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The New Vision, Kampala, 29 September 2011


Nebbi LC chairman held over stealing goat

By B. Okethwengu

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The LC1 chairman of Abindu village and chairman of the NRM Abindu ward in Nebbi town has been arrested for allegedly stealing a goat.

Gerald Ogen was arrested on Sunday, when a butcher who operates in Nebbi town was found with the stolen goat.

The unidentified man reportedly confessed that he bought the goat from Ogen. Residents wanted to lynch Ogen, but later resolved that a vote-of-no-confidence was the best punishment for the accused.

Ogen was relieved of his duties, given 12 strokes of the cane and fined three goats.

According to Josephine Angucia, the north-western Police spokesperson, cases of animal theft are rampant in the West Nile region.

"The LCs conspire with thieves to steal animals. They issue movement permits for stolen animals instead of impounding them," she said.

Angucia said over 29 cases of animal theft were reported in Nebbi and Arua between July and September this year. She, however, said many go unreported.

She attributed the increase in the theft of animals in the region to LC1 officials who issue movement permits for stolen animals.

Angucia said most of the stolen animals end up in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the demand is high while others are sold on black markets.

She said it has become difficult for the Police to recover some of the stolen animals from Congo because of the weak laws in that country.

"The law in Congo is weak. They allow the animals to move freely and that makes it difficult to recover stolen animals," she said.

Angucia appealed to the LC officials not to abuse their power by engaging in criminal activities. "We know the LC officials have got the right to issue permits for the movement of animals, but let them not abuse that right," she said.

Angucia advised the LC officials to verify the owners of the animals before issuing movement permits.

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