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Judicial CP - September 1997

Corpun file 8223 at, 6 September 1997

15 female students at Al-Ahfad university flogged by Sudanese police

The Sudanese police ordered a bus from Al-Ahfad University for girls, which was conveying 40 students, to stop on the roadside. The policemen took the students to a police station where 25 students were released and 15 flogged on the pretext that they were wearing trousers. Each girl received 15 lashes.

Parents and relations of the students staged a protest in front of the police office. Dr. Kassim Badri, dean of university, protested against this treatment. He said that the bus was carrying the students from the university to their homes.

The sentences against the students were carried out before a "public order court," Al Khartoum daily said today.

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Corpun file 8224 at, 19 September 1997

Parents of flogged female students issue statement

A statement issued by the parents of female students at Al Ahfad University, who were flogged by the "General Order Police" last August, said that the parents will follow this case up until the floggers are penalized for their crimes.

The statement said that the parents of the female students have filed a complaint against the judge who ordered the flogging, because their girls had not committed any crime and they were inside the bus on their way home.

They said that they have not received any reply from the head of the Justice Ministry, Al Ansar daily reported today.

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