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The Sunday News, Harare, 29 June 2014

Binga school dropout rapes girl (10)

By Ngonidzashe Chiutsi
Sunday News Correspondent


A 16-YEAR-OLD school dropout from Manjolo, Binga, is set to receive six strokes with a rattan cane after he raped a 10-year-old girl in the area. The culprit was convicted on his own plea when he appeared before Hwange magistrate, Mrs Dambudzo Malunga, for contravening section 65 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23, rape last week.

It is the State's case as presented by Mr Tawanda Sigauke that on 1 January this year, the complainant, who is also a school dropout, was left alone at home when others had gone to the fields.

The accused, who was her neighbour, went to the complainant's homestead around 9.30 pm and found her alone.

The complainant told the accused that she wanted to sleep before she entered her grandmother's bedroom hut.

The accused also followed and while they were inside, the boy instructed the complainant to sleep on her back facing upwards and she complied.

The accused raped her once.

After the rape, the accused person heard complainant's aunt coming and, in a bid to cover up the offence, he went out of the hut carrying a cup of water pretending to be drinking water.

The aunt became suspicious and asked the girl what they were doing in the bedroom but she kept quiet.

However, the aunt kept on interrogating the girl who later revealed that they had sexual intercourse with the boy.

The aunt later reported the matter to police leading to the arrest of the boy.

For the offence, the accused was sentenced to six strokes with a rattan cane to be administered at prison.

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