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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

THE ARCHIVE PAGES ARE COLOUR CODED: GREEN background for judicial CP, YELLOW for school CP, WHITE for other kinds of CP (domestic, prison, military, reformatory)

CP Archive - 2009

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Australia flag AUSTRALIA

Australia/Schools - February 2009
Cane the answer
Secondary teacher, in despair over reckless, out-of-control youths, calls for return of CP

Australia/Schools - March 2009
Teachers given cane go-ahead at Bundaberg Christian College
A Queensland private school that uses CP

School's use of cane 'acceptable'
Another Queensland school has "corporal correction" as last resort

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - January 2009
Limited lashing
Corporal punishment will not be abolished, says education chief

Barbados/Schools - October 2009
Getting licks for lateness (illustrated)
Boys are photographed being caned on arrival at school

Massiah all for flogging
Corporal punishment has served us well
"Licks" school is defended

Barbados/Schools - December 2009
HC head: Students will be flogged
Corporal punishment at Harrison College is there to stay, he says

Bolivia flag BOLIVIA

Bolivia/Judicial - January 2009
Bolivians Ratify New Constitution
Indians to be allowed to mete out corporal punishment under their own legal systems

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - February 2009
Chiefs want re-introduction of back lashings
Caning on the buttocks is too lenient, they claim

Botswana/Schools - February 2009
I Don't Spare the Rod - Headmaster
Girls caned for putting on wrong uniform

Botswana/Judicial - April 2009
Mabiletsa lost vital info: Two youngsters given four lashes each (illustrated)
Boys' flogging by local court is pictured

Botswana/Judicial - August 2009
Police merger causes crisis in Phikwe
Nobody available to administer whipping sentences at court

Botswana/Judicial - November 2009
Royal beating (illustrated)
Tribesman, flogged illegally, shows scarred back

Brunei flag BRUNEI

Brunei/Judicial - June 2009
Rapist Gets 14-Year Jail, 14 Strokes of Cane
Man in his 40s recaptured after escaping police custody

Canada flag CANADA

Canada/Schools - July 2009
1968 debate kept the strap in Victoria schools
Abolition move failed then, but British Columbia outlawed it in 1973

Guyana flag GUYANA

Guyana/Schools - February 2009
Breaches of flogging rules will not be condoned
Students protest over suspension of caning teacher

Jamaica flag JAMAICA

Jamaica/Schools - June 2009
The case for corporal punishment in schools
We need it, says letterwriter

Kenya flag KENYA

Kenya/Schools - January 2009
Ringera renews calls for caning
Judge who is boss of Anti-Corruption Commission says CP is the best way of disciplining school students, and should be brought back

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Judicial - January 2009
Indonesian jailed 14 years for raping teenager (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, also gets three strokes of the rotan

Malaysian waitress ordered to be caned for drinking (illustrated)
Man and woman, pictured, each sentenced to six strokes by religious court

Man who raped nurse gets 28 years (illustrated)
Rapist, 29, pictured, must also receive eight strokes of the rotan

Convicted robber chooses whip rather than longer jail time
40-year-old gets three strokes and four years

Malaysia/Schools - January 2009
Punished for not doing homework (illustrated)
Boy, 14, received five strokes of the cane; his mother shows picture of his weals

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2009
Worker, accomplice jailed for robberies
Plus 8 strokes of the rotan each for a string of crimes

Jail, rotan for having drugs
Nine years and 10 strokes for 25-year-old

Indon gets 5 yrs, 3 strokes for raping girl, 15
It was consensual sex with his girlfriend, he says

Malaysia/Schools - May 2009
Sarawak teachers want to cane girls, too
Indiscipline by "tomboys" has reached alarming level, they say

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2009
Man gets 14 years' jail for ganja possession
Plus 10 strokes of the rotan for 24-year-old

Judge wants to cane offender
Gang robber, 20, to be caned in courtroom with parents present

Lawyers oppose bid to cane
He cannot be both judge and executioner, says Bar Council

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2009
Get facts right about caning, immigration tells Amnesty
Illegal overstayers are not caned, says govt official

'No' to caning by Sessions Court judge
High Court sets aside youth's unusual caning sentence

Rotan for having a beer (illustrated)
Islamic court sentences woman, 32, pictured, to six strokes

'Prison can carry out syariah caning'
Punishment of woman would be a first

'Get on with it' says Kartika (illustrated)
She decides not to appeal; diagram shows how caning would be carried out

Pahang, Perlis, Kelantan allow caning of women (illustrated)
Applies to all Muslims whether Malaysian or not; another modus operandi graphic

Malaysia in heated debate over caning of woman
Criticism is because people haven't understood that syariah caning is not brutal like the criminal kind, says official

Is whipping the answer? (illustrated)
Furore continues; more details, with drawing, of method of punishment

Malaysia/Schools - July 2009
Caning can still be carried out, says Wee
Not encouraged at primary level, and there are rules that must be followed

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2009
Beer drinking Muslim model asks for public caning (with video clip)
And she wants Amnesty to stop opposing her punishment

Pahang puts caning on hold (with video clip)
Religious caning of beer-drinking woman, pictured, is postponed amid political turmoil

No to 'whipping for drinking'
Whipping of woman is abhorrent, says columnist

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2009
Drugs: Two Filipinos jailed plus 10 strokes (illustrated)
Men, 49 and 35, pictured, possessed cannabis and syabu

Pahang orders caning for Indonesian who drank (illustrated)
Religious court sentences 46-year-old, pictured, to six strokes

Syariah judge stands by his caning decision (illustrated)
Religious judge, pictured, unrepentant about "strokes for beer" sentences

Caning for couple caught almost naked in car
Six strokes of the rotan each for two twentysomethings who attempted to have sex out of wedlock

Kartika's whipping punishment upheld
Caning for model who drank can go ahead, says appeals panel

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2009
10 years' jail and rotan for raping a minor (illustrated)
Man, 61, pictured, is sentenced to six strokes

140-year jail sentence for army man
And 40 strokes of the cane for 43-year-old

Convict's sentence enhanced with six strokes of the cane (illustrated)
Robber, 22, pictured, will now be whipped in addition to jail term

Ten years, 10 strokes for drug possession (illustrated)
Filipino, pictured, punished for having cannabis

Maldives flag MALDIVES

Maldives/Judicial - July 2009
Woman faints after 100 lashes, says judge
Public flogging with a leather paddle

Dozens of Maldives women face flogging
Row over whipping of 18-year-old "in front of a jeering crowd of men"


New Zealand/Domestic - August 2009
PM to address smacking referendum result
Country votes overwhelmingly for legalisation of parental spanking

New Zealand/Domestic - November 2009
Protesters march on city (illustrated)
4,000 citizens demonstrate against smacking ban

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - February 2009
Sharia Court Jails Two For Theft
Both get six months' imprisonment plus 10 strokes of the cane

Nigeria/Judicial - June 2009
Man gets 15 strokes for trespass
23-year-old chose caning option instead of a week in jail

Man flogged for stealing eggs
Thief, 27, cries out and wriggles as he receives 12 strokes of the cane in front of court

Norway flag NORWAY

Norway/Illicit - May 2009
Lyn players are birched on the butt (illustrated)
Footballers, pictured, are spanked as team punishment

Pakistan flag PAKISTAN

Pakistan/Judicial - April 2009
Video of Taliban Flogging Rattles Pakistan (with video clip)
Female resident of Swat is filmed receiving unofficial JCP

St Lucia flag ST LUCIA

St Lucia/Schools - September 2009
Parents to sue (with video clip)
Schoolboy had bruised bottom after punishment, parents claim


Saudi Arabia/Judicial - February 2009
Stubborn Saudia flight smoker to get 30 lashes
Sudanese passenger refused cabin crew's instructions

Abu Kab given 20 years, lashes
Stunt driver caused deaths of boys, gets 3,000 lashes

Sawa scam: Six men get 30 years and lashes
Phone card fraud brings 300 lashes

3 robbers get 13 years, 6,500 lashes
They tried to pull cash machine out of wall

Man to receive 8,000 lashes for daughter's rape
Plus 10 years in prison for 40-year-old

Teenager sentenced to jail, lashes for blackmailing girl
Five years plus 500 lashes for boy, 19

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - March 2009
30 lashes each for two youth
Teen boys publicly whipped for pointing laser beams at police

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - April 2009
10 years and 6,000 lashes for car theft
27-year-old describes his sentence as harsh

Sawa shark gets 20 years, lashes
1,000 lashes of the whip for phone-card scam

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - June 2009
60 lashes for OFWs in Saudi 'gay show'
67 Filipino workers face flogging for drag party

Couple sentenced to jail, lashes for child abduction
Man to serve 15 years in prison and receive 13,000 lashes

Saudi appeals lashes for ex-wife messages
70-lash whipping for contacting divorced wife

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - August 2009
Jail, lashes for making acid threat
60 lashes for 23-year-old who threatened girl

Jail and 300 lashes for 'Misyar' woman
Young man who assisted her in cheating gets 150

Lashes for directing laser beams at plane
240 strokes each for two youths

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - September 2009
Dozen teens flogged for role in rampage (illustrated)
Town square is pictured as police get ready to give vandals 30 lashes each

Abu Kab loses appeal
3,000 lashes and 20 years' jail for naval officer who caused deaths

Saudi Arabia/Judicial - November 2009
LBC's 'Bold Red Line' sex braggart appeals jail sentence
Five years and 1,000 lashes for sex boasting on TV

2 years, 500 lashes for 'breaking spells'
He tricked money out of clients for "practising magic"

Riyadh gangsters handed 10 years
Plus 1,000 lashes each for three African robbers

Blackmailing womanizer gets 8 yrs and 700 lashes
45-year-old to be whipped in public with his face exposed

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2009
'Woman' who tried to rob bank jailed (illustrated)
45-year-old, pictured, is also ordered to receive eight strokes of the cane

30 years, 24 strokes for rapist stepfather
Man, 40, receives maximum caning sentence

Singapore/Military - January 2009
3 soldiers punished for assaulting colleague
Rare report of court martial in which 23-year-old Lance-Corporal is sentenced to six strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - February 2009
Engineer sold cop drugs (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, gets five years in prison and five strokes of the cane

Stabbing incident: Man gets jail, caning
Six strokes of the cane for offender, 21

Cabby gets jail, cane for drug trafficking
46-year-old, trapped by agent provocateur, will receive 15 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - March 2009
'Merciless, marauding monster' (illustrated)
42 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane for molesting robber, 48, pictured

Molester gets nine years and 18 strokes (illustrated)
27-year-old, pictured, is repeat offender who terrorised girls

2 get jail, cane for part in bike gang killing (illustrated)
Gangsters, 22 and 29, pictured, get 10 strokes of the cane each

Attack on ex-colleagues (illustrated)
40-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 16 months and 3 strokes after stabbing

10 years, 12 strokes for abusing boy (illustrated)
Offender, 26, pictured, performed oral sex on 7-year-old in school toilet

Singapore/Judicial - April 2009
He poses as cop to prey on women (illustrated)
34-year-old, shown in old picture at age 23, caned previously, now gets another 9 strokes plus eight years' jail

25 years' jail for 'agent of destruction' (illustrated)
Drug trafficker, 42, pictured, also receives 20 strokes of the cane

Serial sex predator jailed for 32 years (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, is also sentenced to a 24-stroke caning

Singapore/Judicial - May 2009
10 years, 24 strokes for fatal robbery (illustrated)
Two twentysomethings, pictured, jailed and caned after murder charge withdrawn

Jailed for rape, causing hurt (illustrated)
Eight years' jail and 10 strokes of the cane for 41-year-old, pictured

Armed robber gets 8 year's jail and caning (illustrated)
And 18 strokes of the cane for recidivist, 44, pictured

Man beat his girlfriend's child to death (illustrated)
"Egregious" child-abuser, 27, pictured, sentenced to 7 years and 12 strokes

Singapore/Schools - May 2009
Bully, girly, stop it, stop it
Three school bullies publicly caned at boys' secondary school

Singapore/Judicial - June 2009
Couple used stolen bank book to cheat Maybank of $7,595 (illustrated)
Cheat and robber, 29, pictured, gets jail plus 12 strokes of the cane

Paedophile who posed as cop gets 12-year-sentence (illustrated)
Plus 12 strokes of the cane for 34-year-old, pictured

Singapore/Schools - June 2009
Boys taking porn to school - in handphones?
It's a caning offence at secondary school

Singapore/Judicial - July 2009
Repeat molester gets 6 years and 12 strokes (illustrated)
24-year-old, pictured, who groped young girls had already been jailed and caned before

Inhumane, repulsive, shocking (illustrated)
Three prisoners in their 20s, pictured, tortured cellmate and now receive heavy jail and caning sentences

Singapore/Judicial - August 2009
'Please jail and cane me instead'
Court rejects teenager's request for a caning

Woodlands serial molester jailed (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive three strokes of the cane

18 years' jail, 24 strokes for raping maid (illustrated)
Heavy sentence for Bangladeshi, 37, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - September 2009
Jail for man who hit a Jew
34-year-old also gets 12 strokes of the cane for armed robbery

18 years, 16 strokes for killing baby (illustrated)
Man, 44, pictured, convicted of culpable homicide

Undergrad preyed on boys (illustrated)
24-year-old, pictured, ordered to receive five strokes of the cane

Rag-and-bone man jailed over slashing of rival (illustrated)
Plus three strokes of the cane for attacker, 36, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - October 2009
Courts get tough on loan sharking (illustrated)
29-year-old, pictured, who harassed debtors is sentenced to 6 years' jail and 6 strokes of the cane

He mistook victims for gang members (illustrated)
12 strokes for gangster, 22, pictured, who attacked the wrong people

Two loan-shark runners receive stiff sentences (illustrated)
Two more jailed and caned for intimidating debtors; one, 29, pictured, is ordered to receive 17 strokes

Singapore/Schools - October 2009
Students distressed by public canings just days before exams
Primary school girls cried as boys were caned on their behinds

Singapore/Judicial - November 2009
Man jailed for tossing burning paper onto car (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, also gets three strokes of the cane

One of the 'worst' predators ever: Judge (illustrated)
Youth, 23, pictured, has his 24-stroke caning sentence confirmed

Dad who scalded child gets jail term
Gets 18 months' jail and three strokes of the cane after pouring boiling water on daughter, 9

Singapore/Judicial - December 2009
An act of betrayal (illustrated)
Foster father, 47, pictured, abused child in his care, is to receive three strokes of the cane

Cabby jailed for trying to rob passenger (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, also sentenced to six strokes of the cane

Man gets jail, caning for fatal attack in Chinatown (illustrated)
Three year's jail and three strokes for youth, 22, pictured, after gang fight

20 years' jail for sexually abusing boy (illustrated)
And eight strokes of the cane for 43-year-old, pictured

The path to jail (illustrated)
Robber, 36, pictured, gets 12 strokes of the cane

Somalia flag SOMALIA

Somalia/Judicial - March 2009
Al-Shabab Flogs Teenagers in Mogadishu
Four boys receive 100 lashes each in public after raping girl, 18

S. Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - March 2009
Smacking favoured as best punishment - survey
Public opinion in Western Cape is for restoring school CP

South Africa/Schools - August 2009
Eastern Cape teachers call for corporal punishment
Caning powers necessary to restore order, say principals

Sudan flag SUDAN

Sudan/Judicial - July 2009
Women Who Wore Pants Are Flogged in Public
10 get up to 40 lashes for wearing trousers

Sudan/Judicial - November 2009
Worgu sentenced to flogging in Sudan (illustrated)
Nigerian football star, pictured, ordered to receive 40 lashes for drunk driving

Swaziland flag SWAZILAND

Swaziland/Schools - February 2009
20 lashes make pupil's bums swell
Boy, 15, punished with sjambok

Sweden flag SWEDEN

Sweden/Domestic - October 2009
In 30 years without spanking, are Swedish children better behaved?
"Vocal international movement" against the Swedish no-smacking model

Trinidad flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Trinidad/Judicial - May 2009
25 years, 10 strokes for cutlass attack (illustrated)
Court orders a birching for man, pictured, who chopped off wife's hand

Uganda flag UGANDA

Uganda/Schools - August 2009
Parents cane drunk teachers
Vigilante punishment for dissolute schoolteachers

Uganda/Schools - September 2009
Masak councillor canes pupils (illustrated)
He is pictured giving girls 10 strokes each for being late to school

Uganda/Schools - October 2009
Caning pupils resumes in Masaka
But district council does not support it


UK/Schools - January 2009
Sex discrimination laws prevented ban on the belt for girls, reveal archives
Scottish authorities wanted to ban CP in the 1970s

UK/Schools - February 2009
Banning the cane started slide in pupil discipline, parents believe
Call for restoration of traditional disciplinary methods


US/Schools - January 2009
District eliminates corporal punishment
No more paddling in St Joseph, Missouri

Schools take aim at paddling culture
Follow-up to Chicago controversy

US/Schools - February 2009
Ohio schools plan carries corporal punishment ban (with video clip)
State governor has a new no-spanking bill

Paddling ban would hit home
Already only 672 paddlings in Ohio

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford calls for doubling of police presence in city schools
... and for the return of "good old-fashioned butt-whipping"

School board recognizes National Board Certified teachers
Paddling abolished in a South Carolina district

Malta Bend school board discusses cost-cutting, corporal punishment
Missouri district decides to allow parents to permit school spanking

Boy bruised from paddling (illustrated)
Georgia 9-year-old spanked three times in one day; alleged bruise pictured

Grand jury no-bills principal in spanking case
Texas elementary principal is in the clear as CP policy guidelines were followed

Charter School Discipline (with video clip)
Memphis academy gives weekly paddlings in front of student body

US/Domestic - March 2009
Dad charged for 'whupping' his son
New York State man punished 13-year-old with a belt

US/Illicit - March 2009
Ex-Elgin preacher convicted of battery for spanking girl (illustrated)
Illinois Baptist, pictured, must perform community service

State Bar Association pulls Thomas' law license
Alabama judge who paddled inmates (among other things) may no longer practise

US/Schools - March 2009
Spanking In Schools
Still a debate in Oklahoma

Legislator Wants Ban on Paddling Students
Proposal to abolish school CP in Louisiana

Crawfordville Elementary School administrator under investigation
Florida parent complains about paddling of 11-year-old

Paddling Protest At Memphis Charter School
Anti-CP agitators besiege school which parents choose for its CP policy

Maury Co. schools consider a ban on corporal punishment
Paddle may soon no longer be an option in one TN district

Principal suspended for paddling incident
Row in Dallas over a coach's punishment two years previously

US/Illicit - April 2009
State Bar: Thomas Is A "Sexual Predator"
Judge accused of paddling prison inmates is suspended

US/Schools - April 2009
Chapel Hill ISD Updates Corporal Punishment Policy
A Texas school district stipulates that only women may paddle girls

School board spares the rod
No more paddling in Maury County, Tennessee

House agrees to school spanking changes
Move to allow parents to opt out of CP in North Carolina

Ex-Riverside coach no longer employed after paddling
Georgia military academy cadet chose spanking option, but it was against the rules

US/Domestic - May 2009
Golfer Sean O'Hair says he still loves father despite relationship strain
Now 26, he was motivated by parental corporal punishment as a teenager

Assault alleged after spanking
But police said punishment of boy, 11, was appropriate and reasonable

US/Illicit - May 2009
Judge: trooper showed no remorse for hitting boy with belt (illustrated)
Policeman, pictured, says boy's mother, pictured, asked him to administer punishment

US/Schools - May 2009
The Principal And The Paddle
CP restored at a South Carolina elementary school

Temple school board approves corporal punishment (with video clip)
Spanking makes a comeback in a Texas school district

Boy's Paddling at School Leaves Big Bruises (with video clip)
12-year-old, pictured, opted for a spanking instead of suspension

US/Schools - June 2009
Okaloosa schools ban corporal punishment
No more paddling in a Florida district

Bay County Schools Corporal Punishment
In another Florida district, no moves to abolish CP

Rosebud-Lott ISD welcomes new superintendent
Texas paddling principal has a new job

Legislator pushes school paddling ban
Attempt to abolish CP in Louisiana

School corporal punishment ban blocked
Louisiana abolition move fails

N.C. Senate dumps warning parents of school spanking
Rejection of bill that would have given parents a choice over CP

Corporal punishment policy stays, for now
An Alabama school district decides to keep paddling for all age groups

US/Domestic - July 2009
Spanking isn't always bad
Sometimes tough love is necessary, argues journalism student

US/Schools - July 2009
Paddling an option for some
CP viewed from New York State standpoint

Grove School Board bans corporal punishment
No more paddling in one Oklahoma district

Items buried in the budget affect Pledge of Allegiance, angled parking, corporal punishment
Ohio Governor finally signs off on abolition of school CP

Putting away the paddle (with cartoon)
Ohio paper welcomes the end of school CP

US/Schools - August 2009
Parents to have say in sparing the rod
Argument over parental consent for CP in a Florida district

Disabled Students Are Spanked More
New York Times prints a map of paddling

Corporal Punishment in U.S. Schools
Time magazine considers ACLU/HRW report

Corporal punishment good or bad in Alabama? (with video clip)
Many districts have it on the books, but not all use it much

Arizona should ban paddling of schoolkids, panel suggests
32 districts still allow it

BOE: Corporal Punishment Back?
Paddling has always worked, says Georgia school principal

US/Schools - September 2009
Some think teachers should be allowed to paddle students
Not everybody is happy with abolition of CP in Ohio

US/Domestic - October 2009
New Research on Spanking Might Need a Time Out
Too many complicating factors to be able to measure its effects, say statisticians

University studies might fool some parents into thinking that spanking lowers kids' IQ
Anti-spanking research: good headlines but bogus science, opines columnist

US/Schools - October 2009
New Push to Stop Corporal Punishment in Schools Sparks Debate
Paddling controversy in Arizona

Return corporal punishment to schools
Paddling was effective, writes teen columnist in N. Carolina

Coach accused of using paddle at Merkel Middle School
Merkel paddling case to be turned over to DA
Texas student says he had to drop his pants to be spanked on boxers

Many parents support paddling
Informal poll in Mississippi

Spanking common in Miss. schools
Recorded instances of CP actually increased from 2006-07 to 2008-09

Paddle charges will not be filed against Merkel school employee
And the TX district has no plans to stop using CP

Student files suit over paddling
MS district under fire for "deep bruising" of student's buttocks

Paddling Questioned at Brilliant High School (with video clip)
Alabama brothers, 11 and 17, pictured, bruised after punishment for being late

Corporal punishment ban on school board agenda
A North Carolina district debates abolition

Corporal Punishment in Mississippi
Many teachers and parents consider spankings effective

US/Domestic - November 2009
Police: Man Beat Son With Wooden Paddle
Ohio man, pictured, said to have spanked boy, 10

US/Schools - November 2009
Woman says boy bruised by paddle
Texas mom says 7-year-old punished too severely

Spanking guidelines modified
"Sex discrimination" removed from Tennessee CP rules

Parent: School went too far with paddling (illustrated)
Spanked 13-year-old is pictured with his complaining mother

Rowan-Salisbury school board passes paddling ban
A North Carolina district abolishes CP

Some schools prefer to apply their discipline without a paddle
Only about 15 students spanked in Indiana in the last year

US/Schools - December 2009
Glynn school board to consider bringing back corporal punishment
Some want paddling restored in a Georgia district

Teacher arrested after alleged paddling incident (with video clip)
Students agreed to the spanking, caught on video

Bristol Board of Education bans corporal punishment in city schools
No more paddling in a Tennessee district

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - March 2009
Juveniles to Be Caned for Sodomy
Two high school boys, 16, get three strokes each from local court

Zimbabwe/Illicit - May 2009
Shocking video shows Zimbabwe police beating recruits (with video clip)
Mass whacking at police training camp is filmed

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