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Judicial CP - October 2014

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The Borneo Post, Kuching, 17 October 2014, p.5

Youth gets seven strokes of the cane for rape of girlfriend

By Anasathia Jenis

Nor Ikmar Shafiq Abdullah

KUCHING: A youthful offender was caned seven times at a Sessions Court room here yesterday for raping his girlfriend, after he pleaded guilty to the act early last year.

Nor Ikmar Shafiq Abdullah, 19, was caned by officers from the state Prisons Department before Judge Dayang Ellyn Narisa Abang Ahmad.

The accused had pleaded guilty to raping his girlfriend who was then 15, in January, and also in February last year at a house in Kampung Baru here.

He was originally ordered to do 240 hours' community service apart from the seven canes.

Press cutting

The prosecutor, however, appealed against the decision and the High Court who presided over the appeal case substituted the community service decision with an order whereby he was sent to Henry Gurney Correctional School until he turns 21, but maintained the caning order.

He was convicted under Section 376(1) of the Penal Code, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and caning.

The caning order comes under Section 293(1)(c) of the Criminal Procedure Code, which was carried out yesterday. However, none of his parents or guidance were present.

It is learnt that his girlfriend had given birth to a baby boy, who will turn one on Oct 24.

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The Borneo Post, Kuching, 25 October 2014

10 years and whipping for raping girl, 12

By Margaret Ringgit

MIRI: The Sessions Court here yesterday sentenced an Indonesian man to 10 years' imprisonment and ordered him to be whipped four times for raping a 12-year-old girl.

The accused pleaded guilty before Judge Marutin Pagan.

Yakob Nboik
A police personnel escorting Yakob to Miri Central Police Station after the verdict.

According to the facts of the case, the accused, Yakob Nboik, 42, was discovered by the victim's father sitting next to his daughter (the victim) in her bedroom of a worker's quarters of an estate in Batu Niah around 9.30am on Oct 13 this year.

The complainant (the girl's father) and his wife had left the quarters early that morning at 6.30am to go to work, leaving their only daughter inside the quarters.

Press cutting

Somehow, the complainant had felt troubled and that prompted him to go back to the quarters to check on his daughter.

Fearing that the suspect might have done something to his daughter, the complainant then brought the man to Batu Niah Police Station.

The offence is framed under Section 376 of the Penal Code.

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