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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP

Archive - 1998

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - February 1998
Thousands Watch as Girl is Lashed
100 lashes for teenager who walked with unrelated man

Afghanistan/Judicial - October 1998
Corrupt officials lashed by Taliban
Thousands watch as three receive 36 strokes each

American Samoa flag AMERICAN SAMOA

Samoa/Schools - February 1998
Spankings at American Samoa High School Anger Some Parents
80 paddlings in one week under new policy to discipline tardy students

Samoa/Schools - March 1998
Samoa Bans Public School Corporal Punishment
No more flogging after parents complained

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - August 1998
Barnett Firm Against Caning
Don't even discuss it, says Western Australia's Education Minister

Australia/Domestic - October 1998
Spare the rod ... or serve the time
Advisers want law to stop parents using implement

Australia/Schools - November 1998
Strap Is A Last Resort
Private boys' school in Victoria is still whacking away

Bermuda flag BERMUDA

Bermuda/Schools - January 1998
Let's smarten up here!
Columnist calls for caning of schoolboys

Bermuda/Schools - May 1998
Forum: Public flogging
Editorial sarcasm greets public enthusiasm for CP

Butler: I'd strap them again
Headmaster is unrepentant

Bermuda/Schools - July 1998
Widespread support for corporal punishment
Poll shows 66% approve of strap

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - June 1998
Cane for mischievous duo
Youths get 4 strokes each for damaging property

Brunei/Judicial - July 1998
Court reduces knife attacker's jail term
But 12-stroke rotan sentence stands

Brunei/Judicial - September 1998
Cane and prison for firecracker smuggler
Five years, three strokes for 23-year-old

Painful lessons of crime (illustrated)
Students, pictured, shown caning demonstration, pictured

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Schools - May 1998
Swearing students strapped in school
Alberta school uses strap for bad language

Canada/Schools - June 1998
MPP's bill proposes using force in schools
Does Ontario bill pave way for return of the strap?

Canada/Domestic - November 1998
Ontario Critics Prepare Charter Challenge To Spanking
But others say outlawing all CP would be absurd

Ban right to spank, court urged
Declare Section 43 unconstitutional, urges Ontario kids' rights group

Should kids get a lickin'?
Ontario court battle looms over spanking

Fiji flag FIJI

Fiji/Judicial - May 1998
Rapists to be Caned
Four villagers given 6 strokes each

Germany flag GERMANY

Germany/Domestic - October 1998
Germany Considers Anti-Slap Law
New government may make it illegal for parents to spank

Guyana flag GUYANA

Guyana/Judicial - November 1998
Student robber serving 15 years spared whipping
Appeal Court sets aside 7-stroke sentence for 26-year-old

India flag INDIA

India/Schools - December 1998
Govt to clarify stand on corporal punishment
Court directs regional authority to state its policy on school CP

Iraq flag IRAQ

Iraq/Schools - September 1998
No smacking in Saddam's schools
Physical punishment should not be on the agenda, says dictator

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Judicial - April 1998
Court of Appeal to decide on flogging
Two appeal against 12-stroke tamarind switch sentence

Jamaica/Judicial - May 1998
Court debates future of flogging
Government argues for JCP to continue

Lawyers feel Rattray should withdraw from flogging panel
Panel to decide on flogging starts work

Court of Appeal will not hear flogging case
Question must go to Supreme Court

The return of the tamarind switch
Details of flogging method described

Jamaica/Schools - August 1998
Corporal punishment, yes
Parents uneasy over no-caning advice to teachers

Jamaica/Judicial - December 1998
Jamaican court abolishes flogging
JCP by tamarind switch finally laid to rest

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Judicial - May 1998
Rapist gets stiffer term
Five-stroke caning added to jail sentence

Kenya/Schools - June 1998
Unruly schoolboys in war of nerves with community
Striking high school boys refuse the cane

Kenya/Judicial - July 1998
Car thief given five years and strokes
Fled to Tanzania, extradited back, given 6 strokes of cane

Tanzanian gets five years over weapons
And six strokes of the cane

Kenya/Schools - September 1998
KCPE students caned for missing holiday classes
Parents storm school after opening-day mass caning

Kenya/Judicial - September 1998
Bandit to serve 10 years for robbery
Violent robber also ordered to receive 10 strokes of cane

Kenya/Judicial - October 1998
22-year-old to die for rape
Ten strokes of cane, 10 years' jail, then hanging for rape and robbery with violence

Kenya/Judicial - November 1998
Man jailed for seven years for defiling girl, 10
50-year-old who 'behaved like a beast' also ordered seven strokes of cane

Kuwait flag KUWAIT

Kuwait/Judicial - October 1998
MPs Call For Corporal Punishment
Islamic whipping urged for adultery, alcohol, murder, etc.

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 1998
Jobless man jailed for having cannabis
30-year-old gets 8 years plus 10 strokes of cane

Officer jailed for cheating the needy
Criminal breach of trust brings six years, three strokes for welfare officer

Judge: It may be cheaper to whip convicts than jail them
Rapist sees caning sentence upped from 24 strokes to 30

Bar Council opposes whipping in lieu of jail
Whipping is only for heinous crimes, say lawyers

Malaysia/Judicial - February 1998
Carpenter gets 18 years, cane for raping stepdaughter (illustrated)
47-year-old, pictured, already in jail for another rape, to have 10 strokes

TYT grants freedom to life prisoner after spending 17 years in cell (illustrated)
Clemency for 34-year-old, pictured, caned at age 17 for armed robbery

Malaysia/Judicial - March 1998
Malaysian police advocate caning
Three strokes recommended for illegal immigrants

Federal Court spares duo the gallows
To be given 10 strokes of cane each within one month

Stiff sentence
Eight boat skippers get 42 strokes between them for bringing in illegal immigrants

Malaysia/Judicial - April 1998
Trio jailed 12 years for drug possession (illustrated)
Three twentysomethings, pictured, also get 10 strokes of cane each

Addict jailed 5 years
21-year-old also gets 10 strokes of cane

Malaysia/Judicial - May 1998
Robber, 12, jailed 12 years for shooting victim
Juvenile armed robber also ordered 10 strokes

Cannabis: Man escapes gallows
12 years and 12 strokes instead for 26-year-old

Malaysia/Judicial - June 1998
Jailed and rotan for raping little girls
Three young men get 10 years, 5 strokes each

Jail and rotan for father, son who raped girl (illustrated)
48-year-old, pictured, to have 20 years, 5 strokes; son, 21, pictured, given 15 years and 3 strokes

Malaysia/Schools - July 1998
Teacher caned me 11 times, says pupil (illustrated)
Boy, 12, shows marks on backside, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - July 1998
Former bank clerk gets 30 months' jail for cheating (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, also given two strokes of rotan

10 years jail, rotan for two who raped factory worker (illustrated)
Government servants, pictured, ordered one stroke each

Filipino having bags of ganga jailed, caned
Six years and 10 strokes for 30-year-old

Malaysia/Judicial - August 1998
16-year jail term for rapist restored
50-year-old to get 24 strokes after all

Judge: Ensure rapist is whipped
Caning must be administered before 50th birthday

Welder wins appeal against death sentence
31-year-old gets 17 years and 10 strokes instead

Trader gets eight years, rotan for ganga offence
Ten strokes for drug offender, 21

Malaysia/Schools - August 1998
Students get a trimming from their peers (illustrated)
Secondary school boys, pictured, get haircuts at school instead of caning for long hair

Risky business of disciplining students (illustrated)
Long discussion of options; cartoon of teacher with cane; picture of typical large class

Judicious use of cane can solve indiscipline
Retired teacher says it's the only way

It's time for teachers to take out the cane again
Columnist recalls "whack on the buttocks" with approval

Malaysia/Schools - September 1998
The cane can definitely do more good than harm
Letter-writer recalls 12-stroke caning for smoking

Drifting towards post-colonialism
Malay College, "Eton of the East", retains caning

Malaysia/Judicial - September 1998
Local youth gets 15 years, whip for raping minor
22-year-old raped neighbour several times, gets 10 strokes of rotan

Too many rapes in Sabah, so duo lose plea
10 years and six strokes each as appeal is turned down

Malaysia/Judicial - October 1998
Indon jailed for raping girl, 10
21-year-old given 10 years and three strokes

Despatch clerk gets jail, rotan for having cannabis
Six years and 10 strokes for drug culprit, 26

Addict escapes the gallows
Drug trafficking not proved, but 38-year-old gets 12 years, 10 strokes for possession

Malaysia/Schools - October 1998
Group: Appoint discipline teachers
Parents must not complain about caning, says crime prevention agency

Malaysia/Judicial - November 1998
Stiffer penalties to curb abuse of pep pills 'effective'
Jail and caning are deterring drug abuse, claims Health Minister

Liberian escapes death on reduced drug charge
29-year-old gets 18 years, 15 strokes instead

Man jailed six years for trying to sodomise room mate
30-year-old shop assistant also caned after sex with boy

Back to jail plus rotan for ex-con
Six years and 5 strokes of rotan for old lag, 34

Lecturer gets jail, rotan for dadah
26-year-old given 10 years and 10 strokes for possessing cannabis

50 years for death, rapes
Plus 11 strokes of cane for 33-year-old

Illegal who brought in more illegals jailed
Filipino, 26, to serve 2 years and receive 3 strokes

Jail and rotan for slashing fellow farmer
Two years, 7 strokes for 45-year-old after banana tree contretemps

Malaysia/Judicial - December 1998
Having arms: Two get jail
Two men in 40s caned for possessing revolver

'Forked' into sex: Indon is jailed
21-year-old given 6 strokes, 18 years for rape

Addict gets five years and rotan for drugs
Three strokes for 37-year-old habitual heroin user

22 years jail, rotan for raping minor
27-year-old ordered nine strokes for sex with 14-year-old

Crane operator jailed 12 years for raping minor
Also gets three strokes after attack on 13-year-old girl

Businessman with firearms jailed 13 years
44-year-old also gets 6 strokes for possessing gun and ammunition

Molesting girl, 5: Indon jailed
24 months and 3 strokes for labourer, 35

Malaysia/Schools - December 1998
Problem school? This is a job for super principal and teachers
Caning not enough, says Education Minister

Namibia flag NAMIBIA

Namibia/Schools - March 1998
Pupils protest of 'mistreatment'
Secondary students complain of floggings despite national CP ban


New Zealand/Schools - January 1998
A beating is a beating
Police Minister calls for return of school cane

Letter-writers pour scorn on notion that school caning equals violence

New Zealand/Schools - March 1998
School rejects punishment plea
School board member foiled in bid to bring back the cane

New Zealand/Schools - October 1998
Caning era now at end
Christian school caves in to government's no-cane policy

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - July 1998
Magistrate Threatens to Jail Parents Over Children's Behaviour
Two 'notorious criminals' aged 17 get 12 strokes of cane each

Nigeria/Judicial - October 1998
Man Flogged, Jailed for Theft of NEPA Meters
Six strokes of the cane for businessman

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Judicial - July 1998
Pakistani policeman says flogging for adulterer was enough
Thousands riot over "too lenient" sentence of prison plus public flogging

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 1998
Man jailed for beating up live-in girlfriend (illustrated)
33-year-old, pictured, given 18 months and three strokes of cane

7 cars forfeited for carrying illegal immigrants
Three culprits ordered caning as well as jail

Singapore/Judicial - February 1998
Father cleared of rape but is jailed for molest
Labourer, 45, molested daughter, given 9 strokes, 16 months

Singapore/Judicial - March 1998
'Headstrong' man leaves a dent on police car (illustrated)
40-year-old, pictured, was caned in 1994

Drive against illegals: Over 200 arrested in raids (illustrated)
112 detainees will receive at least 3 strokes of cane each

Flood of immigration offenders in court -- hundreds jailed and caned
117 plead guilty, men caned, women fined

I have never felt such pain before (illustrated)
Interview with freshly-caned prisoner, pictured

120 illegals plead guilty
Court metes out 500 strokes of cane in one day

Lorry driver tries to smuggle 64 illegals out
59 more get one month, 4 strokes of cane each

Singapore/Judicial - April 1998
He's sick! (illustrated)
41-year-old, pictured, gets 6 years, 6 strokes

Rape bid on exec in 5-star hotel
9 years, 16 strokes for Malaysian, 36

Singapore/Judicial - May 1998
Rob-and-ride scheme that failed
Carjacker, 27, given 7 years, 24 strokes

Ex-beau gets jail for dagger attack
Jealous ex, previously caned 24 strokes for manslaughter, now gets another 12

Young robber's appeal rejected
Chief Justice confirms teen's 12-stroke caning

Singapore/Judicial - June 1998
Robbed tourists with arrest threats
24 strokes, 5½ years for 20-year-old

Four secret society members get cane and jail for rioting
Five strokes each for teen gangsters

He plays cards, wins, then smashes loser (illustrated)
Jail plus 3 strokes for masseur, 38, pictured

Is this the face of a born loser? (illustrated)
Salesman, 26, pictured, given 8 years and 24 strokes

They asked for work permits, then snatched wallets of Indian workers
Seven years and 24 strokes each for young robbers

Singapore/Judicial - July 1998
These 6 were caned for hiring illegals
Three strokes each for guilty employers

The Young & the Lawless (illustrated)
21-year-old robber, pictured, to have 24 strokes

Man who tried to stop a fight beaten to death
Young ringleader given 12 strokes, three others 6 strokes each

Paedophile gets jail, cane for molesting boy
Six years, 10 strokes for 25-year-old after sex with 13-year-old

Youth jailed for sex with minor
22-year-old also gets 12 strokes for robbery

Hardcore addicts face jail and cane
New law brings mandatory jail and caning for repeat drug abusers

Posed as cop to rob foreigners
Six years and 24 strokes for robbery and impersonation

Two drug addicts first to get cane
Hardcore drug abusers jailed and caned under new law

Singapore/Judicial - August 1998
Sex, lies and video scam (illustrated)
'Pervert', 23, pictured, given 6 years and 4 strokes for sex with boys, 15

Same time, same place, same victim, but ... Different ending
Robber, 26, receives 3 years, 12 strokes

Teen who killed rival gang member jailed
18-year-old gangster given 7 years, 9 strokes of cane

Boy shivers every time his free pager goes off (illustrated)
Eight years, 18 strokes for molester, 33, pictured

Youth gets 7½ years' jail for string of crimes
And maximum caning for 17-year-old armed robber

Singapore/Judicial - September 1998
She wanted 20 cents to take bus (illustrated)
'Uncle', 44, pictured, molested 6-year-old, given six months, six strokes

He took her underwear (illustrated)
Serial mountain-bike molester, 29, pictured, gets three years and 9 strokes

Illegals robbed and hurt cabby
Two in their twenties given five years and 18 strokes each after armed robbery

Snatch thieves face tougher punishment
New sentencing guidelines: 20-year-old gets four years, 12 strokes

Singapore/Judicial - October 1998
30 months and 6 strokes for extortion bid
Court orders CP for 'greedy' teen

Court ups sentence of teen killer
10 years, 15 strokes, for killing rival gang member

Driver hid 6 illegals under bus floor
Four years, 18 strokes for Malaysian, 29

Watch this and stay off crime
School students see video of prison life; Teens 'shocked' by caning scene

CNB pulls in over 90 in Dragnet
162 hardcore addicts have been jailed and caned since July, says Narcotics Bureau chief

Raping daughters: Court gets tough
Five years' raping brings 24 years, 24 strokes for 41-year-old

Man who hid heroin in anus gets jail, cane
Addict, 24, obtained drug in court lock-up, given 8 years, five strokes

Two jailed for bid to smuggle out foreigners
Nine illegal immigrants get four strokes each

Giving drugs to someone is considered 'trafficking'
22-year-old gets six years, 5 strokes for giving someone an Ecstasy pill

Teen gets jail for extorting money
And six strokes of cane for robber, 16

Mercy for drug trafficker with HIV
'Only' 22 years and 15 strokes for 39-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - November 1998
Man gets 27 months, 15 strokes
Newspaper vendor, 35, molested seven girls

Man gets cane, jail for raping 76-year-old (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, gets 14 years, 24 strokes

Molester gets jail and caning
15 months and 6 strokes for labourer, 36

Girl raped again 5 months after rape by granddad
27-year-old given 24 strokes, 16 years

Singapore/Judicial - December 1998
Six years, caning for smuggling in illegal immigrants
Malaysian driver, 41, ordered 24 strokes

'Master' gets jail for molest
Three strokes, 9 months for 44-year-old

Man molested lover's daughters
Three strokes, 10 months for fondling teen girls

Jail, cane for rubbish chute burglar
Hawker, 29, to have 24 strokes for string of crimes

Jail, cane for man who, for $35, smuggled illegal
Malaysian, 40, gets 3 years, 4 strokes for bringing alien in

Labourer gets 6 years, 12 strokes
49-year-old odd-job-man caned for raping landlady

Crime rate on the rise
Nine-year record of declining crime statistics comes to an end

Security officer gets jail for rape
33-year-old to have 8 strokes, 7 years

He refuses to give urine samples and wets his pants (illustrated)
Repeat drug offender, 39 (pictured), first to be jailed and caned under new law

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - January 1998
Rushing to school not because they're keen, but need a seat
Bring back the cane, say teachers

South Africa/Schools - March 1998
Caning is still alive and well in SA schools
CP continues despite new law, says education researcher

South Africa/Schools - April 1998
Education chiefs ponder how to spare rod
Officials discuss replacements for cane

Corporal Punishment: Bending the Truth
Caning is effective, 'violence' equation is hogwash, opines leader-writer

South Africa/Schools - May 1998
How to discipline school hooligans
Teachers at their wit's end but chastisement won't help -- Editorial

South Africa/Schools - June 1998
Christian Schools Say Ban on Caning is Unconstitutional
Contrary to Christian principles, say 209 independent schools

South Africa/Judicial - July 1998
People's court dishes out tough justice to 'Romeo' (illustrated)
Man, 54, pictured, displays weals on buttocks after sjambok punishment by local tribal court

South Africa/Schools - August 1998
Corporal punishment request to be discussed by Education Ministry
Teachers clamour for return of the cane

Threat to spread school boycott
Students protest government neglect, continued corporal punishment

South Africa/Schools - October 1998
Constitutional Court dismisses corporal punishment application
Christian schools lose fight to keep the cane

South Africa/Judicial - November 1998
Unlikely allies fight crime
Criminals can be cured through CP, says vigilante group

Sudan flag SUDAN

Sudan/Judicial - April 1998
Flogging stopped for women, seniors
Judicial c.p. to be limited to men under 60, with some exceptions

Eswatini flag SWAZILAND (now renamed Eswatini)

Swaziland/Schools - December 1998
Primary school pupils smoke dagga, wear caps
Teachers beat them, but kids not prepared to change their ways

Thailand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Schools - October 1998
Bid to ban caning in Thai schools
1972 caning regulation is outdated, say educationalists

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - April 1998
Appeal judges confirm rapist's 20-year sentence
24-year-old also to receive ten strokes with the birch

14 years, 10 strokes for chopping
Jail term and a birching for "brutal and vicious" attacker, 38

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - May 1998
12 years, 12 lashes for burning wife
Birching ordered for 33-year-old

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - July 1998
Judge wants heavy jail for bandits
Youngster loses his appeal against 10-stroke flogging sentence

Trinidad & Tobago/Schools - July 1998
Minister takes a beating for whipping talk
Education minister supports CP in schools

Trinidad & Tobago/Judicial - October 1998
Robber gets 66 years in jail
And 20-stroke flogging for 25-year-old

Appeal Court adds 15 strokes to life term
Attempted murderer, 33, will now also be birched

Judge describes prisoner's flogging as 'monstrous'
Prison mistakenly administers 15-stroke birching before appeal is heard

Rapist gets 15 years and 15 strokes
Court orders birching for ten-years-ago attack

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Judicial - March 1998
Boy gets 12 strokes for defilement
14-year-old cautioned and caned after sex with girl he wants to marry

Uganda/Schools - May 1998
A diary of caning, caning, and more caning
Writer recalls 1970s schooling

UK Ugandans rush kids to Kampala schools
No discipline in UK, say parents

Uganda/Judicial - June 1998
Police, DSO disarm vigilantes
Ten given the cane for misusing arms and ammunition

Uganda/Judicial - July 1998
Kabale chief gets 50 strokes for womanising
Caned for poaching another man's wife

Uganda/Schools - September 1998
Schools to teach 'Peace' studies
Students get CP without fair hearing, claims pressure group

Uganda/Judicial - November 1998
Mbale robbers get 7 years
Two receive six strokes of cane each

Man caned over obscene words
Labourer, 21, ignored warnings against obscenity

Uganda/Schools - November 1998
Makerere don backs corporal punishment
Cane essential for learning but must be directed exactly at buttocks, says professor


UK/Schools - January 1998
How childcare was hijacked
Anti-CP campaigns serve to further the paedophile agenda, claims writer

UK/Schools - March 1998
MPs set to ban cane in public [= private] schools
Move to ban 'six of the best'
CP hangs on in only a few private schools

Last vestiges of caning swept away
Parliament votes total abolition

Mad about beating the boy
CP 'victims' become its most fervent advocates, says writer

Cane mutiny boosts Tories
Report of House of Commons debate

UK/Judicial - March 1998
A fair price to pay
Judicial CP would be much cheaper than prison, and just as effective, argues writer

UK/Schools - May 1998
Benefits of the strap in schools
The lunatics have taken over the asylum, says former teacher

UK/Schools - June 1998
Corporal punishment outlawed
Cane bows out as House of Lords last-ditch stand fails

UK/Schools - September 1998
"Bend over," said the head. It didn't quite hurt him as much as it hurt me
Columnist recalls prep-school slippering

UK/Domestic - September 1998
Caning ruled illegal
Human Rights Court sides with boy caned by stepfather

The inhuman beating that makes reform inevitable
Government will have to change law, but ruling does not ban all CP

Parents to keep right to smack
Spanking without an implement still OK, says Minister

Minister pledges to spare the rod but draw a line
But pressure groups want all smacking outlawed too

Parental right that smacks of a bygone age
Overview of CP's chequered career

UK/Illicit - November 1998
Dentist 'spanked girl trainee in exam test'
Dentist 'horrified by spanking claim'
Tears as dentist cleared of spanking teenager (illustrated)
General Dental Council clears dentist, pictured, of bare-bottom spanking allegations

UK/Schools - November 1998
I was beaten for stammering, says Wilcox
TV celebrity recalls wartime canings by grammar school headmaster

Wilcox claim is rubbish, says fellow stammerer
Contemporaries come to defence of alma mater


US/Domestic - January 1998
Dad Takes a Beating Over His 12-Year-Old's Spanking
Columnist describes outrage at trial of man who disciplined his son

US/Schools - January 1998
City school board to discuss ban on paddling
Some Memphis school principals still apply CP, wish to continue

Paddles will stay in city schools
Memphis board rejects paddle ban

Fair debate: School board handles paddling issue well
The stronger argument won, avers editorialist

US/Schools - February 1998
A school with 2 R's: rules and results
Mississippi model boarding school uses paddle to good effect

School board to discuss paddling
Manatee School Board, Florida, considers reinstating CP

Paddling pro/cons debated
Manatee parents can't agree

Paddling: moot point
Corporal punishment would bring schools big trouble, asserts leader-writer

Branstad reconsiders corporal punishment
Iowa Governor open to paddle's return

Lawmakers provide paddling shield for school administrators
South Carolina debates reinforcing discipline

Discipline: tough problem to define, tougher to enforce (illustrated)
South Carolina paper sets out arguments, shows picture of paddle

Children need paddling to learn about limits
Manatee letter-writer, 20, demands return of CP

Prosecutors drop charge in NC paddling
Three students paddled for fighting

US/Illicit - March 1998
No Charges in Alleged VMI Hazing
Freshmen at military university "spanked with belt"

US/Schools - March 1998
State readers say trouble starts with parents
S. Carolina residents calls for paddle swats, school uniforms, parenting education

US/Schools - April 1998
Police Chief sues ex-coach
Boy allegedly beaten at Texas school

US/Illicit - May 1998
In Honor Code Case, VMI Expels Students on Both Ends of Spankings
Expelled VMI cadets to take finals as case heads to court (illustrated)
More hazing claims at military college

11 fraternity members charged with assault
University pledges were caned on their buttocks

US/Schools - May 1998
Batesville spares rod more than others
But another Arkansas district clocked up 852 paddlings

Choosing to succeed
Black boarding school rewards youths who make the sacrifices needed, paddles them when necessary

US/Judicial - June 1998
Ald. Bosley is trying again to legalise paddling as punishment for vandals in city
St Louis politician calls for public vote on JCP

US/Schools - June 1998
District settles lawsuit without admitting guilt
Four OK students paddled after alleging maltreatment

Schools to continue allowing paddling
CP deters through word of mouth, claims Indiana assistant principal

US/Domestic - July 1998
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child
The experts are wrong, writes experienced parent

US/Schools - July 1998
Ignacio Schools Adopt Spanking In All Grades
Colorado district gives principals the right to swat

Birmingham In Apparent Minority In Ruling Out The Paddle
Birmingham bans CP but other Alabama districts want to keep it

Corporal punishment on books, rarely used
School districts surrounding Birmingham that still paddle are listed

US/Domestic - August 1998
Alabama Native Says Corporal Punishment Is God-Given Right
Pastor defends use of belt on his 11-year-old son

US/Schools - August 1998
Poll Shows School Violence Is Of Great Concern In State
Oklahomans, worried about school safety, endorse continued use of paddle

A Code of Conduct: Discipline Varies Across School District Boundaries
Oklahoma school punishments detailed

Riverside celebrating 28th year
Old-fashioned, traditional Louisiana academy enforces strict discipline with paddle

Paddle's thwack the answer to school troubles
Banning of CP has spawned massive proliferation of disobedience, argues columnist

Poshard Would Let Schools Paddle Pupils
Candidate for Illinois Governor would reverse ban on CP

Poshard takes a beating over spanking stand
Teachers tackle would-be governor after remarks on CP

Mt. Pleasant School Board OKs Discipline Policy
Pennsylvania district leaves paddle in place

Time for corporal punishment
Need for a return to discipline and authority, says letter-writer

US/Domestic - September 1998
A Good Whuppin'?
Debate over parental spanking in the black community

US/Schools - September 1998
Corporal Punishment Under Scrutiny
Pennsylvania paddling regulations analysed

Don't Spank Our Kids, Parents Tell Schools
Ohio parents divided over paddling

Paddling issue not settled yet
Ohio districts still using the paddle are listed

NCH Parents Say No To Paddling
Parents in Ohio district disapprove of CP

US/Judicial - October 1998
Corporal punishment will reduce crime
Iowa university columnist calls for Singapore-style caning

US/Schools - October 1998
Adams Co. task force recommends return of corporal punishment
Ohio school board considers bringing back paddle

Dressed to kill
Texas high school gives swats for gang-related clothing

Bruises spark school paddling probe
South Carolina parent requests paddling for child, then complains about result

Keep Paddling Out Of Schools, Panel Says
Task force recommends no CP in Ohio district

Teacher suspended for spanking
Ohio teacher spanks first-grader, gets 3 days off work

Teacher Suspended for Paddling
He violated district ban on CP dating from 1989

US/Domestic - November 1998
Neighbor accused of spanking boy
8-year-old's bike tire hit 86-year-old's marigolds

What happened to discipline?
Wisconsin letter-writer urges fathers to use razor strop

US/Reformatory - November 1998
Fighting to free a grandson
14-year-old Colorado boy locked up in Louisiana paddling institution

US/Schools - November 1998
No Charges But Principal Resigns After Spanking Incident
Row over illegal spanking of Illinois boy, 8

Elementary teacher sued for hitting student with yardstick
Georgia father sues fifth-grade teacher

Recalling sorrows of algebra
Columnist recalls 1940s classroom paddlings in SC

New policy at Texas high school means choice of paddle swats or suspension for repeated latecomers

NCH Board Rejects Paddling In Schools
Ohio district votes unanimously against CP

US/Domestic - December 1998
Judge says pastor may not spank his son
Massachusetts minister loses fight to strap his 11-year-old

US/Judicial - December 1998
Public flogging suggested as crime solution
Crime would plummet, claims Mississippi city alderman

Can caning end impeachment?
Singaporeans suggest cane as way out of Clinton impasse

US/Reformatory - December 1998
Teen held in La. camp flies home
15-year-old Colorado boy escapes fundamentalist spanking regime

Medina refuge turns 40
Texas children's home, noted for past whippings, still uses CP

US/Schools - December 1998
Father contends wrestler paddled
Tennessee coach under investigation

Principal charged with paddling freshman too hard
Georgia pro-CP dad outraged at 15-year-old son's bruised tail

The growing police state of our public schools
Colorado writer laments replacement of paddles with resident police

flag YEMEN

Yemen/Judicial - November 1998
Yemeni Man Flogged For Selling, Drinking Alcohol
Receives 80 lashes in front of court building, also jailed and fined

Zambia flag ZAMBIA

Zambia/Judicial - March 1998
Two rapists jailed 5 years
Court also orders them to receive five strokes of the cane

Zambia/Judicial - April 1998
Amend trespass law, parley told
Ten strokes of the cane each for two, and judge orders them to be administered that very day

Zambia/Judicial - September 1998
Cells fighter to be caned
Eight strokes ordered for 21-year-old after assault in police cell

Zambia/Judicial - November 1998
Mother killer in for 10 years
19-year-old farmer also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the cane

Zambia/Judicial - December 1998
Lawyers seek abolition of corporal punishment
Judicial canings dished out indiscriminately, says Law Association


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