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The Voice, Francistown, 3 March 2014

Sex in prison toilet lands man in hospital

Jealous prisoner injures cheating inmate.

A prisoner at Maun State prison landed up in hospital with head injuries after his lover attacked him in a jealous fit of rage.

Lenas December
JEALOUS INMATE: Lenas December, injured lover

The two lovers, Lenas December from Tshesebe and Gabobolokwe Monagae, 33, were apparently a happy couple in Cell C serving 10-year sentences for rape until December realised that Monagae was sleeping with other prisoners.

The revelation apparently angered 30-year-old December so much that he asked for Monagae to be transferred to another cell.

His request was granted. Monagae however persistently returned to Cell C to ask for toiletries from his ex-boyfriend until he eventually begged for reconciliation because he could not survive in prison without December by his side.

On the day of the attack December, who appeared at the Maun customary court last week charged with assault, is said to have searched frantically for his lover.

He eventually found him after apparently peeping under closed toilets doors where he saw two pairs of shoes.

The discovery led the furious December to believe that his lover was having sex with another prisoner.

Detailing the chain of events that followed, Kgosi Aleyo Moremi, who presided over the case, revealed:


"You accepted him back on the condition that he did not have sex with other inmates, which he failed to do and that angered you.

"On the day you attacked him you entered the neighbouring toilet and climbed on the toilet seat.

That is when you saw Monagae hurriedly dressing up in the next cubicle.

You became furious and beat him up until prison wardens came to his rescue."

The more serious attack the court was told happened when the two were on their way to the prison office where they had been summoned. December picked up a spade that was lying around and hit Monagae on the head causing him injuries that landed him in hospital for a week.

Sergeant Patrick Sumbikani of Maun Police who prosecuted the case told the court that had it not been for the warders who tried to rescue Monagae, December would have also hit him with a metal rod which he wielded as he charged at his target after he had used the spade.

In mitigation December pleaded with the court to be lenient on him because he was serving the last six months of his ten-year jail term.

He also requested the customary court not to administer corporal punishment because his CD4 count was low.

A medical report however stated that he was fit to be lashed and he received five strokes of the cane.

Prison authorities declined to comment on the case.

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