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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP

Archive - 1996

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - October 1996
Afghan Capital's Residents Face Fundamental Shock
Taliban seize Kabul, floggings begin

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - July 1996
Children sent to Caribbean for 'basic' schooling
UK black parents want their kids to attend schools that use CP

Bermuda flag BERMUDA

Bermuda/Schools - June 1996
Spare the rod, urges children's advocate
New education code allows use of strap in schools

Earlier school report urged end to corporal punishment
But nothing came of 1980s committee recommendation

Bermuda/Judicial - August 1996
Edness gets tough
Public Safety Minister wants birch used for street crime

Bermuda/Judicial - September 1996
Edness: "Birch bag-snatchers"
Calls for stronger penalties to save tourism industry

"I didn't reach birch decision lightly" - Minister
Birch and cane should be added to the mix, he says

Birching "violates Human Rights Convention"
Bermuda is bound by European rules, lawyers point out


BVI/Judicial - August 1996
Governor against caning of criminals
Several tamarind switch sentences in past year

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - August 1996
Court throws out appeal of "drugs in pants" case
Cook to have 5 strokes of rotan

Trafficker gets 12 years, cane
10 strokes for 31-year-old

Brunei/Judicial - September 1996
Couple back behind bars
And husband, 39, gets caning for mischief

Cannabis trafficking couple jailed
Man given 9 years, 9 strokes of cane

Persistent car robber jailed, caned
28-year-old with 12 previous convictions gets 8 strokes of rotan

Brunei/Judicial - October 1996
Habitual thief gets sentence after sentence
Two more strokes on top of the 8 already ordered

Child abuse father sentenced
20 years in prison and 20 strokes of rattan

Brunei/Judicial - December 1996
Jail and cane for sex with minor
Six years plus cane for 25-year-old's offence from 6 years ago

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Judicial - January 1996
Crime and no punishment
Former guard says strapping produced 'model prisoners'

Canada/Judicial - April 1996
Can the Reform Party survive its 'moderates'?
Politician advocates Singapore system

Canada/Schools - June 1996
Movement to ban school strap gains ground
Alberta district reaffirms teachers' right to use CP

Canada/Schools - October 1996
Do our new-found ideas on children maybe explain the fact we can't control them?
Anti-spankers accused of "monumental arrogance" by co-founder of tough boys' boarding school where paddles swing

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Judicial - March 1996
Narrow escape for car robber
Middle-aged man gets 10 years, 10 strokes

Rasta kin, associates go to jail
Four get two strokes each

10-year jail for aids man who raped
10 years, 13 strokes of cane, for two rapists

Kenya/Judicial - November 1996
Man charged over city street siege
Two robbers jailed and caned

Man appeals his way to a death sentence
Instead of jail and cane

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - June 1996
Salesman jailed for cheating bank
Three rotan strokes for computer salesman, 41

Inmates who run away to be caned
Drug rehab centre absconders will be whipped, says Minister

Several NGOs against caning of runaway inmates
Organisations disagree on whether it will solve the problem

Dad gets jail, rotan for child abuse
Seven years, 6 strokes for lorry attendant, 31

Caning for staff who push drugs
Drug rehab centre staff may themselves be caned

Drug-trafficking NZ mother, son pardoned
Jail release for 30-year-old who received 6 strokes

Uncertain future for Cohens
Drug mother and son return to New Zealand

Malaysia/Schools - June 1996
United call for the cane
Chinese-medium schools in Malaysia known for their tight discipline

Gaining respect the heart of the issue
Teachers, parents, students give views on caning for boys

Power to cane will spawn abuse in class
Reader recalls painful strokes on buttocks

Malaysia/Judicial - July 1996
Magazine's $20,000 offer to Cohens obscene -- MP
NZ drug mother and son paid for exclusive story

Pahang looking into caning those convicted of religious offences
State government considering "thickness and length of cane"

Malaysia/Schools - July 1996
Malaysia ponders caning
Considering giving all teachers the right to use CP

Malaysia/Judicial - August 1996
Hockey coach uses landmark decision to lodge appeal
Court urged to order a retrial
38-year-old challenges jail and cane sentence

Man gets 20 years jail and cane for raping daughter
Ten years, 5 strokes of cane for estate supervisor, 37

Police "must monitor ex-addicts"
Mandatory whipping considered for drug rehab centre offenders

Pemadam lauds proposal
Organisation supports caning in centres

Malaysia/Schools - August 1996
Najib: Only principals can cane
Ministry had not considered giving CP power to all teachers

Seminar wants clearer guidelines on caning
Unanimous support for cane as last resort

Malaysia/Judicial - September 1996
Father-of-two gets jail and cane for sodomy
16 years, 6 strokes for 38-year-old who attacked small boy

Rapist dad gets longer jail term
High Court increases caning from 3 to 15 strokes

Cops: Cane illegal road racers
Would stop them endangering public, says police boss

Dr Ling: I support caning of illegal racers
Transport Minister agrees with police

Malaysia/Judicial - October 1996
Inspector's appeal against rape conviction dismissed
Policeman, 33, given 14 years, 5 strokes of cane

Malaysia to cane, deport illegal workers
"Very severe" PM follows Singapore's lead

Groups back Govt's plan to cane illegals
Effective deterrent "long overdue"

Shahidan: Cane first-timers too
Leader of border State gets tough on illegals from Thailand

Court turns down appeal by habitual criminal
Second caning for gangster upheld

Traffic police recommend caning for illegal racers
Even first offenders will be caned

Malaysia/Judicial - November 1996
Rapist dad earns judge's ire, get 15 years' jail
And 15 strokes of cane for "worse than animal" 40-year-old

Ling wants highway stone-throwers to be caned and jailed
Transport minister urges "stern punishment"

Man loses appeal against life term
High Court upholds 12-stroke rotan sentence on robber, 37

Businessman jailed for cheating bank of $4 million
His 47-year-old accomplice gets 4 strokes of rotan

Ex-welder gets jail, rotan for armed robbery
37-year-old had 12 strokes for previous conviction, now gets another six

Malaysia/Judicial - December 1996
Penang amends Syariah laws with stiffer penalties
Caning for sexual offences in northern State will apply to all Muslims

Members to debate new Bill on illegal aliens
Parliament considers increased jail terms and whipping

Life sentence man seeks clemency
Caned in 1981 at age 17


New Zealand/Schools - April 1996
Bring back cane, says trustee
Suspensions up since CP abolished

Much tougher discipline necessary in our schools
Abolition of caning had no mandate from parents, says letter-writer


Russia/Judicial - September 1996
Islamic punishment (illustrated)
Picture of caning under new Moslem law

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - May 1996
Hard stand on crime and punishment
Chief Justice rejects more lenient approach

Singapore/Judicial - June 1996
One loud yell ruins money plan (illustrated)
20-year-old failed robber, pictured, gets jail and 12 strokes

Robber who hit Japanese tourist gets jail and cane
10 years, 16 strokes after "cowardly attack" by previous offender, 32

Cut up for a prize watch (illustrated)
Unemployed 31-year-old, pictured, given 7 years, 12 strokes of cane

Marsiling molester jailed 6 years (illustrated)
Shameless menace to women, pictured, will also receive six strokes of cane

Ex-members of secret society get jail, cane, for ganging up to hurt man
Ten strokes each for three teens, 6 strokes for another

He was a car-a-day thief
39-year-old robber given 5 years' jail and 12 strokes

Three nabbed in hotel raid sentenced for drug offences
Heroin trafficker, 43, gets 20 years, 15 strokes

Mom marries man who molested girl
Six strokes, 2 years for 43-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - July 1996
Unlawful assembly offence: No need for person to take part to be liable
Six strokes for 22-year-old

Oriental hotel killing: Attacker acquitted of murder (illustrated)
But 25-year-old gets 18 strokes for robbery

Drug trafficker escapes death penalty narrowly
36-year-old gets 27 years and 15 strokes instead

4 get jail, caning for armed robbery and other crimes
6 strokes each for 3 gangsters, 18 strokes for fourth, 26

Shame on you, son (illustrated)
Two 29-year-olds, pictured, caned for molesting girl

Beat up and robbed his friend (illustrated)
Robber, 32, pictured, gets 3 years in prison and 12 strokes of cane

Jail and cane for youth who raped girlfriend
Six strokes each for two 16-year-old glue-sniffers

Singapore/Judicial - August 1996
Trial of PT instructor for heroin trafficking begins
Accomplices already caned and jailed

Singapore/Judicial - September 1996
Dutchman gets 6 years, cane for smuggling Ecstasy
Ten strokes for 48-year-old in transit

Sex offender's appeal rejected
Court upholds second caning sentence on recidivist molester

Man gets jail, caning for molesting daughter
15 strokes for father, 42

Good boy inside, Robber outside (illustrated)
16-year-old, pictured, gets 24 strokes

Thomson Plaza carpark robbers get jail, caning
Heavy cane sentences on two young men

"Romeo" stole old cars to pick up women at lounges
Jobless 39-year-old given 12 strokes, 5 years

They didn't know he's a pervert
Maximum caning and 5 years in jail for student, 20

He kicked trainees (illustrated)
Police instructor, 27, pictured, awarded CP and prison for grievous hurt

Singapore/Judicial - October 1996
Dad made up sex stories
18 years and 24 strokes for rapist petrol attendant, 37

Too hot to handle, but he kept it (illustrated)
24-year-old ex-squaddie, pictured, gets 6 strokes for taking hand grenade

Cop who used string cuffs
Policeman, 23, given 24 strokes of the cane for bungled robbery

Gangster with a record gets jail and cane for $2.40 extortion
26-year-old boasted he had endured 12 strokes of cane, now given another 8

Welder robbed to repay friend's loan (illustrated)
Jail and cane for 36-year-old, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - November 1996
Jail, cane for teen who molested women while half naked
17-year-old gets 3 strokes and 27 months in jail

Molester just won't let go
Four years and 6 strokes for 28-year-old

Thief who struck from behind (illustrated)
43-year-old, pictured, stole from old ladies, gets 3 years, 6 strokes

Nailed by a scrap of paper (illustrated)
Serial lift robber, 29, pictured, sentenced to 10 years and 24 strokes

Singapore/Judicial - December 1996
Man gets caning, jail for holding up two taxi drivers
Five years and 14 strokes for unemployed man, 36

Girl fears rape, beating ... but saves herself twice (illustrated)
Navy sergeant, 21, pictured, given 3 years, 6 strokes

From helper to robber
30 months and 6 strokes for repeat robber, 27

She can't remember
24-year-old foreign worker gets two years and 12 strokes for robbing subnormal woman

Robbers still at large - Lookout gets jail and cane
15 strokes of cane, 4 years in prison for Indonesian who abetted armed robbery

Lift robber gets 12 years and 24 strokes
42-year-old with previous convictions used knife to rob women

Man gets 11 years' jail and 18 strokes for rape and robbery
40-year-old rag-and-bone man with a record attacked woman

South Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - March 1996
South African Education Bill released
Bans CP, threatens jail for teachers who cane

South Africa/Schools - June 1996
Corporal punishment gets the whip
CP of school students now a criminal offence in Gauteng region

South Africa/Judicial - August 1996
"Police have tea with drug lord" after caller complains
Judge overhears sounds of caning he ordered

South Africa/Schools - September 1996
Cuts a rights issue, says ANC
But Christian Democrats say schools must retain the cane

Pupils go on the rampage
School wrecked over caning on hand

South Africa/Judicial - October 1996
The measure of a civilization
Columnist laments loss of discipline, envies Singapore system

South Africa/Schools - October 1996
Assembly passes new schools bill
CP banned by 232 votes to 71

South Africa/Judicial - December 1996
Justice Dept announces 1997 legislative programme
All references to JCP to be deleted from statute book

Sri Lanka flag SRI LANKA

Sri Lanka/Judicial - September 1996
Habitual burglar given 6 lashes
38-year-old is punished in court after medical check

Sudan flag SUDAN

Sudan/Judicial - September 1996
Rioting in Sudan
Students and workers to be flogged in Khartoum

Eswatini flag SWAZILAND (Now renamed Eswatini)

Swaziland/Schools - December 1996
Schoolgirl's sugar daddy given six of the best
Deputy Head canes 45-year-old

Taiwan flag TAIWAN

Taiwan/Schools - April 1996
Education officials endorse 'temporary pain' punishment
Agreed to legalise classroom CP

Taiwan/Schools - November 1996
Brutal corporal punishment in school shocks Taiwan
19 teenage boys caned at Chinese opera school

Taiwan/Schools - December 1996
Violent act disguised
Misuse of term "corporal punishment", says letter-writer

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Judicial - October 1996
Human rights record improving
Courts still impose caning: two youths get 10 strokes

Thailand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Schools - September 1996
Headmaster said to be overly harsh
Parents complain about mass canings

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Judicial - April 1996
Drunken man undresses
Fined and given strokes of cane after throwing kids in latrine

Uganda/Judicial - June 1996
I feared AIDS - cow lover pleads
Youth given strokes of cane after sex with cattle

Uganda/Judicial - July 1996
Man undresses before daughter-in-law, caned
Court gives 12 strokes on the spot

Uganda/Schools - November 1996
Caning is best 'medicine' for pupils - parents
PTA overwhelmingly backs CP

Uganda/Judicial - December 1996
Photo album thief locked up
18-year-old gets three years, 6 strokes of cane


UAE/Judicial - February 1996
Philippine Maid Gets Symbolic 100 Lashes
20 strokes a time on 5 separate days after stabbing employer to death

UAE/Judicial - July 1996
Four jailed for illegal possession of pharmaceutical drugs
Two also sentenced to lashes

UAE/Judicial - November 1996
Christian who was flogged for falling in love with a Muslim
Muslim court sentences him to 39 lashes


UK/Schools - May 1996
Christian school to smack pupils
Yorkshire headmaster will whack bottoms with parental consent

UK/Domestic - September 1996
Tory anger as Europe backs caned boy
Stepfather used garden cane on boy, 12

UK/Schools - September 1996
Call to reinstate caning in schools
Bring back CP without delay, urge Christian educationists

What the kids say about smacking
14-year-old prefers school paddle to detention

UK/Schools - October 1996
Headmaster given 18 months for spanking pupils
Primary school head secretly spanked girls for 20 years

The good old days, eh?
Old punishment book analysed

Tories back Shephard over caning
Politicians endorse view that CP can be useful deterrent

Scottish cases helped to ban the beatings
Retrospective view of Human Rights Court actions

Love must come first but caning works, says head
Independent school boss caned six boys a year

Caring headteacher who believes beating can be good for his boys
London schoolboys discuss their canings

Major panics on punishment
Time to reverse "unilateral disarmament" of schools - Editorial

Few still cling to discredited stick
More than a dozen schools are still caning

Major still sore over six of the best
Details of Prime Minister's caning in 1950s

UK/Schools - November 1996
The man who gave Major a thrashing says it did him good
Retired headmaster recalls mass caning

Can boys be beaten?
Violence is a boy thing, and whacking is what they need, opines columnist

Look who is teaching us morals
Today's politicians' youthful misdeeds and whackings exposed

Britons favour caning in schools: Polls
68% want to see CP brought back

MPs get free vote on caning
Government party in revolt over school discipline and CP

The cane was once a useful deterrent
When it was understood and accepted, says former headteacher

UK/Schools - December 1996
Frederic Raphael: Strictly Personal
Writer recalls beatings at elite private school

That's why they're queuing up for the belt (illustrated)
Scottish tawse manufacturer, pictured, still in business


US/Judicial - January 1996
Vote Advances Conroy Bill to Paddle Vandals
A Better Penalty Than Paddling
Swat Team Captain Might Want to Rethink Bottom Line
Yet another attempt to introduce judicial whacking in California

US/Schools - January 1996
Assembly Panel OKs School Paddling Bill
California move towards restoring CP

Major Disputes Over Corporal Punishment
Call for return of the paddle in California

Just Punishment
Swift, sure punishment deters unacceptable behavior, asserts former school administrator

Paddling: Strong Or Wrong Approach?
Former teacher says corporal punishment in school is "very effective"

Spanking Debate Hits Assembly
Former principal says swats brought results

Assembly Rejects Bill on Paddling
California CP proposal decisively voted down

US/Illicit - February 1996
Lawsuit Says Doctor Spanked Two Female Office Employees
CA women, 24 and 25, claim they were spanked for performance lapses

US/Judicial - February 1996
The Sting Of Shame
Judicial corporal punishment would be effective in many cases, argues top columnist

Graffiti vandals face shame of public flogging
New Hampshire politicians moot bare-bottom whackings

Spare the Rod: States drop measures to emulate Singapore
Why bills for judicial corporal punishment in various US states have all failed

US/Illicit - March 1996
$35,000 Settlement in College Swatting Suit
Cal State Fullerton spanking case ends at last

US/Judicial - March 1996
Teen picks paddling over detention
Kansas judge has 15-year-old burglar spanked in court chambers

Lawmaker's remedy for teen hoodlums: Paddle 'em in public (illustrated)
New Hampshire legislator, pictured, proposes "good old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking"

US/Reformatory - March 1996
Insiders Tell Of Boarding School, Past And Present
Plenty of paddling at Missouri reformatory

US/Schools - April 1996
Duncan School Board OKs Return of Corporal Punishment
Paddle returns to an Oklahoma district after four years without it

US/Schools - June 1996
Corporal punishment issue debated at meeting
A district in MO decides not to reintroduce paddling

US/Domestic - July 1996
Courts and spanking: Does the punishment fit the level of crime?
Overview of legal efforts in various states to stop parents spanking their kids

US/Schools - July 1996
Donahue Show
Texas lawyer and counselor discuss corporal punishment in schools

US/Schools - August 1996
Grand Jury Indicts Principal on Misdemeanor Charge
Indiana school principal paddled boy, 15

Paddling dismissed by judge
Texas school spanking lawsuit ruled frivolous

US/Schools - September 1996
Fayette: Corporal punishment abolished
Georgia district throws away the paddle

No more hickory stick with three R's
Reactions to Fayette decision

US/Schools - October 1996
Corporal Punishment, Public Schools and Your Kids
Delaware mother upset over school's right to spank

Boys' Paddlings Anger Parents - Wister Principal Won't Be Prosecuted
Three swats each for two Oklahoma 12-year-olds

Trustees take issue with district paddling policy
But majority in Texas district support CP

Hearing Nov.8 on paddling case
Indiana principal punished 15-year-old, bruised his buttocks

Swell Slogan, Bad Policy
Parental rights? It all depends how you feel about paddling, avers columnist

US/Schools - November 1996
Sheridan principal off the hook in paddling case
Court throws out charge against Indiana headteacher

Sparing the rod
17 schools still paddling in Texas town

US/Illicit - December 1996
Seven Suspended In Sorority Hazing
NJ Middle School girl's buttocks were "black and blue"

US/Schools - December 1996
Spanking on the decline in U.S. schools
Latest figures show steady 10-year fall

Student Spanking Approved in Nash-Rocky Mount
North Carolina school board allows CP when necessary

Rally backs educator tied to spanking
GA Christian school director accused of cruelty to 11-year-old boy

To spank or not to spank?
Alabama poll shows over half of parents support school paddle

Zambia flag ZAMBIA

Zambia/Judicial - August 1996
Three Ndola boys to be caned
10 strokes each for three teens after sex with under-age girl

Zambia/Judicial - November 1996
Killer boy to be caned
Three strokes for 13-year-old who accidentally killed his friend


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