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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP (Prison, Military, Domestic, Reformatory)

Archive - 2006

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Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan/Judicial - February 2006
Reporters on the Job
Hack discovers leather flogging paddle still in situ at Supreme Court

Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - February 2006
Parents get fee shield
Further stage in abolition of CP in Victoria private schools

Goodbye The Cane (illustrated)
1970s picture shows teacher, kids and cane

Australia/Judicial - June 2006
Flogging call for criminals
Politician wants Western Australia to emulate Singapore

Bahamas flag BAHAMAS, THE

Bahamas/Judicial - October 2006
Bahamas orders man lashed with cat-o'-nine-tails
34-year-old sentenced to 8 lashes and 16 years' jail for attempted rape

Bahamas/Judicial - November 2006
Last Minute Appeal Saves Convict From Flogging
Eight-stroke 'cat' sentence is postponed

Stuart stands behind 'cat'
Opposition party welcomes flogging sentence

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - November 2006
Farley: Corporal punishment should remain
UNICEF is wrong, and CP is essential part of discipline strategy, says secondary school principal

Bermuda flag BERMUDA

Bermuda/Schools - May 2006
Bring back the cane for unruly students
Teachers' union leader claims schools are in chaos, wants all teachers, not just principals, to be able to use CP

Bolivia flag BOLIVIA

Bolivia/Illicit - April 2006
A driver who did not comply with a strike is punished (illustrated)
Driver is pictured being whipped in the street by fellow-workers

Bolivia/Judicial - November 2006
Bolivia goes back to the whip (illustrated)
Much better to give someone a few lashes and be done with it, say native community leaders, pictured with whips

Inca justice system eyed by Morales may use whipping
CP better than prison for petty criminals, says President

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - January 2006
Prison Escapee Receives Four Strokes
Two months' illicit freedom ends with instant caning across bare buttocks

Botswana/Judicial - February 2006
45 Zimbabwean Immigrants Flogged By Sjamboks In Botswana
They all get three lashes in public at customary court

Envoy defends Botswana's judiciary
All people are flogged, it's nothing to do with nationality, says High Commissioner

Botswana/Judicial - April 2006
Thief, insults... three on the buttocks
"Foul-mouthed youth", 23, moaned and groaned at court as lashes were inflicted

Pilfering beer guzzler sobered
Local court gives technical college student five lashes

Botswana/Judicial - May 2006
A village choking under crime
Focus on one local court with daily bare-buttock canings

Botswana/Judicial - July 2006
Anti-illegal immigrant operation starts
Offenders to be flogged and deported

The Kgotla: Cradle Of Botswana's Democracy
Study of customary open-air court and its caning sentences

Razor man lashed for theft
Six strokes for 36-year-old at customary court

Malawian gets five strokes for stealing polony
Supermarket thief, 31, pleads guilty

Five lashes for resisting arrest
24-year-old "nuisance" had got away from police

Botswana/Schools - August 2006
School Heads Ignore Caning
Headmasters are supposed to witness it, but don't; govt has no intention of abolishing CP

Ministry not aware of UN edict
School caning is lawful and will stay, says Minister

Botswana/Judicial - September 2006
Residents unite against crime
Villagers request powers to cane child criminals

Botswana/Judicial - October 2006
Naughty bouncer gets a taste of his own medicine
Court orders 31-year-old to receive punishment on his bare buttocks

Pupils trade books for commercial sex
Lorry-drivers given five strokes each for sex with school students; 24 of the students also caned

Botswana/Judicial - November 2006
Thieves lashed
Two leave court in tears after being whipped

Prisoner administers corporal punishment
Controversy over court's use of a criminal to deliver pants-down canings to other criminals

Botswana/Judicial - December 2006
Police free detained Kumakwane residents
18 youths aged between 13 and 18 receive two strokes each after riot over road safety

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - January 2006
Five Months Jail And Three Strokes For Overstayer
Caning for 35-year-old Bangladeshi

Overstayer Gets Jail, Caning
Three strokes for Indonesian, 26

Local Man Gets Seven Years For Drug Trafficking
And 7 strokes of the cane for 39-year-old father of five

Foreigners Get Jail, Cane For Illegal Entry
Three strokes each for two Indians

Brunei/Judicial - February 2006
Overstayer Gets Eight Months, Three Strokes Of The Cane
Caning for 36-year-old Bangladeshi

Local Man Jailed Three Years For Housebreaking, Theft
And two strokes of the cane for burglar, 24

Man Lands In Jail For Taking Government Property
28-year-old is also to receive two strokes

One That Couldn't Get Away
Overstayer, 42, gets three months in jail and three strokes of the cane

Foreigners Punished For Overstaying
Two immigrants get jail plus caning

Jail, Flogging For Overstayer
Three strokes of cane for 28-year-old

Jail And Cane For Bangladeshi Who Assaulted, Robbed Woman
33-year-old put away for 7 years and must receive 12 strokes of the cane

Brunei/Judicial - March 2006
Thai Gets 3 Months, 3 Strokes Of Cane For Illegal Entry
Fisherman, 31, ran away from his boat

Enforcement officers launch immigration blitz (illustrated)
Bangladeshi with no travel documents is awarded three strokes of the cane; suspected illegal immigrants pictured being rounded up

Brunei/Judicial - April 2006
Bullet Cases Lead To Police Warning
Indonesian, 27, gets 5 years and 3 strokes for possessing ammunition

Immigration offender without passport gets jail, whipping
Three months in jail and three strokes of the cane for 25-year-old

Telephone cable thieves get jail and caning
Two locals ordered to receive three strokes of cane each

Bangladeshi gets 3 months, 3 strokes of cane for overstaying
Immigration offender, 37, is given the standard penalty

Brunei/Judicial - May 2006
Jail, cane for overstaying foreigner
23-year-old gets three months and three strokes

Three M'sians get nine months & cane for cutting trees
Each is ordered to receive five strokes of the cane

Brunei/Judicial - June 2006
Local Youths Jailed, Caned For Theft And Vandalism
Two youngsters get two strokes each

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Judicial - April 2006
The Singapore solution
A doctor calls for judicial caning to counter Canadian crime

Canada/Illicit - November 2006
Hazing rite earns suspensions
Senior high-school boys in trouble for paddling younger students' buttocks

Canada/Judicial - December 2006
The last of the old-time judges (illustrated)
Obituary of judge, pictured, who issued Canada's last flogging sentence in 1972

China flag CHINA

China/Schools - September 2006
Chinese boys whipped into shape
Public bare-back whippings at popular "boot camp"

Fiji flag FIJI

Fiji/Schools - September 2006
Methodists support corporal punishment
Church believes CP is necessary to control misbehaviour in school

Ghana flag GHANA

Ghana/Schools - January 2006
Subriso teachers boycott classes for assault on colleagues
Ructions after junior secondary pupils given six strokes of cane each

Ghana/Schools - February 2006
GES, SFO Move On MPASS Headmaster
Third-year female student flogged thirty times with canes

Guatemala flag GUATEMALA

Guatemala/Judicial - April 2006
Guatemalan Youths Whipped by Parents (with video clip)
Four thieves aged 18-20 sentenced by traditional court to public spanking; video shows the punishment being inflicted on seat of trousers

Guatemala/Judicial - May 2006
Aplican 75 latigazos a delincuente (illustrated)
Public whipping for 25-year-old, pictured

Guyana flag GUYANA

Guyana/Schools - December 2006
Guyanese should decide what parts of the CRC mandate are applicable to Guyana
We are being hoodwinked over CP by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, argues letterwriter

Indonesia flag INDONESIA

Indonesia/Judicial - January 2006
14 Warga Tamiang Dicambuk, Dua Dilarikan ke Rumah Sakit (illustrated)
45-year-old is pictured with bleeding and swollen back after receiving 40 strokes

Indonesia/Judicial - February 2006
Six get cane punishment in Indonesia's Aceh
Three men and three women receive up to six strokes each for gambling

Gambler gets caned in Banda Aceh
Ten strokes for 35-year-old in front of hundreds of spectators

Indonesia/Judicial - August 2006
Indonesian Province Embraces Islamic Law (illustrated)
New York Times roundup of Aceh situation includes a new caning picture

Citizens Caned
JCP begins to appear in other provinces too

Indonesia/Judicial - October 2006
Aceh enforces Sharia law with the lash of a cane
Official explains the rules for judicial CP

Indonesia/Judicial - December 2006
Morality police rule Aceh (illustrated)
Alcohol brings 40-stroke sentence for man, 37, pictured; official demonstrates correct caning technique

India flag INDIA

India/Judicial - January 2006
Ideology no bar to cane a woman in Murshidabad
Unofficial village chieftains' court orders flogging for mother of three

flag IRAN

Iran/Judicial - February 2006
Iran's police lash man 74 times in public
He was convicted of frightening people in public places

Iran/Judicial - March 2006
Eight drug dealers flogged in Iran
Men given between 70 and 100 lashes each

Boy arrested, flogged and imprisoned for "demonstrating"
He gets 50 lashes for role in Kurdish political upheaval

Iran/Judicial - May 2006
Iran sentences 52 Sufis and their lawyers to jail, flogging
Charged with disrupting public order after anti-government riots

Iran/Judicial - June 2006
Iranian woman spared by European rights court
She will not be deported back to Iran to face flogging

Iran/Judicial - July 2006
Iran sentences man to 10 times execution
He also gets 10 years in jail and 148 lashes

Iran flogs man in public for stealing motorbike
He receives 70 lashes in town square

Ireland flag IRELAND

Ireland/Reformatories - January 2006
Four industrial school pupils made sex abuse claims
Girls had been spanked and caned by Sisters of Mercy as recently as 1980

Ireland/Reformatories - February 2006
Industrial School building was unsuitable for raising children
"Sisters of Mercy" apologise for conditions in reformatory, closed in 1983, where girls were slapped

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Schools - March 2006
Charlie Smith 'buries' corporal punishment (illustrated)
High school principal is pictured 'burying' strap, but it will still be used as a last resort

Jamaica/Schools - April 2006
Sparing the rod
Columnist deplores lack of discipline, calls for the return of cane and strap

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Schools - April 2006
Why Teacher Backs Caning in Schools (illustrated)
Educator, pictured with cane, takes legal action to overturn government's CP ban

Ban Followed Pressure From Parents And Rights Lobbies
Background to abolition of school CP is explained

Kenya/Schools - June 2006
To cane or not to cane
Spare the Rod and Spoil the Country, a Kenyan Warns (illustrated)
More on a teacher's campaign to restore school CP; he is pictured at home and in the classroom

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 2006
'More lashes, less jail time'
Rapist, 33, fails in his request to swap prison for extra caning

Jailed 11 years for having drug
Plus ten strokes of the rotan

Rotan, jail for baby via his daughter, 15
16 years in prison and six strokes of the cane for 39-year-old

Deported burglar sneaks back into Sabah (illustrated)
Eight months' jail and two strokes of rotan for Filipino, 21, pictured

Serial rapist loses appeal (illustrated)
39-year-old, pictured, fails to get 24-stroke sentence overturned

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2006
Man who 'lost everything'
Indonesian, 43, gets 11 years in jail and 10 strokes of cane for drug offences

Judge: Amend charges
34-year-old jailed for 10 years and given 10 strokes on reduced charge of drug possession

Acehnese Gets 11 Years, Whipping For Cannabis Possession
10 strokes of the rotan for 23-year-old

Son broke dad's heart (illustrated)
Drug user, 33, pictured, is to have 10 strokes of cane

Lorry driver escapes gallows
Jail plus 10 strokes for 39-year-old for possessing cannabis

Malaysia/Judicial - March 2006
10 years' jail for ex-officer
Former customs officer, 39, will also receive 10 strokes of the cane

21 years for death of foetus, stabbing (illustrated)
Noodle seller, 39, pictured, also gets three strokes of the cane

Defence counsel miffed by interruption
27-year-old sentenced to 9 years in jail and 10 strokes of the rotan for possessing drugs

Habitual offender unfazed by 13-year jail term
44-year-old drug recidivist also gets 10 strokes of the cane

Housebreakers get jail and caning (illustrated)
Robber, 37, pictured, will spend four years in jail and receive two strokes of rotan

Couple jailed for drug possession
Seven years' jail and 10 rotan strokes for man, 43

30 years for raping sister
Brothers, 19 and 23, also ordered to be given 16 strokes of the rotan each

Man gets jail and rotan for having drug
30-year-old to serve 12 years, receive 10 strokes

Malaysia/Schools - March 2006
Malaysia to ban public caning of errant schoolchildren
Ministry to clamp down on teachers who cane in front of other students

All out to check bullying (illustrated)
Senior schoolboys are pictured campaigning against bullying; Education Minister clarifies that new rules on caning will be produced

When teachers fear students
Columnist urges ministry officials to get out and talk to teachers before drawing up restrictive punishment rules

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2006
Local man gets 16 years, cane for raping his sister
Six strokes for rubber tapper, 37

10 years, 10 strokes for having cannabis
37-year-old had previous drug convictions

Contract marriages illegal, says court
Appeal court restores jail and cane sentence on 42-year-old for outraging modesty of girl

Laying bare the facts
School students "terrified" by dummy caning demonstration

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2006
Dad jailed 54 years for sodomising daughter
32-year-old also sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane

Man gets 20 years' jail for causing death during robbery (illustrated)
Career criminal, 37, pictured, is also ordered to be given 12 strokes of the rotan

Jail and rotan for drug possession
12 years and 10 strokes for 40-year-old

40 illegal immigrants to serve between three and six months (illustrated)
Immigration violators are pictured; 21 of them get a stroke of the rotan each

Fruit seller jailed six years for having cannabis
Plus ten strokes of the rotan for 26-year-old

Malaysia/Schools - May 2006
From principal to pastor (illustrated)
Award-winning school principal, pictured, is advocate of caning but says the student must agree to it

Cane the boy
Letter-writer says student who assaulted his teacher should be caned in public

Bring it back
Education Ministry should allow public caning again, says reader

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2006
Rapist gets 24 years and rotan (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, is ordered to receive 20 strokes of the cane

Rotan, jail for baby via niece, 16
20 years and five strokes of the rotan for rapist, 41

Paying high price for having sex
25-year-old gets 6 years and 12 strokes for sex with under-age girlfriend

Malaysia/Schools - June 2006
Creative punishment
Schoolroom discipline methods discussed, including caning

Cracking the whip and putting things in order (illustrated)
Former teacher, now a government minister, pictured, describes how he used the cane to eradicate gangsterism in high school

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2006
37 years' jail, 30 strokes of rotan (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, sodomised young co-worker; had been jailed and caned for rape at age 24

Judge admits error in calling for man's defence (illustrated)
Drug possessor, 37, pictured, escapes death penalty, gets jail and 10 strokes of rotan instead

128 foreigners put behind bars
82 immigration offenders ordered to be caned

Judge shows leniency to youth caught with dadah (illustrated)
19-year-old, pictured, sent to prison for only two years plus six strokes of the cane for possessing heroin

10 years and caning for having drugs
Youth, 23, to receive 10 strokes of the rotan

Indonesian's sentence extended after review
Five strokes of rotan added to 28-year-old robber's punishment

Man jailed 16 years over death of trader (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive eight-stroke whipping

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2006
Rapist convicted for the third time
26-year-old, already given 26 strokes for earlier offences, now gets another 12 while his accomplice is also caned

20 years for raping 12-year-old daughter
And 12 strokes of the rotan for man, 36

Youth gets 15 years' jail and rotan
Three-stroke caning for 18-year-old

Jail, rotan for man with drugs
Myanmar national, 32, given 10 years' jail and 20 strokes of the cane

18 years' jail for raping retarded woman
Plus 20 strokes of the rotan for labourer

Malaysia/Schools - August 2006
After 50 years, a new way to tighten school discipline
Canings will now have to be decided by a committee, not just headmaster

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2006
Child rapist gets 62 years and 5 strokes (illustrated)
Man, 40, pictured, raped or attempted to rape four boys and two girls

Four jailed over gang-rape (illustrated)
Twentysomethings, pictured, also sentenced to receive six strokes of the rotan each

Man jailed 33 years for raping girl eight years ago (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, also gets six strokes of the cane

Kim And Mat: Between Life And Death
Prisoner whipped in 2005 describes the pain of the cane

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2006
Receptionist in job con gets jail, rotan (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, to receive a stroke of the rotan

Jailed 10 years for having drug mix (illustrated)
Trafficker, 31, pictured, also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the cane

36 years and 10 strokes for teacher who raped deaf-mute pupil
Jail and caning for 34-year-old who "abused the trust placed in him"

He rammed a cop and now pleads disability (illustrated)
29-year-old amputee, pictured, sentenced to four strokes of the rotan and five years in prison for attempted murder

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2006
Seven Indons get total of 97 years' jail (illustrated)
And a total of 84 strokes of the rotan for robbers, pictured

Daily to get warning over prison caning DVD
Video footage made for educational documentary being sold on the black market

36 years' jail for raping daughter
38-year-old is also sentenced to 24 strokes of the rotan

Filipino couple get life (illustrated)
Plus 10 strokes of the cane for man, pictured

Malaysia/Schools - November 2006
Students take charge (illustrated)
School principal, pictured, gives public caning to students caught visiting pornographic websites

Malaysia/Judicial - December 2006
More than 10,000 foreign workers have run away since Jan 05
3,123 immigrants whipped in Johor in six years, reveals state premier

Former salesman gets seven years for syabu (illustrated)
Drug user, 31, pictured, is also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the cane

Jailed 10 years for raping teen
Two twentysomethings also get five strokes each

Maldives flag MALDIVES

Maldives/Judicial - August 2006
Youth assaults magistrate
18-year-old gets 100 lashes and banishment for sex with woman


New Zealand/Domestic - January 2006
Anti-smack soft soap doesn't wash
Editorialist attacks "simple-minded politicians" for efforts to make parental spanking illegal

New Zealand/Domestic - July 2006
Mum acquitted on horsewhip charge back in court
Teenage boy had also had six of the best with a cane

New Zealand/Schools - August 2006
Parents asked to OK school's use of strap
Christian school tries to get round CP ban

Caning not the real abuse
It didn't teach its victims violence - they were already experts, writes columnist

New Zealand/Domestic - October 2006
Smacking children not so harmful - study
Local research shows that those spanked had "similar or even slightly better outcomes" than those not spanked

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - January 2006
Bricklayer, vendor jailed for stealing food items
Young thieves also get five strokes of the cane each

Nigeria/Judicial - February 2006
Butcher jailed for having sex with sheep
18-year-old was also given 30 strokes of the cane

Nigeria/Judicial - March 2006
Man jailed 14 years for kidnap
"Copious liar", 27, is also to receive six strokes of the cane

Nigeria/Judicial - July 2006
Two students receive 12 lashes for theft
Six strokes of the cane each for secondary pupils; punishment is administered immediately at court

Nigeria/Schools - July 2006
Industrialist wants corporal punishment in schools
Concern at upsurge of hooliganism and cultism in secondary schools


Papua New Guinea/Schools - February 2006
Call for corporal punishment
Prime Minister wants caning reintroduced in schools

Papua New Guinea/Schools - March 2006
Spare the rod ...
Editorial considers PM's call for CP, notes that it is for PNG alone to decide

Qatar flag QATAR

Qatar/Judicial - May 2006
Expats to be lashed for drinking
Three young Arabs, one of them a woman with a US passport, get 40 lashes each

Qatar/Judicial - June 2006
Court orders 100 lashes to Filipina maid
Punishment for giving birth to a child

Qatar/Judicial - September 2006
Court sentences two to 100 lashes each
Man and woman get flogging for having illicit sexual relations

St Kitts flag ST KITTS & NEVIS

St Kitts & Nevis/Judicial - February 2006
Court orders 10 lashes for minor
Boy, 15, convicted of wounding, is to receive 10 strokes with tamarind rod

Convicted men get strokes, jail sentence
Five young men each ordered to be given six tamarind strokes for wounding

St Kitts & Nevis/Judicial - August 2006
Court conviction from the Sandy Point Magistrate Court
Youth, 17, sentenced to 8 strokes, is caned the same day

Police Press Releases
14-year-old will receive 10 strokes unless he obeys probation conditions


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - February 2006
Jail, flogging for men in Saudi harassment case
'Happy slapping' leader gets jail plus 600 lashes
Ten youths aged between 17 and 26 sentenced after mobile phone molest incident

Lack of Clear Guidelines Irks Lawyers, Defendants
Arbitrary court decisions and inconsistent flogging sentences come under fire

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - April 2006
Young Man Faces Lashing
500 public lashes plus six months' prison for youth who fell prostrate before a dancer

Court Sentences Unruly Juvenile to 40 Lashes
Boy, 15, also gets 2 months in detention centre for disobeying his parents

Saudi flees to escape lashing for employing women
Court sentenced restaurant owner to 90 lashes but he left the country before they could be inflicted

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - May 2006
Indian sexual harassment victim moves Saudi court
Woman wants airline officials to be given 80 lashes each

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - June 2006
Judge Hands Down Guilty Verdict in Rahaf Case
Woman gets 50 lashes for beating stepdaughter

Two get 150 lashes over abaya
Plus five years' hard labour for youths who removed clothing from woman

1,000 Lashes and Jail Sentence for Robber
Series of armed robberies brings flogging and five years in jail

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - July 2006
Camel-Herding Drunk Sentenced to 300 Lashes
Plus six months in prison for "serious alcoholic" in his eighties

1,000 Lashes for Grifter
Recidivist fraudster also given four-year jail term

Youth Arrested for Assaulting Parents
Boy ordered to receive 2,000 lashes in instalments of 400 at a time

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - November 2006
Four Given Jail Terms for Gang-Raping Young Woman
Rapists additionally get 80 to 1,000 lashes; court also orders 90 lashes for the victim and her boyfriend

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - December 2006
Crime and Punishment: Who Deserves What and Where?
Writer takes issue with public lashing

Sierra Leone flag SIERRA LEONE

Sierra Leone/Judicial - August 2006
Student Suggests Public Flogging of Unruly Cops
They should get 12 hard lashes on their bare backs or buttocks, he tells conference

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2006
Man jailed and caned for raping sis-in-law
35-year-old gets 20 years in prison and 18 strokes of the cane

Court rejects repeat offender's bid to settle case by cash (illustrated)
Molester, 52, pictured, had received 14-stroke sentence in 1989

Foreign worker jailed for preying on women
Plus six strokes for 34-year-old Bangladeshi

Sex-change drug dealer spared cane
No caning after prostitute with male passport is declared female by doctor

Singapore/Schools - January 2006
Schools left to decide on students' discipline: Education Ministry
Controversy after secondary boy is caned on his bottom in front of mixed school

Singapore/Judicial - February 2006
Teen chooses jail, cane to reformative training (illustrated)
17-year-old rioter, pictured, asks court for shorter jail term plus caning, gets his wish and six strokes

He set up labour business using 12 overstayers (illustrated)
Sri Lankan, 44, pictured, given two years' jail and three strokes of the cane

Serial sex offender raped 69-year-old, attacked 2 students (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, jailed for 20 years plus the maximum 24 strokes of the cane

Jail, cane for brothers who chopped off teen's hand (illustrated)
Two teenagers, pictured, given heavy sentences after planned attack with parang

Serial molester, 36, posed as psychology student (illustrated)
Seven years and 12 strokes for father of two, pictured

Stepdad jailed for molesting girl
38-year-old jailed for 13 years and must have 12 strokes of the cane

Vicious attack with pole left man dead
Four years in jail and four cane strokes for 38-year-old

4 years' jail and cane for hacking flatmate (illustrated)
Man, 46, pictured, is to receive three strokes

Guard got teen, friends to help beat up man (illustrated)
44-year-old, pictured, gets two years' jail and three strokes of the cane

For some visitors, the booty is the draw (illustrated)
Visiting Chinese burglar, 31, pictured, jailed for six years with 12 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - March 2006
Jail and caning for attacking matchmaker (illustrated)
Knife assault brings two years' jail and eight strokes of the cane for 33-year-old, pictured

Stiffer punishment for man who raped mentally retarded teen
Offender, 35, with long criminal record, now gets seven year's corrective training and 12 strokes

Loan shark gets 10 strokes of the cane, 21 months in jail
32-year-old becomes first illegal moneylender to be caned under tough new legislation

Loan shark's runner gets jail, caning (illustrated)
Illegal moneylender, 30, pictured, sentenced to 21 months' prison and eight strokes of the cane

Singapore/Schools - April 2006
Schoolboy punched, jaw fractured
17-year-old assailant in soccer game that turned violent is caned in front of school assembly

Singapore/Judicial - April 2006
Jail, cane for blinding chef in left eye
42-year-old is given two years in jail and seven strokes for grievous hurt after brawl in restaurant

32 years' jail for man who raped 5 daughters
'Sickening' 45-year-old also gets 24 strokes of the cane

Hawker gets jail, caning for assaulting cabby
20 months plus six strokes for 45-year-old who punched and kicked

Preventive detention for repeat sex offender (illustrated)
Plus 24 strokes of the cane for man, 30, pictured, previously caned, who admitted forced sex with teen boys

Singapore/Judicial - May 2006
Man jailed for using false IC to get passport
Plus three strokes of the cane for Indian national, 28

Bogus exorcist jailed, caned for molesting woman
30-year-old gets 9 months and 3 strokes after duping housewife with fake ceremony

Singapore/Judicial - July 2006
Footballer jailed for having drug and 2 bullets
Five years plus six strokes of the cane for 24-year-old

Worker pursued maid and molested her twice (illustrated)
Bangladeshi, 37, pictured, gets eight strokes of the cane and 18 months in prison

M-cyclist who bashed elderly driver gets jail and cane (illustrated)
Five years and three strokes for 47-year-old, pictured

Courts adopting a softer touch
More offending youths now being given a second chance

Singapore/Judicial - August 2006
Worker gets 10-year jail sentence, caning for killing fellow Thai
12 strokes of the cane for 41-year-old

Vandals attack Tampines carpark
Perpetrators of red/blue/black graffiti will have same colours on their behinds if caught, newspaper notes

Man who sold Ice to doctor jailed, caned (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, gets six years and 10 strokes for drug offence

Singapore/Judicial - September 2006
NUS student gets jail and cane for burglary
24 strokes for recidivist 27-year-old

From teen burglar ... to NUS undergrad ... to burglar again (illustrated)
More on the student burglar, including pictures

Reformed addict
Former offender, now 41, changed his attitude in 1998 after having "blistered buttocks" from a caning

Singapore/Schools - September 2006
Circles help shape Ping Yi students
Secondary school has new "restorative justice" scheme, but says caning will still be necessary

Singapore/Judicial - October 2006
Robber targeted old women, stabbed cops (illustrated)
Repeat offender, 42, pictured, gets 24 strokes of the cane

Singapore's judges sparing the rod
New policy gives judges more options

Slip of the tongue exposes 2nd-time illegal
14 months' jail and five strokes of the cane for 26-year-old

Serial offender gets 7 years and 6 strokes (illustrated)
Jail and caning for repeat robber, 48, pictured

First two Subutex abusers jailed
Addict gets seven years and six strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - November 2006
Karaoke death: Extradited water jailed
Five years and six strokes of rotan come 13 years after the offence

Cellphone row: Man jailed for killing flatmate
Six strokes and ten years for 23-year-old

Illegal Burmese Immigrants to Face the Cane in Singapore
Five young men get four strokes each

Singapore/Reformatory - November 2006
Boys' Home: When some don't make good
30 per cent of reformatory inmates reoffend; one says he got caned 60 times in three years there

Singapore/Judicial - December 2006
Stab video raises questions (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, gets jail plus 4 strokes of the cane for attacking ex-lover in the street

Four cases in just the last few days
Jail and canings for metal thieves

Man gets 8 years for knife attack (illustrated)
Former addict, 31, pictured, will also undergo 15 cane strokes

Uncle jailed 12 years for raping niece
And 20 strokes of the cane for man, 30, who twice raped girl, 13, and also had sex with her 14-year-old classmate

Solomon Islands flag SOLOMON ISLANDS

Solomon Islands/Judicial - March 2006
Wagina whips offenders
Judicial caning system introduced last year has restored community peace and harmony, say locals

'Whipping is illegal'
National official warns that chiefs have no power to impose JCP

Whipping practice defended
Educational academic says traditional justice system is effective and should be allowed to remain

Call to stop "whipping"
2,000 residents watch as boy is given 50 strokes, trousers down

Solomon Islands/Judicial - April 2006
Youngsters hail police intervention
Public whippings are investigated

Solomon Islands/Judicial - June 2006
Elders of Wagina agree to stop corporal punishment
Controversial whippings to cease

Somalia flag SOMALIA

Somalia/Judicial - July 2006
Islamists publicly flog teenagers in Jowhar
11 youngsters get 40 lashes each for drugs and looting

Somalia/Judicial - August 2006
Three men caught with marijuana whipped in Mogadishu (illustrated)
Three public canings are pictured; offenders are aged 19, 45 and 58

Somali woman is flogged for drugs (illustrated)
Her public caning is pictured; five men also whipped

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - May 2006
Caning still popular at ECape schools
It's supposed to be against the law, but still prevalent in townships

South Africa/Schools - August 2006
Courage and love make KP's world go round
Cricket star says he got caned at school and by his father, thinks CP was right

South Africa/Judicial - December 2006
Crime lends lustre to kangaroo justice (illustrated)
Whippings by vigilante groups are pictured; tacit support by police claimed

S. Korea flag SOUTH KOREA

South Korea/Schools - September 2006
Corporal Punishment in Schools
A professor writes that abolishing CP may not be a good idea

'Ban the rod' spoil the child' is widely accepted
Long article on reactions to proposal to ban the cane

More Feedback on Corporal Punishment
Writer discusses the pros and cons

Swaziland flag SWAZILAND

Swaziland/Schools - June 2006
Spare the child, spoil the rod
Article states, completely incorrectly, that school caning is contrary to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Swaziland/Schools - November 2006
St Mark's High gives the stick a yellow card
CP at one school must henceforth conform to the rules

Sweden flag SWEDEN

Sweden/Domestic - September 2006
A worm's eye view
It's simply not true that anti-smacking law has reduced violence, says writer

Taiwan flag TAIWAN

Taiwan/Schools - December 2006
Taiwan corporal punishment banned
Previous prohibition of CP was only by regulation and was ignored, but now it is against the law

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Judicial - April 2006
'A good spanking will whip them back into line'
Parliamentarian urges CP for errant investors

Tanzania/Schools - May 2006
Minister defends caning in schools
Spare the rod ...
Caning of stubborn students is "legal and mandatory", but only by headteacher or designee; newspaper editorial points out that cases of misuse of CP are not an excuse for banning it

Tanzania/Judicial - August 2006
Boy (17) receives 8 strokes for raping toddler
Boy canned [sic] strokes for sodomy
Pants-down caning sentence is implemented immediately in the court room

Tanzania/Judicial - December 2006
NBC robbers sentenced to 30 years jail term
Four also get 12 strokes of the cane each for armed robbery

Court's watchman jailed 30 years
12 strokes of cane each for two robbers

Thailand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Schools - April 2006
Spare the rod ... spoil the child?
Caning is still common despite legal ban

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad/Judicial - June 2006
Twelve strokes for sex with girl, 12 (illustrated)
Jail and birching for 37-year-old, pictured

Trinidad/Judicial - September 2006
State must pay rapist for 'cat-o'-nine' beating
Man, sentenced to birching but flogged with cat by mistake, will receive compensation

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Prisons - February 2006
400 Arua inmates flee (illustrated)
Some escaped prisoners are recaptured, one is pictured being caned

Uganda/Prisons - May 2006
Parliament Outlaws Corporal Punishment
No more CP in prisons

Uganda/Schools - June 2006
My Day in Africa
Schoolboy says he gets three canings in one day

Uganda/Schools - August 2006
Caning Banned in Schools
Value of CP has been eroded by indiscriminate use, says government

Beating children can be good sometimes
Caning should be upheld, argues writer


UAE/Judicial - June 2006
No more flogging for petty crimes
Government reverses amendment to Federal Penal Code

UAE/Judicial - July 2006
Confusion over lashes ruling
Teen girls' whipping sentences might not happen

Mother to serve 30 months in jail for strangling newborn
She also gets 99 lashes and deportation


UK/Navy - January 2006
The Navy knew how to control us
Letterwriter recalls 1920s canings on bare behind; it worked, he says

Errant Wrens
Female naval cadets were caned over their knickers in 1950s, claims reader

UK/Schools - January 2006
Assaults on pupils were 'harsh and criminal'
Inquiry into boys' school says CP in 1980s was too harsh and too frequent

UK/Navy - February 2006
Bare bottom caning
Baring it stoically
Peter Wilby gets down and dirty with Sarah Sands
Correspondence about alleged caning of WRENs continues, but media hack has his doubts

UK/Schools - February 2006
Time to protect teachers
Reader calls for return of the strap in Scotland in light of rising number of school expulsions

UK/Judicial - May 2006
Give neds a good flogging -- Priest
Thugs fomenting sectarian hatred should be birched in public, he says

Flood of support for Father Flog'em
Public support for birching as priest calls on Scottish govt to take action against evil thugs

UK/Schools - June 2006
EIS rejects belt classroom call (with video clip)
Bring back the belt to discipline children, says MSP
Politician calls for the return of school CP in Scotland

UK/Judicial - July 2006
Victorian 'hoodies' truly deserved a hug
Half-baked piece about juvenile justice c.1900

UK/Domestic - September 2006
Majority of parents admit to smacking children
73% are opposed to a spanking ban


US/Domestic - January 2006
On the Minds of Men: Corporal Punishment (illustrated)
82% of Men's Health readers approve of spanking; a father is pictured spanking his son

Justices Say Spanking Went Overboard
Woman struck 11-year-old daughter on buttocks with belt

To UT recruit Kindle, 'Pops' is king (illustrated)
Football star, 18, and his brother, 17, both pictured, subject to paddling by strict but revered father, pictured

Crime or punishment? (illustrated)
Councilman, pictured in court, whipped teenage son's buttocks with belt

US/Illicit - January 2006
Red Bank Businessman Classified as Sex Offender for Spanking Employees
Snow-cone boss had clause in contract to spank young women

US/Schools - January 2006
Student Memories
"Butt warmings" at TN school are recalled

Headmaster accused of assaulting child (illustrated)
Charter school head, pictured, had permission to paddle, but hurt 7-year-old's arms while spanking him

Federal Court dismisses suit against Groveton ISD
TX parents fail in effort to challenge boy's paddling

Teacher completes suspension in spanking incident
He spanked second-grader with a meter stick at mother's request

School policy to be without a paddle
Corporal punishment abolished in Plano, TX

Bernie school board hears corporal punishment complaint
Parents claims an MO district is using paddle inappropriately

Slap-happy 'Teach' Wins
Court rules college must reinstate student teacher sacked for advocating CP

Police: Coach ordered corporal punishment of player (with video clip)
Basketball team members paddled teammate

Thomas: Now it's up to parents to pull out the paddle
Memphis teachers say abolition of paddle means students are more unruly and disrespectful than ever

Paddling: How Hard is Too Hard? (with video clip)
Mass paddling by football coach at a Mississippi middle school; TV news clip shows boy with faint bruise on thigh

Paddling under review: School board to vote on corporal punishment
Controversy over CP in a New Mexico district

Bring discipline back to schools
A quick whack and you were back in line, says reader

Administration and school board change absences policy
Paddlings in crackdown on tardies at a Missouri school district

US/Domestic - February 2006
They Took A Lickin' But Times Have Changed
Parental switchings and spankings recalled

Judge: Malone didn't break law (illustrated)
Ohio ex-councilman, pictured, is acquitted of any crime after whipping his son with a belt

A punishing predicament
Domestic spanking still provokes debate

US/Schools - February 2006
Battle Over Paddling Heats Up (with video clip)
Follow-up to mass paddling at MS middle school

Wright: Paddling has pluses and minuses
Columnist comments on above case

District officially scraps paddling
CP abolished in Frisco, Texas

Shifflett out again
VA pastor accused of spanking girl 16 years ago

State BOE probes paddling complaint
Continuing recriminations over 5-months-ago punishment of boy in North Carolina

RISD administrative contracts approved
A Texas district clarifies its rules on parental notification of paddling

Spanking horrors detailed
Abusive CP in private school 25 years ago is dredged up

Do you think your most embarrassing moment can top mine?
Columnist recalls being paddled in class by teacher who was his own mother

US/Domestic - March 2006
6 juveniles doing community service
Teen boy receives "a good paddling" from mother at police station

Spanking a sore subject in Arlington
Massachusetts town divided over attempt to pass no-spanking resolution

Curtis (strip cartoon)
Comic strip features parental CP

US/Illicit - March 2006
Woman tells of spanking from professor
42-year-old student says he spanked her 64 times with belt

US/Reformatory - March 2006
Jordonia kindled fear in Tennessee's youth for 60 years (illustrated)
Feature on history of state reformatory includes photo of paddle, reintroduced in 1955 after a four-year ban; contemporary teens who probably received it are also pictured

US/Schools - March 2006
'Walkout' steps up for Latino history lesson
Movie stirs bad memories for Spanish speakers
New film evokes 1970s California, when students were paddled in class for not speaking English

Bill would allow spanking in schools
Corporal punishment not likely in Cape schools
State politician in Delaware seeks to reverse school CP ban, but one district is not enthusiastic

The P-word best sums up Rebels' new coach
Severe paddling of 14-year-old 6ft 4in basketball player in the 1980s is recalled; that night he scored 48 points

Schools moving away from use of corporal punishment
Paddling said to be on the decline in AR and TX

Roscoe teacher contracts renewed
A Texas district agrees new rule that parents will be contacted when a student is paddled

'He was a man among men' (illustrated)
Tribute to late teacher and disciplinarian, pictured, whose paddlings left an impression

Parents ask for school paddling to stop
Anti-CP campaign in North Carolina

US/Domestic - April 2006
Mom, lawyer dispute abuse charge
Teacher paddled her adopted son, 13, on his bare bottom

Divine Discipline
New "flexible spanking tool" on sale for Christians

US/Illicit - April 2006
Woman pleads innocent to abuse charges involving young girls
Former Brownie leader allegedly spanked their bare buttocks

Spanked employee seeks $1.2 million (illustrated)
Woman, 53, pictured, was spanked as part of "team-building exercise"

Ouch! Firm to pay $1.7M for spanking
Jury holds that workplace paddling constituted sexual harassment and battery

US/Judicial - April 2006
Walker advocates flogging criminals
Indiana senate candidate says prison is counterproductive, whipping would be inexpensive

US/Schools - April 2006
Paddling bill out of whack?
Controversy over proposal to reintroduce school CP in Delaware

Community paddling wasn't child abuse, says state
Tennessee investigation finds that boy's bruises were not caused by his school's punishment

Empowering legislation for local officials
Author of Delaware CP proposals defends his legislative bill

Corporal punishment committee 'in hopper'
Paddling statistics given for DeSoto County, MS

Teacher resigns over paddling
GA band director paddled three students but says it was a joke

Official seeks end to paddling
Row over CP at a charter academy in Florida

Mom rips Horn Lake school's dress code
She refused to allow MS school to paddle her daughter

Spring Hill principal charged after spanking student
AR boy's mother approved the paddling but then complained about his bruises

Mom: Paddling of student went too far
Woman witnessed her son's spanking at AL school

Outdated punishment or effective discipline?
Two-thirds of parents have signed paddling permission forms at one Ohio school, but only 17 OH districts out of 612 still use CP

US/Schools - May 2006
District balks after being asked by group to stop paddling students
An Ohio school district will continue to use CP, take no notice of outside agitators

Many principals spare the paddle (illustrated)
Some Louisiana districts refuse parents' demands to use CP; a disused paddle is pictured

District attorney investigating paddling incident at middle school
GA boy, 13, has trouble sitting down after receiving CP

KHS graduates 96
A Missouri high school which uses the paddle celebrates its successes

US/Schools - June 2006
Principal cleared in paddling complaint
Punishment of 13-year-old was not assault, court finds

US/Schools - July 2006
Paddling unruly behavior
A Mississippi school district contemplates reviving CP

Teachers get raised while taxes go down
Paddling abolished in a Texas district

Great teachers leave a lasting impression
Academic recalls 1960s paddlings from beloved teacher

US/Domestic - August 2006
Rod rules (illustrated)
Christians disagree about CP; over-the-knee spanking of small boy is pictured

Kirby: The hammer kept me out of jail
Columnist explains why teenage boys need whippings

Woman acquitted of child abuse; regrets spanking 13-year-old son
Jury holds that punishment did not constitute child abuse

US/Institutions etc. - August 2006
Women accused of spankings
Kids up to 12 allegedly spanked at New Hampshire daycare

US/Schools - August 2006
Take some responsibility
Paddling works, says letterwriter

Hometown hero
Move from California to a paddling school in OK brought culture shock for schoolboy football star

The day Chas arrived at our school
1967 Tennessee paddlings recalled

Spare Ron, spoil child
Children have been given way too much power, says columnist who argues for CP

Laurel schools OK corporal punishment
Mississippi district brings back the paddle

Local schools change policies over summer
Students bringing cell phones have option of detention or paddling in an Alabama district

BCS board questions discipline
CP is on the books but not much used in one Louisiana district because of fear of lawsuits

Power to the PADDLE (illustrated)
Faith, culture are factors in paddling (illustrated)
Big double feature in Dallas Morning News pictures principal with paddle and spanked students, focuses on reintroduction of CP at a high-minority school

Mom Pushes Paddling Ban At Tullahoma School
TN 12-year-old had bruised buttocks, complains his mother

US/Schools - September 2006
Paddle Tested (illustrated)
Young football star, pictured, says school paddlings made him mentally tougher, improved his game

Bring back paddling in our schools
A swat on the backside would be more effective, argues letterwriter

He didn't smile this time
IL columnist recalls 1950s school paddlings, wants CP brought back

In Many Public Schools, the Paddle is No Relic (illustrated)
Texas middle-school principal pictured with paddle; map of paddling states

US/Domestic - October 2006
Hit with the question: Were you spanked? CEOs say yes
Survey finds that successful business people were spanked as children

US/Schools - October 2006
Court: School official not abuser
Court of Appeals holds that bruising alone doesn't signify abuse, and that principal who paddled boy should not have been put on "child abuse" register

Bullies Deserve a Spanking
Only solution is the reintroduction of CP, claims UT letterwriter

Some small area school systems use the paddle
CP statistics for schools in Georgia

US/Judicial - November 2006
Paddling case overturned
Ohio's "spanking cop" is vindicated by appeal court

US/Domestic - November 2006
Corporal punishment not necessarily abuse
Court of Appeal holds that spanking causing bruising does not constitute child abuse

US/Schools - November 2006
A-Dressing the School Board
Nashville councilman calls for paddling and uniforms

Student apologizes for father's actions (illustrated)
Paddled TN boy, 15, pictured with his new carers, admits his jailed father lied about bruises in hopes of getting money

Parents file complaint over swats
Boy, 11, couldn't sit down after OK school spanking, claims attorney

Doyle McCall shares his story
FL football coach found the paddle an effective deterrent to bad behavior

In federal court: Girl was accused of viewing Internet pornography at school
Two boys given three paddle swats each in TX middle school computer incident

The day they paddled the entire band
1980s mass punishment at AL high school is recalled

US/Schools - December 2006
School paddling in Johnson brings assault warrant
KY father complains at welts on his fifth-grade son's backside

Student expulsions up slightly in Clark
Annual spankings up from 6 to 12 in one Kentucky district

In this tiny town, every game is the big game
Football players feel sting of coach's paddle at a Texas high school

Hartselle schools report upswing in incidents
37 paddlings in an AL district

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - January 2006
Magistrate in dilemma
Legal sex of 16-year-old transsexual offender at issue as only male youths may be ordered to be caned

Zimbabwe/Judicial - February 2006
Rapist teenager to be canned [sic]
Court sentences 15-year-old to five strokes of the cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - March 2006
Teenage thief sentenced to three strokes
Boy, 16, "will receive his punishment from an experienced designated member of the police force"

Zimbabwe/Judicial - May 2006
Boy to receive 2 cane strokes
Court sentences 16-year-old to caning for stealing clothes

Zimbabwe/Judicial - October 2006
16-year-old to be caned for intimacy
Magistrate sentences student to two strokes for sex with girlfriend, 15, who lied about her age

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