Georgia

US/Schools - February 2014
Paddling at Flora school leads to abuse accusation (with video clip)
Fuss over spanking of Mississippi schoolboy, 12

Corporal punishment controversy: parents, administrators divided on whether schools should allow it
Controversy in Oklahoma

A closer look at corporal punishment and Mississippi law (with video clip)
Debate in wake of arrest of academy headmaster

Proposed bill would allow teachers to spank children up to 10 times with hand
Policy proposal in Kansas relating to both domestic and school CP

Spanking bill dies in Kansas House committee
State law already allows spanking; attempt to define it more consistently is thrown out

Ron Sharp focuses on education
Oklahoma state senator says CP is the best discipline alternative for schools

Paddling could return to the classroom for some Mid-South schools (with video clip)
A Tennessee school board discusses reintroducing CP

US/Schools - March 2014
Arlington School Board Approves Corporal Punishment (with video clip)
Reintroduction of paddling in a Tennessee district

Santa Rosa schools to eliminate corporal punishment
Decision to end paddling in a Florida district

US/Schools - April 2014
Please don't tell Daddy
Columnist recalls Texas school CP in 1938: girls rulered on hands, boys paddled on bottom

Why Are Black Students Facing Corporal Punishment in Public Schools?
Immensely long piece in left-wing magazine concedes the racial disparity applies equally to other punishments

Concerns Raised About Corporal Punishment in North Central Florida Schools
Paddling statistics given for certain districts

No spanking in schools across Missouri under lawmaker's proposal
State legislator wants to abolish the paddle

School Board votes to ban paddling
No more school CP in a Florida district

Missouri lawmakers debate ban on corporal punishment in schools
Plan opposed on the ground that it should be left up to local school districts

US/Schools - May 2014
Teacher reprimanded for spanking student on birthday (with video clip)
Fuss at a high school in North Carolina over what students saw as a joke

Teachers: the short end of the stick, the long end of the paddle
Writer recalls 1960s Florida school paddlings

How some major legislation fared in the Missouri General Assembly
Attempt to ban school CP fails

FC School Board votes to keep corporal punishment
A Tennessee district decides to carry on paddling

Amory considers change in paddling, electronics policies
A Mississippi district mulls allowing ordinary class teachers to use CP as well as principals

Corporal Punishment Ends in McDowell Schools
No more paddling in a North Carolina district

Corporal punishment: Suwannee schools ranked highest in state two consecutive school years
Paddle proves a popular choice for students and parents in a Florida district

US/Schools - June 2014
Judge dismisses charges in school paddling case (with video clip)
Headmaster of Mississippi academy is cleared of assault

US/Domestic - July 2014
Judge tells young Detroit man he needed a beating (illustrated)
19-year-old, pictured, who said his father wasn't around, pleaded guilty to assault

Spanking 'reasonable use of force', court rules in Suffolk case
NY state appeals court overturns Family Court's ruling against father

US/Schools - July 2014
Oklahoma among 19 states that still allow paddling in public schools, but most districts don't (illustrated)
Includes picture of a paddle and map of US paddling states

Oklahoma: 1 of 19 states to allow paddling in schools
11,136 paddlings in a recent year; parental opinions differ

US/Schools - August 2014
School board cuts corporal punishment rule
No more paddling in a North Carolina district

Ground rules addressed at Vilonia's junior/senior orientation
Arkansas high school promises corporal punishment when necessary

US/Domestic - September 2014
Different generations discuss the evolution of corporal punishment
Adrian Peterson case provokes debate about parental spanking

Adrian Peterson whips open corporal punishment debate (with cartoon)
But what Peterson did is not normal CP, writer points out

Don't rush to judge parents who use a switch
Parenting practices vary widely and we should beware of cultural bias, notes columnist

US/Schools - September 2014
7th grade student spanked at school (with video clip)
Mother consented to the punishment but did not expect to see bruises

East Texas schools use corporal punishment as last resort
Some paddling statistics from various school districts

Corporal Punishment Continues In Many Texas Schools
Information from some districts in North Texas

What do E. Texas parents think of corporal punishment in school (illustrated) (with video clip)
Many districts still allow paddling; a punishment paddle is pictured

US/Schools - October 2014
After Being Bruised, Morrilton High School Student Wants School Spankings to Stop
Arkansas boy, 15, chose the paddling over detention

Corporal punishment drops in Middle Tennessee (extract)
Paddling statistics from various midstate school districts

Madison County schools end paddling
No more CP in a N. Carolina district

Paddling can be effective in certain circumstances
Should corporal punishment be administered in public schools?
Discussion of opinions in a Texas school district

Board: No more spanking in schools
A Florida district puts the paddle away

Spanking in school: Southern states top the list (extract) (illustrated)
Situation in East Texas and adjacent part of Louisiana; a paddle is pictured

US/Schools - November 2014
CPS concludes BJHS child abuse investigation; AP cleared
Texas junior-high student already had a bruise, chose a spanking over ISS; parental complaint rejected

School Officials Split on Spanking in School (with video clip)
Debate on CP views and CP practice in Florida

BISD looks to change punishment policy (with video clip)
A Texas district considers abolishing the paddle

Should Arkansas schools still use corporal punishment? (with video clip)
Differing practice and statistics in some paddling districts

Texas holds tight to tradition on school spankings
Map and stats showing it is mainly a rural phenomenon

When Is Corporal Punishment Okay At School? (with video clip)
Mother complains about paddling of 11-year-old, says she signed "no-paddle" form

US/Schools - December 2014
Paddle experience
Letter describes punishment in Texas high school


US Virgin Islands/Schools - February 2014
Bullying and Corporal Punishment Bills Discussed in Senate Committee
Proposal to abolish school CP

US Virgin Islands/Schools - December 2014
Corporal punishment, truancy bills fail to make it out of Rules Committee
Senate kills abolition attempt


Zambia/Schools - May 2014
Bring back corporal punishment in schools -- Mutelo urges
It would help put an end to moral decay among youths, says human rights coordinator

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - May 2014
Boy (17) forces girlfriend to have group sex
Court orders him to receive five strokes of the cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - June 2014
Binga school dropout rapes girl (10)
Magistrate orders 16-year-old to receive six strokes of the cane

Zimbabwe/Schools - June 2014
No more beating pupils as govt bans corporal punishment
Education minister announces administrative ban, but school caning still on the statute book

Zimbabwe/Judicial - July 2014
Boy to be lashed for rape
16-year-old sentenced to five strokes of the cane

Juvenile rapist's sentence baffles villagers
Boy, 17, ordered to receive five strokes of the cane; term of imprisonment is suspended

Zimbabwe/Judicial - August 2014
Cartoon loving thief to be flogged
Six strokes of the cane for 14-year-old who broke into homes and stole

Juvenile assaults stepmum for "selling out"
Court orders boy, 17, to receive two strokes with a rattan for assault

Zimbabwe/Judicial - September 2014
Boy in trouble for smashing bus
Court orders 16-year-old delinquent to receive a five-stroke caning

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