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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP

Archive - 2007

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Antigua flag ANTIGUA & BARBUDA

Antigua/Judicial - February 2007
Court orders 12 lashes for juvenile offenders
Four teen boys sentenced

12 strokes for young burglar
15-year-old is ordered caning for housebreaking and larceny

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - June 2007
Abbott suggests return to hitting
Kids may need the strap: Abbott (with video clip)
Vicious behaviour by kids shows abolition of CP is not working, says minister; video shows discussion of caning by schoolkids

Australia/Domestic - September 2007
Brush spanking mum walks free
She punished daughter on bare buttocks with a hearth brush

Bahamas flag THE BAHAMAS

Bahamas/Schools - March 2007
New breed of students
But some schools are still using the cane

Bahamas/Judicial - May 2007
Child Rapist Sentenced To Flogging, Prison Term (illustrated)
Offender, pictured, is awarded 10 strokes with the cat

Bahamas/Judicial - June 2007
Rod not spared yet for rapist
Appeal decision awaited on two flogging sentences

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - February 2007
Rowdy student sentenced and lashed
32-year-old gets seven strokes on bare buttocks

UB Peeping Tom Lashed
Court sentences student, 28, to four strokes on his bare buttocks

Botswana/Judicial - March 2007
Dread locked: Rastaman sent to jail
Youth about to be caned goes berserk, is jailed

Botswana/Judicial - April 2007
Angolan Refugee Gets Away With Six Strokes
Caning for 32-year-old who broke girlfriend's arm

Botswana/Judicial - June 2007
Molepolole Headman Justifies Woman's Flogging (illustrated)
She got four lashes; order by village chief, pictured, was ultra vires

Botswana/Judicial - August 2007
For male eyes only?
Court floggings described

Botswana/September - August 2007
Six strokes sends man on the run
He broke loose from cops after caning

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - February 2007
12 years, 12 strokes for abduction, rape
Court punishes man, 28, for attack on waitress

Brunei/Judicial - March 2007
Police solve serial car break-ins, theft (illustrated)
Three thirtysomething robbers, pictured, get jail and caning

Brunei/Judicial - August 2007
Two get jail and lashes for rape and escape
Heavy caning sentences for twentysomethings

9 Years Jail & 12 Strokes For Convict
Punishment for gang robber, 34

Over 1,000 foreigners deported
53 overstayers caned so far this year

Brunei/Judicial - December 2007
68 illegal workers caned in Brunei
Most receive three strokes

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Judicial - February 2007
Once Upon a Crime: Robbers get the lash
1931 Winnipeg case recalled: two "brazen" bank robbers sentenced to cat o' nine tails

Canada/Domestic - April 2007
Un cours de fessée! (with video clip)
School board introduces spanking lessons for parents; video shows simulated parental CP

Canada/Illicit - November 2007
Rumours run wild in Que. police initiation probe
"Rookie cop initiation nights" included "a firm smack on the buttocks"

Czech Republic flag CZECH REPUBLIC

Czech Republic/Schools - June 2007
Poll: Kids need stricter discipline
25% want teachers to be able to spank pupils

France flag FRANCE

France/Domestic - December 2007
French parents back smacking, survey shows
87% apply la fessée to their children, but other forms of CP are rare

Ghana flag GHANA

Ghana/Schools - October 2007
Cane them into line
Chiefs want ordinary teachers to have the right to use CP, not just head teachers

Ghana/Schools - November 2007
African cane tames unruly British pupils
UK parents send teens to Ghana for strict schooling, with caning; kids agree it works

Guyana flag GUYANA

Guyana/Schools - January 2007
Row over corporal punishment
Education Ministry says it is standing firm to retain CP

India flag INDIA

India/Schools - February 2007
Sale of cane goes on unabated
Shopkeepers sell several canes a day to teachers

Iran flag IRAN

Iran/Judicial - May 2007
Whipped for two beers (illustrated)
Man, 35, shows weals on back and legs after 130 lashes for drinking

Iran/Judicial - August 2007
Rough justice: 80 lashes for 'immoral' Iranian who abused alcohol and had sex (illustrated)
Flogging of 25-year-old is pictured as large crowd watches

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Judicial - January 2007
Prison escapee captured after 26 yrs
He received 5 of his sentence of 10 lashes on the way in in 1974

Japan flag JAPAN

Japan/Schools - January 2007
Japan schools to rethink beating
Govt-appointed panel calls for end to policy of leniency for recalcitrant schoolkids

Japan/Schools - February 2007
Govt redefines corporal punishment by teachers
New guidelines still forbid inflicting physical pain

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Schools - April 2007
Teachers Still Use the Cane
School CP was 'abolished' six years ago but is still in use

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 2007
Jail, rotan for raping virgin (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, gets 10 strokes of the cane

Sex predator gets 40 years' jail, 24 strokes (illustrated)
Maximum caning sentence for repeat offender, 23, pictured

Six of the best for illegal entry
Jail and caning for seven foreigners

Taxi driver gets 20 years' jail and rotan for rape (illustrated)
Four strokes for 31-year-old, pictured, who had already been jailed and caned for an earlier offence

17 Indons given maximum sentence for entering country illegally
Six strokes each for another batch of young immigrants

Youth gets 15 years and four strokes of rotan for rape, molest (illustrated)
24-year-old, pictured, attacked girl of 13

Indon gets 14 years, 5 strokes for seriously hurting colleague (illustrated)
Caning for sailor, 24, pictured, who got into a fight

Malaysia/Schools - January 2007
Form taskforce to check violence in schools: Lam Thye
Crime prevention panel says schools must use the rotan whenever necessary to reinforce discipline and prevent violence

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2007
Former used-car salesman gets 10 years jail, 10 lashes for drugs (illustrated)
Caning ordered for 43-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - March 2007
Jail, rotan for drug trafficking
Ten strokes for 28-year-old

Offenders to pay price as adults
Two 22-year-olds get 10 strokes each, but as they were under 18 at the time of the crime, the punishment is to be delivered with the lighter juvenile cane

Whipping up a case
Maybe employers of illegals will now be caned as well as the immigrants themselves, says editorial

Illegal migrant workers in Malaysia may escape the cane
Lawyers call for the abolition of judicial CP

Incestuous stepdad gets reduced sentence, additional strokes
Offender, 40, to have 15 strokes of rotan instead of nine

Malaysia/Schools - March 2007
War on indiscipline in schools intensifies
New regulations set out procedure for schoolboy CP

School discipline: Better to use cane than to churn out rotten adults
Former teacher supports careful CP under strict guidelines

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2007
38 years, 32 strokes for rapist bomoh (illustrated)
45-year-old, pictured, used wife's help to rape teenagers

10 years' jail and rotan for cabby on drug charge (illustrated)
10 strokes for man, 41, pictured, who had packets of heroin

Man gets six years for rape (illustrated)
Plus three strokes of the rotan for 28-year-old, pictured

Cane my client and set him free, lawyer tells prison
Drug man's jail term is up following appeal, but prison waiting for instructions before giving him his 10 strokes

Malaysia/Schools - April 2007
Malaysian teacher caned by school principal
Thought 28-year-old teacher was a student

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2007
Addict seeks more strokes for daughter's love (illustrated)
30-year-old, pictured, gets 10 strokes of the rotan

Worker gets 60 years for sodomy (illustrated)
And 22 strokes of the cane for sexual offender, 35, pictured

Move whips up interest
JCP not included in new trafficking bill

Penalty upped from one to 12 strokes of rotan
27-year-old embezzler's sentence dramatically increased on appeal

Malaysia/Schools - May 2007
Grateful for being caned? (illustrated)
"Fetch the cane and touch your toes" was motto of 1960s headmaster, pictured

Profile: Great Scot
Former pupils fondly recall caning headmaster

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2007
Jailed but shows no remorse (illustrated)
12 years plus 14 strokes of the cane for man, 28, pictured, who sodomised boys

16 years 'too long' for drug offender (illustrated)
30-year-old, pictured, is also to receive 10 strokes of the rotan

Five bus hijackers jailed
They also all get two to three strokes of the cane

Judge flays man for raping daughter
Father, 40, sentenced to 40 years' jail and 24 strokes

Bid to abolish caning for child offenders
Courts' power to sentence boys to whipping may be removed

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2007
14 years' jail, rotan for two Sathia gang members (illustrated)
Twentysomething multiple robbers, pictured, ordered to be caned

Jail and rotan for man who raped schoolteacher
He was 17 at the time; now 22, he gets 12 years in jail and three strokes of the cane

Raping and sodomising niece: Man gets 25 yrs, 17 strokes
Heavy punishment for 38-year-old

10,299 aliens tried, only 33 deported
2,922 canings in seven months

Malaysia/Schools - July 2007
Seeking solutions to a punishing task
Education minister discusses caning guidelines

Back disciplinary action, PTAs urged
Parents must not criticise discipline teachers, says MP

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2007
Malaysian minister defends caning of prisoners as gruesome video appears on internet
But nothing new to readers of this website

Restaurant owner gets rotan and jail for hiring illegals (illustrated)
33-year-old, pictured, is first-ever employer to be caned

Cracking the whip
Caning of employer of illegals sends much-needed message, says newspaper editorial

Rapist dad gets 50 years' jail
And 24 strokes of the cane for man, 45, who raped own daughters

Malaysia/Schools - August 2007
Don wants parents to stop meddling in teachers' actions
Teachers must be free to take disciplinary action, he says

School says sorry for caning that left bruises
Parents demand explanation for bruised buttocks after 30 students disciplined

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2007
'Guilty', but he wants to get off easy (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, is sentenced to six strokes

Sorry sight but judge unmoved (illustrated)
Rapist, 36, pictured, has 12-stroke caning sentence confirmed on appeal

Jail and rotan for rape, abduction (illustrated)
19 years in jail and five rotan strokes for 28-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Schools - September 2007
Students may get public caning
Government still pondering new school CP rules

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2007
Ten years for rape of minor (illustrated)
And five strokes of the rotan for 48-year-old, pictured

Rapist-robber gets 18 years and rotan (illustrated)
Assailant, pictured, is to receive eight strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2007
Convict vents anger on lensmen (illustrated)
49-year-old, pictured, gets jail plus rotan for sodomy

43 years' jail, rotan for pimping, sexual abuse
Man, 32, is awarded 20 strokes of the cane for offences including procuring 14-year-old girl

15 years for forging papers
"Harshest sentence ever meted out" for falsifying permits includes 6 strokes for Indonesian, 37

Ex-construction worker gets 10 years, 10 strokes of rotan
33-year-old possessed 428g of cannabis

Malaysia/Schools - November 2007
Bring back public caning
Malaysian schoolgirls could face caning, amid calls for more classroom discipline
Strong support for caning
'Stop naughty schoolgirls with the cane'
Girls should be caned too but do it right
Legalising of CP for errant female students get thumbs-up from readers, parents, teachers

Malaysia/Schools - December 2007
Caning does more harm than good
Using the rod does discipline children
Discipline teachers have no choice
Caning of schoolgirls is nothing new
Caning in school should be the last resort
School CP controversy rages on

Maldives flag MALDIVES

Maldives/Judicial - July 2007
Another pedophile given banishment sentence
Plus 19 lashes for having repeated sex with schoolgirl

New Zealand flag NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand/Schools - February 2007
School in corporal punishment spotlight (with video clip)
Christian school gets parents to come and wield the paddle

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - April 2007
Man, Student Flogged for Stealing
27-year-old gets 8 strokes and 30 days in prison; teen boy gets 12 strokes of the cane on the spot

Nigeria/Judicial - August 2007
Sharia Court Jails 13-year-old
Boy thief is also given 12 strokes of the cane

Nigeria/Schools - August 2007
Terror gangs in Osun public schools
Prefects given 25 strokes of the cane

Nigeria/Judicial - October 2007
Inside a Sharia Court (with video clips)
TV cameras capture judicial canings of several offenders

Nigeria/Judicial - November 2007
Adultery - Man Gets 100 Strokes of Cane
27-year-old "promptly caned publicly" after court hearing

Iron Thieves Get Flogging Or Jail Option From Court
Ten strokes of the cane is choice for two who stole rods

Nigeria/Schools - December 2007
Osun govt re-introduces corporal punishment in schools
Authorities worried by levels of indiscipline in secondary schools

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Judicial - October 2007
Islamic vigilante group lashes kidnappers
Three men get public whipping in Swat

Qatar flag QATAR

Qatar/Judicial - February 2007
Expat sentenced to 40 lashes
Arab ordered to be flogged and deported after drinking

99 lashes for impregnating woman out of wedlock
Plus a year in jail for 36-year-old

Qatar/Judicial - November 2007
'My whole back felt like it was on fire': As a British teacher faces 40 lashes, one man speaks out (illustrated)
First-person recollection by Briton, pictured, of 1993 flogging


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - March 2007
Imprisonment, lashes for run-away Saudi woman
20-year-old sent to reformatory and ordered to receive 60 lashes

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - April 2007
Runaway maids face jail and flogging
70 lashes each for two Sri Lankan housemaids

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - July 2007
2 Sentenced for Riyadh Taxi Robbery
Jail and lashes for two Saudis

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - August 2007
Jail, Lashes and Fine for Fraudster
He will receive 50 lashes at each of 20 whipping sessions

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - November 2007
Drunk Driving: National Player Gets 80 Lashes
Alleged intervention by "important personalities" fails to save sportsman from a whipping

Two Cases Shed Light on Floggings in Muslim World
International focus on case of woman sentenced to lashes as punishment for being raped

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2007
Jail, cane for brains behind Malaysian passport racket (illustrated)
Four strokes of the cane for 35-year-old, pictured

Cabby gets jail, caning for vandalising speed camera (illustrated)
Taxi driver, 43, pictured, ordered to receive three strokes of the cane

Man raped stepdaughter again and again
38-year-old is sentenced to the maximum 24 strokes of the cane

Doctor basher (illustrated)
Former drug addict, 46, pictured, to have 12 strokes of the cane after punching and robbing GP

24 years' jail, cane for rapist stepdad
24-stroke caning ordered for 29-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - February 2007
Drunk Thai worker attached man at friend's bidding
Eight years in prison and 12 strokes of the cane for 31-year-old

Sentence cut for waiter who helped boss
Six-stroke caning reduced to 2 strokes on appeal

Singapore/Judicial - March 2007
Jail, caning for 2 Nepalese students
Youths, 20 and 22, get three strokes each for assault; victim had himself recently been caned for overstaying

Agent gets jail, cane for molesting 2 maids (illustrated)
Maid agent, 39, pictured, jailed 14 months and ordered six strokes

He escapes hangman twice
25 years in jail and 15 strokes of the cane for trafficker, 36

Rapist gets 16 years, 10 strokes (illustrated)
Pet shop owner with record of gangsterism, 36, pictured, raped girl, 14

8 years' jail, 21 strokes for robber who cornered girls, woman in lifts (illustrated)
27-year-old recidivist, pictured, robbed women at knifepoint

Man gets jail, cane for role in robbery (illustrated)
12 strokes and 10 years' jail for robber, 45, pictured

10 years' jail, cane for man who tried to rape 13-year-old (illustrated)
37-year-old, pictured, is to receive 14 strokes

Burglar has 24 strokes halved, jailed 3 more years (illustrated)
On appeal, less cane but more prison for student, 27, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - April 2007
Man gets jail, cane for harassing debtors
22-year-old is ordered to be given 14 strokes of the cane

The butt of jokes
Actor, baring buttocks for first time, has to have four cane scars applied by special effects department for TV play

$270 robbery left man dead; 4 jailed, get 24 strokes each (illustrated)
Four twentysomethings, all sentenced to maximum caning, are pictured

Man jailed, caned for role in cellphone heist (illustrated)
Six years and 12 strokes for 37-year-old, pictured

Man gets jail, cane for molesting 2 boys in his flat (illustrated)
Gay bus driver, 27, pictured, given 13 months' prison and three strokes for fondling 16-year-olds

Rapist gets 28 years jail and 24 strokes (illustrated)
'Brutal' 33-year-old, pictured, raped and sodomised 3 young women in their homes in the space of 9 days

Singapore/Reformatory - April 2007
In other homes, counselling and 'time-out' method often work
Caning reserved for serious disciplinary problems in children's homes

Rules in place
Three boys caned at orphanage since it introduced CP last autumn

Orphanage ticked off 2 assistant supervisors
Deputy supervisor had been sacked for punching boys; orphanage is pictured

Singapore/Schools - April 2007
'Gangster school' fights back with lots of heart
Turn-around secondary school used to mete out 80 canings a year; former student, now 19, recalls three canings

Singapore/Judicial - May 2007
7 years, cane for phone jacking, break-ins (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, gets six-stroke sentence after over 130 offences

Jail, cane for man who got teens to rob woman (illustrated)
Six strokes for robber, 41, pictured

Jail and caning for man who fooled cop into handing over gun (illustrated)
Conman, 32, pictured, jailed 14 years, is also to receive 18 strokes

Singapore/Judicial - June 2007
5 jailed for robbing man of fake gold chain
Six strokes each for twentysomethings

Man who hit doctor gets jail and caning (illustrated)
29-year-old, pictured, is to receive three strokes of the cane

Vandal caned three strokes more than ordered
Administrative error means 20-year-old is given eight strokes instead of five

Singapore/Domestic - July 2007
Will the rod harden our soft and pampered youth?
Unwillingness to discipline the young when needed; parental caning worked for me, says student, 23

Singapore/Judicial - July 2007
3 extra strokes for prisoner: Govt regrets error
Prisoners given chance to confirm sentence beforehand
Official statement about prison error in which offender, 20, got eight strokes instead of the five ordered

I only want enough for my son
Govt sorry for error
Mother of excessively caned prisoner bargains for compensation

Why weren't processes tightened after '88 error?
Letterwriter concerned about administrative mistake over prison caning

Mastermind gets 15 years' jail, 24 strokes
Heavy penalty for 39-year-old in cellphone heist

Bogus S-League footballer jailed and caned
Nigerian, 33, is given four strokes for illegal entry and punching a policeman

Cane victim's lawyer: Govt open to 'a fair settlement'
More negotiations over prison error

CJ expresses deep concern over extra caning case: Jayakumar
Law Minister reports to Parliament on prison error

Caning mistake: Judge punished
Judge who signed off on wrong number of strokes is taken off criminal cases

Jail, caning for man who molested girl, 5 (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, gets three years and six strokes

Singapore/Judicial - August 2007
Once successful businessman goes on crime spree (illustrated)
41-year-old, pictured, gets five years plus 24 strokes of cane

Once a hero, now he's killed a man
Twelve strokes of the cane for bartender, 27

Jail, caning for man who knifed friend (illustrated)
Attacker, 30, pictured, is to receive six strokes of the cane

Son's stabbing charge helps father come around (illustrated)
27-year-old, pictured, will be given 12 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Prisons - August 2007
Commit a serious offence in prison? You risk a caning
Newspaper explains "little-known" rules on CP for internal prison offences

Singapore/Judicial - September 2007
22 years' jail for robbing and raping two prostitutes (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, also gets 24 strokes of the cane

Fatal assault near nightspot: 7 jailed, caned (illustrated)
Aged between 20 and 33, all seven are pictured

Robber gets jail, caning
Eight strokes for 23-year-old

Gruesome murder by m-cycle gang: Six get jail, caning (illustrated)
Sentences ranging from 6 to 18 strokes for six offenders, pictured

Duo jailed for fatal stabbing 10 years ago (illustrated)
One of them, now aged 35, pictured, will also receive a six-stroke caning

Singapore/Judicial - October 2007
Lightning conductor thief sentenced
27 months' jail and 15 strokes of the cane for vandal, 43

Singapore/Judicial - November 2007
Man gets jail, caning for attempted robbery (illustrated)
Recidivist, 45, pictured, ordered to undergo six strokes of the cane

Robber gets six years, 24 strokes
22-year-old preyed on Chinese women's valuables

Cabby gets 3 years, 12 strokes for helping robbers escape
Taxi driver, 41, intentionally aided criminals

Man who robbed clinic gets 8 years, 24 strokes (illustrated)
"Unremorseful" repeat offender, 33, is pictured

Singapore/Judicial - December 2007
He goes from loan shark victim to loan shark runner
37-year-old is ordered to undergo an eight-stroke caning

Woodlands serial molester sentenced to jail, caning (illustrated)
Ten strokes of the cane for youth, 21, pictured

Jail, cane for man who broke into 40 premises
Serial robber, 42, jailed for 9 years with 24 strokes of the cane

Half-naked man attacked boy
Three years and three strokes for 23-year-old sex offender

Are these ex-cons jumping on the bandwagon to get a big pay-off?
Now more former prisoners claim they received more strokes of the cane than ordered

South Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - February 2007
Mother lays assault charges against teacher
13 pupils caned 5 strokes each on their backsides for not wearing uniform

South Korea flag SOUTH KOREA

South Korea/Schools - March 2007
North Korean Teen Defectors Face Huge Challenges
Students, pictured, are surprised to find school caning is common, "unheard of" in communist North

Taiwan flag TAIWAN

Taiwan/Judicial - March 2007
Caning for sex offenders: DPP (illustrated)
Legislators urge introduction of JCP in a country that has never had it before; whip is shown at press conference, pictured

MOJ to consider caning for sex offenders
Government agrees to look at flogging proposal

Taiwan/Judicial - May 2007
MOJ opposes caning for sex offenders
Government rejects JCP proposal

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Judicial - March 2007
Prisoner on the run gets 30 years
Plus 24 strokes of the cane as sentence in absentia for missing 38-year-old

Tanzania/Judicial - May 2007
Migori resident gets 5 years jail term
Plus 12 strokes of the cane for assault with intent to steal

Bukoba residents jailed 30 years
Three aged 22, 28 and 35 also get 12 strokes each for firearms offences

Tanzania/Judicial - June 2007
Appeal court upholds 30-year jail term
Four armed robbers also ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane each

Tanzania/Judicial - July 2007
Four armed robbers sentenced to 30 years
They also each get 12 strokes of the cane

Tanzania/Judicial - October 2007
Dar resident is sentenced to 30 years jail and 12 strokes over rape
Court orders corporal punishment for 29-year-old who raped schoolgirl

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Schools - April 2007
RDC Canes Teacher
District official gives teacher taste of his own medicine

Uganda/Military - December 2007
Soldier caned for knocking Musaeveni's van
100 strokes administered in front of his fellow guards


UAE/Judicial - February 2007
Lashing 'is meant to be a deterrent, not torture'
Lawyers explain flogging guidelines

UAE/Judicial - April 2007
Legal Issue: Out With The Lash (illustrated)
Non-Muslims now immune from JCP under federal law; a whip is pictured


UK/Schools - January 2007
Sparing the rod
Caning was abolished 20 years ago. Do some teachers still wish it hadn't been?

UK/Schools - February 2007
Parents: Bring back the cane to restore order
'Bring back cane,' survey hints (illustrated)
Mums and dads say schools have gone soft; posed picture shows caning on hand

UK/Domestic - March 2007
Smacking 'would help cut crime'
Black police chief says CP is necessary for black boys' discipline but parents are afraid to use it

UK/Schools - March 2007
In rod we trusted
Historical overview of school CP on 20th anniversary of its abolition

UK/Schools - April 2007
How Dave the fruit thief was given six of the best with a clothes brush (illustrated)
Leader of the Opposition, pictured as a boy, was spanked at prep school in 1970s

UK/Schools - May 2007
They shouldn't have given up tawse so easily (illustrated)
Scottish columnist appalled at state of school discipline; posed picture of a primary-school tawsing

UK/Schools - June 2007
"We don't want 'barbaric' cane to return"
No going back to traditional school discipline, says government minister

UK/Schools - July 2007
School celebrates 100 years
London primary school throws open its archives, including caning record from 1969

'Caning book' from 1902 is a grim lesson for truants (illustrated)
Drawing of c.1900 shows boy about to be caned; northern junior school reveals extracts from its 1902 punishment book

UK/Schools - September 2007
"Non-school" stands defiant
Christian "tuition group" may smack its students because it's not legally a school

UK/Schools - November 2007
Mother sent stripper to school as a treat
Boy, 16, gets spanked on his birthday in front of class

Teachers in need of all our support
Columnist laments "these wishy-washy times", recalls slipperings by revered Latin teacher


US/Domestic - January 2007
Anti-Spanking Proposals Are Work Of Ideologues, Zealots
Comment on plan to outlaw parental CP in California: Argument over spanking is a shouting match between two equally untenable positions, says psychologist

US/Schools - January 2007
Union County Schools Ban Corporal Punishment
6-3 vote brings paddling to an end in a North Carolina district

Schools can't take a whack at discipline
Measured, judicious use of CP is acceptable and beneficial form of discipline, avers columnist

Proposal would give immunity to schools that spank (with video clip)
Kansas senator to introduce bill

Mississippi bucks corporal punishment trend
A look at some schools that still paddle

Power of the paddle: Schools debate corporal punishment
Controversy in Alabama, with school statistics

School Board eliminates paddling
CP banned in an Indiana district

US/Domestic - February 2007
Child spanking is discipline, not a form of abuse
Even liberal press says "Nanny-state" anti-spanking bill is absurd, observes columnist

Proposal to ban spanking is revised
California politician backs down after bill to ban parental CP is ridiculed

Student Stripped, Spanked By Aunt In Classroom
Second-grader whipped in front of class at MD Christian school

US/Judicial - February 2007
Trenton doled out punishments at whipping post
19th-century public floggings in New Jersey recalled

US/Schools - February 2007
Snobbery can run rampant in everyday life
Columnist recalls paddling by gym teacher

High School "Tails" of Yore
Reminiscences of 1950s paddlings

Students tour historic schoolhouse
Classroom miscreants in early 1800s had to bend over teacher's desk for paddling

Punishment in familiar form
Paddling statistics for some Alabama schools

Bill would ban swats in schools in Texas
State legislator files bill to ban CP

Area schools don't view spanking in same way
Attitudes to CP in various Texas districts

Spanking bill dies in Senate
Attempt to make school CP easier in Kansas fails

US/Domestic - March 2007
An ounce of prevention
Probation officer with new book out on juvenile delinquency says California bill to ban spanking is "ridiculous"

US/Schools - March 2007
'73 vs. '06 -- are we better off?
Columnist receives interesting e-mail

Coach spanked for paddling players
Probation for Indiana basketball coach

Bill would end corporal punishment in schools
Abolition of paddling mooted again in N. Carolina

Don't spare the rod
Writer, speaking from personal experience, is not convinced by anti-paddling propaganda

Person schools rarely use corporal punishment authority
Not much paddling in one NC district

Young voices
NC students' opinions on CP are divided

Chatham to review corporal discipline
Paddling at issue for another NC school board

Conway Schools To Reconsider Paddling (with video clip)
Paddling Could Come Back To Conway Schools
A return to CP is on the cards for a school district in Arkansas

US/Schools - April 2007
Who's paddling our children?
CP statistics for various N. Carolina school districts

One district makes paddling work
At district with 508 paddlings in latest year, superintendent says it is effective

Burke reports more spanking than any other county
County No. 3 in paddlings
More NC paddling figures

Schools consider ban on spanking
Another NC district may pre-empt state-level abolition

Poll: Residents support corporal punishment
54% of adults questioned in NC want paddling retained

Western ranks near top in spanking stats
Paddling figures for some schools in Ohio

US/Domestic - May 2007
Pols deserve swat for proposed spanking ban
Another attempt in Boston City Council to stop parents disciplining kids

US/Schools - May 2007
Parents Give Teachers License to Paddle
In one Ohio school district, spanking is always parents' choice; CP statistics given for other districts

Principal investigated for disciplining student with paddling
Student allegedly bruised in Tennessee

Wooddale Middle teacher criticizes MCS's Blue Ribbon Plan (with video clip)
No discipline since paddling was abolished in Memphis, she says

Paddling policy revised
An Alabama district gives CP rights back to ordinary teachers, not just administrators

House denies spanking measure
Bill to ban school CP fails in North Carolina

Jury hears of abuse by coaches
"Receiving wood" punishment as TN basketballers bent over chair

Coaches in Hamilton High paddling case deny any wrongdoing
Spanking was a tradition at TN school, they say

US/Domestic - June 2007
Spanking bill rejected
Bill to outlaw parental CP in California is thrown out

Spanking isn't so bad, is it?
Columnist puts a case for domestic CP

US/Schools - June 2007
Algood principal reinstated
Cleared of any wrongdoing over elementary paddling in TN

Coaches prevail in abuse lawsuit
Paddling of teen sportsmen vindicated by jury in TN court case

Life has consequences worse than paddling
Former teacher remains unconvinced by critics of CP

MCS Board member wants to resolve Blue Ribbon controversy (with video clip)
Memphis CP abolition dispute rumbles on and on

Schools call for parents' input on student behavior policy
Proposal to restrict school paddling in Montgomery AL

Corporal punishment: Should schools spank your kids?
CP abolished 1991 in Jackson MS, but some now want it restored

Corporal punishment deserves legitimate consideration
Reasonable to revisit a policy that once worked well, avers Mississippi editorialist

Schools OK pass, fail policy
An Alabama district refines its CP rules

US/Domestic - July 2007
Father faces abuse charge for allegedly spanking daughter
Bruises discovered on child in Rhode Island

State court sides with parents over spanking
Boy, 12, got 36 paddle licks in Minnesota

US/Schools - July 2007
Discipline at home, at school should be a joint effort
Former teacher says paddling solved problems, but urges strict guidelines; teachers must be trained in administering it

Most districts still use paddle
More on CP situation in Mississippi schools

Corporal punishment could help deter a life of crime
Schools are running to ruin without the paddle, claims reader

Memphis City Schools: Blue Ribbon Plan Criticized (with video clip)
Latest instalment in Memphis CP abolition dispute

US/Domestic - August 2007
The Judge and the belt (illustrated)
Ohio court rules that marks, pictured, on 8-year-old's back do not signify excessive punishment

US/Schools - August 2007
Parents against paddle, suspension (with video clip)
Boy, 10, suspended after parents refuse spanking permission

Use of paddles splits schools, parents
Controversy over CP in Georgia

Punishing replies (with video clip)
Angry parents, teachers and students, pictured, meet to criticize plan under which Memphis City Schools abandoned CP

US/Illicit - September 2007
Officer charged in alleged spanking (illustrated)
Texas cop, pictured, said to have spanked nude woman, 18

Authorities investigating paddling allegations against Judge Thomas (illustrated)
Young prisoners say they had to drop their pants for spanking from Alabama judge, pictured

US/Schools - September 2007
Board decision near on spanking ban
CP abolition mooted in an NC district

Perry Co. Paddling Incident Concerns Parents
CP in dispute at a Tennessee middle school

Public district limits spanking
Paddling rules tightened in one Florida district

When spanking becomes abuse
CP situation in various Oklahoma schools

Should Corporal Punishment be Brought Back?
Banned in Michigan in 1989 but now a local politician wants paddling restored

Board bans corporal punishment
No more paddling in one NC district

Parents Upset After Coach Allegedly Bruises Child
School paddling raises concerns over corporal punishment
Boy, 12, shows bruise on leg after paddling

US/Domestic - October 2007
A trip to the woodshed holds a lesson for all parents (with video clip)
Father whipped his 8-year-old's bottom

US/Illicit - October 2007
Judge resigns; complaints include spanking inmates
Sequel to courthouse paddling allegations

US/Judicial - October 2007
Whipping post was preferred punishment
Woman was sentenced to 30 lashes by Virginia court in 1880

US/Reformatory - October 2007
Orphanage changes procedures after shortcomings found in April
Baptist institution dished out "inordinately high" number of paddlings

Change vs. experience at heart of 15th-D race
New Jersey assembly candidate wants a reform school at which professional disciplinarians would spank errant youths on their backsides

US/Schools - October 2007
Coaches' playbooks shouldn't include paddling students
Comment on case of Texas student, 12

Some seek alternative to school corporal punishment
Paddling brings great results, says Oklahoma principal

Spanking may not make the grade
CP situation at various Oklahoma schools

Sparing the rod is the trend
Paddlings down in some Mississippi areas

US/Domestic - November 2007
State court to decide on legal limits of spanking
Case involved paddling of son, 12

Should Spanking Your Child Be Illegal? (illustrated)
Parental CP, pictured, under threat from proposed Massachusetts law

Anti-spanking bill is folly
Already plenty of laws against real child abuse, notes editorial

Bay State nurse wants corporal punishment banned in household
More on MA legislative bill against domestic CP

US/Schools - November 2007
Parents Object to Paddling
Mississippi junior high school in spotlight after punishment of boy

Trial set in corporal punishment case involving educator
18-year-old female student allegedly bruised in paddling

Caddo Mills student says high school's paddling punishment left marks (illustrated)
Texas boy, 15, pictured, took photo of his bottom after discipline for dress-code violation

US/Domestic - December 2007
Some lawmakers need a good spanking
Columnist is scandalized by Massachusetts anti-spanking proposal

Spare the rod, spoil the child?
Parental corporal punishment is discussed

US/Schools - December 2007
Loudon principal investigated in alleged paddling of 11-year-old (with video clip)
Boy's grandmother had given permission for the spanking

School paddling ban sought
Legislative moves to outlaw CP in Ohio

Caddo Mills school board backs principal in paddling incident
Boy was disciplined in line with policy; public turns out in support of principal

Strickland supports paddling ban
Ohio governor says he would sign bill to stop school CP

Push To Ban Paddling In Schools
More on proposed Ohio legislation

Area school districts against paddling students
Some Ohio districts have not used CP for many years

Bring Back The Paddle
Give errant students the right to opt for CP, urges columnist

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - February 2007
Lustful schoolboy to be caned
Court orders two strokes for teenager for fondling girl's breasts

Zimbabwe/Judicial - April 2007
Love of cellphones earns juvenile two canes
Magistrate orders thieving 17-year-old to report to prison for a caning

Zimbabwe/Judicial - May 2007
Naughty boys to get 3 strokes
Two teenagers caned for stealing goods

17-Year-Old Rapist Sentenced to Caning
He raped his five-year-old cousin

Zimbabwe/Judicial - June 2007
Juvenile to Be Caned
Boy, 17, will receive four strokes for stealing

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