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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

ALL THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW background for school CP, WHITE background for other kinds of CP (Prison, Military, Domestic, Reformatory)

Archive - 2012

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - September 2012
Five arrested for flogging of Afghan girl: Official
16-year-old publicly receives 100 strokes of whip

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - April 2012
Bring back the cane
Call in Victoria for schools to restore discipline after figures show increase in violence

Australia/Schools - June 2012
States refuse to buckle amid calls to ban cane
CP hardly used now anywhere but QLD, SA and WA are not going to formally abolish it in private schools

Teacher prefers force of fairness
But she once strapped a boy when teaching in Canada

Bhutanflag BHUTAN

Bhutan/Schools - April 2012
Zero tolerance to indiscipline
Stronger school penalties, but CP remains banned though school principals say replacement measures do not work

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - May 2012
Chief's son convicted of theft (illustrated)
"Five strokes on bare buttocks" is the sentence for two 23-year-olds, one of whom is pictured, as the jails are full

Habitual criminal awaits sentence (illustrated)
Recidivist, 30, pictured, has been caned on seven occasions before

Botswana/Judicial - August 2012
Orphan spared prison sentence (illustrated)
18-year-old, pictured, gets two strokes of the cane for stealing

"Six lashes on bare buttocks" for escapee from custody, 23

Botswana/Judicial - September 2012
Cell phone thief busted and lashed
21-year-old Zimbabwean "whipped three strokes on his bare buttocks"

Botswana/Judicial - December 2012
Beer and cigarette thief spared jail but not the lash (illustrated)
Six strokes for offender, 21, pictured

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - May 2012
No Escaping The Long Arm Of The Law (illustrated)
Five Indonesians aged 23 to 38, pictured, receive caning sentences for robbery

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Illicit - June 2012
Spank You! Don't come again (with video clip)
Shopkeeper is seen on CCTV paddling would-be armed robber into submission

Colombia flag COLOMBIA

Colombia/Judicial - July 2012
'FARC rebels' flogged by Colombian tribe (with video clip)
Three fighters are seen on video receiving a public whipping on legs

Fiji flag FIJI

Fiji/Schools - October 2012
Too much freedom
High-school students call for the restoration of CP

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Judicial - November 2012
Jamaica to drop flogging of prisoners from law books
Government proposes abolition of the tamarind switch and the "cat"

Seaga weighs in on Obeah debate
More on the planned demise of JCP

Jamaica/Schools - November 2012
'At this school we slap kids'
Primary school head is unrepentant about continuing use of CP

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 2012
Teen robber to be whipped 10 times
Rare report of juvenile "light caning" sentence for 17-year-old

Bomoh's jail for rape increased to 15 years (illustrated)
30-year-old, pictured, also gets 8 strokes of the cane instead of two

Teen jailed 8 years for having drugs (illustrated)
Plus 10 strokes of the cane for youth, 19, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2012
Married couple gets life for possessing, planting cannabis (illustrated)
The husband, 39, pictured, is also sentenced to receive 9 strokes of the rotan

Filipino's sentence for child molest enhanced (illustrated)
Offender (age not stated), pictured, now to get six strokes instead of three

7 years' jail, rotan for rape of a minor (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, is ordered to receive five strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Judicial - March 2012
Man gets jail for raping receptionist (illustrated)
Plus eight strokes of the rotan for 31-year-old, pictured

Jail, cane for not having proper travel document (illustrated)
Indonesian, 26, pictured, gets three months and two lashes

860 on death row for various offences
And 79,487 canings over six years, government reveals

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2012
Govt mulls abolishing whipping for illegal foreign workers-- Nazri
Minister concedes that JCP has not stopped the immigration problem

14 years' jail, rotan for rape and robbery (illustrated)
Eight strokes of the cane for 28-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2012
Driver, security guard get 17 years, rotan for rape (illustrated)
Two fortysomethings, pictured, ordered to receive six strokes of the cane each

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2012
Youth gets 16 year's jail, rotan for rape (illustrated)
10 strokes of the cane for 31-year-old, pictured

Student jailed 10 years for drug possession (illustrated)
Nigerian, 24, pictured, also gets 10 strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2012
Former technician gets 3-year jail, two strokes for CBT (illustrated)
30-year-old, pictured, involved in scam with cash machine

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2012
50 years for raping teenage girl (illustrated)
Court also sentences 'cruel person', 21, pictured, to 18 strokes of the rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2012
Burglar gets 96 months, two strokes (illustrated)
36-year-old offender is pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - December 2012
Youth gets 10 years' jail, five lashes for sodomising boy (illustrated)
22-year-old offender is pictured

Duo pay a heavy price (illustrated) (with video clip)
Rape and violent robbery culprits, 20 and 21, pictured, receive long jail terms and rotan whipping

Maldives flag MALDIVES

Maldives/Judicial - September 2012
Maldives teenage girl faces lashing for pre-marital sex
16-year-old sentenced to public flogging under sharia law

New Zealand flag NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand/Schools - May 2012
Mystery of school's whacking good book
A punishment book is stolen from a boys' high school

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - March 2012
Court orders Nigerian phone thieves caned
12 strokes each for two 20-year-olds

Nigeria/Judicial - August 2012
Teenager caned for stealing gas cylinders
Court orders a 12-stroke caning for 18-year-old

Man, 22, receives 24 lashes for theft
Court registrar provides on-the-spot caning to youth who robbed his own father

Nigeria/Judicial - October 2012
Student, 17, To Receive 12 Strokes Of The Cane For Stealing
He pleads guilty to taking electronic equipment and other valuable items

Russia flag RUSSIA

Russia/Judicial - September 2012
Punishment dispute: to flog or not to flog?
One-third of Russians approve of flogging, poll says

Samoa flag SAMOA

Samoa/Schools - August 2012
Caning considered as students clash at Savalalo
Prime Minister mulls reintroducing school CP


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - August 2012
Egyptian designer runs afoul of Saudi princess, gets 500 lashes (illustrated)
Woman, 39, pictured, is receiving weekly instalments of 50 lashes in prison

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2012
Teen gets jail and cane for rioting with weapon (illustrated)
Six strokes for gangster, 18, pictured

Worker attacked foreman with pole (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, is ordered 3 strokes for causing hurt with a dangerous weapon

IT analyst escapes rape charge (illustrated)
Offender, 37, pictured, has charged reduced to outrage of modesty, gets 3 years and 6 strokes

Singapore/Judicial - February 2012
Jail, caning for Orchard Rd rioting (illustrated)
Six strokes for 24-year-old, pictured

Jail, caning for runner (illustrated)
Loan-shark runner, 33, pictured, gets 15 strokes of the cane for harassing debtors

Singapore/Judicial - March 2012
Drug trafficker escapes gallows, gets 22 years' jail instead (illustrated)
And 15 strokes of the cane for 33-year-old, pictured

Jailed for Downtown East fight (illustrated)
Rioter, 21, pictured, sent to prison for four years and ordered to receive six strokes of the cane

Stiff sentence for loan shark (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, gets 21 strokes of the cane

Drug trafficker jailed 21 years, to be caned 15 strokes (illustrated)
Severe punishment for Malaysian, 28, pictured

Man gets 19 years for part in violent robberies (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, is also sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - April 2012
22 years, 15 strokes for man who jumped bail (illustrated)
Caning sentence for 29-year-old drug trafficker, pictured

Man jailed, caned for robbing teenager of mobile phone in lift (illustrated)
Robber, 22, pictured, gets two years' jail and six strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - May 2012
Downtown East case: Second youth jailed, ordered to be caned (illustrated) (with video clip)
Rioter, 21, pictured, gets six strokes of the cane

Jail, cane for NSF turned loan-shark runner (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, is ordered six strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - June 2012
Man jailed over fatal robbery (illustrated)
11 years and eight strokes of the cane for robber, 42, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - July 2012
Wolves in disguise (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, gets 16 strokes of the cane for sex crimes

Woman slashed with samurai sword (illustrated)
Two strokes of the cane for man, 28, pictured, who attacked neighbour with sword, pictured

Man sentenced over online nude video extortion scam (illustrated) (with video clip)
22-year-old, pictured, gets five strokes of the cane

Four more youths charged for Downtown East riot (with video clip)
Three ordered to receive six strokes each, the other gets three

Singapore/Judicial - August 2012
Jail, six strokes of cane for assault (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, attacked technician, who later died

Jail, 13 strokes for serial lift molester (illustrated)
Man, 39, pictured, assaulted women in lifts

Robbers beat up victims viciously (illustrated)
Two youths, 20 and 21, pictured, both sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane

Jail for robber seeking reformative training (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, must also undergo a 24-stroke caning

Sexual predator gets 18 years' jail, caning (illustrated)
15 strokes of the cane for cleaner, 38, pictured, who indecently assaulted young boys

Singapore/Judicial - September 2012
Five youths jailed, caned over Downtown East murder (illustrated)
Sentences of 10 to 12 strokes for youngsters, some of whom are pictured

Man gets 13 years' jail for rape and robbery (illustrated)
Plus a 24-stroke caning for 23-year-old, pictured

Youth involved in gang clash gets jail, caning (illustrated)
Three strokes for rioter, 20, pictured

Bogus cop jailed for sexually assaulting girl, 12 (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

Youth jailed for Downtown East fight: I can't blame anybody but myself (illustrated)
Background story and another picture of to-be-caned youngster

Singapore/Judicial - November 2012
Man who snatched rifle from soldier was on drugs (illustrated)
31-year-old, pictured, gets give years plus three strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - December 2012
Loan-shark runner gets jail, caning (illustrated)
Three strokes for 21-year-old army man, pictured

Jail, cane and fine for molesting depressed housewife (illustrated)
Culprit, 31, pictured, is ordered to receive nine strokes of the cane

Wield the rod, stem the rot
Indian writer explains Singapore caning system, recommends it for India

S. Korea flag SOUTH KOREA

S. Korea/Schools - January 2012
Student rights ordinance up for re-discussion
Ructions continue over proposed abolition of spanking in Seoul schools

Seoul proclaims controversial student rights ordinance
City government at loggerheads with education ministry

Swaziland flag SWAZILAND

Swaziland/Schools - January 2012
Swazi National High shines
Top-performing school maintains good discipline with caning

Sweden flag SWEDEN

Sweden/Illicit - May 2012
Swedish PM slams national football team for playing bare-bottom target game during training (illustrated)
Goalkeeper is pictured bending over with his shorts lowered for punishment

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Judicial - May 2012
3 in Sumbawanga get 30 years, 12 strokes of cane for armed robbery
Heavy punishment for gangsters aged 18 and 20

Tanzania/Judicial - November 2012
Rukwa man takes 30 years for rape
21-year-old will also receive 12 strokes of the cane, in two instalments


UK/Domestic - January 2012
Lammy: Ease smacking rules after riots
London MP says his constituents too afraid of social workers to spank their offspring

UK/Schools - March 2012
Six blows on the rump! Extraordinary records reveal how corporal punishment was meted out in our schools (illustrated)
Primary school headmaster finds 1970s, 1980s punishment book; extracts are pictured

UK/Schools - April 2012
Pupil behaviour worse since abolition of caning, warn teachers (illustrated)
File picture shows manufacture of canes under way in 1965

Running wild, the idle pupils spoilt by their middle-class parents
School students are out of control, says teachers' trade union

Caning in schools (cartoon)
"How will the coalition cope with corporal punishment?"

UK/Schools - May 2012
The old boys get the cane at our prep school reunion (illustrated)
1950s private school punishment recalled; picture shows master with what might be a cane, though more likely a pointer

UK/Illicit - August 2012
Teenager suffered humiliating attack (illustrated)
Man, pictured, is jailed for caning 15-year-old prankster

UK/Schools - August 2012
'If it was legal, I'd bring back cane'
Says Toby Young, writer and founder of new school

Obituary: Sir Rhodes Boyson (illustrated)
Cane-wielding headmaster who became outspokenly pro-CP politician

UK/Schools - September 2012
Thrasher's name can't be beaten
Cabinet Minister was a holdout for caning as a head of house at 1970s Rugby

School history lesson takes some beating! (illustrated)
Devon school punishment book comes to light

UK/Schools - October 2012
'Tickle Toby' canings at Lancing College
Housemaster's "six of the best" recalled at a Sussex boys' boarding school

UK/Schools - December 2012
Memories of the phantom apple thrower of Hellesdon
Mass slipperings on the backside for boys, smack on hand with ruler for girls, at a Norfolk secondary modern school in the 1950s


USA/Judicial - January 2012
Judge denies inmate's request to be flogged instead of doing time
Man aged 34 wanted two lashes for each year of his jail sentence

USA/Schools - January 2012
Dunbar administrator on leave during LISD investigation (with video clip)
Dispute over whether Texas middle school had parental consent to paddle 11-year-old

Lubbock ISD administrator on leave after spanking returns to work Thursday
Assistant principal back on the job amid complaint of bruises on boy's behind

USA/Schools - February 2012
Columbus Co. school officials to discuss corporal punishment, ranks #2 in the state
891 paddlings in N. Carolina in school year 2010-2011

Corporal punishment legal in Ga. schools
21,792 paddlings in Georgia in school year 2010-2011

Big Country Schools Defend Corporal Punishment (with video clip)
Paddling situation in central Texas

Corporal punishment is still used sparingly by some school districts
Paddling situation in north-west Texas

Family upset after school paddling leaves bruises
Fuss after Texas fifth-grader is spanked

McDowell schools No. 3 in paddlings
It is one of 17 school districts in North Carolina still using CP

USA/Schools - March 2012
'A last resort': State, local school district allow corporal punishment
Spanking still "widespread" in some Texas schools

Why Florida Schools Want the Right to Paddle Misbehaving Students (illustrated)
Mostly in the rural northern part of the state; students and paddles are pictured

Robeson, Columbus school systems are North Carolina leaders in paddling
But one district has now decided to abandon it

USA/Schools - April 2012
Huntsville School Superintendent Bans Corporal Punishment
Paddling comes to an end in an Alabama district

Paddle or no paddle, that's the question
One Missouri district no longer uses it

USA/Schools - May 2012
Corporal punishment in school becomes a controversial topic at Shining Star Academy of the Arts
Florida charter school clarifies policy on paddling

Burke leaders ban paddling in schools (with video clip)
No more CP in a North Carolina district

Spare the child, part with rod
Preserve the paddle (with video clip)
Anti- and pro-CP polemics side by side in USA Today

The paddle has been swung in SETx schools 1,500 times this school year (illustrated)
Long piece from Texas with many CP statistics; paddles and a paddling principal are pictured

Corporal punishment in schools: Does hitting help? (illustrated)
Ongoing debate in Louisiana; statistics; paddle in current use is pictured

Principal Certificate Suspended After Paddling Incident (with video clip)
Fuss over alleged excessive punishment in Texas

Mixed views held on paddling's influence
Readers: A good paddling never hurt anyone
More on the pros and cons of spanking in Louisiana

USA/Domestic - June 2012
Neighbor: I heard boy getting spanked for 15 minutes (with video clip)
Belting of stepson caught on film

USA/Illicit - June 2012
Father offers man who slept with his underage daughter jail time for statutory rape or a brutal spanking (illustrated)
Young man pictured being spanked

Meet The Two Stars Of That Crazy "Brutal Spanking" Video That Just Went Viral
Background and explanation of the above

USA/Schools - June 2012
Corporal punishment option reinstated in FC School Dist. (with video clip)
An Arkansas school district brings back the paddle

USA/Schools - July 2012
Local schools end last vestiges of corporal punishment
Paddle is disappearing from certain parts of Louisiana

Jefferson Parish public schools formally drop their policy on using the paddle
Another Louisiana district scraps school CP

Corporal punishment change gets nod (with video clip)
A Tennessee district switches parent form from "opting in" to "opting out"

McComb schools tweak discipline, phone policies
Promise of greater use of paddling in a Mississippi school district

USA/Schools - August 2012
LC-M's paddling rule goes unchanged
A Texas school district decides to keep corporal punishment

Lometa trustees change policies
Same-sex paddling rule is dropped in a Texas district

USA/Schools - September 2012
Paddled student's mom files police report in Cordell
Dispute over a school spanking in Oklahoma

School violates policy when girl spanked by male administrator (illustrated) (with video clip)
Paddled Texas teen is pictured with her mother

Another parent concerned about spanking in Springtown ISD (illustrated) (with video clip)
A second Texas teen girl is pictured with her mother after a controversial paddling

County's ban on paddling may be short-lived
Florida school district may reintroduce CP two years after abolishing it

Don't meet Ol' Hickory! (illustrated)
TX middle-school newspaper presents elaborate new paddle, pictured

Springtown ISD revises paddling policy (illustrated)
School district widens policy on who can paddle students (illustrated) (with video clip)
Same-sex rule is reversed in TX district at centre of CP storm; spanked girls are pictured

Alvarado officials say parents like paddling option (with video clip)
No plans to get rid of CP in another Texas district

Springtown ISD adds insult to injury with gender revision to paddling policy
Columnist suggests the answer to same-sex paddling conundrum: hire more women administrators to paddle female students

USA/Schools - October 2012
In Marshall, corporal punishment only given to those who opt for it
Only boys get swats in one Texas school district

Corporal punishment in local schools
Policy at another Texas district is examined

School board maintains policy on corporal punishment
Keene ISD in Texas decides to keep the paddling option

USA/Schools - November 2012
Growing Movement Would Ban Corporal Punishment In Schools (with video clip)
Paddling controversial, but no moves to ban it across Tennessee

USA/Schools - December 2012
School board's decision on corporal punishment criticized by child advocate groups
Disagreements about school spankings in Texas

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - February 2012
Gang gets 20 years for raiding Econet base stations
Named 18-year-old is sentenced to six strokes of the cane

Face Book Betrays Rural Boy
Teenager to be caned for Facebook insult
Boy, 17, becomes first to be CANED for calling a woman a prostitute on Facebook
Youth is ordered by magistrate to receive two strokes of the cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - July 2012
Four strokes for teenage robber
Caning sentence for boy, 16

Man loses teeth in beer brawl
Court metes out three strokes of the cane to fighting 17-year-old

Zimbabwe/Judicial - August 2012
Penis thorn prickle pupils to be caned
Three teen boys ordered to receive two strokes each at the young offender's prison for tormenting younger student

Zimbabwe/Judicial - September 2012
Rapist teenager to be caned
Five strokes for boy, 13, to be administered at the Remand Prison

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