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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP

Archive - 2000

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Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Judicial - June 2000
RSL call to bring back the birch
Cruel and violent criminals should be flogged, say ex-servicemen

Australia/Domestic - October 2000
Law to limit punishment by parents facing defeat
Little enthusiasm for NSW move to stop parents from using the strap

Australia/Schools - October 2000
It's the cane mutiny as schools fight to do it with love and care
Christian schools refuse to accept NSW ban on school corporal punishment

School fighting for right to cane hits at 'politics'
1995 NSW c.p. ban attacked by Christian school

Australia/Schools - November 2000
More time for cane schools
Christian schools in NSW given temporary reprieve from caning ban

Belize flag BELIZE

Belize/Prisons - March 2000
Two prisoners tamarind whipped
First prison floggings for 25 years described

Belize/Prisons - August 2000
Herman Lanza gets "pam-pam" for chopping Carlton Lord
12 strokes of tamarind switch for 23-year-old after assault on fellow prison inmate

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - January 2000
Two charged with raping 11-year-old (illustrated)
22-year-olds, pictured, get four strokes of rattan each plus 3 years' jail

Jail, caning for 2 in housing estate thefts
21-year-olds gets three strokes each after robbery spree

10 years jail for drug pushing
And 10 strokes of the cane for trafficker, 25

Brunei/Judicial - March 2000
Parang slasher gets 2 more years
Judge adds caning to sentence after appeal by prosecution

Brunei/Judicial - May 2000
Syabu couple gets 23 years
Husband, 38, also to receive 15 strokes of rattan for importing drugs

Six strokes for habitual boy gambler shock
Rare case of 15-year-old ordered JCP on its own

Boy takes the cane
15-year-old turns up at prison to receive his six strokes

Brunei/Judicial - August 2000
Teen jailed on molest charge
16-year-old also ordered to receive four strokes of the "light rotan"

Brunei/Judicial - September 2000
Kg Ayer arsonist gets 7 years jail (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, started fire that destroyed 11 houses, gets six strokes of rattan

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Domestic - February 2000
Family counsellor gets one year in jail for strapping stepchildren
"Ran house like boot camp", applied leather strap for trivial reasons

Canada/Schools - March 2000
Corporal punishment used as deterrent in Peace Wapiti
Alberta district keeps strap, but schools must now get parents' permission

Canada/Domestic - July 2000
Judge refuses to ban spanking of children
Spanking is not unconstitutional, Ontario court rules

Canada/Schools - December 2000
Mom Tears Strip Off Schools In Strap Dispute
Alberta district still uses strap but some call it child abuse

China flag CHINA

China/Schools - May 2000
Chinese schools try to unlearn brutality
Physical punishments, officially abolished in 1949, still rife in rural schools

Colombia flag COLOMBIA

Colombia/Judicial - June 2000
Colombian tribe whips cheating lovers
17-stroke public whipping of adulterers is televised

Egypt flag EGYPT

Egypt/Prisons - September 2000
Egypt moves to ban jail floggings
Draft bill to abolish caning as prison disciplinary measure


Europe/Domestic - February 2000
Mummy and Daddy spare rod - or go to court
Overview of gradual spread to other countries of Swedish no-spank idea

flag INDIA

India/Schools - December 2000
Delhi schoolkids to be spared the rod
High Court outlaws caning in capital city region

Indonesia flag INDONESIA

Indonesia/Schools - July 2000
Beatings Have No Place In School, Experts Say
CP still common practice at many schools

Indonesia/Illicit - December 2000
Workers attack factory after women whipped
Nine employees flogged for negligence in their work

Manx flag ISLE OF MAN

Isle of Man/Judicial - September 2000
Birchman of Wigtown
Former Manx policemen claims, incorrectly it would appear, to have been the last person to administer a birching

Israel flag ISRAEL

Israel/Domestic - January 2000
Supreme Court bans parental force
Spanking parents may be prosecuted even if no injury caused

Israel/Domestic - February 2000
The fifth Shulchan Aruch
Court decision to ban spanking lacks common sense, says letter-writer

Some Supreme Court Justices Should Be Spanked
Reader is astounded by court decision

Spank no more
Columnist discusses court decision against parental spanking

Child rearing is too important for the courts
Columnist demolishes Supreme Court ruling on spanking

Japan flag JAPAN

Japan/Schools - October 2000
Big jump seen in indecent acts by teachers
Illicit use of corporal punishment also said to be on the increase

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Judicial - April 2000
Bill to outlaw corporal punishment
Judicial caning on its way out

Kenya/Schools - June 2000
Caning to be banned soon, says minister
Government will end corporal punishment in schools

Kenya/Judicial - July 2000
Rapist's jail term reduced
But he will also receive 10 strokes of the cane

Kenya/Schools - July 2000
School building set on fire as students strike
High school students riot in protest over caning

Ban The Cane Yes, But We May Live To Rue It
Columnist weighs the pros and cons of school corporal punishment

Caning banned in schools
1996 ban, not implemented, will now be enforced, says government

Kenya/Schools - August 2000
Rising Student Unrest Blamed On Poor Managers
Cane should not be over-used, but banning it altogether isn't a good idea, says boys' school head

Kenya/Judicial - October 2000
Bill is published to curb police torture
Attorney-General Wako's new Bill will also abolish corporal punishment

Appeal Dropped After Death Hint
Canings will go ahead for three violent robbers

Kenya/Schools - November 2000
Abolish Caning in School System Now
It's a vicious form of child abuse, asserts editorialist

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2000
Molester jailed (illustrated)
22-year-old navy recruit, pictured, given 20 strokes, 18 years, for "heinous" assault on child

Man gets 13 years' jail for raping daughter (illustrated)
40-year-old, pictured, also given five strokes of rotan

Malaysia/Schools - February 2000
Guru rotan murid tidak ikut peraturan (Teacher flouted rules when caning schoolboys)
Letter-writer is shocked at sight of boys being caned (News item in Malay with English translation)

Malaysia/Judicial - March 2000
Tears of joy as rigger escapes the gallows
28-year-old is let off with 8 years in jail, 10 strokes of cane, after prosecution amends charge

Caning for illegals caught second time
Provision is already on statute book but not used so far

Man jailed 12 years for having gun
28-year-old also ordered six strokes of cane after fracas with revolver

Teenager gets life and whipping
Six strokes of rotan for 18-year-old found with ganja plant

Malaysia/Schools - March 2000
School heads 'not taking enough disciplinary action'
Time to go back to the rotan, says teachers' union leader

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2000
Teen Jailed For Life Gets Extra Caning
Already sentenced to six strokes, 18-year-old is ordered another three for possessing drugs

More states set to adopt new Syariah laws
After Johor, three further states may introduce caning for religious offences

Malaysia/Schools - April 2000
Aziz: We'll not bring back public caning
Would help fight gangsterism but parents would object, says education boss

Principals and teachers may get policing powers
Crime prevention boss calls for public caning of schoolboy gangsters

Disciplinary problems in schools are not new
Writer recalls public canings at Catholic school in 1960s

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2000
Jail, fine and rotan for forging documents
15 years and four strokes for 44-year-old who used computer to forge work permits and visas

Ex-convict gets 25 years (illustrated)
Kidnapper and rapist, 31, pictured, is also ordered nine strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Schools - June 2000
Bringing back the cane
Ministry considers teachers' union's proposal to give caning power to all teachers

Cane the cains among students
Selfish, over-indulged children need caning by parents and teachers, opines editorialist

DAP: Present ruling on caning sufficient
Principals and discipline teachers can already cane and that is enough, says opposition party

Three-tiered approach to school discipline needed
We are paying high price for collapse of discipline, avers letter-writer

Principals to meet on caning proposal soon
Problems not as bad as reported in media, claims association

Adenan welcomes proposal to cane students for disciplinary reasons
Regional minister says it did him a lot of good

Malaysia/Schools - July 2000
Teachers will not be allowed to cane
After all that, government decides against extending caning power to all teachers

Parents must play active role in tackling indiscipline
Columnist sees no reason to think 'six of the best' would bring any harm

Debate rages on caning of pupil
10-year-old girl allegedly caned on hands for late homework

Police: Caning won't solve disciplinary problems
It could even be counterproductive, asserts top KL cop

Punishment is effective, show research findings
12% of students in survey had been caned

The days of the cane
Writer recalls details of the heyday of school corporal punishment

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2000
Whip vandals
KL City Hall proposes caning to curb vandalism

Japanese gets jail, rotan for molesting woman (illustrated)
43-year-old, pictured, is ordered to receive 10 strokes

Cook gets jail and rotan for raping colleague
22 years' jail, 18 strokes of cane for 22-year-old

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2000
Salesman gets 12 years in Ecstasy case (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2000
Stiffer punishment for hiring child prostitutes
New Bill brings mandatory caning for involvement in sex trade at home or abroad

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2000
Appeals struck out, caning order upheld
Court upholds jail and cane sentences

Judge wants life terms for rapists
Appeal court upholds 23-stroke caning sentence for 37-year-old


New Zealand/Judicial - August 2000
Spank me, your honour
Elderly shoplifter suggests spanking to lady judge

New Zealand/Schools - September 2000
When children were ruled by cane, strapping and spanking
Columnist recalls failure of 1942 attempt to ban prefects' canings at boys' school

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - January 2000
The many faces of Sharia
Consequences of Islamic law in northern state

Nigeria/Judicial - February 2000
Muslim caning in Nigeria
80 lashes for drinking alcohol in first case under new Islamic law

Nigerian flogged for having sex
18-year-old given 100 lashes for sex before marriage

Sharia and the Lessons from Iran
Lagos paper's view of spread of Islamic law

Nigeria/Judicial - March 2000
Nigerian Muslims press for Sharia
More northern states seek Islamic law but federal government wants it suspended

President will not try to stop spread of Islamic law
Several Zamfara citizens already flogged for alcohol, adultery

Nigeria/Schools - April 2000
Ondo teachers for refresher courses; corporal punishment reintroduced
Caning will assist in tackling school problems, says State Governor

Nigeria/Judicial - July 2000
Don't Post Christian Graduates to Sharia States, CAN Warns
Man receives 80 strokes of cane in public for drinking alcohol

Nigeria/Judicial - August 2000
Gusau court finds two guilty
Islamic court orders 20 lashes each for motorcycle operators who carried women

Nigeria/Judicial - September 2000
Pregnant Girl Ordered Caned in Northern Nigeria
180 public strokes of cane ordered for 17-year-old after illegal sex

Nigeria/Judicial - November 2000
RSF Expresses Concern Over Journalists' Plight in Nigeria
60 strokes of cane for hacks who write offensive articles

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Schools - December 2000
Punjab bans corporal punishment
No more physical punishment allowed in region's public or private schools


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - April 2000
Nine Saudi Transvestites Jailed
Young men will also receive 2,500 lashes each in 50 sessions for "deviant" sexual behaviour

Saudi teenage boys face flogging for pestering girls
Courts to crack down on youths hanging around outside girls' schools

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - November 2000
In-flight mobile phone user faces flogging
Man ordered to be given 20 lashes for answering phone on plane

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2000
He stopped a fight but broke a skull
Five months' jail and 3 strokes of cane for 23-year-old after contretemps at student concert

Eye-stabber (illustrated)
29-year-old drug rehab inmate, pictured, gets 6 strokes of the cane for attack with pencil

He charged at cops with a knife and was shot (illustrated)
Jail plus 6 strokes for previously caned drug offender, 48, pictured

Singapore/Domestic - February 2000
Stigma must be attached to immorality
Children must be disciplined firmly with spanking, opines contributor

Singapore/Judicial - February 2000
Thief of Yishun (illustrated)
36-year-old housebreaker, pictured, given five strokes of cane

Foreign trio's daring robbery (illustrated)
Three Indonesians in their twenties, pictured, each get 24 strokes, 10 years

He hid Ecstasy pills under taxi mat
20-year-old gets five strokes of the cane

Man rapes girl after they sniff glue
22 strokes, 18 years for 28-year-old who tied up and sodomised woman

Jail for raping sister-in-law, 14
Clerk, 19, sentenced to 8 years plus 12 strokes of the cane

Teen molester, 16, gets jail and cane
Nine strokes for attacks on women

Singapore/Schools - March 2000
I was caned and I'm glad about it
Columnist describes school and parental canings

Relief teacher sacked for slapping boy
Principal says school does not condone corporal punishment

Singapore/Judicial - March 2000
This man needs to be locked up for a 'long, long time'
Fake cop, 38, gets 25 years in jail and 24 strokes of cane for raping backward woman

Man who pulled knife on 10 Jurong grannies (illustrated)
'Mean and nasty' 40-year-old, pictured, given seven years, 24 strokes

NSF preyed on girls near camp
Soldier, 22, gets 24 strokes and seven years after molesting young teens

Singapore/Judicial - April 2000
Man, 19, rapes stepmother while father is in hospital
Nine years' jail and nine strokes of the cane for soldier

Teens drum up trouble with threats and a beating (illustrated)
19-year-old gang member, pictured, gets 30 months' jail and 7 strokes of the cane

The Singapore chop -- on my buttocks
Illegal immigrant interviewed in prison after receiving four strokes of the cane

Stabbing case: Jail, cane for ex-boxers
35-year-old, already in jail with 6-stroke sentence for one assault, now to receive another 12 strokes for another

They break into a flat - twice (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, already in jail for other crimes, now to be caned

Pub brawl ends with jail and cane for 5 men
All are given four years, six strokes for grievous hurt

Singapore/Domestic - May 2000
Whack! Be quiet, girls! Daddy has had a long day at work (illustrated)
Parental canings under the spotlight; household cane pictured

Singapore/Judicial - May 2000
Scout leader a molester (illustrated)
Nine strokes of the cane for 24-year-old, pictured, who masturbated boys in his charge

Maid molest - 14 floors up and 7 floors down (illustrated)
Bangladeshi cleaner, 27, pictured, jailed and given 12 strokes of the cane

CJ turns down appeal for probation of student jailed for three years (illustrated)
College boy, 17, pictured, will also still receive his six-stroke caning

Singapore/Judicial - June 2000
Jail, caning for trio who beat up lawyer at movie
Three strokes each for NSmen after row over mobile phone

After a riotous time, he lashed out at cop (illustrated)
Christmas Eve riot brings three strokes for 20-year-old, pictured

Indian nationals get jail, cane for robbery
24 strokes each for three in their twenties

Jail, cane for man who beat up molester (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, took law into his own hands

Singapore/Judicial - July 2000
Bouncer attacks pub customer (illustrated)
Two years, six strokes for 37-year-old, pictured

He robbed petrol kiosk of $800 in the dead of night (illustrated)
29-year-old, pictured, given 12 strokes of cane plus 3½ years

He sold Ecstasy pills on the Net
Five years' jail and six strokes of the cane for trafficker, 19

Teens jailed for 'senseless' torture of girl
Plus heavy caning sentences for two 17-year-olds

Singapore/Judicial - August 2000
He posed as police officer to molest two young girls (illustrated)
National serviceman, 23, pictured, gets 9 strokes of the cane, 27 months in jail

The wild life turned couple into desperadoes (illustrated)
Drug addict and robber, 27, pictured, gets 42 months' jail, 12 strokes of cane

Shameless brute (illustrated)
15 years in jail and 18 strokes of cane for molester, 34, pictured

Singapore/Schools - August 2000
Put the cane in the teachers' hands
Too many schools reluctant to discipline students, says columnist

Singapore/Judicial - September 2000
"I could only see his eyes. They were staring at me. They were frightening" (illustrated)
Serial rapist, 23, pictured, gets 30 years' jail and 24 strokes of cane

Abusive molester gets violent (illustrated)
46-year-old, pictured, is caned and jailed

Singapore/Judicial - October 2000
Off the peg -- and on to his back (illustrated)
Jail and cane for robber, 24, pictured

Singapore/Domestic - November 2000
Caned for getting 73% in maths exam (illustrated)
Mother of boy, 9, says she uses canes, pictured, to ensure he succeeds at school

Singapore/Judicial - November 2000
Serial molester jailed 7 years for latest attack
31-year-old had been caned twice before

Jail, cane for molester who robbed victims
10 years in jail and 24 strokes of cane for lift lobby attacker, 20

Jail, cane for ex-SMRT technician
30-year-old gets six months plus six strokes for vandalising railway engines

Jail and cane for youths who attacked teen
Two 18-year-olds get six strokes each after using parang and chopper to assault boy, 15

Singapore/Judicial - December 2000
Teenage thug's appeal backfires
Chief Justice ups 19-year-old's caning from 9 strokes to 12

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Judicial - January 2000
Vigilante group sweeps the suburbs
Sjambok-wielding Mapogo spreads to big cities

South Africa/Schools - January 2000
Bring back cane for better marks: union
Trade union leader says abolition of school c.p. has disempowered teachers and led to disastrous results

'Bring back the rod'
Regional education minister blames cane ban for poor exam results

South Africa/Schools - March 2000
Pupils Run Riot At Township Schools
Boys protest against corporal punishment

Debates to seek alternatives to corporal punishment at schools
Caning still prevalent in rural schools despite ban

SAHRC reacts to judge's remarks on corporal punishment
Judge criticised for saying CP in schools OK as long as it does not become abuse

Statutory law forbids teachers from using corporal punishment: Ngoepe
Judge 'clarifies' statement, says he was only talking about common law

South Africa/Schools - April 2000
Teachers cannot beat values into children
Writer recalls prevalence of caning until recent ban

Bring back the rod: NNP
Caning not a violation of dignity, says opposition party education spokesman

It's fine if it's done with love (cartoon)
Comment on judge's remark about school caning

South Africa/Judicial - May 2000
Vigilante group faces split
Dissident Mapogo members want an end to unlawful floggings of suspected criminals

South Africa/Schools - June 2000
ACDP bemoans lack of skills, discipline among youth
Opposition party decries school "discipline vacuum" arising from abolition of corporal punishment

KZN school continues use of cane
"Impressive" high school with 100% pass rate defies government ban on CP

South Africa/Schools - August 2000
Court Prefers Sparing Rod
Constitutional court dismisses Christian schools' appeal against caning ban

South Africa/Schools - October 2000
COSAS Will Bleed Before Allowing Corporal Punishment To Be Reinstated
Students' group fights off continuing Christian campaign to bring back the cane

Corporal Punishment for Failing to Cough Up
'Bully' headmaster accused of beating students

South Africa/Illicit - November 2000
Initiation rites upset black players
Springbok national rugby squad divided over spanking tradition

Swaziland flag SWAZILAND

Swaziland/Judicial - January 2000
20-year-old beats mother, appears in court
Sentenced to six strokes of the cane

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Schools - March 2000
Tanzania May Stop Corporate Punishment In Schools
Government launches campaign to find disciplinary alternatives

Thailand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Reformatory - March 2000
Thai Juveniles Tangle With Cops
Reformatory boys protest conditions, allege canings

Thailand/Schools - September 2000
Teachers find caning ban a bruise to their egos
New regulations ban school CP from 1 November

Psychologist stands against caning ban
Mr Wallop says best to keep cane in reserve

Teachers fight for right to smack
Secondary school teachers dissatisfied, say they weren't consulted over CP ban

Thailand/Schools - October 2000
To cane or not to cane?
Argument rages between experts over school punishment

Five of the best
Recap of official school caning rules, now to be outlawed

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad/Judicial - May 2000
Man who robbed Cro Cro recaptured
26-year-old robber on the run, sentenced in absentia to jail and flogging, now faces penalty after being caught

Trinidad/Judicial - October 2000
Ten years jail for acid on ex-lover
Appeal court also upholds 10-stroke birching sentence on 32-year-old

UN grills AG on human rights
Govt questions credibility of UN committee, defends use of judicial corporal punishment

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Judicial - January 2000
Student gets 1 year, canes for robbery
Schoolboy will receive 12 strokes of cane at end of his jail term

Married man shares hut with parents
Caned and fined by local clan leaders court


UAE/Judicial - February 2000
Four-year jail for man who battered his wife to death
Cypriot, 41, also to receive 70 lashes

UAE/Prisons - December 2000
I lived with the daily threat of being whipped
British woman imprisoned in UAE tells of watching floggings


UK/Domestic - January 2000
New laws to limit parents' right to smack
Head to Head: Should parents be allowed to smack?
Poll: Don't ban smacking of children
Must be on bottom and only with the hand, proposes government

UK/Schools - January 2000
Parents call for schools to bring back the cane
Talking Point: Should corporal punishment return to the classroom?
51% want reintroduction of CP, survey finds

UK/Domestic - February 2000
Smacking paper published
Attempt to clarify Scottish law on parental punishment

UK/Schools - March 2000
A Proper British Upbringing
US writer ponders UK flogging history in light of European spanking debate

UK/Schools - April 2000
Should unruly pupils be removed from school?
Never mind sin bins, just cane them, say respondents in BBC forum

UK/Schools - June 2000
Headmaster smacked girls' bare bottoms (illustrated)
Former teacher, pictured, walks free from court

UK/Schools - August 2000
Deputy head beat special needs boys (illustrated)
Teacher, illustrated, slippered students at special school in 1980s

I'm in the clear: Deputy head not guilty but career's over
Teacher who slippered boys was not cruel, court holds

UK/Schools - September 2000
Head cleared of slapping boy
Village school headmistress says she was just trying to restrain him

Child abuse probe at boys' school
Teacher "privately spanked boys" at top London school

UK/Schools - October 2000
School cured Duke of smacking (illustrated)
Prince Andrew, pictured (now the Duke of York), says he was spanked at prep school around 1970

Discreet head does not recall royal beating (illustrated)
Headmaster, now 75, has forgotten spanking Prince Andrew, pictured arriving at school aged 8

UK/Schools - November 2000
Head of 10-pupil school suspended 'for smacking'
Police investigating parents' allegations against village headmistress

Caning ban to face court challenge
School CP ban soon to be extended to private schools in Northern Ireland, but Presbyterians not happy

UK/Domestic - December 2000
I don't regret smacking my children, Blunkett says
Education Minister in row with childcare pressure groups over childminders' right to spank

UK/Schools - December 2000
'We are a lost society, street crime kids must be punished'
In wake of London murder of black schoolboy, ethnic minority parents call for return of CP


US/Domestic - January 2000
Pendulum Swings to Discipline, Responsibility
Columnist gives thanks for resurgence of common sense as spanking father is exonerated

US/Illicit - January 2000
Inmate spanked; two fired
Officers took part in birthday spanking at Iowa prison

US/Reformatory - January 2000
Abuse claims could close Vidalia home for boys
Spanking allegations at Georgia reformatory

US/Schools - January 2000
Schools to review paddling policy
N.C. county saw 129 paddlings last year

Department estimates 2,500 pupils beaten per day in US schools
New paddling statistics released: Mississippi comes top

US/Domestic - February 2000
Abuse ruling worrisome to child advocates
Maine Supreme Court clears father of assault

US/Schools - February 2000
Principal going to court over assault charges
Mississippi head teacher sued after paddling of 10-year-old

Gloster principal cleared of charges
Paddling was not assault, Mississippi court rules

Corporal punishment still on the books in RE-2
Swats under discussion in Colorado district; detailed regulations quoted

US/Domestic - March 2000
Spanking: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone
Columnist recalls bare-bottom domestic discipline imported from Mexico

US/Illicit - March 2000
Appeals Court Upholds Hazing Law
Maryland court turns down appeal by fraternity member over paddling, caning

US/Reformatory - March 2000
Leader at religious compound acquitted in alleged assault on youth
Alabama boy, 13, paddled after scuffle

US/Schools - March 2000
Spare the swats? (illustrated)
Overview of school CP in Oklahoma; a high-school paddle is pictured

Gary teacher charged for paddling student
Indiana student said to have required hospital treatment

Judge: Accountability for children and parents
Mississippi Youth Court judge laments decline of school paddling

Boy's mother pleased with board action
Alabama 11-year-old 'spanked too many times', teacher loses paddling privileges

Spank or not
Most schools still paddle but have alternative methods
Mississippi schools' paddling policies surveyed

US/Illicit - April 2000
Court upholds $143,715 award for spanking
WI firm's CEO paddled new worker in "bizarre workplace ritual"

US/Illicit - May 2000
District settles suit over disciplining football players
Out-of-court settlement in high school hazing case involving paddling

US/Reformatory - May 2000
Mel Blount Youth Home could lose state license
GA reformatory appeals decision after allegations of paddlings and mistreatment

US/Schools - May 2000
Lawsuit: Hancock board chairman "hurt student he paddled"
Middle school student sues GA school board for irregular punishment

Principal, teacher face charges
Christian school in PA in trouble after beating of fifth-grader with fiberglass rod

Wilkins Township case raises punishment debate
Some PA educators rethinking anti-paddling stance

Some students defend Wilkins principal, teacher charged in spanking (illustrated)
Three girls, pictured, were paddled at Christian school

Discipline or abuse?
PA paper suggests ending CP but several students felt their spankings had been helpful

US/Domestic - June 2000
Spanking Makes a Comeback
Parents give up sparing the rod

Housewife sent to prison in caning
Traditional Korean punishment ruled child abuse

US/Illicit - June 2000
Hazing alleged at Onalaska High School
Freshmen paddled by seniors at Wisconsin school

US/Schools - June 2000
Police look into paddling complaint, 2nd in Dermott schools
Rules alleged broken when AR 12-year-old paddled

Principal, teacher held for court - Student testifies he was hit with rod
Fiberglass rod used as cane on 11-year-old at PA Christian school

Principal to drop fiberglass rod (illustrated)
Picture of boy at centre of whacking dispute

US/Domestic - August 2000
Georgia man acquitted in Panhandle spanking case
Grandfather cleared of child abuse after whipping 9-year-old

Spanking: Attitude is everything -- if you really must do it (with cartoon)
Parental and school corporal punishment: views clash

US/Judicial - August 2000
Obituary: William J. Obermiller, 77
'Spanking Judge' of 1960s

US/Reformatory - August 2000
Clash over discipline at boys school is resolved
SC reformatory will no longer be using spanking

US/Schools - August 2000
Kansas urged to end all corporal punishment in schools
Already little used in the State, according to figures

Health Group's Nod: Spare the Rod
Ban corporal punishment in schools, says doctors' group

Wave coach suspended 2 games (illustrated)
High school football coach, pictured, paddled players, pictured, during practice

US/Domestic - September 2000
One-Man Swat Team (illustrated)
OH detective (pictured) delivers lessons in the lost art of spanking

Conservative Leader Urges Spanking
Public demonstration of "proper corporal punishment" on teenage boy at WI gospel center

US/Illicit - September 2000
Davis seniors arrested in hazing
High-school sophomores paddled in Utah

US/Reformatory - September 2000
Va. Rethinks Rule Change On Spanking
Public debates foster care spanking
Row over whether to let foster parents spank

US/Schools - September 2000
Some Ohio schools not sparing the rod
Mother sued school after homecoming queen, 17, was paddled

US/Illicit - October 2000
Principal at Davis bans 'hazing' boards
Students no longer allowed to make paddles in shop class

US/Prisons - October 2000
Rutherford County sued over alleged spanking
TN workhouse inmate claims he was depantsed and switched

US/Schools - October 2000
Mom Says Paddling Went Too Far
Daughter was spanked twice on consecutive days at NC elementary school

US/Reformatory - November 2000
Activists focus on paddling remarks
Police chief in Portland OR in trouble over 'boat oar' punishment at Christian camp

US/Schools - November 2000
FHS principal says student chose paddle, but parents press charges
Mass paddling after Louisiana hallway ruckus

Would Like To Know
NC caller mystified by local middle school CP policy

US/Domestic - December 2000
Should parents spare rod when punishing kids?
Spokespersons of various religions give differing views

US/Schools - December 2000
Corporal punishment banned in most city schools, but county still permits it
Review of paddling statistics and practice around Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Paddling is archaic and ineffective and local schools that use it should stop
Alabama editorialist is out of line with local practice

Zambia flag ZAMBIA

Zambia/Judicial - February 2000
Judge quashes oppressive law
Discussion of recent outlawing of judicial caning

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