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Military CP - October 2014

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Ukraine Today, Kiev, 9 October 2014

Militant commanders punish Cossack fighters

Cossack fighters whipped by their Russian-backed commanders

Cossacks fighting in east Ukraine have been whipped by their Russian-backed commanders. Corporal punishment has been reportedly introduced into the insurgent ranks due to excessive drinking and abuse of power.

There have been widespread reports of lawlessness in the Ukraine's eastern Donbas region since Russian-backed militants gained a foothold over Ukrainian forces. Looting, violence and sexual attacks have reportedly increased significantly since scores of armed, young Russian men crossed the border and entered Ukraine.

Cossacks traditionally hail from southern Russia and eastern Ukraine. Russian Cossacks have a long history of fighting in wars for Moscow. The East Slavic ethnic group are known for their horsemanship and back-to-basics living.

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In two clips from local TV news, we see some of the Cossack soldiers being disciplined as mentioned in the above report. In the first clip (3 minutes), they are made to lower their trousers and are whipped hard across the seat of the underpants while lying face down along a bench. Then another miscreant is seen being made to "run the gauntlet". In the second clip (4 minutes), the whipping is applied by two operators to the bare back.


Clip 1 of 2

Clip 2 of 2

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