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School CP - April 1997

The Nation, Barbados, 25 April 1997

St George students pass the grade

THE STUDENTS of St. George Secondary School have been given a passing grade for their much improved behaviour.

Principal Suzanne King said yesterday there was a "vast improvement" in the students' behaviour.

Last year King was appointed principal and a special committee set up to look into and deal with the tide of indiscipline that swept over the school.

"They no longer fight and get into trouble. They would rather complain," said a happy King.

She said she still had to use the rod on one or two students who got into fights, but not as regularly as before. King said she used corporal punishment only as a last resort since she would rather sit down and talk to the students and find out what their problems were.

In his first visit back to St. George since the committee he chaired investigated the school, Anglican Bishop Rufus Brome said he was very impressed.

"I believe the light has begun to shine on St. George and we have begun to reflect this light," the Bishop said.

Visiting British Canon Michael Greene ministered to the students on the importance of self-worth and self-respect. He too said he was very impressed with the conduct of the students.

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